Carbon Economy


Some taxes for the gas cartel!

A moderate victory over the gas cartel at Domainfax: Oil and gas giants will be hit with a $6 billion tax hike over the next decade following years of concern that Australia has been hemorrhaging lucrative revenue to multinationals. The decision was made after an 18-month wait for the Coalition’s response to a landmark review into


Japan breaks LNG deals so Straya can import its own gas!

Exciting news via Platts: On October 22, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry unveiled a model clause that can be used by LNG buyers to remove destination restrictions from long-term contracts. Such restrictions have become more relaxed in renegotiations of LNG contracts or in new contracts among market players, Hiroshige Seko, minister of economy,


Fossil fuels just love Mike Cannon-Brookes

Via AFR: Mike Cannon-Brookes’ campaign to reclaim the phrase “fair dinkum power” from Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been swamped with offers of support, and the Atlassian billionaire is in the process of registering a trademark for a logo to promote renewable energy. Mr Cannon-Brookes said he had had hundreds of tweets and emails expressing


Labor to revive hideous NEG

Via The Australian: Labor will take the National Energy Guarantee — devised by Malcolm Turnbull and Josh Frydenberg — to the next election as its preferred mechanism for reducing emissions. It will scale up the target in the NEG to meet its goal of reducing emissions by 45 per cent. Opposition environment spokesman Mark Butler


How Australia destroyed its own energy market

From Renegade Economist comes the fantastic Bruce Robertson (IEEFA) on how Australia destroyed its own energy markets: We discuss policies to reduce gas prices as per international best practice. In light of further consolidation in the industry, we discuss how gas sets the baseline price for energy production in the nation. How much could energy


Migrants to the bush to fix climate change

Check out this triple somersault with four and half twists from Cities Minister Alan Drudge: Moving migrants into the regions and smaller cities would help fight climate change because congestion in Australia’s largest urban centres will fall, according to Population and Cities Minister Alan Tudge. Mr Tudge appeared on a panel at the University of


Australia’s bowel-shakingly awful energy scab grab

The scab grab in Aussie energy today is quite simply a bloody disgrace. The AFR leads off the farce: The nation’s energy companies and biggest electricity users have given up on politics and begun backroom talks about a self-regulated package of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, restore energy reliability and improve investor stability. They


Can WA gas save the east coast?

More warnings today from industry, via The Australian: The Australian Industry Group, which represents 60,000 manufacturing and industrial businesses, said the expected rise of gas prices on the east coast this summer back to near crisis levels threatens to dent the economy and reflects the government’s failure to sanction sound energy policies. Ai Group chief


Sack Sims to fix gas

There is a point at which recalcitrance becomes retardation and the ACCC has well and truly passed it on gas, via the AFR this morning: Competition czar Rod Sims singles out the two key culprits: overbuilding of LNG export capacity in Gladstone, and restrictions on onshore gas in NSW and Victoria that killed off new


The amusing life cycle of a Victorian gas molecule

The Australian energy crisis is the circus that just keeps on giving, via The Age: “It’s an inevitability that Australia will import gas, there needs to be at least one gas import terminal in Australia, if not potentially two,” Macquarie Bank analyst Andrew Hodge told Fairfax Media. …However, he said the terminals were unlikely to


BCA: Decarbonisation to “wreck” economy (species extinction to save it?)

The Business Council of Australia is up to its old tricks, at The Guardian: The Business Council of Australia will find itself the target of a negative advertising campaign for declaring that an emissions reduction target of 45% would wreck the Australian economy. With Labor planning to go to the federal election with an emissions


NEG architect warns on coal power

Via The Australian comes Kerry Schott, ESB chairwoman and NEG architect: “The fact of the matter is the existing coal plants we’ve got — some are low cost and very competitive,” Dr Schott said. “But the problem is that when you go to build a new coal plant and get new coal contracts — unless


Evans-Pritchard develops Trump derangement syndrome

Via an increasingly hysterical Ambrose Evans-Pritchard today: If Donald Trump and his close advisers think China’s economy is tottering on the brink and acutely vulnerable to pressure, they are sorely misinformed. …Construction is picking up after a slowdown earlier this year. Industrial profit margins are at a seven-year high of 7 per cent, despite a


Labor humiliates Morrison energy “chaos”

Via The Australian comes Queensland Energy Minister Anthony Lynham: “We stand ready to work with a federal Labor government on integrated climate and energy policy that will give investors certainty and drive down electricity prices,” he said. …Dr Lynham claimed there was “nothing but chaos and confusion” emerging from the Morrison government on energy policy


How to fix Australia’s endless energy crisis with a pen

After years of energy war from the Coalition that has included: backing emissions trading; trashing emissions trading; backing renewable energy targets; trashing renewable energy targets; backing direct action; trashing direct action; backing the Chief Scientist; trashing the Chief Scientist; backing a National Energy Guarantee; trashing a National Energy Guarantee. Today we get the new vision from


Every single day the gas cartel reaches into your wallet

Via The Australian: In documents submitted to the Victorian government this week, AGL said it wanted the Crib Point import terminal, 65km southeast of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula, operating in the first half of 2020. “Victoria, and the other states – South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania – that rely heavily on gas


Gas cartel agrees to pump but at what price?

Or so says The Australian: Energy producers on Australia’s east coast may escape the threat of government intervention after signalling the extension of a deal to offer uncontracted gas for domestic use before export, and agreeing to make gas available at peak demand periods for the power grid. Following meetings in Canberra yesterday, gas players