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Fuel efficiency standards could have save Aussie motorists $5.9bn

A new report by The Australia Institute (TAI) think tank claims Australia would have saved $5.9 billion in fuel costs over the past six years had it adopted fuel efficiency standards in 2015. Labor proposed fuel efficiency standards prior to the 2019 election, but backflipped on the idea after the Coalition labelled the idea a


Will fake Greens again torpedo Australia’s climate target?

Earlier this month, Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) CEO Kelly O’Shanassy called on the Greens to support legislation enshrining the federal government’s 2030 43% emissions reduction target in law. Greenpeace has endorsed legislating Labor’s target as an “important first step in tackling Australia’s climate pollution”. The Greens’ failure to support Labor’s emissions trading scheme in 2009


SoE Report: Rapid immigration wrecking Australia’s environment

The latest State of the Environment (SoE) report has been released and shows a nation both roasting and choking under the strains of relentless immigration-driven population growth: Most of Australia’s 8 major cities are growing at rates faster than many developed cities internationally. As our cities expand and change, so do their impacts. These include


Labor decries ruined environment, backs up immigration dump truck

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek will release the latest State of the Environment report at the National Press Club on 19 July, with the report being a five-yearly accounting to Parliament of the health of the environment. Plibersek will describe the report as “shocking” and one that outlines a decade of “government inaction and wilful ignorance”:


Australian Conservation Foundation rips Greens on climate

Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) CEO Kelly O’Shanassy says the “climate wars” must end, and has urged the Greens to support legislation enshrining the federal government’s 2030 emissions reduction target in law. O’Shanassy contends that the 43% target should be a floor rather than a ceiling, and she wants the legislation to include a ‘ratchet mechanism’


Grattan calls for green industrial revolution

The Grattan Institute has released a new report warning of risks to Australia’s social fabric if the transition to a net zero economy is not well managed, with ten of thousands of coal-mining jobs tipped to disappear over coming decades. Grattan has described the transition as the ‘next industrial revolution’, but claims that Australia’s current


Lobby: Migration needed to build infrastructure for migrants

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA) chief executive, Adrian Dwyer, has hypocritically called for a restoration of pre-COVID levels of immigration to build the infrastructure needed to sustain a bigger population (caused by immigration), alongside a stronger commitment to ‘net zero’ carbon emissions (made worse by population growth): “With a new term of parliament before it, now


Fake green Teal demands mass immigration

Anybody hoping for sensible policies from our teal independents should be taken aback by Independent Teal for Wentworth, Allegra Spender, who penned a contradictory article in The AFR preaching environmental “sustainability” while simultaneously calling for a big increase in immigration: Government must provide a clear pathway to sustainability. My priority will be to work with


Unchecked climate change to destory all ocean life

She’ll be right. A new peer-reviewed shocker published in Science for the loons to ignore. — Rising temperatures, rising risks Climate change brings with it the increasing risk of extinction across species and systems. Marine species face particular risks related to water warming and oxygen depletion. Penn and Deutsch looked at extinction risk for marine


Morrison gas cartel delivers new energy shock with added treason

This is such a bad analysis that I don’t know where to look: Outages at coal fired power stations have pushed up gas prices on the east coast of Australia spiked, sending wholesale electricity prices surging across the National Electricity Market. Spot gas prices hit $19.31 a gigajoule in Brisbane on April 9, according to


Ignore the electricity grid Chicken Littles

There has been a lot of talk lately about electric vehicles and their impact on the electricity grid. Some say we can’t transition to renewable energy because electric cars will swamp the grid with demand. GMO’s Grantham was the latest of a long line who are concerned: Perhaps the last great irony of the fossil fuel


“Psycho” Morrison “ends the weekend”

The problem with being such a prolific liar is that you are constantly being mugged by reality. Recall this: Scott Morrison has also doubled down on his scathing comments about electric vehicles in 2019, insisting he does not regret accusing Bill Shorten of wanting to “end the weekend” with his electric vehicle plan. Mr Morrison


Shocked. Shocked! Snowy 2.0 turns $10bn black hole

This is Coalition politics at its worst. Paralysed by climate troglodytes, a desperate Malcolm Turnbull pulled the Snowy card and now we’ll all pay: Five years ago on Tuesday, then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced, with great fanfare, the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro project: “The Turnbull Government will start work on an electricity game-changer …


Chinese “no longer want to buy houses”

Because they are for living in, not speculation. One of the ironies of the contemporary freedom versus autocracy debate is that dictators can do what prime ministers dare not: China’s outstanding medium- and long-term loans to the household sector, mostly mortgage loans, declined in February for the first time since record started, indicating that home


Don’t cut fuel excise to soften petrol prices

In 2001, just prior to the 2001 Federal Election, the Howard Government made the short-sighted decision to freeze Australia’s fuel excise at 38.14 cents a litre, abandoning the twice yearly CPI increase that had long been a feature of Australia’s excise system. Facing an assault over the rising cost of living, John Howard’s decision was