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Last hurrah for NSW stamp duty boom

The New South Wales Government will deliver its 2021 Budget tomorrow. The Government had forecast in its half-yearly Budget review in February that stamp duty revenue for 2020-21 would total $8.372 billion. However, the government now expects such revenue to total $9.379 billion, due to Sydney’s soaring residential property market – delivering a financial windfall


Politician’s/lobbyist’s revolving door must be closed

There are calls for former government ministers to be banned from lobbying for companies for at least three years. Former Law Council of Australia president Arthur Moses says a three-year ban would bring MPs into line with similar restrictions on senior business executives, whereas Centre for Public Integrity chairman Anthony Whealy says there should be


Greens seek to kill responsible lending reforms

Yesterday, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg defended the Coalition’s proposed wind back of responsible lending laws, telling reporters they are essential to helping the economy recover from COVID: “Ensuring consumers and small businesses can get timely access to credit as the economy continues to recover from the COVID crisis”. “The reforms are intended to improve efficiency, reducing


China has lost Australia

Anyone wondering why the Liberal-National Federal Government did a U-turn on Australia’s relations with China over recent years?  Wonder why Australians still aren’t enamoured with the ALP opposition, despite a government coming across as misogynist, incompetent, and prone to pandering to the whims of corporate Australia and the 1%? Ironically, the barely concealed CCP propagandist


Berejilklian Government’s fascistic FriendlyJordies “overreach”

The fascistic Berejilklian Government is sinking into deeper hot water over its ridiculous arrest of a FriendlyJordies employee: Nicholas Cowdery, the former NSW DPP, said the “fixated persons” legislation was not designed for arresting comedians but for lone-wolf terrorists that pose a “risk of serious violence”. “On its face this does not seem to be


Wolf warrior endorses Labor grovelling as Aussies recoil

How exactly is this supposed to get Labor elected? China’s chief wolf warrior, Zhao Lijian, has fully endorsed WA premier Mark McGowan: “The Australian government should heed these constructive opinions.” “Face up to and reflect on the crux of the setback in bilateral relations, abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological bias, earnestly uphold the


Why “Pig Iron Scott” should boycott iron ore to China

Australia’s personality-disordered PM, Scott Morrison, is galavanting around the world drumming up support to contain China. He’s invited himself to the G7 to lace it with anti-CCP warnings. He’s dropped into Downing Street to spray Beijing. He’s soon off to the White House for an anti-CCP powwow. At home, more US marines and naval access


Station those new US marines in the Pilbara

Australia’s magnificent strategic realignment continues at pace today. As Cold War 2.0 heats up, and Australia sharpens up as the US-led liberal bloc “tip of the spear”, more US marines are hopefully coming Downunder: More US marines may be headed for station in Australia. The joint brigade would be based in Darwin. US naval ships


VIC lockdown extends ALP’s election lead

Victoria’s fourth hard lockdown has extended the Australian Labor Party’s two-party preferred poll lead, according to Roy Morgan. During the Victorian lockdown in early June, support for the ALP is 51% on a two-party preferred basis, up 0.5% points since March 2021 and increasing their lead over the L-NP on 49% (down 0.5% points) despite


Victorian fuckdown to end

Thank god. My sixth fuckdown will likely end tomorrow tonight: Reported yesterday: 1 new local case, 0 new cases acquired overseas. Got symptoms? Get tested. – 19,533 vaccine doses administered – 28,485 test results received More later: #COVID19Vic — VicGovDH (@VicGovDH) June 8, 2021 Some restrictions remain and it will be a staged


Morrison’s post-iron ore economic plan comes from Nauru

Australia’s evolving Cold War 2.0 circumstances continue with stunning speed. The personality-disordered PM is on the hustings today with a new round of China-bashing: Morrison has warned about an emerging struggle between authoritarianism and liberalism. The Indo-Pacific is its epicentre with the rising risk of conflict. He aims to reform the WTO to fight economic


Can a wolf warrior change his spots?

Not according to  Bill Bishop at Sinocism: Comment: David Bandurski of the China Media Project has written an excellent article on the Politburo’s collective study session on global discourse power and the wishful thinking in some quick takes about a change in tone/halt of “wolf-warriorism”. He provides good background on the discussant, Fudan University professor


Elderly, disabled shot up with Morrison vaccine lies

Bernard Keane at Crikey: The “Commonwealth remit” for the vaccination rollout, to use the term employed by the Department of Health, consists of four groups: aged care residents, aged care workers, disability care residents and disability care workers. Those groups formed the bulk of what the government in its vaccination rollout strategy called “Phase 1a”. The remainder


It’s not easy being the anti-China “tip of the spear”

Back in 2018 when MB readers understood clearly where the Australia/China relationship was heading even as the rest of the nation did not, Donald Trump confidante Steve Bannon summarised the US view succinctly: Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has criticised Australia’s approach to an aggressive China, labelling it weak and saving his most


China’s stupid trade war delivers itself another shock

The China trade war on Australia is not going at all well. Iron ore is trading on a vast geopolitical premium. Damaged commodity trade flows have been redirected to other nations with a minimum of fuss. Australia’s current account surplus has skyrocketed to records. Based on outcomes so far, it’s the best thing to ever


Why is Qantas, not ScoMo, offering free flights to vaccinated?

As Australia’s abject vaccine failure lingers, with new lockdowns in Victoria, Qantas may step in where the Morrison Government fears to tread: Qantas is mulling free vouchers for or frequent flyer miles for the vaccinated. Other incentives are also being considered. Why the Morrison Government hasn’t taken the carrot and stick approach to skyrocketing vaccine


Rapegate lies close in on Morrison

Via Crikey: According to Guardian Australia, Scott Morrison and then-special minister of state Alex Hawke were both represented at an April 2019 meeting about dismissing the Liberal staffer who Brittany Higgins had accused of sexual assault. The meeting was reportedly attended by then-defence minister Linda Reynolds’ chief of staff, Fiona Brown, and finance department officials. Revealed in Senate estimates yesterday, the April 4 meeting included


Gina Rinehart tops Australia’s soon to be a lot less rich list

As usual, Australian discussion around the political economy is more gawking than it is intelligence. One could never accuse the Rich List of being anything but the former. But this year, especially, its timing is ludicrous. The top two richest, and three of the top ten, are at imminent risk of immense wealth loss: Gina


Can a jellyfish become a prime minister?

I guess if a personality disordered fruitcake can become PM then why not a jellyfish? That appears to be the reasoning of Anthony Albanese’s Labor today as it again stabs blue-collar workers squarely in the back: Shadow cabinet will support the Morrison Government’s $130bn tax cuts for the rich. It will not support any continuation