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Why Anthony Albanese must never see power

The propertocracy has won another round in the policy fight. Not courtesy of the blood-sucking interests. Rather via the hand of those that set out to end it and instead succumbed to its corrupt siren song. As Labor gives up on property tax reform, any and all reform actually, the thirty-year Australian property bubble once


Another Morrison vaccine hits the skids

From the beginning of the pandemic, Morrison Government vaccine procurement policy has been written by either carpet-baggers or idiots. First, it sent Pfizer packing mid-last year. God only knows why. Perhaps because its shots were the most expensive. Second, it over-committed to Astra Zeneca, a firm that has never made vaccines before. Perhaps Morrison did


China goes all-in on Fort Derrick COVID origins

When post-truth becomes the fog of war, via Sinocism today: Global Times: ‘Political virus also needs origin tracing’ as US politicizes, stigmatizes epidemic: FM Wang Yi The coronavirus needs origins-tracing, and so does the political virus, said Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, noting that the US has been trying to politicize the


What does the “Labor” Party stand for? Absolutely nuthin’

Labor announced yesterday that it will not make changes to the stage three income tax cuts if it wins the upcoming federal election. It also abandoned the negative gearing and capital gains tax reforms taken to the past two federal elections. Shadow cabinet formally signed-off on these policy positions yesterday. Earlier this year, Labor also


Australian policy reform ‘gridlocked’ by soft corruption

The Grattan Institute has released a new report entitled “Gridlock: Removing barriers to policy reform”, which argues that Australia’s prosperity is at risk from a decade-plus of decay across our political institutions. Below is the Overview, combined with some key graphics: Australia’s governance has deteriorated over recent decades. The formal institutions and the informal norms


Do rising house prices threaten the Morrison Government?’s Tarric Brooker believes that soaring property prices and the locking-out of first home buyers could dent the reelection chances of the Morrison Government: In the 1970s then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher came to the conclusion that one of the key factors in providing citizens with a stake in society was home ownership… Many


Fear a Chinese planet

Excerpted from “The Long Game: China’s Grand Strategy to Displace American Order”, provided by Sinocism and Oxford University Press. Rush Doshi is the founding director of the Brookings China Strategy Initiative and a fellow (on leave) at Yale Law School’s Paul Tsai China Center. Previously, he was a member of the Asia policy working groups for


National cabinet: a new buck-passing delivery system

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has criticised the national cabinet, arguing that it is an ineffectual co-ordinating committee. Abbott contends that the national cabinet, which has met 46 times so far,  is contributing to the lack of a clear delineation of responsibilities between the federal and state governments during the COVID-19 pandemic: Tony Abbott has


Morrison whinges as Aussie iron ore returns in Chinese warships

Pig Iron Scott’s storm troopers are upset that China is spying on Australia on the high seas, via the UK Express (there are now two spy ships): The Australian military is keeping tabs on the PLA naval surveillance ship, Tianwangxing, as it travels towards Queensland waters off the country’s north-east coast. The vessel is widely


Morrison Newspoll’s crash

It had to happen. During the good times, it doesn’t really matter how bad a government is. But, when it is really needed, during huge external shocks, a government must perform competently or it will pay. And now it is: The latest Newspoll has the Morrison government slumping to even on 39% on the primary


109 Sydney COVID cases today, reveals maths genius

Jon-Bernard Kairouz has been predicting precisely the Sydney COVID cases all of the last week the night before their release. 109 coming today: Number Of Cases Tomorrow, Monday 19th Of July. #covidnsw #sydneylockdown #TikTokGuy — Jon-Bernard Kairouz (@jonbernardk) July 18, 2021 The day before: Number of Cases Tomorrow, Sunday 18th of July#nswcovid19 #SydneyLockdown


Electioneering Albo tries to undo Labor’s China treason

Finally, the message appears to have sunk in at Labor’s headquarters that committing treason is not a great election strategy. Today the leader of the opposition, Anthony Albanese, appeared at The Australian to dramatically pivot away from China. According to Albo: Anthony Albanese says restarting dialogue with China will be a challenge no matter who


Schvets on the US “sputnik moment”

The magnificent Viktor Schvets of Macquarie with the note: No decoupling but supply chains will focus on competing blocks •In Oct ’57, Soviets surprised the world by launching the first satellite (‘Sputnik’). While the US defence secretary dismissed it as a ‘useless hunk of iron’, Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb)was more prescient, describing


Rudd rang Pfizer CEO, Morrison did not

Which is all that matters in this dispute, frankly. Kevin Rudd responds to Morrison propaganda today: Nobody is going to accuse me of being a Kevin Rudd fan. But he’s doing Morrison like a dinner here. The ABC is enjoying it too: Pfizer released a statement today saying no third parties had been involved in


March Keith Pitt to the gallows

The Morrison government’s own competition regulator, the ACCC, is apoplectic about the outrageous behaviour of the east coast gas cartel: Mr Sims said that while the spike in spot gas prices on the east coast was “extremely unfortunate” for those buyers exposed to them, his main concern was in relation to contract prices… “I’m not


AEP: China fooked

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard with the note: Defectors invariably paint their erstwhile regimes in the grimmest of colours. Cai Xia’s forensic broadside on the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CCP) is as grim as it gets. Professor Cai taught for 15 years at the Central Party School, the sanctum sanctorum of the Communist elite


Why isn’t the gas cartel a registered agent of Chinese influence?

It’s foreign-owned and sure ain’t working for Australia’s national interest: Scott Morrison has been urged to “pull the trigger’’ on capping gas exports by the powerful Australian Workers’ Union and a leading employer group, as a spike in prices threatens plans to expand the nation’s manufacturing capacity. AWU national secretary Daniel Walton said the Prime


Liar from the Shire invents more vaccine

It was good news this morning on vaccines: Australia has clinched a potentially game-changing deal to triple its access to Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines to one million doses a week from July 19 as Sydney almost certainly faces another seven-day lockdown extension, with authorities struggling to contain the outbreak in the city’s southwest. Scott Morrison on