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Ironically, Abbott is right to kill the NEG

Via The Guardian: The former prime minister Tony Abbott has flagged crossing the floor to oppose the national energy guarantee, joining fellow conservative Craig Kelly, who telegraphed a similar threat three weeks ago in an interview with Guardian Australia. Conservative critics of the policy are attempting to ratchet up internal pressure on the energy minister,


NEG destroys Australia’s Paris carbon targets

Via Domainfax: States and territories that slash greenhouse gas emissions will likely do the heavy lifting while others would be allowed to do less under the Turnbull government’s update of its signature energy plan. Energy analysts raised concerns about the latest updated National Energy Guarantee, with one describing it as a “Frankenstein’s monster” rather than


Straya still the global carbon glutton

Via Domainfax: Cuts in power sector emissions are unlikely to be maintained, while those from the transport sector will continue to climb in the absence of mandatory standards, according to analysis by The Australia Institute. “From now on … electricity emissions will fall much more slowly” if not remain flat, Hugh Saddler, an energy analyst


Twiggy Forrest’s east coast gas play will dramatically raise prices

Andrew Forrest’s new east coast gas play is just another disastrous chapter in Australia’s gas monstrosity. Via AFR today: AIE is the sponsor of not one of but three separate plans to import LNG for sale into domestic gas markets. Forrest has involved himself though his privately owned energy play, Squadron Energy. He was introduced


Why won’t Adani die?

By Leith van Onselen It’s a question I have often pondered. With the Turnbull Government confirming that the Adani Carmichael coal mine will not receive NAIF funding, Australia’s largest rail freight company – Aurizon – stating that it will withdraw its application for a federal government loan to build the rail corridor, as well as


Coaliton wedges self as energy loons take over asylum

It’s all bodice ripping, hair pulling and hysteria now, at The Australian: Craig Kelly, backed by Tony Abbott, called for the competition watchdog to be given new powers that would make it “crystal clear” that closing down a essential service utility when there were “other options”, such as selling to another player, was anti-competitive behaviour.


Adani dead

By Leith van Onselen The likelihood of Adani’s Carmichael mega coal mine project going ahead has shrunk some more. In February, the Turnbull Government confirmed that the Adani Carmichael mine will not receive NAIF funding for the rail line. Then Australia’s largest rail freight company, Aurizon, said it will withdraw its application for a federal government


One Nation makes perfect sense on gas market reform

Via the AFR: Industrial gas users representing more than 10 per cent of east coast domestic demand are at risk of closure because of high gas prices, with upward pressure on tariffs only set to worsen, according to leading industry consultancy Wood Mackenzie. Senior analyst Saul Kavonic said the most at risk are about seven


NEG architect condemns coal…while propping it up

Coalition energy confusion is truly a sight to behold: The architect of Malcolm Turnbull’s signature energy blueprint says there is no longer an investment case to build new coal-fired power stations in Australia ­because “the cost of coal is always going to be more than the cost of wind and sun”. …Dr Schott said it


Do-nothing Malcolm takes credit for state’s renewables

Remember the Jay Weatherill king hit on Josh Frydenberg as he tried to take credit for SA renewables: The resoundingly hollow Feds are at it again: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Macron were due to attend the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Neoen, France’s biggest renewable energy producer, and Anglo-Australia’s Zen Energy


NEG modelling condemns itself

Via Reneweconomy: Modelling done for the AEMC’s Reliability Panel has put a lie to the scare campaign on Australia’s energy supply – led by the federal government – saying the risks of power supply not being met are “so small, they are generally not visible on the chart.” The assessment of Australia’s power supply includes the


The NEG should be renamed MAD

Via Ben Potter: The Turnbull government looks set to win approval in-principle from states and territories for the architecture of its National Energy Guarantee at Friday’s energy ministers meeting. But a key detail of the design – the target for the electricity sector to deliver carbon emissions cuts of just 26 per cent from 2005


Frydenberg mummifies energy truth with red tape

The combination of an evil government and the reflexive support of Newscorp has doomed the Australian energy market. Via The Australian: Major Australian companies and small businesses are struggling to cope with record electricity price hikes that have forced them to seek alternative power sources, consider cutting thousands of jobs and pass costs on to


Victoria: There is no NEG

The truth comes out: Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio says the state will not sign up to Malcolm Turnbull’s signature energy policy tomorrow, demanding more information before the Andrews government makes a final decision by August. …Ms D’Ambrosio said Victoria was engaged in the policy but wanted a more detailed design of the NEG, demanding


MB Radio: Australia’s hidden normal comes out

  Ahead of the May budget Gunnamatta spoke with Leith van Onselen and David Llewellyn-Smith about the economic outlook and the unfolding Australian economic narrative.  In a wide ranging discussion Leith and David cover Australia’s reliance on commodity exports and the implication a subsiding global commodity market has for this dependence, as well as the potential


Adani to drain Australia’s scarce water reserves

By Leith van Onselen Late last year, The Conversation created the below infographic explaining the key impacts expected from Adani’s Carmichael mega coal mine, which is well worth a look: </p> For mine, the most damning information contained in this infographic is that: Adani would be allowed to extract unlimited volumes of water from the


ACCC warns on Do-nothing energy guarantee

Via the AFR: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims has warned the Turnbull government’s National Energy Guarantee could stifle competition in the energy sector or push up prices for businesses and consumers if it was not properly designed. While the Energy Security Board said competition issues could not be given further consideration until


Greens push to ban petrol cars

Via The Guardian: The Greens have proposed introducing mandatory fuel efficiency standards, ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and imposing a four-year 17% tax on luxury petrol and diesel cars as part of an electric vehicle policy announced on Tuesday. Under the proposal Australia would adopt a mandatory fuel efficiency


Do-nothing Energy Guarantee roundly trashed

The AFR kicks it off: The chief executive of 10 retailers who represent 10 per cent of the National Electricity Market – including ERM Power, 1st Energy, Covau, Locality Planning Energy, Energy Locals, Click Energy, Winconnect, Next Business Energy, Globird and Bluenrg – said while the transition to renewable energy was inevitable it would not