“Psycho” Morrison government commits commodity treason

This is so egregious that I don’t know where to look:

Energy Minister Angus Taylor will warn the energy crisis facing Europe could happen in Australia unless new gas fields are opened up as he unveils budget funding to accelerate the development of seven projects.

As the government moves to make energy security a feature of the coming election campaign, Mr Taylor will claim Labor cannot be trusted to support the expansion of the gas sector to prevent the escalation of electricity prices.

He will tell the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook Conference that a failure to bring on new supply could see gas prices escalate like in Europe, where there has been a 300 per cent increase in the past year.

“Bills have skyrocketed, energy retailers have closed, factories have been mothballed, and families have been forced to choose between eating or heating,” Mr Taylor will tell the conference.

“With Russian gas accounting for around 32 per cent of total European and UK gas consumption in 2021, the full impact of the current crisis remains to be seen.

“The energy crisis in Europe should act as a warning of what could happen in Australia if there is not enough investment in the gas sector here.”

Well, there you have it. Australia is as energy-poor as Europe.

Except we’re not energy poor. We’re energy stinking rich. Especially in gas.

Nor are we dependent upon an enemy for energy supplies. Indeed, we are supplying our communist adversary and leaving ourselves short in the process.

How does the “Psycho” Morrison government come up with these outrageous, national security trashing, lies?

Because a decade of Coalition Governments have joined hands with a blood-sucking gas cartel to export so much of it that the domestic economy has been starved and endured a self-imposed energy shock.

This has nothing to do with Russia or Europe or Labor. The Great Australian Gas Cartel has engulfed the Coalition such that:

  • Australians have very often been paying more for their own gas than have Asian customers.
  • This has hollowed out Australian manufacturing including much of the same chemical manufacturing capacity that Morrison is now talking about restoring with subsidies.
  • Most of the gas goes to China, which builds weapons with it, just as the Coalition bleats about the China national security risk.
  • It has never successfully implemented a sustained domestic gas reservation regime to hold down prices which it could do with the stroke of a pen.
  • It bald-faced lied to Centre Alliance when it did a deal for $28bn in tax cuts in exchange for a domestic gas reservation mechanism.
  • All of this drove an immense energy shock to east coast businesses and consumers over the past decade while WA looked on with no such troubles because it has a domestic reservation regime.
  • It has held back renewable investment at every stage and level to protect coal and gas which has kept utility prices far higher than they needed to be.
  • As such, the “gas-led recovery” is nothing more than public subsidies to tear up the Australian countryside for gas to send to China to end our freedoms.

New supply is useless without blanket domestic reservation. The cartel will simply ship even more volumes to China from unreserved areas and sell the most expensive leftover gas here.

The only solution is to reserve the lowest cost gas for domestic use. At a fixed price if necessary. We need only keep 10% of export volumes. The rest of it can go to Asia. The irony is, doing so would lift the export price so that there is no cost to doing so!

We should obviously take that 10% directly from China, which threatens us daily and use it to ensure our industrial base is intact in the event of a conflict.

Or, you can take the brown paper bag:

Everyone wondered whether there was some connection between the government’s direction and its financial indebtedness to the fossil fuel industry. But no one could prove it. Why? Because the Commonwealth doesn’t have real time disclosure of political donations.

Only now, long after the public’s attention has moved on, have those suspicions been confirmed. Thanks to the donations data recently made public on the Australian Electoral Commission site, we know that fossil fuel companies — and the gas industry in particular — were giving generously to both major parties at the time, a whopping $1,329,754 to be precise, with just over half of this from the gas industry.

The Coalition got the lion’s share ($731,534), although Labor collected the not-insignificant sum of $598,220.

If you add to the Coalition’s total for that year the just over $1 million the LNP harvested from fossil fuel via its fundraising entity Cormack, the Coalition’s indebtedness to gas, coal and mining in the 2020-21 period swells to $1,735,048.

Is this proof of corruption? No, but it certainly gives reason for voters to consider whether corruption has taken place. To wit, whether the gas-led recovery policy was designed and intended by the Morrison government to serve the public interest or private ones.

In the context of the government’s own Arc of Autcoracy, this is beyond corruption. It is treason.

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  1. Talk starting about an energy blockade of Russia now…….I suppose it is one way to accelerate a shift to renewables but what a shock if Russia holds out……European industry will be a wasteland, they will lose all influence in economic matters.


    It is obvious now that countries are going with nuclear and renewables and Russia is talking about export controls on uranium fuels now so that have that outlet covered as well. Interesting times.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        Gas reservation is a legal minefield if enacted by the Federal government. Export quota is a much better mechanism.

        The punters don’t understand this though, and the East Coast Cartel will spend literally billions against the ALP if Albo dares to mention ‘ gas reservation’. It is one way the ALP can lose the election.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        I wonder if he’ll have the balls. Reservation is the first thing he should do

        He might ONCE (if?) he is in power. It would be political suicide to announce it as a policy BEFORE the election. They can remember the money the Minerals Council spent on the Resource Super profits tax. The gas industry would spend up huge amounts of money to campaign against Labor with any whiff of domestic reservations or control of gas sales!

        The public doesn’t understand the issue. Labor won’t get the MSM air time to explain it. It will be franking credits 2.0 with vested interests spending up big with a scare campaign.

        • Sadly you are right. The general voting public will buy the line that it will push gas prices up even if the policy is specifically that gas should be reserved for Australian use at a reasonable price.

  2. Pretty tired of the MSM just parroting the garbage coming from the mouths of these LNP politicians. Just throwing more money at the fossil fuel industry. If the projects stack up financially then let these companies invest their own money. It’s not as though money is expensive to borrow atm.
    Are taxpayers going to share in the profits since we are co investors or just get the crumbs after all the tax deductions?

  3. Ok. I’m locking it in. Angus Taylor is the LNP MP I hate the most.

    I would pay a lot of money to see that prick go to prison.

      • To be fair, I might change my mind again when the next Minister opens his mouth. Or if I see Tim Wilson’s face.

        • Jeez you two are soft

          Why not have an equal top 10-20


          • How did you rank that list…… by ?
            – Shear bloody incompetence
            – Sh!t eating grin
            – Evil thieving ar5ehat
            – Whiney two face pr!ck
            – Out and out Lying b!tch
            Some take out several categories ….. i cant quite decide

  4. “Psycho” Morrison government commits treason”

    If you ran that as a headline on all stories regarding Scummo for the last 3 years you’d be right more often than wrong.

  5. It’s pure treason. To rip off the people of Australia for Billions every year, because they received ~$700k in donations from the Fossil Fuel Cartel, takes a special kind of mean. I am really finding it hard to support any LNP candidates in WA, even though they are less evil than the listed ones, but they all take command from the same mothership, so we gotta shoot that bad boy down and get rid of them. I wish some Independents could fill the void, actually they could, they just need to not do much at all, leave it to the people to vote with their wallets.

  6. We also need a beef reservation. We should have cheaper prices from importing cheap labour to farms owned and operated by foreigners.

  7. call me ArtieMEMBER

    I have a friend in Norway. I understand that oil is same scenario for them i.e.they produce heaps and export it all, then buy back from the European market for their domestic needs. Hence insanely expensive heating and fuel. I think they had to agree to buy their energy from the EU market in order to be able to export their oil there. Part of the deal. The net benefit is positive for the balance of payments (but negative for poor Norwegians).
    I wonder if there is some similar agreement in play re: Aus LNG? Not that I’ve ever heard anything mentioned

  8. Corruption – check. Gas reservation needed – check.

    Long term though, we will all need to accept higher prices if we want fossil fuels. We have a very capital intensive industry extracting a finite resource to an ever growing global business and consumer population. Supply and demand say’s all hydrocarbon energy prices will increase. Wind and solar should decrease over time due to scales of economy and the fact you cannot turn off the weather.

    Another example of this is in helium prices (I use it for diving) but it is used from critical things requiring cooling (reactors, MRI, shielding gas etc).

  9. Our political/ economic policies are sold so cheaply – less than 2 million to get billions! It’s a wonder more companies don’t donate to all political parties (just in case).

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      I’m surprised Dutto hasn’t created a crowd fund for Australians to bid against the transnational corporations to buy the allegiance of the LNP.

  10. Why isn’t Centre Alliance raising this in Parliament at every opportunity they get. They and Labor could hammer Morrison in question time.