Immigration reboot under threat from new COVID variant

Last week, the Morrison Government announced that Australia will re-open its international border to overseas students, skilled visa holders and working holiday makers, with Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews expecting that at least 200,000 migrant workers will arrive in Australia by July 2022: “We are working on a figure of 200,000, it may well be


Coalition’s agricultural visas primed for exploitation

The website of labour hire firm Owen Pacific Workforce indicates it intends to hire workers under the federal government’s new agriculture visa, although a spokeswoman for the company has stated it is not taking part in the first phase. Owen Pacific Workforce has previously been accused of housing Pacific Islander workers in squatter-like conditions, so


Why opening international borders could ruin Australia’s economic recovery

Below is an article I wrote for It’s been hailed as “early Christmas” gift for hospitality, but reopening international borders could have a big downside. This week, the Morrison Government announced that Australia will re-open its international border to overseas students, skilled visa holders and working holiday makers, with Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews


Highrise Harry celebrates migrant meat for property grinder

Earlier this week, the Morrison Government announced that Australia will re-open its international border to overseas students, skilled visa holders and working holiday makers, with Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews expecting that at least 200,000 migrant workers will arrive in Australia by July 2022: “We are working on a figure of 200,000, it may well be


Australia’s never ending ‘skills shortage’

The Morrison Government will make changes to the temporary skills shortages (TSS) visa to address so-called labour shortages in key sectors of the economy. The reforms will provide a direct path to permanent residence for about 20,000 temporary skilled migrants who remained in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures will also apply to holders


Gottiboff: ‘Big Australia’ immigration needed to juice housing market

Last week, Robert Gottliebsen claimed Australia was running out of migrants to buy houses: This week, Gotti has repeated the dose, calling on Australia to compete heavily to attract migrants to juice the property market, serve coffees and drive Ubers: The aftermath of world war two taught Australia that if it was to grow and


Finally, ACTU pushes back against immigration flood

For years the ACTU has tiptoed around the immigration issue, despite its clear adverse impacts on the working class. In 2018, the ACTU even signed an immigration compact with the Migration Council and the business lobby declaring support for a ‘Big Australia’. Today, ACTU secretary Sally McManus has finally taken a stand against the Morrison


Voters reject Big Australia immigration flood

Last month, the The Australian Population Research Institute (TAPRI) released detailed polling showing that only 19% of respondents supported pre-COVID levels of immigration, with 70% wanting lower levels of immigration (of which 48% want significantly lower or zero immigration): The overwhelming majority (69%) of Australians also do not believe that Australia needs more people: A new


Melbourne’s congestion forecast to get so much worse

Infrastructure Victoria has warned that Melbourne faces growing congestion problems over coming decades as residents flock to outer suburban areas and regions like Geelong: Infrastructure Victoria has predicted that key roads and public transport will be clogged earlier during the morning commute to the city after people moved to outer suburbs and regional areas during


Fitch: Lower immigration will drive up wages

The ABC’s Gareth Hutchens has posted Fitch research claiming that the cut in immigration will lead to a tighter Australian labour market and stronger wage growth: [Fitch] said Australia has historically relied on immigration for growth, but since the mid-2000s net overseas migration has picked up sharply… In fact, between 2000 and 2019, Australia experienced


Australian public shafted again as Big Australia rebooted

It’s official. The Morrison Government is moving fast to reboot Australia’s mass immigration policy by Christmas. The government will allow more than 200,000 visa holders into the country, including students, economic migrants and refugees, and the Australian Treasury will reportedly upgrade its migration forecasts in next month’s mid-year economic and fiscal outlook update. In announcing


Why can’t Australia train enough cooks and chefs?

Queensland Tourism Industry Council CEO Daniel Gschwind says there are 3,500 vacancies in the state’s tourism sector, including 1,200 for chefs. He says there are not enough Australians to fill job vacancies and demands a visa migration program to solve the problem: Chefs and cooks are included on the federal government’s priority migration list of


The business lobby is lying to you about wages

The business lobby has hit back at Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s statement yesterday that he will delay rebooting immigration until after the upcoming election because he is concerned that it would suppress wage growth. Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) CEO Andrew McKellar says the “reality” is that migration does not hurt wages growth.


Young Aussie workers pay the price of mass immigration

The Grattan Institute is one of the nation’s biggest supporters of ‘Big Australia’ immigration, repeatedly spruiking the benefits of a strong migration program while ignoring the costs. With this background in mind, it was unfortunate yesterday to read the CEO of the Grattan Institute, Danielle Wood, lament that younger Australian workers are struggling for job


Alan Kohler: Immigration reboot a deliberate wage killer

Alan Kohler has penned a terrific piece in the New Daily lambasting the federal government for deliberately undermining Australian workers by importing huge numbers of temporary migrant “slaves”. He also calls immigration policy “the most material economic decision to be made by whoever wins the next election”: Scott Morrison’s can-do capitalists can’t really do wage


Economists: Rebooting immigration will destroy housing affordability

Economists have warned that rebooting immigration back to pre-COVID levels will inflate property prices and rents, exacerbating Australia’s housing affordability woes: Economists say about one extra home is required for every three migrants. If Australia’s annual immigration intake lifts, beyond federal budget forecasts, to reach about 250,000 people in 2023, that would turn predictions of


ABC gaslights on immigration’s wage impacts

ABC business reporters Daniel Ziffer and Samuel Yang yesterday posted a spurious article defending the business lobby’s call for a strong reboot in Australia’s immigration program. The authors cherry-picked a bunch of pro-big migration economists to claim that mass immigration does not push down wages: Gabriela D’Souza, senior economist at the Committee for Economic Development


Allan Fels demands migrant worker protections as exploitation grows

Professor Allan Fels has urged the federal government to implement the recommendations of the Migrant Workers’ Taskforce, which he chaired. The Taskforce was set up in the wake of the 7-Eleven scandal. The government accepted all 22 recommendations made by the taskforce in 2019, but it has yet to take any legislation action. Professor Fels


Treasury’s Three-Ps framework is wrecking Australia

The ABC’s business reporter, Gareth Hutchens, has tried to explain the “economic logic” behind the sudden push to dramatically lift Australia’s immigration intake beyond pre-COVID levels. Hutchens believes the Australian Treasury’s “Three-Ps” framework is behind the push: Did you hear that senior bureaucrats in New South Wales are pushing for an aggressive surge in immigration? They


Long-term unemployment is the real pandemic

With the federal government vowing to quickly reboot immigration to pre-COVID levels to alleviate ‘skills shortages’, its is worth asking why the federal government is not instead seeking to better utilise Australian workers? A new report by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) claims that long-term unemployment across Australia is now worse than after


Morrison readies mass immigration deluge

Prime Minister Scott Morrison ran the media gamut over the weekend spruiking that ‘skilled’ migration would return to pre-pandemic levels by mid-2022, and that Australia’s international border would remain open no matter what. In an interview with the Saturday Herald-Sun, Scott Morrison told the paper that “skilled migration will be back to normal by the


Labor sheds crocodile tears over ‘exploitative’ agriculture visas

Labor frontbenchers Kristina Keneally and Julie Collins have criticised the federal government’s new agricultural visas, which will enable farmers to address a labour shortage by recruiting foreign workers. They contend that the agriculture visas will provide more scope for guest workers to be exploited compared with the existing Seasonal Workers Program and the Pacific Labour


How mass immigration makes our cities hotter

For years, the development industry and urban planners have called for Australia’s supposedly underutilised middle-ring suburbs to be bulldozed for apartments and townhouses in order to house the many millions of extra migrants projected to inundate our cities over coming decades: This transformation into a dense urban form is to be most stark in Sydney,


Dr Cameron Murray debunks immigration myths on Sky News

Polls show Australians want “lower immigration” than what both major parties have been pushing, according to economist Dr Cameron Murray. Dr Murray, author of the Book Game of Mates, says one of the “ongoing justifications” for Australia’s high migration rate has been to “increase growth and increase revenue”. “That shouldn’t really be our main focus


Aged care providers join migrant scab grab

Back in August I warned that the Morrison Government’s new Agricultural Visa would usher an “immigration scab grab”, with other sectors of the Australian economy likely to step up and demand similar access to industry-specific visas under the guise of ‘skills shortages’: You could easily imagine a situation where the Morrison Government introduces a new


Gaslighting over ‘skills shortages’ hits fever pitch

The gaslighting over skills shortages has hit fever pitch with the media and employer groups squealing like stuck pigs. Echoing recent calls from the NSW Government and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) to double the skilled migrant intake, The AFR View has called on the federal government to “catch up on the