Coalition pimps ‘skilled’ visa slaves

Liberal MP Julian Leeser, who chairs a parliamentary committee looking into skilled migration, appeared on Sky News (video below) where he argued that flights and quarantine places should be reserved for skilled migrants “to get businesses moving again”: “I think there is a strong view among business that it [the skilled visa system] has become


106,000 migrants flooded into Melbourne and Sydney in FY2020

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released its regional population statistics for the 2019-20 financial year, which revealed that Australia’s capital cities grew in population by 245,300 (1.4%), driven by net overseas migration of 162,800. The next table shows the population break-down across the capitals, with Melbourne (+80,088) leading the nation’s population growth in


How can Australia be experiencing skills shortages?

For years we have heard Australian employer groups and the federal government complain of skills shortages, which has then been used as a fig leaf to maintain a strong immigration intake. The most recent example came earlier this month when Liberal MP Julian Leeser, who chairs a parliamentary committee looking into skilled migration, claimed that


Australia’s ‘skilled’ migrants chronically underemployed

A new report from the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) shows that nearly one quarter of Australia’s ‘skilled’ migrants are working in jobs below their qualification level, with migrant accountants, civil engineers and chefs among those least likely to find work in their nominated occupation. Anecdotally, this has led to many ‘skilled’ migrants


Why hospitality industry should not be given migrant workers

This week we witnessed Australia’s hospitality industry lobby the federal government to give it greater access to migrant workers. It began when Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia (R&CA) chief executive Wes Lambert was quoted in The AFR supporting the government-led Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s recommendations to allow Australian businesses easy access to


Hospitality industry demands visa slaves while sacking Aussie workers

Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia (RCIAA) chief executive Wes Lambert was one of the first lobby groups to praise the government-led Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s recommendations to allow Australian businesses easy access to cheap foreign labour. To recap, the Committee recommended: Significantly watering down or outright abolishing labour market testing rules, depending


How Labor should reform Australia’s skilled visa system

Last week, the Coalition-led Joint Standing Committee on Migration recommended radical reforms to Australia’s skilled visa system to make it much easier for businesses to bring foreign workers into Australia. In a nutshell, the recommendations included: Watering down or abolishing labour market testing requirements. Lowering business costs and speeding up approval times for importing foreign


New report uncovers systemic migrant slavery on Aussie farms

For years we have seen abundant evidence of temporary migrant workers being ruthlessly exploited on Australian farms. Over the past year, we have also witnessed the horticultural industry incessantly complain that Australia’s closed international border is causing acute labour shortages, despite these same farms refusing to employ locals because they must be paid a legal


Labor rejects Coalition’s wage-crushing immigration plan

Last week, the Coalition-dominated parliamentary committee into skilled migration released its Interim Report, which recommended sweeping changes to Australia’s immigration system to enable employers to easily employ foreign workers. The key reforms proposed by the committee were: Relax market testing requirements for Medium and Large businesses, and abolish market testing altogether for smaller businesses. Eliminate


Coalition declares open immigration war on workers

A few weeks back, Prime Minister Scott Morrison flagged that the federal government would restore Australia’s mass immigration program at the earliest possibility, noting that temporary migrants would be imported to fill jobs that locals supposedly don’t want to do: “We must re-look at the role that temporary visa holders play in meeting our economy’s


Population growth turns negative as migrants head home

It’s official. Australia has recorded its first quarterly decline in its resident population since World War 1 in 1916. Yesterday’s population data for the September quarter of 2020 revealed that Australia’s population declined by 4,200 people on the back of a heavy 34,800 loss of net overseas migrants: All major jurisdictions experienced negative net overseas


Big Australia shill questions population benefits

Simon Kuestenmacher is Director of Research at The Demographics Group and is described as “a rising star in the world of demography”. The Demographics Group is the private enterprise headed by self-proclaimed “unabashed supporter of a bigger Australia” Bernard Salt, who has spent years lobbying for mass immigration. Kuestenmacher has been frequently cited in the mainstream


Australia stops importation of PNG farm workers

Last week, Cairns’ Hospital was thrown into a ‘code yellow’ emergency after receiving an influx of COVID infected patients from Papua New Guinea (PNG). The six PNG patients had flown in to work as seasonal farm labourers and became infected while quarantining. Over the past month, COVID-19 infections have rocketed in PNG (see below chart),


Net immigration still negative

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released Overseas Arrivals and Departures data for January, which confirmed that net migration into Australia remains negative. There have been 20,800 net permanent & long-term departures since the pandemic hit in March 2020, representing the first time net arrivals have been negative since the series first began in


Education agent: International students are immigration pure play

For years we have argued that Australia’s international education industry is really an immigration scam, whereby migrants effectively purchase access to work and live in Australia by studying at an Australian institution. The immigration scam has been developed jointly by the federal government and education industry via: The federal government offering the most generous work


Liberal MP: Reboot immigration to fix “unprecedented” skills shortages

The Australian’s Patrick Commins has penned a ludicrous article claiming that Australia needs to quickly reboot its mass immigration program to ease “unprecedented” skills shortages and fuel the nation’s economic rebound. The article is centred around claims from Liberal MP Julian Leeser that Australia is “facing a shortage of skilled labour almost unprecedented in our


Universities demand permanent residency for international students

Last year, the former vice-chancellor of Macquarie University, Professor Steven Schwartz, admitted that many international students only study in Australia to gain working rights and permanent residency: [Professor Schwartz] said foreign students flock to courses likely to lead to jobs and permanent residency… “Permanent residency is one of the main motivations to study in Australia’…


Government report admits farm visa slaves are bad for productivity

The Morrison Government on Friday released a 327-page report from the National Agricultural Labour Advisory Committee, which explicitly admitted that the agricultural industry’s overreliance on cheap migrant labour is bad for productivity and unsustainable: Australia’s main competitors in agriculture are either ahead or running very close. In many ways, Australia is at a crossroads. Either


Morrison to announce wage-crushing immigration reboot

According to The AFR, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will use today’s AFR Business Summit to announce a reboot of Australia’s immigration program that will use temporary visas to fill roles in lower paid professions like nursing and aged care: [Morrison] suggests that once migration resumes, it will be adjusted to meet the needs in areas of


Ross Garnaut: Slash immigration to fix wages, lift living standards

Last year, I rudely claimed Professor Ross Garnaut had joined the “Big Australia Dills” after he was reported in The AFR as stating that Australia should return “immigration to pre-pandemic levels”. In response, I argued that the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy had damaged the Australian economy and living standards by: Crush-loading infrastructure across Australia’s


The shills are beating the drum for mass immigration

As expected, Australia’s business lobby and wealthy elite are growing more vocal demanding the federal government open Australia’s international border to migrants. These groups like mass immigration for three main reasons: It provides a bigger pool of available workers to recruit, thereby increasing competition in the labour market, lowering worker bargaining power, and holding down


Immigration collapse is no ageing disaster

Suncorp Group chair Christine McLoughlin has called on the federal government to expedite the opening of Australia’s international border. She claims that businesses are suffering from the ban on international visitors, such as international students, migrant workers and tourists. She also claims that the economy will suffer from having a smaller, older population: “We’ve got


How to solve farm labour shortages

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck last year, shutting Australia’s international border, we have heard incessant pleas from farmers to allow migrant fruit pickers into the country. We are told that without these migrant workers, fruit will shrivel on the vine and vegetables will rot on the fields, leaving farmers deeply out of pocket financially and


Australia’s visa system has undercut workers

Last year, Labor’s immigration spokesperson Kristina Keneally controversially called for Australia to cut immigration to “put Australian workers first”: “The post-COVID-19 question we must ask now is this: when we restart our migration program, do we want migrants to return to Australia in the same numbers and in the same composition as before the crisis? Our


Immigration “the biggest single driver of housing demand”

It seems like an obvious and non-controversial statement: in developed nations with low birth rates, immigration is the key driver of household formation and structural housing demand. Immigration should, therefore, be front-and-centre of policy makers’ minds when attempting to solve shortages in housing and/or affordability concerns. Strangely, however, policy makers and commentators tend to ignore


Brace for a mass immigration reboot

Big business and the federal government are softening Australians up for a quick return to mass immigration once the COVID-19 pandemic passes. The Morrison Government has already convened an inquiry into Australia’s skilled migration program, which will be headed by the Liberal Party’s Julian Leeser. A key component of this inquiry will look at what


Governments shaft stranded Aussies for migrant workers and students

Only a week ago, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews called on the federal government to reduce the number of international arrivals into Australia to relieve pressure on state quarantine systems amid new highly infectious virus strains and regular outbreaks: “With this UK strain – and we haven’t even got on to South Africa yet, because it’s


Net overseas migration swings sharply into negative

Yesterday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released Overseas Arrivals and Departures data for December, which confirmed that net migration into Australia has swung sharply negative. Australia has lost nearly 19,000 net permanent & long-term arrivals since the pandemic hit in March 2020 – the first time net arrivals have been negative since the data