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Macro Afternoon

A nervous end to a volatile week here in Asia with most stock markets treading water as the USD slipped back against the major currency pairs. In anticipation of the OPEC meeting later tonight, commodity prices are relatively stable as the market prices in a modest production lift. The Shanghai Composite was up before the long


ASX rocketship flames out

AUD is still poofing around in the high .73s: Bonds are bid: XJO has stalled: Dalian is soft: Big Iron mixed: Big Gas down: Big Gold up: Big Mortgage  is still short squeezin’ as ANZ doubled its buyback: With Big Realty in tow: Avagoodweekend!


Macro Morning

By Chris Becker We’re in correction territory now as major markets can’t get over round after round of tariff tit-for-tat, culminating last night in Daimler’s profit warning which sent European markets reeling. Staying in Europe, further concerns about Brexit and a debt deal for Greece weighed on the Euro, with the BOE meeting overnight pushing


Macro Afternoon

You’d think everything is fine outside Australia, but emerging markets and a higher USD are dragging risk markets across the region down. With the BOE meeting tonight, Pound Sterling is hovering at a low against USD, while the Aussie dollar is also plumbing new lows. The Shanghai Composite was unable to translate yesterdays fishy positive session


Macro Afternoon

Is it all systems go on risk markets again? Not quite, but it seems that sanity may yet prevail with potential relief from the trade war, albeit speculative that Trump may pullback some of the announcements. Stocks across the region rallied from relief more than anything with the USD still mixed against the majors The


Macro Afternoon

Well now its getting interesting! Asian stocks sold off across the board, except Straya, with risk proxies like the Aussie dollar taking a dive and Japanese Yen bid up on safe haven as this trade war widens up a whole new battlefield. Trump dump of a slump of tarriffs on the Middle Kingdom set this


Why it’s time to sell miners

The AFR is celebrating the new mining boom: A $2 billion acquisition spree by South32 and Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting has underscored the more upbeat outlook on commodity prices among industry heavyweights, with the scramble to buy or develop world class assets and infrastructure heating up as the world’s largest miners emerge from years of


Macro Afternoon

Subdued trading in Asia today with Chinese stock markets closed, as Japanese did the heavy lifting, taking the poor Friday night Wall Street lead and running with it. Perhaps a holiday in China today is a good thing with the tit-for-tat trade war looming with the US, can we next get Trump’s twitter account on


Macro Afternoon

A mixed end to a big week here in Asia with only Australian stocks putting on a solid bid, although Japanese stocks rallied later in the afternoon as Governor Kuroda was upbeat about Japanese growth prospects. Trump is having another go at China with a new round of tariffs set to be announced today, ramping


Australian dollar burning ignites ASX

The AUD is still under pressure this morning: Bonds are bid: XJO has launched: Dalian is soft: Big miners are up: Big oil is up: Big Gold is up: Even Big Scum has rebounded as yields fall: And Puswad: A word of warning, Shanghai is breaking down as capital flight intensifies: But for today the


Macro Afternoon

An unimpressive result from the Chinese trifecta of mid tier data, alongside a poor lead from Wall Street overnight saw Asian stocks sell off across the board. An equally unimpressive jobs report locally saw the Aussie dollar flounder after its mild selloff against the USD in the wake of last nights FOMC meeting. The Shanghai


CBA share price free fall continues

AUD is stable through the morning: Bonds are bid: XJO is flat: Dalian too: Big iron is rebounding: Big Gas is down: Big Gold is mixed: The CBA free fall below broken support continues. WBC too. Given the 10% divi-bribe, markets are definitely beginning to price an earnings problem: No such issues for REA which


Macro Afternoon

Asian stock markets have reverted to a risk-off attitude mainly due to the forthcoming FOMC meeting tonight or in a very short term reaction to Trump’s extension of his trade war to China, with tariffs likely to ahead on Friday. The Shanghai Composite had a poor session, closing over 1% lower to 3047 points, accelerating that selloff


Macro Afternoon

Risk markets have reacted positively to the summit in Singapore with green across the board on stock markets. The USDJPY risk proxy has made a new two week high, with S&P futures also suggesting a new monthly high that should presage a further rally on Wall Street. The Shanghai Composite had a great session, lifting nearly 0.8%


Macro Afternoon

Not a pretty end to the week here in Asia with all stock markets selling off in response to the overnight risk-off mood on Wall Street. Its all about trade with Trump continuing to upset the apple cart – and hence the global financial system. The Shanghai Composite has had the rug pulled out, probably


Macro Afternoon

Another green board across Asian share markets today as the positive Wall Street lead kept risk buttons flicking on the on switch. Treasuries and sovereign  bonds remain less favourable in the wake of the ECB language regarding its QE program while commodities were relatively steady although the Brent/WTI gap remains wide. The Shanghai Composite has