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Macro Afternoon

Outside of China it’s been a poor finish to the week for Asian share markets, with the fallout from the US selloff and “bondcano” still being felt across the region. Chinese GDP data was slightly less than expected but did not translate into falls on the mainland or in Hong Kong, while a lower Yen


Macro Afternoon

The bounce in equities has been shortlived with only the Australian market not dipping into the red this afternoon, with local employment data keeping the bears away for another day. A weaker Yuan fix plus reduced confidence has seen Chinese stocks selloff sharply while gold is holding on, other undollar assets are falling heading into


Macro Afternoon

Finally, a decent rebound in stock prices in Asia, as markets follow the dual European/US mood and lift across the board. The problem is with Treasury yields still not lowering and the USD remaining weak, can this bounce be sustained through the week with another earnings season around the corner. The Shanghai Composite finished the session up


Is REA the ideal housing bust short?

Is the ideal housing bust short? It’s certainly come off hard recently, printing what can only be described as a monstrous technical chart with the double-top from Hell: REA makes 90% of its dough in Australia and most of that from real estate listings so its exposure to the bubble is exceptional. Yet despite


Macro Morning

By Chris Becker Here comes the bounce with tech stocks leading the charge on Wall Street, exhausted selling on equity markets has turned into frantic short covering with big moves overnight. Despite the good mood, Treasury yields continue to lift higher while the USD advanced against traditional safe havens, the Aussie and Kiwi remain surprisingly


Macro Afternoon

A mixed day here in Asia which is better than red across the baord with Japanese stocks leading the way, pulling along local shares as the USD recovered slightly. The Chinese CPI print picked up slightly as the PBOC signalled its intend on defending the major 7 handle on the Yuan against USD, with the official


Macro Afternoon

Despite the positive finish on Wall Street on Friday night, markets here in Asia are continuing to selloff as tensions mount in the Middle East with Saudi stock markets tanking on the weekend (about the only thing they get right is allowing trading on weekends!) plus a fallout from German and Italian political troubles. Safe


Macro Afternoon

Is sanity finally prevailing with Asian stocks up across the board today, presaging the end to the worst two days since February? No, its just exhaustion going into the weekend, so keep your shorts on! Chinese stocks are leading the recovery today but at the cost of increased volatility, while the selloff in USD has


ASX rout resumes: Houses demolished, holes boom

AUD is still strong this morning, partly explained by a falling USD and partly by bullet-proof bulks: Aussie bonds have actually under-performed other nations during the correction. I assume it’s because of the bullet-proof bulks but whatever it is it’s badly misled as the housing crash gathers steam: XJO is down modestly against today: But


Macro Afternoon

A sea of red across Asian stock markets today, once again showing how interconnected risk is, particularly as we move into the “scariest” month of all – October! Following last night’s 2-4% losses, most bourses here lost 3-4%+ with Chinese markets the most affected. Currencies were relatively benign with Yen buying abating and the Aussie


Macro Afternoon

A slightly positive result across Asian share markets today, with the USD weakening against everything except Yuan, which fell slightly due to the PBOC fix. Japanese stocks rose despite the firmer Yen, while the Aussie was helped by a surprise boost in consumer confidence, as local stocks finally stabilised. The Shanghai Composite is up only a