How will Biden fight the virus?

How will the Biden Administration fight the virus? The first point to make is he can’t do anything until January 20 and by then, I suspect, two things will have happened.

First, El Trumpo will have made the third wave as bad as he possibly can. The anger of the narcissistic, would-be tyrant cannot be contained and the American people will be in the firing line for rejecting him.

Second, the private sector will have already locked down meaningfully as the death count chases the parabolic case count higher:

Sadly for American lives, it is impossible to lock down the economy a second time owing to libertarian protest movements. Though I do expect Biden will offer more support for local lockdowns and the private sector will do it unilaterally. NYT wraps the Biden approach:

“Hospitals are definitely strained and societal measures remain relatively liberal,” said Dr. David Brett-Major, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Nebraska. “You just don’t get the feeling that folks are committed to enforcing taking it seriously.”

Mr. Biden has pledged to change that. On the campaign trail, he said he would take a significantly different approach to the virus, moving aggressively to encourage — and possibly mandate — mask wearing and remaining open to imposing restrictions as needed to slow the spread of the virus.

Mr. Biden’s policy advisers have been developing plans that would go into effect as soon as he took office, including ramping up testing, ensuring a steady supply of protective equipment, distributing a vaccine and securing money from Congress for schools and hospitals.

Aside from that, there will be a national mask mandate, all of the usual social distancing that we’ve become accustomed to and a big expansion in testing. These will have a material impact but the virus is so rampant now that it’s unlikely to reduce it enough.

More at Politico:

Joe Biden’s top priority entering the White House is fighting both the immediate coronavirus crisis and its complex long-term aftermath by embracing science, pushing mask-wearing as a patriotic act and leaning on Congress to pass a massive stimulus package.

It’s a strategy that would toss out the Trump administration’s patchwork response that put the burden on states and install a top-down national framework for testing, contact tracing and targeted business closures. Biden’s also promised a national mask mandate, calling it “a patriotic duty.” And public health experts rather than politicians will update the public once Biden is sworn in — meaning sober assessments and realistic timelines will replace Trump’s declarations that the pandemic is all but over and the virus will “disappear” with or without a vaccine.

That’s just Trump with masks and a kind word. Vaccines will not arrive in time to help and with a Republican senate there won’t be enough fiscal support, either.

The old adage that if you want to fix a difficult problem then the best idea is to not start from here seems particularly apt.

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    • My read of events in Europe (now with Mink related COVID variant issues in 6 nations) and the US is that by next February Dan Andrews may become St Dan Andrews

      • That would be consistent with the current moronism afflicting politics…

        At least we lack the US media’s left-wing bias, so that myth would have to spring organically rather than from a sustained media propaganda campaign.

        • > At least we lack the US media’s left-wing bias

          In America, we have the pro-war, pro-big business party AND the Republicans.

          Don’t confuse “Democrat” with “left wing” (or at least, anything identifiable as “left” outside of the US of A). Therefore, the “US media’s left-wing bias” is really a Democrat bias that is anything but “left-wing”.

      • I'll Stir Fry You in My Woke

        Now that’s an interesting take.

        Let’s compare two places

        Ok, that was hard but Melb now awaking with 0 cases/near elimination
        US with 120k cases per day….sh$t show

        Which would you take

          • If anyone’s indoctrinated, it’s the typical Aussie moron. You all seem to have the same narrative. How is that possible?

        • Forrest GumpMEMBER

          Wait till your kid gets sick with something as simple as appendicitis, or a broken bone and needs to go to hospital, only to be told the hospital is full and he needs to stick on medication for a month and stay at home in bed….till a hospital bed becomes available….

          Emergency Hospital Signs will soon need to have post the following out front:
          Advanced Bookings Essential for all Medical Emergencies

          • “You all seem to have the same narrative. How is that possible?”

            Lololol What and most Americans don’t? lolololol.
            Generally we follow the greater good, but that has been greatly diluted over the years as we follow your country to a greater degree, year after year. Hypocritically imo as we then turn around and say “only in American” while busily taking up every goddam US cultural export we can.

            Don’t get me wrong, I like Americans, and in general hold them in higher regard than I do my own countrymen, except I don’t understand your gun culture and the stupid logic used to justify it, or your idiotic beliefs that universal healthcare is socialistic as well as your medieval religious beliefs, which would leave all but the most hardened ISIS following Muslim squirming. In those respects you are to a large degree neanderthalish.

          • You just don’t want to own what you are responsible for.

            Why are you giving me a lecture about gun control, etc.?

            You’ve been watching too much television.


            Maybe, but there’s no healthy economy when you’ve got 4000 citizens a day (soonish, especially after Christmas) dying and half the population is boarded up at home.

            I reckon by late Jan the virus damage will be bad enough, and obvious enough, that there will be more or less a mandate to deal with it. Ie. Once hospitals hit capacity and enough people lose family members or know people who have, there’ll be a critical mass of people clamouring for some leadership.

            Not gonna be pretty though.

          • Oh please, 4000 a day, never happened in the first wave and won’t happen this time either.

            If Dems are so worried why are they partying in the streets over Trump getting booted? Everyone knows this thing is not the black death as portrayed by the most fearful.


            That’s not fact (the 4000), just my guestimation so take it as that only. But it will certainly get high imo, especially when health systems swamped. I mean they’re already tracking at 1200ish a day so when current infections flush trough in a couple weeks we’re certainly gonna see some tragic numbers, if they aren’t already.

          • Deaths seem to lag cases by about 2 weeks. CFR is substantially lower in this wave so far.

            The 7-day average death rate is currently 961 in the US on Worldometers, my guess is that will be 1200-1300 in two weeks. If cases are still increasing then, it’s going to be bad. If cases continue to increase all the way to inauguration day, it’s a disaster.

            If that happens, hospitals get overrun and the CFR starts to rise again.

          • Cases have tripled in 2 months from early Sept, and going higher. Got to expect deaths going higher as well, albeit with a lag. Given deaths tracking 1000/day with a fair amount of volatility, yes getting to 5000/day is a lot. But if new cases are allowed to ramp up unchecked, then by February it’s not impossible for deaths to be that high.

      • unfortunately bc you don’t seem to on message …. you didn’t here scomo declare Biden the winner??

        The orchestrated ‘it’s all over’, the wicked witch is now expunged from society and we can all go back to ‘normal’ reactions over the weekend are, IMHO, frankly very, very scary.

        All the TDS sufferers on this site – where you’d like to think there was a bit more awareness – should hold off for 12 months and then see what the USA swamp has produced. Be careful what you wish for and be careful of how our very own swamp will rise up. We have our very own class of rentiers and oligarchs who will recommence selling us all down the river asap…

        • My impression is there will now be an anti-Trump counterrevolution and we’ll get the pre-Trump consensus politics on steroids.

          Thanks in a large part to all of those who mostly agreed with Trump but chose to hate him anyway, such as the MB editorial line.

          At least there’ll be plenty to write about.

          • He hasn’t conceded and I think this will end up in Supreme Court …..
            Think people are underestimating how hard he will fight.
            This isn’t over yet
            Watch this space

          • Charles MartinMEMBER

            Biden is already saying he will reverse Trumps policies via executive orders. So yeah, a return to the pre-Trump glory days.

          • I guess, when the chips are down, no one really cares about immigration or wage growth for normies or lower house prices (granted Trump wasn’t a plus for this). We’re very comfortable going back to the Washington Consensus.

            The US will probably remain hostile on China because, unlike all the other positions, that one is the same as the bulk of the US political elites.

  1. It’s just like Scomo in Australia – the President has very little day to day ability to affect how STATES battle the virus.

    Biden, like Trump, will similarly take the Blame (or by miracle, credit) for whatever happens with the china virus. The only difference being Biden will dry and blame Trump (aka Labors debt they left).

    There is little Trump could do to make it worse.

    • I just saw DLS basically admitted this in an Australian context in another thread. Consider the US is even less centralised than Australia (states have more rights)

      “a majority of Labor state leaders killed the virus not federal”

      A lot of the blame in the US needs to be sheeted home to State Governors. Although now Biden is Pres the Dem Governors may behave themselves.

        • I agree – but Trump had his eye on the economy and he couldn’t foresee what a sh&tshow it would become – America is on a per capital basis on par with Europe (at least the UK) so from that perspective hasn’t done any worse than the EU.

      • maybe so, but Trump encouraged people to not follow the medical advice, he encouraged people tp push back in the states that did lock down, he encouraged republican states to do nothing. That is why the death rate is his to own and why Biden will be pushing sh!t3 up hill to counter cv; too many morons believing it’s all a hoax.

        • As opposed to Scummo and Frydenturd who continually white-anted Dan Andrew’s efforts and kept at Anna about borders..?? They did a Trump, just in their own way.

          • Totally agree, annoys me that the media has not disputed the popular idea that Morrison has handled cv well. He hasn’t, he’s attempted to stifle the states at every turn while pretending to have the country’s health as his priority. This is the same tactic as he’s employed for CC.

            Edit: Morrison is Trump Lite.

    • Will be interesting to see if the GOP blames Biden for 100% of the virus deaths following his inauguration.


      I love this. Trump is absolutely powerless/has no levers to pull to slow the spread of a virus which other juristictions are dealing with effectively. Yet somehow, it’s claimed that he’s single-handedly built the greatest economy ever on Earth within the same framework. Pull the other one.

      • If you are going to take credit for big things that are not caused by you then you are going to end up taking the blame for big things as well.

        Trumpy lived by the sword and died by it.

  2. Until Jan 20, those who wish to put themselves in harm’s way can do so and suffer the consequences, while those who don’t fancy dying this year can hunker down and binge on Netflix. Imagine the novelty of making a decision for yourself rather than waiting for the Gubmint to issue instructions 😉

  3. “as the death count chases the parabolic case count higher”
    Except it won’t. Statistically speaking. Looking at the experience of the UK and Ireland (and yes Sweden too) what you see is rising testing but no significant rises in excess deaths in subsequent “waves”.

    The point is made very effectively with data and graphs in this vid by Ivor Cummins featuring Nick Hudson from Pandata

    Find 24 mins to watch.

    • The mortality rate has fallen since March, sure, mainly as doctors understand virus better, more effective treatments etc. BUT .. the daily rate of new cases was 40k in early September and through 120k just 2 months later. The number of deaths seems to follow the new case count with a month or so lag. It would be remarkable for the death count (as well as the incapacitation a.k.a. long covid count) to not pick up in a month as well.
      Additionally, with most states have significant community spread of the virus, I don’t see how they keep it out of aged care facilities. From the Melbourne experience, aged care was the main source of deaths. It’s not just a matter of stopping visitors, staff were the main vehicle for virus entry and spread across facilities. To limit spread, staff would have to isolate from their families and stay at a single aged care facility for the winter. That’s a pretty big ask, I don’t know if they can do that.

      • How about managing the aged care homes the same way as the isolation hotels are managed? Staff aren’t tracking the virus in and out of isolation hotels, ditto for healthcare staff in hospitals with infectious disease patients, so it proves that with systems, processes and PPE in place you can deal with the disease.

  4. All these lock-down/masks/social distancing did not have any meaningful effect in Europe, Trump is not the issue.I doubt you can expect a radical lockdown like China/Melbourne/Auckland there as they will not accept to have their freedoms taken away, they are not rules follower like Oz are nowadays.

    • Melbourne experience … masks & social distancing combined level out the rate of new cases but a full lock down is required to bring the daily new cases down, and it takes a fortnight for the published numbers to start reflecting that.
      Also requires people accepting that the crisis is big enough to prompt collective acceptance of the temporary rules. US currently appears to value individual optimisation over group optimisation, but it has not always been as extreme as it is now. With new leadership that might change.

    • Yes, its amazing how the media have failed to mention the European situation – if Trump is to blame for the US, who is to blame for the fact that the major countries in Europe have even higher death figures and case rates than the US? Despite these countries being run by trendy socialist lefties. All the lockdowns achieved there was to destroy their economies while completely failing to prevent a second wave that is two to three times worse than the first one. Europe makes Trump look good in comparison.
      And take a look at Canada. Case rates there are also more than double their first wave. There are going to be a lot of smug finger pointers at Trump who really need to take a long hard look at what is going on in other countries, and wake up to the idea that it wouldnt really matter who was in charge.

  5. Generally speaking, it will be too late to do much. The influenza pandemics of 1918-19, 1957-58 and 1968-69 all lasted for two winters, and this will be the same. The one thing that might make a difference is that mask wearing may become more fashionable during the next few months, compared to what is was before the election.

    • This is not influenza.Therefore you are making comparisons that are not necessarily appropriate

  6. Sky News is calling AOC a “left fascist”.
    From the same “news” organisation who supported the sub-70 IQ Mussolini currently trying to organise his own March on Rome.

      • if Biden wins I wanted the Dems to get the Senate so they go full Howard with the upper house and give us their version of workchoices.

        The GOP senate will keep a lit on some of their looniness.

      • The new “Us vs Them” is the radical Left vs the moderate Left. I’m going to enjoy watching the Left eat itself over the next four years. It will be interesting to see how far the media suck ups like the NYT and WashPo go down the radical Left rabbit hole to keep producing their clickbait advertising “news” stories now that they no longer have Trump to write Fake News about.

        • Don’t worry Trump will still be on social media, referencing conspiracy theories and generally being an idiot, right up to 2023 when he’ll announce he’s running for the presidency again. I’m not sure if that is legal, but being born in Canada didn’t stop Ted Cruz from running for President.

      • LOL. Still in moderation purgatory.

        AOC is a centre-left moderate. In a sane world her major policy ideas would be considered unremarkable, just like they were fifty years ago.

        She’d fit smack bang into the middle ground of the nascent “no bvllsh!t party” (and probably be able to do more for it in a week than anyone else will in a year).

        So, in a way she is the “unTrump”, but I’m betting not in the way you meant.

    • It’s either Sky or it’s news. They have spent too long repeating lies to be trusted.
      Which is a pity as they have done some good work re Dictator Dan and the Hotel Quarantine cover-up.
      We can expect more years of Sky bashing AOC and ilk … almost as if Sky would not exist if they did not have someone to bash. Biden needs to be careful with how he uses Harris though, he needs to be visibly in charge and at the same time he needs contentious things handled by people he can fire if he needs to – he can’t fire Harris. At least Biden has a lot of experience in seeing government run, and running a team of people instead of running it all himself, so we should not see the amateur theatre and pratfalls that was so much of Trump’s term.

  7. Interesting that France is clocking 85K cases a day with 1/5 the population of the US all after a hard lockdown earlier this year.
    Suspect being an island nation far from everywhere is our biggest advantage by a long way.
    Much as people like to jump up and down and shout USA and Sweden, it seems controlling the virus is alot more complicated than any explanation I have seen offered.

    • Agree on this, its a complicated field of play right now with population size, health care capabilities, temperature, borders, broader mobility factors and government structure all adding in a level of variance.

      Australia = Island, small population, democratic, majority white, excellent public healthcare, co-operative citizenship….much like NZ except bigger.


      Yah I don’t think anyone thinks infection control is easy. Unless you’re in the camp that thinks it’s just magically going to go away.


          Yup and we’ve only gotten rid of 2 viruses (smallpox and variola) and neither were by “magic”, unless one considers human ingenuity coupled with the scientific method as “magically going away”.

          Also viral decendants of those pandemics are still with us, so even they havent dissapeard with the magic.

  8. The over 70 million Americans who voted for Trump will not wear a mask, so it’s mandating mask wearing is moot. Trump’s “get out the vote” activities is a mass spreading event, so the number of cases should peak 2 weeks after the election.

    When the hospital is overrun, there will be a lockdown. Once the bed runs out, the doctors will not turn up to work and get abused and physically harmed.

    • That virus is so clever. Imagine not infecting anyone during BLM protests, and only infecting Republican voters on Election Day!

      • BLM protest in the US definitely spread it around plenty, probably in Victoria as well but the Dan Andrew government made sure nobody will ever find out if it did.

        If Trump is not so anti-lockdown, he could have blamed the COVID-19 spreading on the BLM protesters and still be president. But, as he says, “it is what it is”.

  9. innocent bystander

    So will the goodies wear white masks and the baddies black masks?
    I mean, baddies wear masks, right?

    • A real possibility. You would think the recent mutation might have Morrison reconsidering opening borders, but the lobby groups usually get their way. I don’t feel like this is getting the attention it deserves in the media atm.

      All this talk of vaccines in 2021, but if the virus is mutating you can expect it to continue mutating. My understanding is any vaccines developed for the original strain won’t work on the minge strain – Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just working on the idea that the Flu immunisation is tweaked every year. Either way, this narrative of a 2021 vaccine and everything goes back to normal is flawed in my view.

  10. pfh007.comMEMBER

    What should Biden do?

    What he can do is limited by the brainless public health vandalism by Trump but at least he can make it easier for the US public to know if they are infected and how to reduce the risk of spreading or catching an infection.

    As we have seen in Australia if you do the basics well of identifying infections and isolating them while they are infected the need for much more intrusive measures like lockdowns is greatly reduced or eliminated.

    This may not be enough to slow the COVID-19 wildfire but these measures are practical, involved relatively low cost and do not involve a mass lockdown.

    1. Get together with the State Governors and introduce a nationwide QR code system so that people can log in when they visit places they might get infected. This will allow for much improved contact tracing.

    2. Get together with the State Governors and reach agreement on a contact tracing system that can be applied on a nationwide basis and provide funding and training and staff to those state governments who lack the ability to conduct fast and complete contact tracing

    3. Ensure that free testing is available through out the country.

    4. Conduct a national campaign on the importance of washing hands and other basic hygiene measures and most importantly that everyone who is infected has an obligation to their fellow Americans to remain isolated until they are clear of COVID-19.

    5. Recommend/require that all Americans wear masks to protect themselves and others when in public.

    6. Possibly restrict some forms of social gatherings that involve a high risk.

    • Most of it has been done in Europe with great success, Trump fault.

      Hopefully cheap/instant testing will be available to help contain the spread

      • pfh007.comMEMBER

        Yep – Trump was a complete goose on COVID-19.

        Had he just taken it seriously and encouraged basic measures and funded the states to implement them the USA might be in the same position as Australia, China or the many other countries who worked out how to do the basics properly

          • pfh007.comMEMBER

            Not sure why you keep referring to Europe as though Trump should be proud of that comparison.

            The French are only now CONSIDERING a QR-Scanning system.


            “..France is also planning to adopt a QR-scanning system for public venues, similar to the system used by the NHS app…”

            It’s not much to brag about.

            “When it comes to COVID-19 we are as bad as the French”

            If it makes you feel better…. the French are gooses as well.

          • Not sure why you keep referring to Europe as though Trump should be proud of that comparison.

            Conservative mindset – you don’t need to outrun the bear, just the slowest runner. 😉

  11. Clarence Thomas

    Trump’s handling of the virus has been better than that of the EU. EU numbers are worse. Why is Trump only criticised and not Macron, Conte? I haven’t heard the media in hysterics of Modi’s handling of the global pandemic?

    Biden’s solution to the pandemic is to make everyone wear a security blanket over their face. Basically nothing else changes. No lockdowns to break the back of the virus. Flights in and out of the country continue.

  12. Government: Hi America. We were sort of thinking you probably don’t need magazines over 18 shots yeah?
    Americans: Bugger off Government.

    Government: Wear a mask or we’ll put you in jail!
    Americans: Sure thing boss.

    That’s how that will play out yeah?

  13. Clarence Thomas

    There is no excuse for Biden to not lockdown. There are lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings all over Europe to combat the virus. European numbers are worse than the US, so if Europe is willing to lockdown there is no reason for Biden to not lockdown.

  14. The media has ‘elected’ Biden. The media is ignoring issues emerging with apparent fraud, irregularities with voting patterns, the role of the Dominion system that tabulates the votes, etc. Only then when these are resolved if they then become legal issues will the Electoral College convene. It could drag on for a while.

  15. All the Biden administration will do is accelerate the decline of the US. Can’t envisage them delivering any thing meaningful and transformative given the type of individuals being put forward as likely appointees. Ex Clinton and Obama types.

    • It is more of the same status quo. Biden would want to make it to the next election. Harris is even more unlikable than Hillary. She couldn’t even perform in the primaries, yet some “strategist” decided she should be VP. Lol

      • If I was Kamala I would already have started contingency planning for the 25th Amendment removal of Biden for incapacity.

        She will be 1st female President, the Gillard way!

      • As I mentioned above the decline of the US will accelerate if Biden is appointed.

        Interestingly data analysis appears to shows widespread voting fraud across multiple states. Will be interesting to see where that goes.