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Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Stocks in Asia are taking a pause due to new North Korean tensions even after US stocks took out new record highs overnight. The Aussie dollar fell after the RBA maintained its low interest rate dogma to sustain growth – in house prices at least. In mainland China the Shanghai Composite is


Crushed consumer gives ASX wings

Dalian iron ore is still struggling today: Not RIO or BHP: The RIO rally is reckless. Nobody knows what’s coming from China in next few months. Big Gas is lovin’ it’s new guarantee as the Pensioner Killers roar: Big Gold has no time for bears like me, lovin’ the falling AUD: Big Sleazy is pouring


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Asia starts the week with strong upswings on stock markets outside China with bonds also strengthening as Friday’s US CPI print is absorbed by risk and non-risk traders alike. Commodities didn’t lose the pace either with gold holding above the $1300USD per ounce level. In mainland China the Shanghai Composite is slumping


AFR says go global stocks

Some good advice, bad advice from the AFR on stocks over the weekend: If you’re not invested in global stocks, say the experts, you’re missing out. You’re giving up a much larger exposure to IT, healthcare and other sectors and stocks that are household entities – and therefore big earners on a large scale –


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Asia ends the week with a rally in stock markets outside China while the USD reversed its recent bounceback as Yen and Aussie dollar also lifted. Gold also rose but only slightly as other commodities cooled off. In mainland China the Shanghai Composite is having another pause, up a few points going into


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Stocks were broadly positive across Asia today taking the good level from US stocks overnight, with the USD weakening against the majors and gold, which is closing back in on the $1300USD per ounce level. The lack of economic and geopolitical catalysts are definitely calming markets this week. In mainland China the


Macro Morning

By Chris Becker Last night saw US stocks closing  at record highs – again – after the Federal Reserve released a summary from its last meeting, where it signalled an interest rate hike in December is increasingly likely despite low levels of inflation. European markets stabilised following the Catalan issue in Spain while commodity prices recovered.


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Stocks in Asia were generally positive today with a retreating USD helping as well, as turmoil surrounding geopolitical tensions in Korea and Turkey simmered today. A lack of catalyst economic prints is also smoothing the volatility across the region. In mainland China the Shanghai Composite really wants to climb up through resistance at


Rate cut rally persists on ASX

Dalian iron ore is flat But coking coal is dead cat bouncing: Big Iron is still torn between a breakout for RIO and breakdown for FMG. I back the latter: The Pensioner Killers are up: Big Gold is up too. Sell! Aussie bank shares have been rising ever since the RBA indicated it would cut


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Yet another mixed session in Asia today with all markets open after some holiday breaks, most stock markets putting on small gains while the ASX200 flittered away a good start to close flat. The USD is again under pressure with the Yen strengthening slightly and the Aussie dollar surprising with a blip


Why is Macquarie long the “perpetual leveraging doomsday machine”

Great stuff today from the always entertaining and cross-disciplinary Viktor Shvets at Macquarie: Investors seem to be residing in a world without any notable perceived risks. It is an extraordinary and unprecedented situation, particularly given unresolved issues of over leveraging and associated over capacity as well as profound disruption of business and economic models, which


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker A quiet start to the week in Asia as several bourses were closed so it was a mixed reaction to Friday night’s NFP print setting the course for the next month and possibly into the Christmas season. In mainland China the Shanghai Composite reopened after the Golden Week break, gapping up 1% but


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Asia is having a relatively quiet day as traders position for the closely watched NFP print in the US tonight. Most stock markets closed slightly higher, with the ASX rebounding after a poor week of performance, mainly due to an Aussie dollar that has cracked and likely to head to 77 cents