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International education agents demand Australia slay its elderly

With COVID-19 ripping through India: An Indian education agent has demanded that Australia open its border to international students: Navjot Singh, a migration agent based in the northern Indian state of Punjab says policymakers in Australia need to do a lot more than just granting post-study work visa rights to retain its current students. “Australia’s


Greedy Melbourne University underpays its slaves

While the University of Melbourne’s vice-chancellor, Duncan Maskell, feasts on his $1.5 million salary, he has flooded the institution with insecure casual staff: The rush towards insecure work has been led by the University of Melbourne, Australia’s richest tertiary institution, which listed reserves of $4.43 billion while employing 72.9 per cent of staff on insecure


Unis “dumbed down” by foreign student “bullying”

Great stuff by The Australian: Australian university lecturers are being cowed into lowering their academic standards by “highly organised” networks of international students making co-ordinated attacks against any staff members whose assignments and examinations prove too difficult to pass. …Academics are concerned the lowering of standards for overseas students means Australian students’ education is also


UQ issues freedom of speech talking points

Oh dear: HAHAHA, UQ is distributing this standard response sheet to all staff at Open Day tomorrow. Which means it was promptly leaked to me by dozens of sympathetic staff. What absolute geniuses. How much more humiliating can this get? — Drew Pavlou 柏乐志 (@DrewPavlou) August 1, 2020 In short, if someone mentions China,


More proof international education is an immigration scam

One year ago, a group of academics released research showing that international student graduates on temporary (485) visas were struggling to find jobs in their field, with many being either underemployed in low-skilled jobs or unemployed. However, because these international students perceive that the graduate (485) visa represents a pathway to permanent residency, they continued


UQ reputational wrecker, Peter Hoj, headed to Uni of Adelaide?

Readers will know well that over the past twelve months the University of Queensland (UQ) has been plunged into local and international infamy by its corrupt relationship with the local Confucius Institute and Chinese Consulate. Most pointedly, the universities’ reputation has been destroyed by its treatment of Hong Kong protestors (and one formerly obscure student


UQ mocked mercilessly in federal senate

The UQ brand continues to slide into ignominy under current management: Disgraced UQ VC Peter Høj claims Australian universities would be plunged into “Dickensian” conditions without Chinese money. @SenPaterson has inquired into whether this would involve a return to gruel, child labour and untreated sewerage running through the streets 😂😭😭 — Drew Pavlou 柏乐志


Indian international student visa applications collapse

It’s official. New data from the Department of Home Affairs confirms that the number of offshore international student visa applications has collapsed due to COVID-19, with visas from India and Nepal most impacted: Department of Home Affairs officials told an international education industry briefing last week that the number of students applying for visas from offshore


No return of international students in 2020

The New Zealand Government has ruled out allowing international students to travel into the country for the remainder of 2020: Education Minister Chris Hipkins said… “While the pandemic is still raging overseas, our borders are our first line of defence against COVID-19. Given the current global situation, I would expect providers to plan for no


The sinking wreckage that was once University of Queensland

Via Paul Frijters at Club Troppo: The management of the University of Queensland, and in particular Peter Hoj and Peter Varghese, stand condemned today by the international media, by both Labor and Liberal politicians, by both left-wing and right-wing Australians, by its own students, and by the powerful pro-American lobby. That management unleashed a shit-storm on


Coalition throws migration carrot at international students

History doesn’t repeat but it sure does rhyme. Following a strategic review of the student visa program in 2011 (‘the Knight review’), the Gillard Government liberalised graduate (485) visas in 2013. Specifically, 485 visa holders were excluded from needing to meet the Australian standard for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List. They were also


60 Minutes destroys UQ’s reputation

In case you missed it, make sure that you watch 60 Minutes’ explosive report on Chinese corruption at the University of Queensland (UQ) and its persecution of 21 year-old pro-Hong Kong student, Drew Pavlou. Below is the blurb on the report: When 21-year-old student Drew Pavlou organised his first-ever protest at his university campus in


International student collapse smashes English-language schools

While the media has focused on the financial crisis afflicting the university sector, Australia’s English-language schools are being hit particularly hard by the collapse in international student enrolments: The Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia said before the virus crisis there were 175,000 international students doing English language or training-related courses… ITECA chief executive Troy


Coalition to open Australia to infected international students

If Melbourne’s quarantine failures and lockdown has proven one thing, it is that Australia’s international border must remain closed to all but returning citizens and permanent residents. Otherwise, we risk repeated importation of COVID-19, fresh community outbreaks, and a never-ending series of costly shutdowns. Alas, it was disconcerting to read yesterday that the Morison Government


Arrogant universities cry poor over international students

Union representatives have slammed universities’ whining over the loss of international students, citing mass casualisation of their workforce while they built-up massive financial reserves: Some of Australia’s most prestigious and cashed-up universities are being accused of hypocrisy, as data reveals almost 70 per cent of staff are employed insecurely while “thousands” have been laid off


UQ panics as 60 Minutes closes in on Chinese corruption

Drew Pavlou having a ball today as 60Minutes approaches: Really looking forward to 60 Minutes this Sunday — Drew Pavlou 柏乐志 (@DrewPavlou) July 15, 2020 What a joke, UQ thinks it can make up for viciously bullying and attacking me for 4 months by sending a Student Services ”welfare check” email. Why yes, I


The international students bubble bursts

A bubble it was. It’s a clear imbalance when foreign kiddies made up a third of some suburbs, via The Conversation: International students made up more than 30% of the population in some Australian suburbs, before borders closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Mitchell Institute mapped where international students lived using data from the ABS


Vital export, international students, turn to food banks

Via the pathetic Guardian: International students in Melbourne are bracing for more hardship after the city returned to a six-week lockdown prompted by a spike in coronavirus cases. Melburnians who have lost work or who have been forced to close their businesses can access boosted unemployment benefits or the jobkeeper wage subsidy, but international students


Charting the international student crash

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released short-term travel data, which showed that arrivals of international students collapsed to only 60 in May versus 28,090 in the same month last year: In rolling annual terms, student arrivals collapsed by 121,220 (18%) from their January 2020 high: Separate data from the Department of Education also


Universities wasted international student boom on bloated bureaucracies

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings indicate the Australian National University (ANU) is the only Australian university with a student to staff ratio of under 20 at 17.8. Professor William Locke from the Melbourne Centre for Higher Education at the University of Melbourne notes that Melbourne is one of five Australian universities that has


UQ executives referred to Crime and Corruption Commission

Drew Pavlou has taken the fight directly to the University of Queensland’s (UQ) top brass, with his lawyer referring them to Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission: The University of Queensland’s two highest-ranking executives have been referred for investigation over claims of corruption and failure to disclose foreign influence by lawyers representing embattled student activist Drew


Chinese international students are gone and not coming back

Last month, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) mouthpiece, The Global Times, published an inflammatory editorial instructing Chinese students to avoid Australia. This produced a panicked response from Australia’s elite Group of Eight (Go8) universities, which have grown fat on Chinese international student fees: The Group of Eight – representing the top universities in the country


COVID-19 spike scraps 35,000 international student arrivals

Plans to fly 35,000 international students into Australian cities from late July have reportedly been abandoned due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria: The latest COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria has halted nascent plans to bring back nearly 35,000 international students from the end of the month. The Australian can reveal universities in NSW


Plan to fly international students into Australia abandoned

The COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne, brought about by epic quarantine failures, seems to have ended plans to fly international students into Australia later this month: Sloppy management of hotel-based quarantine led to a coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne and forced the Victorian government to put 36 suburbs back under lockdown. This has raised doubts over plans


CCP’s UQ teaches that Uyghur and Hong Kong resistance is terrorism

We need federal intervention at UQ: An Australian University appears to be teaching students that Muslim Uyghurs are overrepresented in ‘Terrorism’ incidents in the Chinese territory of Xinjiang. I wonder if they’re also learning about the ‘re-education camps’ there? — Andrew Greene (@AndrewBGreene) July 2, 2020 Australian university UQ has a Chinese government funded


Melbourne’s quarantine failures must stop international student arrivals

Victoria’s Andrews Government yesterday ordered an immediate judicial inquiry into quarantine failures, which are behind the COVID-19 outbreak that has 37 Melbourne suburbs on a four week lockdown: Premier Daniel Andrews ­announced a judicial inquiry into the cluster of infections from staff at quarantine hotels who breached infection control protocols and have been linked to