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Australian Open joins the CCP

Marvelous: The Australian Open tennis tournament has been overshadowed by protests for a second time this year after Tennis Australia ejected two spectators for wearing T-shirts in support of Chinese player Peng Shuai. Video footage of security officials and police ejecting the two protesters, who had a banner and T-shirts emblazoned with the Chinese player’s


How Morrison crashed the economy (again)

The Saturday Paper has a terrific expose on how PM Scott Morrison crashed the economy: As 2021 was drawing to a close, private pathology providers across Australia were counting up billions of dollars in profit, having met unprecedented demand for laboratory results during the Covid-19 pandemic. The simple trick of pooling multiple samples before conducting


Beijing threatens protesting Olympians with “certain punishment”

The Beijing Olympic Committee (BOC) has warned that protests by athletes at the upcoming Winter Olympics that breach China’s restrictions on freedom of speech would be liable under Chinese law. Yang Shu from the BOC contends that the politicisation of sports is contrary to the Olympics Charter, while any behaviour that is against the “Olympic


UAP drags Google into the pig’s trough

Surely only in Australia parliamentary pig’s trough could this happen: Google says they’re trying to stop Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party from posting misinformation — paying to advertise it, on the other hand, seems to be a different story. During a parliamentary inquiry into online safety, Google Australia’s Lucinda Longcroft told MP Tim Watts the mega-company “do not seek to profit” from misinformation, as SMH


Is Morrison mental?

Alan Kohler argues that today’s political failure is the result of decades of neoliberalism that has systematically hollowed out government processes and talent. True enough. But we shouldn’t let systemic explanations for the disastrous performance of the Morrison Government lead to us overlooking its peculiar contributions to national failure. After all, although untested, Labor has made


Morrison’s plague outpaces his lies

The RATs debacle is now caught in Morrison’s usual web of lies: Rapid antigen test vendors are telling their customers that kits bound for personal and workplace use are being diverted to the national stockpile, contradicting the Prime Minister’s vehement denial this is happening. Retailers such as Werko, Star Hygiene and HiCraft have blamed federal


Morrison’s freedom for mates, plague enslavement for you

Ah yes, freedom Morrison Government style. Freedom for mates that is: The shortage of rapid antigen tests for consumers is being exacerbated by state and federal governments and large corporates placing mammoth orders for the kits, causing stock to be diverted from online retailers and pharmacies. Australia is in the middle of a huge Omicron


Frydenberg plays class warfare card as billionaires double wealth

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has kicked off the election cycle by scaremongering over Labor’s “class warfare”: “Anthony Albanese has spent his whole career arguing for higher taxes whether it was the retirees tax or the housing tax or the super tax, and a big supporter of the carbon tax and the mining tax”… “Anthony Albanese has


Morrison’s plague crashes polls

Hoocoodanode that unleashing a plague on an unsuspecting and unsupported polity would make you unpopular? In my view, the Resolve Political Monitor is the most Coalition-biased political survey in the press. Yet even it has delivered a bowel-shaking crash in Morrison Government support: Soaring virus infections have fuelled a backlash against Prime Minister Scott Morrison


Albo needs an “immigration accord”

Anyone with a memory longer than a goldfish will know that the last time Australia was fighting a combined falling commodity price and rising wages outlook was in the late 1980s: The Prices and Incomes Accord was an agreement between the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Australian Labor Party government of Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Treasurer (later Prime Minister) Paul Keating in 1983. Employers


Australia’s ‘shadow lockdown’ delivers open goal to Labor

Driving around Melbourne’s streets over the past fortnight has been an eerie experience. Despite stunning summer weather, the roads are dead and shops/cafes are open but largely devoid of clientele. Last Saturday evening at around 5pm my family visited Easton Mall in Oakleigh – a famous mall of Greek restaurants and cafes. Our car was


Morrison’s Joker propaganda worthy of Goebbels

Playing the Joker card worked a treat in the left and right weekend press for the Morrison Government: This immense distraction has only one purpose, to bury the lede of the collapse of government service delivery during Morrison’s “let it rip” recession. ACOSS has summed up what is missing: The ACOSS policy recommendations are organised


Why is Australia unable to prepare for anything?

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to lay bear the problems inherent to “the Lucky Country”. It has loudly and devastatingly the band-aid off the gaping wound that lies at the inability of successive Federal and State governments to prepare the nation against existential and potential threats. The latest Omicron


The Republic is garbage

The arguments for an Australian Republic are very underwhelming: The steady stream of dramas and scandals emanating from the royal family continues apace. Prince Andrew’s friendship with the notorious Jeffrey Epstein, the Sussexes’ endless soap opera, and now a “cash for honours” affair right under Prince Charles’s nose. As the next generation of Windsors supplants


Morrison plays the Joker as government collapses

The national economy is falling apart: Judo Bank chief executive Joseph Healy has warned the worst is still to come as omicron’s rapid spread and closed borders combine to stifle Australia’s economic recovery. Mr Healy slammed a lack of leadership from the top and said the federal government’s failure to articulate a clear course of


Morrison “lets it rip” heart out of economy

On every front, the Australian domestic economy is now in crisis. Morrison’s Government mismanagement has fingerprints over everything. There are no tests to keep anything open: Business groups warn that virus-exposed staff are unable to come back to work safely while rapid antigen tests remain in short supply, making eased isolation requirements designed to reduce


Dear Queen Elizabeth, please sack Scott Morrison

You can always judge what is the truth by assuming the opposite of whatever Australia’s pathologically lying PM says. Hence, yesterday afternoon, he lied about the pandemic on all fronts: Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he wants to “maximise the workforce”, with state leaders to tick off on new guidelines that will allow close contacts


The never-ending property money laundering circus

Last month I reported testimony from the head of Transparency International Australia (TIA), Serena Lillywhite, to the Senate committee examining money laundering. Ms Lillywhite claimed “Australia has become the destination of choice for illicit financial flows … which too often end up in the property market” before asking “how much evidence of money laundering in


Scared ScoMo lashes out at independents

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has lashed out against the growing “Indie” movement in federal politics, who are attacking Coalition seats: Scott Morrison has doubled down on denouncing the independents movement targeting a raft of Coalition-held seats at next year’s federal election… The Coalition is facing challenges from as series of female independent candidates at the


ScoMo does ‘Mad Gladys’ shoving Australians under the Covid bus – tar and feathers await LNP

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has extolled the ‘Mad Gladys’ line that it is ‘we’ who must ‘Learn to Live’ with the virus – including the latest Omicron variant sweeping the world.  With this emphasis ScoMo is walking away from his Government’s responsibility for it being in Australia, and for the health of Australians, after spending


Why vaccinate children against COVID?

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is now testing a third vaccine dose in children under five, claiming two doses are not strong enough: Pfizer announced the change after preliminary analysis found the immune response to the very low-dose shots, the company is testing in the children, was not as strong as expected. The news is disappointing for


No Gittins, Frydenberg won’t become “one of our greatest treasurers”

Ross Gittins argues today that Josh Frydenberg could cement his place in history as “one of our greatest treasurers” if he succeeds in getting unemployment down to 4% or below: Frydenberg’s strategy of forcing the pace of economic growth to get the rate of unemployment sustainably down to the low 4s or even lower. This