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Shorten’s elderly migrant visas to push up hospital waiting lists

By Leith van Onselen Over the weekend, Labor leader Bill Shorten pledged $500 million to fix waiting times at hospital emergency departments: Mr Shorten will declare that Australian doctors and nurses “deserve the best resources in the world” and must receive more commonwealth funding. “This is what people pay their taxes to Canberra for. I


What does Make Australia Stupid Again want?

Via the Saturday Paper’s Mike Seccombe: Clive Palmer is not delusional. Those too-good-to-be-true promises, the 151 hapless, hopeless candidates running in every lower house seat, the risible “shadow minister” titles, have been set up to create the illusion of a serious party with a broad suite of policies and deep interest in the disparate concerns


Australia’s international student rort is about to be exposed

By Leith van Onselen Tonight is shaping up as a seminal moment for Australia’s bulging international student industry, with ABC’s Four Corners to run a segment tonight, entitled “Cash Cows”, which promises to expose how “Australia’s higher education system is being undermined by a growing reliance on foreign fee-paying students”: Academics and students are speaking


Final auction clearance rate stuck at 50

By Leith van Onselen Last weekend, CoreLogic released its preliminary auction clearance rates, which revealed the following results: Today, CoreLogic has released its final auction results, which reported a 4.2% decline in the final national auction clearance rate to 50.4% – well above last week’s final clearance rate of 43.9%, which was negatively affected by


Welcome to Melbourne: Capital of Great Southern Canton

Via the ABC: British Prime Minister Theresa May has fired her defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, saying an investigation suggested he was to blame for leaking discussions about Chinese telecoms company Huawei from her National Security Council. An investigation was launched last week after the Daily Telegraph first reported that the security council, which meets in


ANZ demands RBA AND APRA cuts

As expected, it is the major banks that are behind the push to corrupt APRA lending standards, via the AFR: ANZ chief executive Shayne Elliott urged the prudential regulator to scale back the buffer requiring new borrowers have the capacity to pay a 7.25 per cent interest rate, warning it was forcing the bank to


Outlaw Davidphobia Now!

How do you spell “Oztraeliare” again? Via Crikey: Two Liberal Victorian candidates have stood down over, respectively, Islamophobic and homophobic comments written in 2018, while, in what has become a stacked 48-hours for social media political controversies, Labor’s Melbourne candidate Luke Creasey has apologised for sharing a rape joke on Facebook in 2012. Days after Labor NT candidate Wayne Kurnorth stood


One Nation disintegrates into smut

I suppose it was inevitable, via News: Another candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is embroiled in a sleazy scandal, after sexist social media posts emerged overnight. Ross Macdonald is running in the north Queensland seat of Leichhardt for the right-wing party and is the latest headache for the embattled Senator Hanson. The Cairns Post today


Melbourne’s McMansion nuclear bomb detonates

By Leith van Onselen Last year it became apparent that Melbourne’s house and land market had become an giant bubble after the median price for a housing lot hit $339,000 – up 21% in only 12 months – with steeper rises in the cost per square metre: In August 2018, the panic began to set in with land


Still more Scummo corruption

More Scummo corruption, via The Guardian: Scott Morrison has sidestepped a question about whether he sought assurances from Clive Palmer that Queensland Nickel workers will be paid the $7m they are owed at the time the Liberal party entered a preference dealwith the controversial businessman’s United Australia party. Morrison’s deflection on the hustings in Perth came


Shane Oliver: Rate cuts to accelerate housing “recovery”

Via the AFR, the bears are on the run today, with Shane Oliver the latest: “An early rate cut does, I think, raise the possibility that the bottom of the cycle will come earlier,” he said on Sunday. “Historically, if you look at the last two cycles, the 2008 GFC-related slump and subsequent recovery and


Mr Armageddon scuttles for cover

MB recently fingered John Adams for getting hysterical about house prices and the economy: Economist former government adviser John Adams — who once worked for Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos — believes economic armageddon is coming. Adams says Melbourne’s falling house prices are in a devastating slide that will go beyond Moody’s forecasts and could reach more


Make Australia stupid again tightens election

According to The Australian: An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian with three weeks to polling day shows the ­Coalition improving its position by a point to now trail Labor 49-51 on a two-party-preferred vote. It is the best result for the government under Scott Morrison’s leadership, but would still result in defeat and a loss of


Does the lunatic RBA want Straya to be Greece or the US?

Via Alan Kohler on the weekend: As if reducing retirees’ incomes again is going to make any difference. Apart from anything else, the borrowers who theoretically benefit from a rate cut don’t reduce their repayments, so net incomes fall, not rise. Lopping another 1 per cent off interest rates might reignite the property market, and


How an anti-gay Chinese community decided the 2016 election

Cross-posted from The Saturday Paper’s Mike Seccombe: Under the influence of religious conservatives, the vote of ethnic minorities won the 2016 election for the Coalition. It’s a bold statement, but the evidence is there in the data, says Andrew Jakubowicz, professor of sociology at the University of Technology Sydney. More specifically, he says, Malcolm Turnbull’s


LNP patriots stoke China fright

A few patriots still making sense. Former Nats leader John Anderson: Professor Niall Ferguson, a renowned commentator on global history and politics, felt compelled to tell me in Australia recently: “I’m stunned by the lack of awareness of the strategic vulnerability of Australia, when everything should be screaming to you – prepare.” …Despite the commendable


‘Dr Demography’ Liz Allen crush-loaded by own migrant utopia

By Leith van Onselen The ACT Light Rail only opened on the weekend and already ‘Dr Demography’ Liz Allen is complaining about being stranded on a sardine packed tram: Packed tram this morning and power has been lost to overhead wires. We have barely moved and endured delay after delay in a cramped unventilated sweltering


Labor loons to give unlimited visas to migrant elderly parents

By Leith van Onselen In one of the craziest policies ever written, a Shorten Labor Government will dramatically age Australia’s population by uncapping visas allowing migrants to bring their elderly parents into Australia for continuous periods of three or five years. From The Australian: Labor has revealed its proposed three- and five-year sponsored parents’ visas