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China lackies spew over AUKUS

So says China Development Bank advisor, Paul Keating: “If the United States military with all its might could not beat a bunch of Taliban rebels with AK47 rifles in pick-up trucks, what chance would it have a in a full blown war against China, not only the biggest state in the world but the commander


Aussies back nuclear subs deal

A snap opinion poll from Roy Morgan Research suggests the majority of Aussies back the federal government’s nuclear submarines deal with the US and UK: A majority of 57% of Australians approve of the Federal Government’s agreement to buy nuclear-powered submarines from the United States, 43% disapprove according to a special Roy Morgan Snap SMS


Morrison Government corruption knows no bounds

Michael Pascoe has done a terrific job exposing the widespread corruption flowing through the Morrison Government’s veins: There’s pork barrelling, then rorting, then corruption and bare-faced corruption, and now a new low: Inviting the public to rejoice in looting. In just half a week, the Morrison government has managed to plumb two new lows. Most


RBA passes housing affordability baton back to government

Twice over the past two days, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has pointed the finger at the federal government for Australia’s housing affordability problems. Speaking in an address to the Anika Foundation on Tuesday, governor Phil Lowe pointed to a number of public policy issues, which are the responsibility of the Government, that need


NSW planning minister shreds fake affordability inquiry

NSW planning minister Rob Stokes is the latest to call out the federal government’s bogus housing affordability inquiry: Federal politicians, developers, economists and large sections of the media are quick to blame all our housing affordability woes on slow supply, slow state planning systems and stringent controls. But the idea that the planning system alone


TikTok guy hosptialised with COVID

Be careful what you protest for: A TikTok comedian who shot to fame after he correctly predicted the daily Covid case numbers in NSW has joined his father fighting for life in hospital with the virus. Jon-Bernard Kairouz, 24, is in a Covid-19 ward at St George Hospital in Kogarah, Sydney’s south, multiple sources told


Frydenberg transforms ASIC into corporate lapdog

Back in April, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg neutered ASIC by appointing former banking lawyer Joseph Longo as chairman of ASIC and directing him to support the economic recovery from the pandemic rather than enforcing financial system conduct: Frydenberg made it clear the direction of ASIC would be changing dramatically from the tougher stance foisted on it


Treasury: Mass immigration wrecked housing affordability

Yesterday, the Australian Treasury’s Macroeconomic Division head Crystal Ossolinski told the parliamentary committee into housing affordability that housing supply had not kept pace with rapid population growth in the early 2000s, which caused house prices to surge: “We’ve had some periods of strong population growth in Australia, particularly in the early 2000s, where population growth


Coalition narrows poll gap with ALP

From Roy Morgan Research: ALP support has dropped to 52.5% (down 2% points since late August) cf. L-NP on 47.5% (up 2% points) on a two-party preferred basis. This was the first increase in support for the L-NP since mid-June, before the current Sydney lockdown began according to the latest Roy Morgan Poll on Federal


Coalition lauds virtuous JobKeeper waste

The AFR’s Joe Aston has continued his full fledged assault against the Morrison Government’s JobKeeper waste, which saw more than 150,000 companies that weren’t in trouble – many of them actually thriving – receive $13 billion worth of subsidies from taxpayers. On 12 September, Aston highlighted Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s hypocrisy and contradictions in defending these


Coalition sheds more housing affordability crocodile tears

Coalition MP Jason Falinski, who will chair the parliamentary inquiry into Housing Affordability and Supply, penned an article in The AFR lamenting the destruction of housing affordability across Australia and the need to boost housing supply: The Tax and Revenue Committee’s inquiry is our last and best chance to understand why in 1985, growth in


The slow death of Sydney

Friendly Jordies (Jordan Shanks) has launched an all out assault on the NSW planning system, claiming “property developers are the shadow government of NSW”. Shanks claims Sydney is being destroyed by mass overdevelopment as thousands of ugly, tacky high-rise apartments mushroom across the city. In turn, Shanks blames the NSW Government, which he claims has


MB submission to housing affordability inquiry

Below is MB’s submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue’s inquiry into Housing Affordability and Supply, which was uploaded yesterday. The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue is conducting an inquiry into Housing Affordability and Supply. In launching this inquiry, committee chair Jason Falinski rallied an “urgent


Housing supply… another fake inquiry

Dwelling assets are being repriced globally, as expected by central banks who have sought to achieve this with their interest rate policies. There is no mystery to rising house prices. Central banks are trying to make them rise, as they repeatedly explain. That’s how we manage the macroeconomy these days. BoE: RBA: — Cameron


China accuses Australia of ‘bullying’

A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has accused Australia of “bullying” and using China’s economic coercion for “selfish political gain”: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin said… “China has never done anything detrimental to Australia’s sovereignty”… “The label of so-called ‘economic coercion’ can never be pinned onto China. Instead, it is Australia that stands guilty of


How JobKeeper took taxpayers to the cleaners

60 minutes did a terrific investigative report on JobKeeper, which aired on Sunday night and has been released on YouTube (video below). The segment highlights how more than 150,000 companies that weren’t in trouble – many of them actually thriving – received $13 billion taxpayer dollars. It also highlights the hypocrisy of the Morrison Government


Infrastructure projects ruled by political pork

Cross-posted from The Conversation Politicians love the vote-pulling power of major transport projects. They also quite like to keep details of of how they’ve decided to fund a project under wraps, avoiding the pesky scrutiny the public deserves. Of 32 projects larger than A$500 million Australian governments have committed to since 2016, the Grattan’s Institute’s analysis shows


Taxpayers pay $5300 to quarantine each farm worker as Aussies lay stranded

The way our governments treat Australians stranded abroad is a disgrace. 19 months on from the pandemic and there are still tens-of-thousands of Australians stuck overseas and unable to return home due to: 1) prohibitive arrivals caps and quarantine limits; and 2) extortionately expensive airfares and quarantine costs. For more than a year we have


Melbourne braces for COVID tsunami

Several epidemiologists and experts believe that Melbourne is staring down the barrel of a COVID tsunami, whereby daily cases could rise into the thousands. Adelaide epidemiologist Adrian Esterman was quoted in The AFR yesterday saying: “I’ve done a forecast for Victoria, which is not looking good because the effective reproduction (Reff) number for Victoria is


Austrac: Money laundering inflating property values

The CEO of AUSTRAC – the Australian Government agency responsible for detecting, deterring and disrupting criminal abuse of the financial system – has again warned that Australian property is being used to launder illicit funds: Austrac has warned that laundering the proceeds of crime through property purchases can drive up prices and keep legitimate buyers


Michael Sukkar: JobKeeper transparency “outrageous”

Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar has labelled calls to disclose big business recipients of JobKeeper “outrageous”: Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar says inserting a clawback provision in the JobKeeper program would have “risked Australian jobs”, as he declares Labor’s attempt to reveal recipients of the wage subsidy “outrageous”. An ongoing scrap between Labor and the Coalition emerged


Morrison buries transparency with new secrecy bill

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) recently ruled that national cabinet was not a sub-committee of the federal government. Prime Minister Scott Morrison had used the argument to defeat the efforts of independent senator Rex Patrick to gain access to national cabinet deliberations. The federal government has now tabled legislation aimed at thwarting the AAT’s ruling,


Paul Keating stokes Labor’s China problem

Former PM Keating today: The Morrison government is wantonly leading Australia into a strategic dead end by its needless provocations against China. …Save for its front porch, the South China Sea, it broadly keeps to itself. Is the Morrison Government a ham-fisted China basher? Yes. Does it have a plan for the divorce? No. Is