Infrastructure deficit impossible to fix without tackling immigration

Cross-posted from Online Opinion: Australian politicians never tire of telling the public how they are investing record amounts in infrastructure. Barely a day goes by without a minister announcing a new “congestion busting” infrastructure project designed to ease bottlenecks in Australian cities. Malcolm Turnbull said he wanted to be known as an “infrastructure prime minister”.


George Megalopolis hails Melbourne’s diving living standards

Political commentator, George Megalogenis, penned a long-winded article in The Age’s Good Weekend hailing the rise of Melbourne to Australia’s largest city, and how this will make it the cultural, political and economic capital of Australia: The rise of Melbourne is shaping up to be the social and economic story of the 21st century, tilting


Dan’s West Gate tunnel farce escalates

The hits keep on coming for Victoria’s beleaguered West Gate Tunnel Project. After the project’s cost ballooned by $1 billion, and amid widespread criticism from transport experts and the state’s Auditor-General, it was revealed this week that the project could be delayed for another six months as the project’s builders, John Holland and CPB Contractors,


Australia’s water supply on a collision course with population

A new study by University of NSW scientists warns that climate change is reducing inflows into Australia’s water catchments, which will cause chronic water shortages as Australia’s population balloons: “We are looking at an average of 20 per cent reduced reliability in the future across all the catchments considered,” said Ashish Sharma, a professor at


Former Liberal MP: Mass immigration trashing quality of life

Former Liberal MP and Gosford Mayor, Malcolm Brooks, has attacked Australia’s policy makers for encouraging “unchecked” population growth, claiming that it is destroying our quality of life: “Unchecked population growth will have a dramatic impact on our quality of life and our politicians seem to be oblivious to this fact,” Brooks said. “Without adequate planning


It’s time to abolish costly parental visas

In its 2016 Migrant Intake into Australia report, the Productivity Commission (PC) estimated that the circa 9,000 elderly permanent parental visas granted every year cost Australian taxpayers between $2.6 and $3.2 billion in present value terms, or between $335 000 and $410 000 per elderly adult, with the cost rising over time as numbers increase.


Visa system leaves Australia awash with underemployed migrants

Another report has emerged on how Australia’s ‘skilled’ visa system is failing, with one-third of migrants found to be underemployed due primarily to a lack of English-language proficiency: The frustration of not being able to get a professional job is a common thread for many skilled migrants from different backgrounds. One in three migrants from


Net migrant arrivals near 300,000

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released visitor arrivals and departures statistics for the month of November, which reveals that the number of permanent and long-term arrivals into Australia remains turbo-charged. In the year to November 2019, there were 844,960 permanent and long-term arrivals into Australia, up 2% from November 2018, and only partly


Chinese born migrants have biggest carbon footprints

Earlier this week, I published two articles (here and here) explaining why Australia’s mass immigration program – which adds around a Canberra-worth of population every year – will make it next to impossible to meet our Paris Agreement targets to reduce carbon emissions. The logic is simple: adding millions more people to Australia’s population means


It’s time for a rational, mature debate on Australia’s population

By Kelvin Thompson, National Media Spokesperson for Sustainable Australia Party: When the economist Leith Van Onselen was recently asked on ABC radio whether his support for a substantial cut in Australia’s migration program meant he was xenophobic, he replied that he supported a return of our migration program to the numbers we had when Gough


Former Labor MP: Temporary visa flood is smashing wages

Former federal Labor MP, Craig Emerson, has penned an article in The AFR warning that the relentless rise of migrants workers on temporary visas is crushing Australian wage growth, alongside the expansion of low productivity personal services industries, like food delivery. According to Emerson, there is minimal sophisticated capital equipment used in these services sectors,


Australia’s emissions cut delusion

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says it would not be appropriate to discuss potential changes to the state’s carbon emissions reduction policy until the bushfire crisis is over. An independent advice panel chaired by former federal MP Greg Combet has recommended that the government adopt more aggressive targets, including reducing emissions by 40% on 2005 levels


Sydney’s water savings swallowed by population ponzi

With Sydney’s water storages plummeting at an unprecedented rate, hitting just 43.0%: Another plummeting water storage article has appeared in The SMH: Since the drought started to bite around the Sydney region about 33 months ago, 281 billion litres have flowed into Sydney’s biggest dam at Warragamba. The tally is less than half the previous


Australia can’t meet emissions targets with mass immigration

Yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was quizzed by the media on whether the government intended to meet Australia’s emissions targets as laid-out under the Paris Agreement, and promised to go even further: Australia has pledged to cut emissions by 26 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030, under the Paris Agreement. “It is my intention


Congestion costs to soar as Australia’s population balloons

The AFR’s Infrastructure reporter, Jenny Wiggins, penned a detailed report over the weekend on how Australia’s cities are facing declining living standards and must shift from being car-based towards mass transit: …as horrific bushfires rage around the country, filling cities with smoke, and the nation’s population of 25.5 million keeps rising – the Australian Bureau


Sydney water bills to soar as mass immigration overruns supply

With Sydney’s water storages plummeting at an unprecedented rate: The Berejiklian Government this week announced that it would fast-track an expansion of Sydney’s desalination plant, doubling its size in order to provide more than 30% of Sydney’s drinking water. Predictably, this expansion is set to drive up household water bills: Water experts are warning an


Is Australia’s population growth “impossible to control”?

That’s the question asked today by Marcus Roberts, co-editor of Demography is Destiny, MercatorNet’s blog on population issues: New South Wales’ Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, has recently tried to undercut criticism of high-rise development in Sydney by arguing that population growth is inevitable and so there is no point in arguing against it, or its


Another Big Australia hypocrite emerges

For years, City of Melbourne’s planning chairman and principal fellow at Melbourne University, Nick Reece, has vigorously defended the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy. For example, he stated the following propaganda in 2017 on his Politics HQ program: “Countries that don’t have strong immigration programs often get themselves into trouble. And probably the best example


Population explosion to derail Sydney’s train system

Last month, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment updated its population projections for Sydney, with the city’s population revised upwards by 240,000: As shown above, Sydney’s population is projected to increase by 2 million people in the 22 years to 2041 – equivalent to adding a Perth or around five Canberra’s. This massive


Melbourne is already Australia’s biggest city

The AFR reported that Melbourne’s population is projected to overtake Sydney’s population by 2026: Higher growth is being driven by rising birth rates, strong international migration and people moving from interstate and regional hubs, pushing Melbourne’s and Sydney’s populations to about 6 million by mid-2026. But Melbourne’s population will pass Sydney’s by the end of


Australia’s population ballooned by 382,000 in 2018-19

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released its Australian Demographic Statistics for the June quarter of 2019, which revealed that Australia’s population continues to grow manically led by never-ending strong net overseas migration (NOM), mostly into Sydney and Melbourne. According to the ABS, Australia’s population rose by 1.5% in the year to June 2019,


As Tamworth’s dams run dry, planner demands 40,000 new migrants

The NSW regional city of Tamworth is currently at Stage 5 water restrictions, with the Chaffey Dam at just 14.9% capacity after experiencing record low inflows. And yet the city’s outgoing chief planner believes Tamworth needs to rapidly increase its population from 60,000 currently to 100,000: THE council’s outgoing chief planner says the push to


High-rise Harry orders Sydney’s wealthy east to absorb migrants

‘Highrise’ Harry Triguboff has told Sydney’s wealthy eastern suburbs that it must accommodate more migrants and accept greater densities: Leading property developer Harry Triguboff says Sydney’s eastern suburbs need to absorb more people to take the pressure off the city’s west. The billionaire Meriton founder has also challenged the state’s politicians to build more homes


‘Big Australia’ immigration means you pay more for less

South-East Queensland (SEQ) lot sizes are projected to shrink as the region welcomes an additional 2 million residents over the next 20-years – equivalent of adding a Perth to the existing population: As south-east Queensland prepares to welcome almost 2 million new residents in the next 20 years, the region’s lot sizes continue to shrink.


Sydney’s official population projection upgraded

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment has updated its population projections for Sydney, with the city’s population revised upwards by 240,000: As shown above, Sydney’s population is projected to increase by 2 million people in the 22 years to 2041 – equivalent to adding a Perth or around five Canberra’s. Planning Minister, Rob