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Limp Labor waves through wage crushing FTAs

ACTU president Michele O’Neil has criticised Labor’s decision to support legislation to establish free trade agreements (FTAs) with Indonesia, Hong Kong and Peru. She says the trade deals breach Labor’s national policy platform. Unions’ concerns about the trade deals include the clauses regarding investor-state dispute settlement and labour market testing. The legislation was passed by


Aussies want feds to butt out of ACT’s marijuana legalisation

Last month, the ACT Legislative Assembly passed laws legalising the recreational use of marijuana, which will allow residents aged over 18 to possess up to 50 grams and grow two plants from next year. This has garnered a strong backlash from the federal government, which labelled the legislation “dangerous” and has threatened to block the


Labor must merge with One Nation to win

The ease with which Labor can win the next federal election is nicely illustrated today by two stories. The first is that ScoMo’s polling is very weak for a honeymoon period PM as the weak economy drags him down. The second is captured nicely by Peter van Onselen: The Australian Electoral Commission has released data


CCP building a fourth aircraft carrier

Via The National Interest: The People’s Liberation Army Navy—more commonly known outside of China as the Chinese Navy—is modernizing at a breakneck pace. Chinese shipbuilders have built more than one hundred warships in the past decade, a build rate outstripping the mighty U.S. Navy. Most importantly, China now has two aircraft carriers—Liaoning and a second


“Double agent” Gladys Liu linked to OBOR push

Via Herald Sun: A close friend of Liberal MP Gladys Liu last year set up a group to campaign for China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative within Australia and the Pacific. Prominent property developer Chen Guo Jing has been described on Chinese language sites as the “implementer” of the Australasia Belt and Road Advocacy initiative.


Costello proves you can say anything and get away with it

From perhaps Australia’s greatest ever economic hypocrite, via Domain today: Former treasurer Peter Costello has blamed ultra-low interest rates for fuelling global political extremism and accused the Reserve Bank of focusing on global currency movements rather than the Australian economy when setting monetary policy. Speaking at the Citi Australia and New Zealand Investment Conference 2019


Labor betrays workers to support wage-crushing Indonesian FTA

Labor’s caucus will shortly decide whether to support the federal government’s proposed free trade agreements (FTA) with Indonesia, Hong Kong and Peru. Sources have indicated that Labor is unlikely to oppose the legislation. Meanwhile, the ACTU is lobbying Labor MPs to oppose the bill, due to concerns about issues such as allowing thousands of Indonesians


Bullied student seeks restraining order against Angry China diplomat

Via Domain and drawn from the OMG files: A University of Queensland student has sought a court order similar to a restraining order against the Chinese Consul-General in Brisbane, Dr Xu Jie, who he claims has endangered him by describing him as an anti-Chinese separatist in a statement published on the Consul-General’s website. Drew Pavlou,


GetUp versus Advance destroys Australian politics

Tribalism is the bane of Australian progress. It is the default position for a populist Australian psychology that is always far more ready to adopt partisanship over national interest or even ideology. To wit, at The Guardian: While national politics frets about its trust crisis, the bulk of Australian voters appear reasonably sanguine with both


Australian dollar whacked as US Congress hoses LeBron James

Pulling a LeBron James might enter the lexicon as something along the lines of: “as, of, or pertaining to, selling out liberal values for a Chinese Communist Party buck”. Sinocism has the links: Charania: Inside what went on among Nets and Lakers players on the ground in China amid the NBA-China conflict – The Athletic $$


Political stoush brews over ACT’s marijuana legalisation

Last month, the ACT Legislative Assembly passed laws legalising the recreational use of marijuana, which will allow residents aged over 18 to possess up to 50 grams and grow two plants from next year. This has garnered a strong backlash from the federal government, which labelled the legislation “dangerous” and has threatened to block the


“Double agent” Gladys Liu stonewalls national interest questions

Via the Herald Sun: Embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu held a party for the volunteers on her successful campaign for the seat of Chisholm at a building owned by a property developer who once said Australia “couldn’t survive” without Chinese migrants. …The revelations came as Ms Liu refused to outline the complete list of organisations


CCP and Labor join hands to slam Australia on China

Amusing stuff today from CCP foghorn, The Global Times: Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton on Friday sharply criticized China for launching cyber attacks against Australia and interfering in Australia’s internal affairs, drawing a strong rebuke from China. It is an old trick of certain radical Australian politicians to make such groundless attacks against China.


What ScoMo tells average Aussies about “double agent” Gladys Liu

An enterprising MB reader wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to express anxieties about the national interest loyalties of Member for Chisholm, Glady’s Liu. Liu is on record lying about her senior memberships of Chinese Communist Party propaganda organisations, proudly declaring a fund raising record with dubious and very likely CCP cash, cynically misled the


Watch: Alleged CCP agent shuts down Melbourne protest

Can’t vouch for it but makes sense: Via Crikey last week: Feng Chongyi works from a small, cramped office at Sydney’s University of Technology, where he is associate professor in China Studies. Hanging on his wall is a photo of him, in 2006, sitting with top liberals and democrats within the Communist Party’s Central Committee.


4Corners: Aussie unis aid CCP “global surveillance apparatus”

Perhaps this explains Peter Dutton’s sudden China hawkishness, via the ABC: Australia’s top universities could be aiding the Chinese Communist Party’s mission to develop mass surveillance and military technologies, amid rising concerns from Australian intelligence agencies that they are putting national security at risk. A joint Four Corners-Background Briefing investigation has uncoveredextensivecollaborations between Australian universities


High treason the new black in Australian Parliament

The fundamental operational principle of Westminster democracy is that MPs take responsibility when things go wrong in their electorates or departments and resign. No more. Via Domain: Federal Liberal MP Gladys Liu is confident she no longer belongs to any “inappropriate” Chinese Communist Party-linked organisations after a “lengthy” probe of her association memberships. The first-term


Chinese bribes pave military path into Pacific

Via Nikkei: The Thursday edition of China’s state-run People’s Daily newspaper featured a photo of Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and Chinese President Xi Jinping smiling and shaking hands splashed across its front page. The two leaders met in Beijing on Wednesday, weeks after the island nation cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan and switched


Is Labor being smart or stupid gutting policy?

Via the AFR comes ALP rising star Richard Marles: Acting Opposition Leader Richard Marles said Labor failed its base at the last election by offering “handouts over hope”, as he joined calls for the party to move its economic focus away from tax and spend and towards generating growth. Speaking to the John Curtin Research


Open borders Labor blows multiculturalism foghorn

Labor’s open borders spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, has warned that multiculturalism is under threat by Australia’s “cruel” immigration policies: Labor’s spokesperson for immigration, Kristina Keneally, will use a keynote speech to warn that multiculturalism is under threat. Blown out wait times to become an Australian citizen have led to the largest-ever drop in people pledging their


Is ANZUS worth the paper it is written on?

ScoMo thinks so: Scott Morrison has named the ANZUS Treaty with the US, which formalised the Australia-US alliance and was negotiated and signed by the Menzies government in 1951, as “the single most important achievement” of the Liberal Party in government. In an exclusive interview to mark the party’s 75th annivers­ary, the Prime Minister said


Power grid descends into chaos as gas cartel laughs

Via the AFR today: The chair of the Energy Security Board Dr Kerry Schott says the rapid take-up of household rooftop solar panels in Australian cities is causing energy security problems for energy distribution companies. …”The so-called duck curve is really causing security issues for the distribution networks,” she said.Dr Schott said Australia’s power grid


Can the CCP control the whole world?

We all know the story. Chinese kiddies wanted freedom so they staked out Tienanmen Square. The Chinese Communist Party shot them instead and drew up a new social contract that promised capitalism with Chinese characteristics in return for permanent CCP dictatorship. That’s the same deal you’re being offered today. Before you decide whether you want to


Ministers told to lay off FOI laws

A review of the federal public service has been urged not to impose new restrictions on freedom of information (FOI) laws. Three governance experts from the Australia & New Zealand School of Government have told the review that FOI laws help to create trust in government by providing a degree of transparency, and that this


Open borders Labor bats for migrants, not Australians

Labor’s immigration spokesperson. Kristina Keneally, has again attacked the growing backlog of migrants awaiting citizenship: Hundreds of thousands of migrants from China, India and the United Kingdom face waiting more than a year to receive their Australian citizenship… Despite a 100,000 drop in the number of applications to become an Australian citizen over the past