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Is this the end of international education?

Globalisation expert Professor Salvatore Babones has penned a thought provoking article in trade magazine – Times Higher Education – asking whether the coronavirus crisis spells the end of an era for international education: Until now, the number of Chinese students studying abroad only ever moved in one direction: up… Many prestigious research universities have come


International students demand tuition fee cuts

With Australia’s education industry already under pressure from a sharp drop in international student enrolments amid the coronavirus, those students that did manage to enrol are now pressuring universities to slash tuition fees because of having to shift to online learning: For Vietnamese international student Loan*, who is studying at the University of Sydney, she


International student ban decimates English language schools

With Australia’s borders now closed, Australia’s English language schools are now facing collapse: Many students and overseas visitors who are enrolled are fleeing Australia while they can, fearing that flights will be cancelled and travel will become more difficult if they wait much longer. And because Australia’s borders are closed and international travel has frozen,


Indian international student numbers to slump on virus

Last week, SBS Punjabi published an article suggesting that the loss of Chinese international students caused by the coronavirus might be filled by surging enrolments from India: Melbourne-based migration agent Rohit Mohan said while it is too soon to say, but it is likely that students particularly from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asian countries


Thank heavens universities were ignored on international student ban

Only a month ago, Australia’s universities and international education lobby groups were demanding Australia lift its travel ban on China. For example: The head of Australia’s peak foreign student body [the Council of International Students Australia]… Ahmed Ademoglu, who represents 700,000 international tertiary students in Australia, said they felt “exploited” and would discourage future students


The false hope of an Indian international student boom

For years, Chinese international students have proven pay dirt for Australia’s education industry, accounting for 27% of total international enrolments in calendar year 2019, according to the Department of Education: China has been an even bigger driver of Australia’s education exports, accounting for 32% of Australia’s $37.3 billion total education exports in 2019: With Chinese


Greedy universities demand immediate budget stimulus

Facing a multi-billion dollar reduction in fees from the loss of international students, Australia’s universities are now putting their hands out for budget stimulus: Universities and international education providers are holding out for more direct coronavirus support in the May budget… International Education Australia chief executive Phil Honeywood said he would push for more support


Unis facing “significant financial loss” as international students collapse

Australia’s universities are warning that the crash in international student enrolments could drag into the second semester: There are new threats to the $38 billion international student market as university staff are barred from travelling to overseas recruitment fairs, putting stress on projected earnings for the second half of the calendar year, according to the


University closes door on “unsustainable” international students

Last year’s Four Corners Cash Cows report accused Australia’s universities of lowering entry and teaching standards in order to grow international student enrolments, which have nearly doubled since 2013: The University of Tasmania (UTAS) was one of the institutes alleged to have waived their own English-language standards. To its credit, UTAS immediately announced that it


It’s time to slay the bloated, inefficient university monster

The Australian’s Adam Creighton has taken direct aim at Australia’s rent-seeking, bloated university sector, calling on policy makers to bring them to heel: For waste and perverse incentives it’s hard to go past the nation’s 39 universities… whose swol­len bureaucracies have be­come­ ground zero for highly paid BS jobs in “strategy, engagement, culture” et cetera.


Universities face further cuts to international student enrolments

Getting a grasp on the number of Chinese international students still stuck overseas because of the travel ban has been a difficult task. When the travel ban was first announced last month, the Department of Home Affairs stated that 106,000 Chinese students were stranded at home. However, with many Chinese students travelling via third countries


Thousands of international students rort visa system

A Herald-Sun investigation has revealed that thousands of international students are abusing the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to extend their stays in Australia for years on end: A Sunday Herald Sun investigation into student visas has discovered a system in crisis, with rejected international students spending up to five years appealing Department of Home Affairs


Let’s arrest a vice-chancellor…

To stop this, at Domain: Virgin Australia has put plans in place to operate three charter flights for stranded Chinese students if the Australian government relaxes its coronavirus travel ban. …The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, University of Sydney and Monash University said they had not chartered any student flights. A spokesman for


UK steals Australia’s international student lunch

In September last year, the United Kingdom matched Australia’s world-beating two-year post study work visa, thus making it a more attractive place to study: Now, the United Kingdom is experiencing a boom in international student enrolments: …the president of Universities UK, Julia Buckingham… said the post-study work visa, announced in September last year, had helped


Universities must wean off Chinese international students

The Australian’s Higher Education Editor, Tim Dodd, believes Australia needs to do everything in its power to hold onto or expand Chinese international student enrolments: If all goes well, most of these students will return to complete their degree, which means it’s revenue deferred, not revenue permanently lost… The long-term danger to Australian universities from


Universities brace for $8b international student bust

Last month, the chief executive of the International Education Association of Australia, Phil Honeywood, warned that Australia’s education sector and broader economy faced an $8 billion hit from the loss of Chinese international students: Phil Honeywood said the entry ban on non-citizens who had been in mainland China was a worst-case scenario for universities, English-language


Hooocoodanode? Chinese student ban dodger has virus

Via Domain: An international student living in Brisbane has become the seventh person to test positive for coronavirus in Queensland. The 20-year-old man from China is in a stable condition in isolation in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Brisbane Times understands the student has not attended any university classes and his room-mate is undergoing


Can Indian international students fill the hole left by China?

International student enrolment data for calendar year 2019 has been released by the Department of Education, which reveals that India has become Australia’s key growth market for education exports. Total student enrolments from India surged another 34% in 2019 to 144,000, and have ballooned by 195% since 2013: India was Australia’s second largest source market


Universities’ international student binge pushes locals out

In the 2019 calendar year, international student arrivals hit a record high 620,000 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, up from 380,000 in 2014: Total international student enrolments across Australia’s various educational institutions also hit a record high 957,000, according to the Department of Education: The biggest driver of this growth were Australia’s universities


Migration agents shamed as temporary visa tsunami fuels slavery

Earlier this month, the peak lobby group for Australia’s registered migration agents – Migration Alliance – attacked Labor’s immigration spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, for claiming that the explosion in temporary visas across the Australian economy was creating exploitation, undercutting local workers and contributing to Australia’s chronically low wage growth: [Keneally’s] views drew the ire of Migration


“Morally indefensible” universities smuggle international students

Last week, it was discovered that Western Sydney University was offering $1,500 payments to Chinese students to help fund travel packages to third-country transit destinations to skirt the federal government’s coronavirus ban: Now other Australian universities have joined the fold, with Melbourne University, Adelaide University and ANU also offering grants to Chinese students to serve


Education Minister rules out university virus bail-out

Last week, Professor Salvatore Babones warned of the ‘moral hazard’ inflicting Australia’s universities, which would see them trying to socialise the cost of lower Chinese international student flows on Australian taxpayers: Chinese student enrolments in Australian higher education have increased six-fold in the past two decades. Chinese students almost always pay full fees and are


Absurd growth in Nepalese international students rings alarm bells

The Department of Education has released its international student data for the 2019 calendar year, which reveals that total international students enrolments hit an all-time high 957,000: Total international student enrolments rose 9.7% from 2018 and have increased roughly ten-fold from 1994. As shown in the next chart, China (261,000) remained Australia’s largest source of


Desperate universities mull flying in Chinese international students

The prestigious Group of Eight (G8) universities may organise charter flights to bring Chinese students to Australia when the federal government’s coronavirus travel ban is lifted. It is estimated that about 70,00 students at the Go8 universities have been affected by the travel ban. Some of the nation’s universities will offer grants or fee reductions


Universities told to cut prices for international students

With Australia’s universities facing a sharp drop in Chinese international student enrolments because of the coronavirus, Stephen Parker – a former vice-chancellor at the University of Canberra – says that universities need to reduce their reliance on Chinese students and has urged universities to instead target Indonesia. Parker has also called on universities to lower


A $25 million example of how private schools can’t offend China

If you want a textbook example of how Australia’s private schools have become beholden to China, look no further than Melbourne’s Caulfield Grammer: Caulfield Grammar will keep the name of its golden graduate Mack Horton off its newly-opened, $25 million aquatic centre to preserve the school’s commercial interests in China. A plan to name the


Morrison Government risks virus spread via international students

Via the World Health Organisation WHO: The window of opportunity to contain wider international spread of the epidemic of the new coronavirus disease is closing, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday, after cases were reported in Iran and Lebanon. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, asked whether the outbreak is at a “tipping point”