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More dodgy dough for China’s latest patsy MP

Via Domainfax: Disgraced NSW MP Daryl Maguire accepted assisted travel to China from the same businessman who was allegedly pressured by Chinese intelligence agencies to cultivate Labor MPs Eric and Joel Fitzgibbon during an earlier all-expenses paid trip. Mr Maguire flew to China for 11 days in August 2002 with financial assistance from ACA Capital


Coalition ramps new immigration “bait-and-switch”

By Leith van Onselen Here we go again. The Turnbull Government has reignited its plan for tougher “English-language” and “values” requirements to become an Australian citizen. From The Australian: Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge has warned Australia is veering towards a “European separatist multicultural model”, flagging a rethink of immigration settings that could include new migrants


Bishop, Wong contract “Trump derangement syndrome”

Competing back-tracking today from Australia’s foreign minister and her shadow. Julie Bishop gave Washington a slap: In a significant speech at London’s Chatham House, Bishop said the international rules-based order put together after the chaos of World War II “is facing its greatest test as it is challenged and strained on multiple fronts”. This crisis


China’s latest Aussie MP was propaganda conduit

I was joking about it yesterday. Shouldn’t have: Disgraced Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire hosted a press conference inside NSW Parliament with a key United Front official from China to promote propaganda on Tibet. …Mr Maguire told ICAC he was first approached by Chinese property developer Country Garden for help with “opportunities” at an event


Paul Kelly develops Trumpian hysteria

Paul Kelly has developed Trumpian hysteria: Donald Trump’s quest to become a man of destiny has scaled new peaks with his aspiration for collaborative ties with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, his public repudiation of US intelligence agencies in favour of Putin’s assurances, and his eclipse of the 70-year-old system of US global leadership buttressed by alliance systems.


Immigration crackdown “an illusion”

Via The Guardian: Labor and migration experts have questioned the integrity of the Coalition’s “crackdown” on permanent migration, suggesting ballooning numbers of bridging visas indicates longer waits rather than more rejections may be driving the numbers. On Friday the Australian newspaper published home affairs department figures – still not publicly available – that reveal just 163,000


Labor attacks Coalition’s ‘yes men’ stacking of public service

By Leith van Onselen On Friday it was revealed that the Turnbull Government had appointed former Coalition insiders into key economic roles within the Australian public service, namely: appointment of former chief of staff to both Treasurers Peter Costello and Scott Morrison, Philip Gaetjens, to the secretary of the Australian Treasury; appointment of former chief of


Essential: Labor’s lead narrows

Via The Guardian: A substantial majority of voters want an inquiry into power prices and anti-competitive conduct by Australia’s energy retailers, and there is also community support for returning energy assets to public ownership, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll. The survey of 1,014 respondents also suggests the contest between the major parties could be


Give Australians a population plebiscite, not Senate review

By Leith van Onselen Following Liberal senator Dean Smith’s call yesterday for a wide-ranging Senate inquiry into Australia’s population policy, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hosed the idea, claiming the immigration system is delivering what’s needed: Malcolm Turnbull believes Australia’s immigration system is in great shape as he hosed down calls for a review of population policy… “We


If the Coalition cuts immigration it will win the election

Via The Australian: Liberal senator Dean Smith is urging Malcolm Turnbull to sanction a wide-ranging Senate inquiry into Australia’s population policy, believing the recent reduction in immigration levels does not go far enough to ease community concerns about population growth. With the national population to hit 25 million next month, the West Australian senator has


Paul Kelly poos his pants over Trump

Lordy, Paul Kelly needs to change his undies: Donald Trump is unleashed and is changing history. Trump now is implementing what he promised — dismantling the existing global order created by America, punishing its allies for short-changing the US, imposing a new protectionism and deconstructing the governing status quo in Washington. Trump is delivering for


Coalition parachutes lackey into Productivity Commission

By Leith van Onselen On Friday, I noted how the Australian Treasury is about to become even more politicised following the appointment of former chief of staff to both Treasurers Peter Costello and Scott Morrison, Philip Gaetjens, to the secretary of the Department. Sadly, another esteemed government organisation – the Productivity Commission (PC) – is facing


MPs line up behind Bannon China warning

Via Domainfax: Mr [Andrew] Hastie, who chairs the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security, said the Chinese Communist Party thought “generationally” about how to maintain its grip on power. …“How are we safeguarding democracy for future generations? How are we protecting our sovereignty and prosperity?” he said. …“We are dealing with a state that


Beijing Bob demands silence for ‘country that must not be named’

Via the AFR today comes “Beijing Bob” Carr: Last week there were reports of Australia and New Zealand sponsoring a Pacific Pact to include, among other things, agreement on police training. It may be a useful initiative. But if our relationship with China were in something approaching normal working order we could go further and


Laberal pretends to care about immigration fallout on Q&A

[email protected] thinks there are legitimate views to be considered. @tanya_plibersek thinks we need to provide a quality of life. Teela Reid says stop with Australian values #QandA — ABC Q&A (@QandA) July 9, 2018 Both parties pretending to care as they ruthlessly stuff in the sardines. I think I might actually hate Q&A.


Steve Bannon: Straya in fight of its life against China

Via Peter Hartcher today: Australia, you didn’t know it, but you’ve been at the very forefront of Donald Trump’s project. “I think Australia is in a fight for the ages” that will decide whether the nations of the West can keep their sovereignty against Chinese intrusion, says Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, now a


Mark Latham robocalls for One Nation

Via The Australian: Pauline Hanson has enlisted former Labor leader Mark Latham to attack Bill Shorten in a robocall phone message that has just started targeting households in the crucial Queensland by-election seat of Longman. “I’m Mark Latham, former Labor Party leader. I’ve had personal experience with Bill Shorten’s dishonesty. He just lies and lies


Will the population ponzi swallow another Victorian Government?

By Leith van Onselen The latest Reachtell opinion poll suggests the upcoming Victorian State Election is too close to call, with the Liberal Opposition leading on the major issues facing the state. From The Age: Premier Daniel Andrews’ Labor government is clinging to a knife-edge lead over the Matthew Guy-led Coalition, just four months out


Downer: Don’t kowtow to China

From Australia’s erstwhile foreign minister, Alexander Downer: The government is going through one of those periodic times of diplomatic difficulty with China’s government. Don’t panic. Every so often Beijing arcs up and demands obedience. It’s a good tactic because it elicits a flood of advice from self-interested Australians demanding the government does more to keep


Newspoll, IPSOS: Labor still on track for victory

Via The Australian: A quarterly state-by-state analysis of Newspoll results ­between April and June shows Labor’s primary vote in ­Queensland at 38 per cent, a jump of more than seven points since the July 2016 election. The ­Coalition primary vote is at 36 per cent, more than seven points down since the last election. …Labor


Business Council GetUp phony FAIL

Hoocoodanode? Via the AFR comes the failure of GetFucked!, the Business Council of Australia’s attempt to build grass roots support for giant blood-sucking corporations: …the scoreboard shows GetUp! ahead 141,000 to 32. The figures are the number of Twitter accounts following GetUp! and rival For The Common Good, a political campaign unit set up by the Business