Digital currencies to end USD reserve?

Via Doubleline: If launched, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as I have recently warned, will put at risk the independence of monetary policy and what little is left of fiscal discipline within their borders of circulation.1 Central banks are not stopping at the replacement of money as we have known it. In conjunction with their developmental


BTFD gold

Via Sprott: The current pullback in the precious metals sector is a buying opportunity. Since trading at a closing high of $2,064 an ounce on August 6, gold bullion has declined 8.34% as of this writing. Gold mining shares have followed suit, declining 9.26% since the August high. It is possible that gold and related


What next for the gold price?

Via Credit Agricole:  After correcting lower towards the end of September, precious metals such as gold have been stabilising with our outlook being for gradual upside in the coming few quarters. While we expect gold to end the year closer to 1940 (USD/oz), the yellow metal should advance well above 2000 in the years


When to the buy the gold dip

Via ANZ: If global growth concerns continue to push up the USD, like we have seen this week, we could see some near-term headwinds for the precious metal Importantly though, if U.S. growth concerns result in significant policy adjustments by the Fed to help the economy, such as negative interest rates or even monetary financing,


Australian dollar and gold bashed

DXY roared back last night: The Australian dollar was bashed: Gold was creamed: WTI is bid by a robot: Metals did OK: Miners not: Nor EM stocks: Or junk: Yields lifted: And stocks fell: The culprit was Fed minutes which simply weren’t dovish enough: Participants observed that uncertainty surrounding the economic outlook remained very elevated, with



Via Goldman: Momentum-based trading systems have been popular for decades, given their low correlation with traditional benchmark returns and, therefore, their potential for generating alpha. The strategies tend to have common components, including set rules for entering and exiting positions. Although there are a variety of methods employed to produce a trade signal, many rely


“Elon Musk is going to destroy gold”

Thoughts @elonmusk — Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) August 13, 2020 Lol. This is what investment has become. A couple of wankers making shit up to promote a worthless uncurrency with stunning regulatory risk. Gold is “boomer”, apparently. One should always be wary of becoming set in one’s ways but come on.


More gold bullishness

Via Bloomie: With no imminent end to collapsing real yields – which just hit a new record low -1.10%, the side effects of financial repression warn of stagflation, asset bubbles and policy impotence. Fresh lows for U.S. 10-year real yields this week show a trap door opened by growing economic angst, climbing inflation expectations and


Plenty of fuel left in the gold rocket tank

A couple of charts today make the point. Real interest rates have room to fall further: Gold ETF flows are still very small:   AUM proportions dedicated to gold are still WAY down versus previous peaks: Probably the best chart of all, DXY is still very high: The lows of the GFC period are 24%


Gold $15k?

A couple of gold bugs talking it up: Both of these blokes are from the Austrian economic school so you need to be careful of their more extreme price projections. I don’t see any return of the gold standard nor erosion of the USD as the global reserve. But I can still see gold shooting


A gold bull has some good news for Karen Maley

Via Karen Moley yesterday: Lowe’s carefully reasoned outlook for inflation puts him at distinct odds with the growing number of analysts who believe the combination of huge monetary stimulus programs launched by central banks around the world in tandem with massive government spending will light the fuse on inflation. Fears that the world could experience


Australian dollar remains red hot

DXY finally bounced a little: The Australian dollar still red hot: Gold turned volatile as it rockets higher: Oil is still a yawn: Dirt was mixed: Miners fell: EM stocks too: Junk eased: Yields keep falling: Nasdaq looks toppy as S&P fights for support. Europe is stuffed by its rising currency: Westpac has the wrap:


All time gold price high saves ASX

The AUD is bid this morning as DXY sinks: Bonds remain pancaked: Stocks are up a little: Big Iron is struggling: Big Gas is down: Big Gold is marching as the metal hit an all-time high this morning. Macquarie’s stupid Friday downgrade now forgotten: Big Banks are sinking again: MB Fund has been buying gold


JPM: Gold to the moon

Via JPM: According to JPMorgan’s Nikolas Panigirtzoglou, retail investors appear to have been mostly behind the recent rally (although the Robinhood army has yet to fully engage), and indeed the buying of physical gold ETFs, a major vehicle used by retail investors, rose steeply in recent weeks, making this year already the strongest on record with still


Gold surges as Robinhooders pile in

And up she goes! Via ZH: For SLV, the number of RH users holding the ETF has surged from around 15,000 to 20,000 in the last few days… … making it the 16th most popular pick on Robinhood as of the past 24 hours. In GLD, we have seen less of a sudden surge so


ASX golden bull is born

And running. The Lunatic RBA’s AUD thermal is still in play: Yields dead: XJO is flat: Big Iron is soft: Big Oil as well, barring the evil Santos: Big Gold is running after solid results from NCM and EVN, not to mention the incipient gold bull market: Big Banks have faded the DoleHider bounce as


Gold rockets higher

The AUD is still bubbling away this morning despite Victoria’s virus calamity (thanks RBA): Bonds are dead as the Dodo: Stocks have backed away from resistance but the chart is bullish: Gold is the story de jour. Up she rockets: Big Iron has been sucked down by an ordinary BHP print: Big Gas is OK:


Gold surges toward decade high

by Chris Becker With yet another industrialised nation announcing a record government deficit (Canada this time with $300bn, close to our own $240bn), and central banks furiously papering up over massive cracks in the global economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no wonder that the Minsky Metal is on a tear, almost


Gold shines on struggling ASX

The Australian dollar is still trying to push higher this morning. The chart is still bearish: Bonds are stable: Stocks are struggling despite another drunken night on Wall St: Big Iron is OK: Big Gas is struggling: Most of Big Gold is coiled in an ascending triangle pattern looking for break out: Big Banks are


How does gold reach $3000?

Via Goldman: Historically, gold’s relationship with inflation is non-linear. Gold does not display a strong correlation with inflation while the latter is moderate but becomes strongly correlated when inflation gets above a certain threshold. Gold also tends to go up moderately in deflationary environments. In fact, we find that what matters most is the deviation of inflation


BofAML: Gold to $3000

BofAML calls it: Gold prices have performed well in the recent period As the ultimate store of value, gold prices have performed well during the past 15 months, posting a rally of over 10% since the Federal Reserve did a monetary policy U-turn in January 2019. Gold has also delivered a strong performance against other asset


Is gold’s bull run finally here?

The answer is a qualified yes for USD priced gold: Gold will run as the underpinnings of the USD weaken. There is plenty of that going on with the mass demolition of both fiscal and monetary discipline. Further upside will come if we see any kind of global recovery and capital floods out of the