Property Council CEO demands mass immigration

In yesterday’s article entitled “Why housing construction will crash in 2022”, I warned that the property lobby would intensely lobby the federal government to restore mass immigration: “…expect to see intense lobbying from property groups calling on the federal government to provide more subsidies, as well as to open Australia to migrants. Without a return


The Kouk: Don’t return to “break neck” immigration

Stephen Koukoulas (“The Kouk”) has published a well balanced article arguing against returning Australia’s immigration intake back to the “break-neck inflows evident in the couple of decades prior to 2020” once the COVID-19 pandemic ends: Two big issues in Australia are a shortage of quality infrastructure and pressures on house prices. In simple terms, these


Australian immigration turns sharply negative

On Friday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released overseas arrivals and departures data for November, which revealed that immigration has turned sharply negative. As shown in the next chart, long-term departures exceeded long-term arrivals by 19,270 in the 8 months to November 2020: This has reduced annual long-term arrivals to only 93,410 in the


ACCI demands Australia open border to migrants

While the nation grapples with multiple COVID outbreaks imported via returning Australians, the biggest business collective – the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) – has demanded the federal government open Australia’s international border to ‘skilled’ migrants to alleviate so-called skills shortages: Melbourne-based Raghubir Singh is an experienced motor mechanic who had planned to


Corrupt politicians keep pilots on skilled shortage list

Australia’s corrupted ‘skilled’ visa system has been exposed again, this time by the airline industry which are still allowed to employ foreign pilots under the guise of ‘skills shortages’ while 40% of local pilots have been forced to find work outside of the industry: Rapidly expanding airline Regional Express could ­recruit foreign pilots for its


Too risky to bring back students and reboot immigration

It is hard to believe that only one month ago the NSW Government hatched a treasonous plan to reserve one-third of the state’s hotel quarantine places for international students to be flown into Australia on chartered flights and have their quarantine costs paid for by universities: The NSW government is taking a plan to national cabinet


Former Productivity Tsar shreds ‘Big Australia’ policy

Over the Christmas break, The Australian’s Tom Dusevic published a terrific article entitled “Does the pandemic mean the end of Big Australia?”, which carefully unpicked Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy, which has been in effect since the early 2000s. In this article, Dusevic describes the fault-lines in the population debate. On one side, are


Big Australia mouthpieces unite in propaganda spew

Leading ‘Big Australia’ mouthpieces have united warning of dire consequences unless Australia grows its population, including through mass immigration: The issue of a Big Australia has resurfaced in the wake of the government releasing its first Population Statement, which projects the nation will have 1.1 million fewer people by 2031 than it would have without


Quarantine failures highlight grave risk in rebooting immigration

The NSW Government’s hotel quarantine program is under scrutiny after a third case of COVID-19 was linked to returned overseas travellers. A nurse is believed to have contracted the virus while transporting a family from Sydney airport to a quarantine hotel, although health authorities have yet to determine the exact source of this infection. A


Productivity growth not population key to smart economy

Former foreign minister Bob Carr claims that the pandemic is an opportunity to challenge the view held by government and business that the only approach to population growth is “more”. Carr contends that Australia’s economic growth has been all about lifting population growth, rather than boosting productivity. He notes that population targets are set in


It’s official: immigration has turned negative

The Federal Budget forecast net overseas migration (NOM) to turn negative for the first time since the Second World War, recording declines of -71,600 in 2020-21 and -21,600 in 2021-22, before recovering to 95,900 in 2022-23 and 201,100 in 2023-24: The ABS’ quarterly population data provided the first evidence of this immigration collapse with NOM


You cannot be serious: abattoir workers handed skilled visas

As we know, Australia’s entire ‘skilled’ visa system is a sham that is actually delivering the nation low paid and underutilised workers. The evidence is standing in plain sight in the Department of Home Affairs’ Continuous Survey of Migrants: As shown above, migrants have significantly worse labour market outcomes than the general population. Specifically: The


Coalition green-lights money laundering visas

The Morrison Government has tightened some business and investment visas, but curiously left the ‘golden ticket’ Significant Investor Visa (SIV) commonly used for money laundering untouched: Business migrants will face tougher requirements under changes to investment visas that have so far drawn in at least $12 billion from mostly Chinese nationals. The existing nine different


Highrise Harry demands migrant meat for property grinder

With Sydney experiencing massive apartment rental vacancies: And Sydney apartment rents plunging: Multi-billionaire apartment developer, “Highrise” Harry Triguboff, has demanded the state and federal governments offer more incentives to apartment developers and purchasers and open Australia’s international border to migrants in order to drive apartment sales: “We are suffering because the migrants are not coming


Time to end migrant farm slavery

Just days after a Liberal-chaired parliamentary committee called for a dedicated agriculture visa, which would give farmers easier access to cheap labour, The New Daily has published another stinging report on the ‘legalised exploitation’ of migrant workers on Australian farms: A German woman has told how she couldn’t afford to eat while being paid less


Liberals endorse migrant farm slavery

A Liberal-chaired parliamentary committee has renewed calls for a dedicated agriculture visa, claiming that easier access to migrant workers is needed to alleviate purported chronic skills shortages: The lower house’s standing agriculture committee on Monday released its findings from an inquiry into growing the sector to a $100 billion industry by 2030. WA Liberal MP


More proof Australia’s ‘skilled’ visa system is a giant fraud

On Friday, it was revealed that the federal government’s famed Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa program, which promised fast-tracked visas for 15,000 so-called highly-skilled specialists working “at the top of their field”, has been systematically defrauded: The [GTS] scheme is being lauded by some for its swift processing and flexibility. But as it gets up


Australians don’t want return to high immigration

The ABC runs a big (54,000 responses) annual survey called Australia Talks. This year’s survey has been released and reveals that a big majority (61%) of Australians believe that population growth is a problem for Australia, with nearly one quarter (24%) believing population growth is a major problem: A smaller majority of Australians (54%) also


Infrastructure Victoria: Mass immigration will destroy Melbourne

Infrastructure Victoria yesterday released its Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy, which forecasts that liveability in Melbourne will be destroyed as the population bulges from mass immigration: Victoria’s population boomed in the last decade, adding more than 1.2 million people… Over coming decades, pressures on Victoria’s transport system will only get worse as the population grows. Trips


KPMG propagandists pump immigration creative accounting

Late last week, Immigration Minister Alan Tudge released the first annual Population Statement, which projects reduced population growth through to 2031. Specifically, the Statement projects average population growth of 1.1% over the coming decade, compared to the 1.6% (more than 400,000 per year) in the past decade: The Statement shows population growth in 2020-21 will


Fake Greens demand crushed wages, ruined environment

For 15 years, Australia’s left stood by silently or cheered while Australia’s immigration program was more than doubled: This mass immigration experiment was an unmitigated disaster for Australia’s working class – crushing their wages, pushing up their cost of living, and degrading their quality of life. However, it was a boon for the wealthy owners


Berejiklian puts foreign students, skilled migrants ahead of Aussies

NSW Premier Berejiklian announced over the weekend that she wants to use one third of the state’s 3,000 hotel quarantine places to bring in international students and skilled migrants: In an interview with The Sun-Herald, Ms Berejiklian said she wants NSW to use a third of its hotel quarantine slots to take in international students, skilled


The great farm labour shortage lie

Australia’s farmers continue to complain about acute labor shortages due to the sharp reduction in Working Holiday Maker visa holders in Australia because of the COVID-19 pandemic: The latest example comes from 7News, which reports that growers are facing a “dire shortage of pickers”: The report conveniently ignores the  abundant evidence of temporary migrants being


RBA wants to crush wages with mass immigration

I reported on Monday how Stephen Kirchner – Program director for the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney – has urged the Australian Government to open the immigration floodgates to help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. After reading Kirchner’s full report yesterday, I was gobsmacked by the falsehoods put forward


Big Australia mouthpiece demands more immigration

Program director for the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Stephen Kirchner, has demanded that Australia emulate the post-World War II immigration policy of increasing population growth to help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic: “Restoring pre-pandemic levels of net overseas migration will be essential to economic recovery,” he said. “The