Environmentalists must confront population problem

Fresh from shamelessly pumping mass immigration propaganda, The Conversation has published a more balanced article calling for environmentalists to confront the world’s bulging population: Brown recently declared the world’s population must start to decline before 2100, telling The Australian newspaper: “We are already using more than what the planet can supply and we use more than the


Broken visa system keeps delivering wrong skills

The total permanent Migration Program outcome for 2019–20 was 140,366 places, of which 95,843 places were delivered in the Skill stream. According to analysis of visa data by SBS News, accountants, registered nurses, cooks, chefs and restaurant workers were the main occupations to receive permanent residency visas last financial year: A quick glance at the


Deloitte pushes population panic button

Deloitte chief economist, Chris Richardson, has long been a vocal proponent of mass immigration and previously called for Australia to lift its already turbo-charged immigration levels. So, it’s not surprising that Deloitte is the latest economic outfit to sound the alarm over Australia’s lower population projections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: When borders open


The Conversation pumps immigration propaganda

The Conversation has turned into useful idiots for the capitalist elites, publishing a blatant propaganda puff piece entitled “We need to restart immigration quickly to drive economic growth”. Let’s quickly examine the article’s main arguments for rebooting mass immigration: Faced with a difficult economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia needs to act quickly with


It’s official: Immigration is collapsing

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released its Overseas Arrivals and Departures data for August, which revealed that immigration has collapsed to its lowest level since mid-2003: In the year to August 2020, net long-term arrivals were 156,960, down 45% from the 283,860 recorded in February before Australia’s border restrictions came into effect due


Lies, damned lies and population statistics

Demographic researcher, Mark McCrindle, has taken scaremongering over Australia’s lower projected population growth to new lows: Australia could finish the decade with up to 1.7 million fewer people than had previously been forecast as a result of the “large and likely long-lasting” effects of the global coronavirus pandemic… In McCrindle’s first scenario, “the snap back”,


Population dishonesty spews from Aussie media

The Australian media has already begun to spread a web of lies over the federal budget’s population projections, warning of a dire population collapse. According to The Age, the latest budget forecasts will see “Victoria’s population down 400,000“: The state worst-hit by the pandemic is now expected to have almost 400,000 fewer people by the


Labor outraged at migrant English language requirements

The federal budget included the below measure indicating that an English language requirement will be introduced for partner visas and their permanent resident sponsors: As noted above: “These changes will help support English language acquisition and enhance social cohesion and economic participation outcomes”. Elaborating on the measure, Prime Minister Scott Morrison clarified that applicants will


Australia faces an unprecedented property glut

As reported earlier, the federal government has forecast Australia’s first outward movement of net overseas migration (NOM) since the Second World War, which will drive Australia’s population growth to its lowest level since 1942: Population growth across Australia’s jurisdictions is also forecast to slow dramatically, with NSW’s population even forecast to fall slightly in 2020-21:


Budget forecasts lowest population growth since WW2

Tucked away deep in Budget Paper 3 were the below forecasts for net overseas migration (NOM), with the Treasury’s Centre for Population now expecting NOM will turn negative for the first time since the Second World War (WW2), recording declines of -71,600 in 2020-21 and -21,600 in 2021-22, before recovering to 95,900 in 2022-23 and


US raises salary threshold for skilled visas

Earlier this year, the Economic Policy Institute released research showing that the United States’ temporary skilled visa scheme (H1B) has been used by employers to undercut local workers’ wages. The analysis is based upon the Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey, which constructs a distribution of wages for each occupation in a specific geographic


ScoMo prioritises money laundering visas over stranded Aussies

Labor has slammed the Morrison Government for allowing holders of business innovation and investment visas to enter Australia without having to apply for a Covid-19 entry exemption: Labor has criticised a government decision allowing potentially hundreds of “privileged” foreign citizens paying for business investment visas to enter Australia, arguing they are taking hotel quarantine places


Crispin Hull slaughters mass immigration charlatans

The Canberra Times’ Crispin Hull has comprehensively slaughtered Australia’s cabal of mass immigration charlatans, explaining in no uncertain terms why lower immigration will improve housing affordability, lift wages, reduce inequality, and lift living standards for ordinary folk: Remember when political parties were condemned for being “poll-driven”. If only they were poll-driven (rather than donor-driven) now…


Australians to benefit as immigration turns negative

The ABS yesterday released demographic statistics for the March quarter of 2020, which reported that Australia’s population growth rate has fallen to 1.4% – a decade low: In number terms, Australia’s population grew by 357,000 in the year to March, driven by 220,500 net overseas migration (NOM): However, NOM remained well above the 38-year average


Property Council demands migrant meat for grinder

The mask has slipped and the reason Australia has had such high immigration rates has been revealed: The Property Council has called on the Federal Government to extend its successful HomeBuilder stimulus program for new housing construction for a further six months to July 2021. The Property Council has also recommended a ‘Welcome to Australia’


Coalition re-opens door to money laundering visas

Back in March, Atlas Advisors Australia wasted no time in using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to lobby the Morrison Government to open the floodgates to Significant Investor Visas (SIV) – affectionately known as “Golden Ticket Visas”: About $100 million could provide a lifeline for start-ups and emerging companies crippled by the coronavirus if


Australia facing zero net migration in 2020-21

Abul Rizvi believes that Australia’s permanent migration program may contribute zero to net overseas migration (NOM) in 2020-21: In 2019-20, the Government delivered a migration program around 20,000 places below the ceiling of 160,000. A record 70 percent of the skill stream was delivered to people already living and/or working in Australia. For the family


Temporary migrants angry at Australia

A nationwide survey of international students and temporary migrants reveals anger at being excluded from welfare payments like JobKeeper and JobSeeker. Accordingly, many would not recommend Australia as a destination: A nationwide survey of 6000 visa workers and overseas students found that 70 per cent had lost work during the pandemic and 28 per cent


Permanent migration falls to 15-year low

The Department of Home Affairs yesterday released permanent migration outcomes for 2019-20: The permanent migration intake was 140,366 in 2019-20. Seventy per cent of the visas were granted through the skilled stream (95,843 in total), including 4,109 places under the highly skilled Global Talent – Independent program, launched in November 2019. There were 23,372 regional


Labor takes baby steps toward immigration reform

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there was a strong case to cut immigration, which had run at turbo-charged levels for 15 years: First, Australian real wage growth had remained stillborn for nearly 10 years: Australia’s labour underutilisation rate had been stuck at stubbornly high levels: Whereas average monthly hours worked had collapsed to record


Australian migrant farm slavery endemic

Last week, the Migrant Workers Centre demanded major changes to the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program to better protect vulnerable people on the visa following countless reports of exploitation. Fast forward a week and we have another report documenting the modern slavery on Australia’s farms: After two months of working on a farm, Elin had


CEDA demands $10b welfare payments to temporary migrants

Business lobby, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), has long been a shill for the ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration policy, frequently releasing illogical and contradictory ‘research’ supporting the cause. Today, CEDA has released a paper demanding that Australian taxpayers provide JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments to temporary visa holders in order to make Australian


Migrant Workers Centre demands end to exploitation

After years of systemic wage theft from migrant workers, the Migrant Workers Centre has demanded major changes to the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program to better protect vulnerable people on the visa: The exploitation of backpackers on working holiday visas is rife and demands an urgent overhaul of the migration scheme, a parliamentary inquiry has


Links 10 September 2020

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Fake “Labor” Party ties itself in immigration knots

In May this year, Labor’s immigration spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, had a rare lucid moment where she recommended that Australia cut immigration and “put Australian workers first”: Our economic recovery must help all Australians get back on their feet, and to do that we need a migration program that puts Australian workers first. Governments of all