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A deep dive on the economy, politics and Australia’s housing market

On Tuesday night, I had a fabulous discussion with Martin North on the Australian economy, the state of politics and policy making, and Australia’s housing market. Key topics included: The Albanese Government’s upcoming increase in Australia’s immigration intake to record levels, and what it means for the economy and living standards. The idiocy of growth


Gas cartel plays dead

The gas price is hanging around $19Gj again today as the cartel calculates that that is low enough to take the heat off it during ADGSM negotiations with the captured Resources Minister Mad King. Power prices have thus fallen back too and at these prices will raise utility bills by about one-third over the next


Albo follows Rudd’s ‘Big Australia’ immigration plan

The similarities between the Albanese Government and the former Rudd Labor Government are uncanny. Both came to power following a long stint in the political wilderness and initially rode a wave of strong popular support. And both quickly established national summits to ‘solve’ the nation’s problems: The Rudd Government’s Australia 2020 Summit was a two


Dan’s Suburban Rail Loop strangles Victorian Budget

To nobody’s surprise, the cost of building Melbourne’s suburban rail loop has doubled to $125 billion, with another $75 billion projected for operating expenses. That’s according to the Victorian Parliamentary Budget Office: According to the state parliament’s budget office, which published a report overnight, the north and east sections of the rail loop could blow


Gas cartel eaten by coal cartel

It’s cold comfort for punters being reamed by the energy cartels but take a moment to enjoy the earnings release of Origin energy today. The card-carrying member of the gas cartel is being hollowed out by the coal cartel: Origin Energy Limited (Origin) reports underlying profit rose 30 per cent to $407 million for the


Australian weekly economic indicators bounce

Roy Morgan CEO, Michelle Levine, has provided a useful update on Australian politics and economics, based on the firm’s latest surveys. First, Roy Morgan’s latest voting intentions tracker shows that the Labor Albanese Government has extended its electoral lead over the Coalition by 1%, and now leads 53% to 47% on a two-party preferred basis.


Beijing’s Solomons coup advances as Albo grovels

Must Australia liberate the Solomons again? This time from China’s tinpot allies: Last week dignitaries, including US ambassador to Australia, Caroline Kennedy, gathered for a dawn ceremony on Bloody Ridge in Solomon Islands to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of the brutal battle for Guadalcanal. Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare didn’t bother


New federal ICAC takes aim at Sly ScoMo

Max Opray, Schwartz Media’s morning editor, has neatly summed up the revelations that former Prime Minister Scott Morrison secretly gave himself joint responsibility for the health, finance and resources ministries, in contravention of the Westminster democratic system of government: The Albanese government has ordered a search for documents authorising former prime minister Scott Morrison to


Chairman Dan gains unassailable election lead

Despite mass ministerial resignations/retirements, Melbourne’s seven months of hard lockdowns, mass privatisations (despite promising otherwise), and a raft of corruption scandals, Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Government is headed for an even bigger majority at the upcoming Victorian election: The ALP on 60.5% (up 1% point from early July) has increased its election-winning lead in Victoria over the


Albo’s monkeys dance around gas cartel organ-grinder

Albo’s cowards have leaked their grand plan for energy and it is more than a little ridiculous: Chris Bowen and state energy ministers will speed up the rollout of renewables, gas-proof Australia and minimise electricity market shocks under a national plan focused on slashing emissions. The strategy, expected to be signed off by energy ministers


Rudd delusional as Dutton vindicated on China

A disturbing stoush in the press today. Kevin Rudd: “Mr Dutton is the architect of what I would describe as Australia’s megaphone diplomacy towards Beijing,” Rudd said. “Has it solved any problems in terms of Australia’s long-term relationship with China? Not really. It was simply aimed, primarily, as a piece of domestic political posturing on


Are Albo’s cowards capable of defending Australians at all?

Albo’s energy shock rolls on today with some easing in the gas price to $16.50Gj easing power prices as well: Meanwhile, Labor’s Mad King is busy pimping the openly criminal gas cartel: Resources Minister Madeleine King will issue a full-throated defence of coal, gas and other minerals in keeping the economy going as Australia and


Chinese Australians to force Liberal grovel?

I know it’s not done to talk about anything important these days but too bad: Opposition Leader Peter Dutton is under pressure to adopt a more nuanced approach in the ­Coalition’s attacks on Beijing, with new analysis revealing massive swings against the Liberal Party in seats with high numbers of Chinese-Australian voters. The Australian can


Mike Cannon-Sunshinethief?

Not joking. As perverse as it seems, achieving the dream of linking Australian renewable energy to Asian energy buyers may generate a household electricity crisis as artificial as the current gas crisis. As with LNG, large scale solar projects are set to largely, perhaps even entirely, bypass domestic demand. The increase in energy prices in


Albo launches another bogus housing supply council

Academics from the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia have commended the Albanese Government for announcing that it would establish a National Housing Supply and Affordability Council (NHSAC), claiming it “might be the year’s most important and impactful housing announcement” that “is a major step towards a considered and long-overdue national plan