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Gas lobby soils self as Straya joins every gas exporter on earth

APPEA pooing its pants as Australia joins every other gas exporter on earth in having a domestic reservation policy: Gas export controls announced today by the Commonwealth are a short-term measure that risk exacerbating tight market conditions unless accompanied by genuine reforms. “Restricting exports is almost unprecedented for Australia,” said APPEA Chief Executive Malcolm Roberts. “At


Do-nothing Malcolm: Gas price to halve

Via The Australian: Malcolm Turnbull has promised manufacturers the price they pay for gas will halve as he intervenes in the market and imposes tough export controls to ensure Australian businesses, families, employers and industry receive guaranteed and affordable supplies. The Prime Minister said 65,000 jobs reliant on gas were at risk until action was


Panic, print and slash migrants

Via AFR today: Australia should halve immigration and undertake a massive transport infrastructure program funded with money effectively “created” by the Reserve Bank of Australia, says former NSW Treasury secretary Percy Allan. …He proposes having the federal government immediately slash skilled immigration from around 190,000 a year to 90,000, cooling annual population growth to 1


Greens’ immigration policy to create giant enviro-stomping Australia

By Leith van Onselen On Friday, I labelled The Greens a fake environmental party because of their support for mass immigration and a ‘Big Australia’. My growing frustration about The Greens has come about because for nearly 20 years they have failed to utter a word in protest as the federal government, under both the


Frydensolar capitulates as gas crisis to deepen

Yes, we are run by idiots: Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has backed the development of solar thermal technology in Australia despite warnings it might not be commercially viable until 2040. The Turnbull government has promised to fast track the tender process for the country’s first solar thermal project in Port Augusta and commit $110 million


Trump-Australia propaganda flows

A river of drivel today surrounding Vice-President Mike Pence’s Aussie visit. Grovelling central is the AFR: US President Donald Trump’s “massive” tax reduction plan, details of which are expected on Thursday, will have direct benefits for Australia, Vice-President Mike Pence says. He met privately with the chief executives of Westfield, Macquarie Group, Lendlease and Austral


The Coalition needs to see a shrink

From Gerard Henderson over the weekend: It’s no way to treat a former leader. The Australian Financial Review’s lead story on Thursday, titled “Revealed: How Turnbull saved Abbott’s skin”, continues a campaign by supporters of Malcolm Turnbull to diminish his predecessor. This is potentially unwise and ignores the strong support for Tony Abbott within the


Government right to target “job snobs”

Via The Australian: Coalition MPs with thousands of dole recipients in their electorates have hit out at “job snobs” and demanded the government target those who are “working the system” by choosing welfare over work and leaving employers to rely on foreign labour. Warning that employers, particularly in regional areas, are “competing with the welfare


So, Mr Cannon-Brookes, what kind of billionaire are you?

From the AFR over the weekend: “The rhetoric and the language I think is dangerous for the ability to attract that talent and retain that talent,” he said. “The ‘Australia first’ is a very nationalist argument, very exclusive, not inclusive. And here we’re trying to hire someone in Australia by telling them we really want


Garnaut backs gas export curbs

The gas debate got a good boost over the weekend when the Godfather of Australian neo-liberlaims, Professor Ross Garnaut backed gas export curbs, via the AFR: ZEN Energy chairman Professor Ross Garnaut says the solution to Australia’s gas crisis which threatens to do “unconscionable” damage to the manufacturing sector is for all three LNG projects


Barnaby’s BBQ robots “get on with the job” of quitting

Via The Guardian: The head of the pesticides authority being forcibly relocated to Barnaby Joyce’s electorate has resigned. Kareena Arthy, the chief executive of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, informed the deputy prime minister of her decision on Thursday afternoon. It leaves the APVMA bereft of leadership in a tumultuous time for the


Is Do-nothing Malcolm fit to govern?

How can a prime minister declare a national security crisis then do nothing about it? That’s what Malcolm Turnbull just did regarding the east coast energy crisis. In his own words: “security is the first responsibility of every government. That is, national security and energy security…What Australians want is a result. They want energy security,


ACCC: Energy crisis enters “worst-case scenario”

Via The Australian: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims said yesterday the situation in the east-coast gas market had deteriorated in the past year, leaving businesses faced with a “worst-case scenario’’. Mr Sims told The Australian the study commissioned by Malcolm Turnbull this week, after the gas industry failed to offer its own


Bill Shorten recommits to Big Australia albatross

By Leith van Onselen Back in 2013, Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten argued that Australia’s immigration intake should be increased from already turbo-charged levels: Australia should increase its immigration levels, Labor leadership hopeful Bill Shorten has declared, saying the next arrival could “be the next Albert Einstein or a good taxpayer”… Speaking about immigration more


Australian politicians are pigs in the housing trough

By Leith van Onselen The ABC has produced a great report today on the high degree of investment property ownership by Australia’s federal politicians, which is likely acting as a strong disincentive to them making fundamental reform to fix Australia’s housing woes: The 226 individuals own 524 properties between them and about half of them


Do-nothing Malcolm kicks gas fix into the long grass

As said many times, Do-nothing Malcom says all the right things with great panache then drops you cold and does nothing. Recall this: “security is the first responsibility of every government. That is, national security and energy security…What Australians want is a result. They want energy security, energy that is affordable, and we need to


Should we pipe WA gas east? (updated)

Via The West: The Turnbull Government is considering a “nation-building” plan to back constructing a gas pipeline from WA to the east as part of a multibillion-dollar push to address the national energy crisis. Finance Minister Mathias Cormann told The West Australian the Government was considering ways of transporting WA’s gas into east coast markets,


Does VIC have “enormous” amounts of “locked up” gas?

Via The Australian: Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg says he is “absolutely” prepared to knock heads to ensure the domestic market gets a better share of Australia’s gas resources at a meeting with industry leaders today. “We need some real action, because if it’s not fixed the only alternative is that you’ll see very widespread closures