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Energy crisis scab grab moves into full swing

Nothing in Australia ever gets done right, or at all. It’s a combination of world-leading rent-seeking techniques, disastrous political leadership and a horribly corrupted and stupid press. The latest live example is the energy crisis which is swinging into the usual full scale scab grab with the average Aussie the clear loser. Starting from the


Former Santos boss blames everyone else

Via The Australian comes former Santos chief executive John Ellice-Flint: “Australia’s east coast gas supply dilemma can be viewed as the total failure of users — utilities and manufacturers — to contract short, medium and long-term supplies of gas,” Mr Ellice-Flint says in his opinion piece. “While our east coast domestic gas buyers have been


Barnaby cuts through 18c guff

I’m not a big Barnaby Joyce man but yesterday he cut through nicely: “It’s like fascinating yourself with the drivel scrawled on the back of a toilet door,” a frustrated Barnaby Joyce explains. “It’s best you just ignore it, do your business and move on.” He’s talking about the ongoing distraction over the conservative cause


Coalition roars with 18c triumph as nation yawns

At The Australian: Malcolm Turnbull has presented his government’s proposed changes to the wording of Australia’s racial vilification laws – and the administration of race-hate claims by the Human Rights Commission – as a defence of free speech. The Prime Minister said the government was “defending the law by making it clearer” and better protecting


Some sense at last but only one policy can save the Do-nothing Government

Through a combination of good fortune and panic a more sensible Do-nothing Malcolm government is emerging. That does not make it sensible on any objective measure but less stupid is a start. The Government has been behind the curve on every major issue since the election: on housing affordability it has been getting a caning


Newspoll cuts Do-nothing some slack

Via The Australian today: Voters have given the Coalition a vital boost in the wake of Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to expand the iconic Snowy Mountains power scheme, shaving Labor’s lead to 52 to 48 per cent in two-party terms and lifting the Prime Minister’s personal ratings.The Coalition has regained ground against Labor by increasing its


Was John Howard Australia’s worst Prime Minister?

By Leith van Onselen Fairfax’s Crispin Hull penned a thought-provoking piece over the weekend claiming that Australia is “still plagued by destructive policies of John Howard, our worst prime minister”: Howard led us into Iraq just to please the Americans and that the decision was based on a falsity. That decision cost a lot of


Right is more “politically correct” than Left

Marriage equality CEO’s will not be silenced, quite rightly: “It has utterly nothing to do with political correctness,”  Australian Super chair Heather Ridout told AFR Weekend. “It is too much about politics and not about the actual principle here. What we need is a debate about the substance of the issue, not a debate about whether people are being politically


Do-nothing Malcolm is enraging the nation

Two national outbursts this week deserve political strategist’s urgent attention. Yesterday’s fantastic dressing-down of Energy Minister Josh Frydenburg at the hand of SA Premier Jay Weatherill has something in common with the saga engulfing Coopers Breweries and the public reaction to its ill-conceived gay-marriage debate advertisement. Both are enraged responses to deep Federal Government betrayal and


No pooftas, Dutton tells CEOs

No pooftas, Dutton tells CEOs: Australia’s most senior conservative politician has lambasted a campaign by the chief executives of 30 of the nation’s largest companies for the “near-term” legalisation of same-sex marriage, saying they should focus on running their own businesses instead of jamming “politically correct views down our throats”. Immigration minister Peter Dutton was scathing


The mining versus manufacturing death match

Matthew Stevens captures the ongoing gas farce today nicely: A group of former BHP Billiton and BP executives has opened discussions with the South Australian government over a $600 million private-equity funded solution to the state’s gathering energy crisis. The proposal involves the construction of a 350 megawatt gas-fired peaking power plant that would be fuelled


Snowy hydro’s owners in the dark

Pretty clearly another brain fart: Malcolm Turnbull declared himself a “nation-building prime minister” as he announced plans to expand the iconic Snowy Mountains scheme, insisting his government was building on the “real courage” and “confidence” of Australians who built the engineering wonder. While a feasibility study will determine the final design, the most likely new project


When will The Greens phonies stop mass immigration?

By Leith van Onselen Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, yesterday fronted the National Press Club for the first time since last year’s federal election and gave a 3,000 word speech outlining The Greens ‘vision’ and ‘accomplishments’. To be fair, there was some good stuff in there.  Di Natale banged on about addressing negative gearing and


Coopers woes deepen as Coalition snowflakes arc up

From Loon Central: “What do they have to gain by backing down like this?” Mr Hastie said. “They were subjected to online bullying and mass outrage and unfortunately they took counsel from it. “This is the spirit of the age. You can’t even endorse a civil, respectful conversation between two disagreeing friends about an important


Do-nothing Malcolm tasers self with SA electricity

Rather than work with SA on its new energy plan, the truly idiotic Do-nothing Malcolm Government is calling the lawyers, via The Australian: The Turnbull government is seeking legal advice on whether the South Australian government’s decision today to “go it alone” on energy policy constitutes a breach of national electricity market rules. Energy Minister