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Developer lobby begs Ponzi Turnbull to calm Sydney revolt

After Victoria’s lobby builder’s freaked out a few days ago about being unable meet the demand for population growth homes, a NSW equivalent has today exposed just how shaky is the entire growth model, via Domainfax: …the Urban Taskforce, a group representing the development industry, said the plan did not expressly say how it would


Kouk: Next election is a chance to reverse the War on Youth

Via The Kouk: For younger Australians who are increasingly disaffected and angry about the growth of intergenerational inequality in housing, superannuation and education, there will be a clear choice at the next election. With its latest policy on the tax treatment of dividend imputation, Labor has added to its policy agenda that promises to tackle


Are the Greens headed the way of the Democrats?

By Leith van Onselen Saturday’s elections were disastrous for The Greens. After heading into Melbourne’s Batman by-election with a 6-point lead over Labor, preliminary results have Labor winning the seat with a 55% to 45% two-party preferred lead: The result was labelled a disaster by Greens leader Richard DiNatale, who blamed the ‘shock’ defeat on


Migrant salaries fall below zero as the great visa rort rages

Via Domainfax: The Fair Work Ombudsman will investigate companies offering unpaid internships for which some students paid $1000, following a report by Fairfax Media. The Ombudsman, Natalie James, said the report raised “serious questions” about the internships hosted by web developer Future Squared and recruitment by Industry Placements Australia. Some graduates paid a $990 “administration


Labor eyes adjustments to imputation reform

Via the AFR: Low-income retirees caught by Labor’s plan to scrap cash refunds for excess dividend imputation credits could be compensated by other opposition policy measures – possibly including changes to the deeming rate, which is used to determine the level of a pension based on the income from assets. …Speculation is rife that Labor


NSW Government in chaos over stadiums

Recently we noted from the Daily Telegraph reports that the Sydney Football (“Alliance”) Stadium rebuild will deliver zero net economic benefits for the state, according to analysis by hired gun KPMG: The Daily Telegraph has obtained the executive summary of the KPMG business case dated January 2018, currently being prepared for the Berejiklian government. The KMPG documents, labelled “sensitive —


Labor steals corporate tax cut thunder with write-off

Via the AFR: In a second announcement to be made Tuesday by Bill Shorten, the Labor leader will promise to introduce an Australian Investment Guarantee in which all businesses in Australia will be able to immediately deduct 20 per cent off any new eligible asset worth more than $20,000. The balance will be able to be depreciated in line with


Credlin blows lid on how “fraudulent” migrant intake is set

By Leith van Onselen Find above an interesting interview with Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff, Peta Credlin on The Bolt Report, which pulled the mask off how Australia’s immigration intake is set: PETA CREDLIN: “We plan for everything else in society. Governments overplan… We always think about everything but population. And it comes down


As it happens, Do-nothing Malcolm has lost 76 polls in a row

Domainfax reporting on the ABC: On the leadership, he avoided repeating a statement of “regret” last year that he had nominated Mr Abbott’s poor opinion polls as a reason for challenging for the leadership in September 2015. After a long slump in the polls, Mr Turnbull is only weeks away from matching the “30 Newspolls


Trump to meet Kim Jong-Un

Breakthrough: South Korea’s national security director says President Donald Trump has decided he will meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un “by May.” Chung Eui-yong spoke outside the White House after a day of briefings with senior U.S. officials, including Trump, on the recent inter-Korea talks. Chung says Trump said “he would meet Kim Jong


RBA/Treasury plot destruction of another PM

Via Jacob Greber today: The Reserve Bank of Australia and Treasury say economic growth will accelerate to 3 per cent this year from a disappointing 2017 average of 2.1 per cent. As a forecast, it sits at the outer-edge of most market economists’ estimates. And while gross domestic product is a relatively crude guide to


Australia’s rat wheel economy spins out of control

The message in yesterday’s Australian GDP is as loud and clear as it is widely ignored. The national economy is now running tilt so you can go backwards. Indeed, we’ve created a perpetual motion, rat wheel machine, force-fed by empty calories. GDP per capita is now trending towards perpetual zero: While wage growth collapses: What’s happening


Coalition re-engages phoney war over migrant English language test

By Leith van Onselen Here we go again. The Turnbull Government has reignited its plan for tougher English-language requirements to become an Australian citizen. From The Australian: Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge has warned that Australia’s successful multiculturalism model is at risk of following the failed European path of ethnic separatism ­unless significant policy intervention addresses


Why the population refuses to warm to the Kingslayer

Via The Australian: Bill Shorten is facing his most challenging year as Labor leader, even though polls have the opposition with what appears an insurmountable lead and he looks almost certain to be prime minister next year. Shorten must contend with internal party wrangling over policy ahead of a national conference, a divisive contest for


Foreign interference bill tightened

Via Domainfax: In a significant acknowledgement of flaws in the original bill, [Attorney General] Porter said he was fixing the areas around secrecy and espionage that might unintentionally have put journalists at risk of committing offences when dealing with sensitive leaked material. “There has been no intention to unnecessarily restrict appropriate freedoms of the media,”


Countdown to Do-nothing Malcolm exit?

Via the AFR: With the Coalition now trailing Labor in 28 successive fortnightly Newspolls under Mr Turnbull’s leadership, the Prime Minister will contend he has delivered on other promises he made at the time which included restoring business confidence and economic leadership. Mr Abbott said on Monday that it was up to Mr Turnbull to


How Australia got China wrong

The Economist sums it up nicely: LAST weekend China stepped from autocracy into dictatorship. That was when Xi Jinping, already the world’s most powerful man, let it be known that he will change China’s constitution so that he can rule as president for as long as he chooses—and conceivably for life. Not since Mao Zedong


Xenoponzi vote crashes

Via The Australian: Nick Xenophon’s self-described big gamble to quit the Senate last year and lead SA-Best to a balance-of-power position in South Australia is at risk of imploding, with his new party’s primary vote in free fall and his personal popularity crashing. Mr Xenophon’s federal influence has already been diminished with the loss of


Fake Greens putting forth bully for Batman?

The Australian has some hot goss on The Fake Greens: The Greens candidate attempting to win the seat of Batman and end a century of Labor representation in Melbourne’s north is accused by members of her party of intimidation, bullying, branch stacking, spreading “reckless false statements’’ and cultivating ALP-style factionalism within the party’s largest branch.


China spruik tank: Unis suffering from Aussie paranoia

Via the ABC: A Chinese Communist Party newspaper has said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is making a “U-turn” on his China policy, adding that Australia’s “unhealthy political environment” is damaging bilateral ties. The editorial published as a leading story by the state-run Global Times newspaper on both its English and Mandarin platforms also said Australia


NSW Government sells-out public for useless footy stadiums

By Leith van Onselen If you want a text book example of why governance in Australia is busted, look no further than the NSW Government’s privatisation of the state’s monopoly land titles registry. In April last year, the Berejiklian Government announced it would lease the state’s land titles registry to Hastings Funds Management and First