Alan Kohler: Australia must wean itself off mass immigration

One of the best things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has caused Australia to confront its over-reliance on mass immigration rather than productivity to drive growth.

In the ABC video above, Alan Kohler confronts the issue, arguing that Australia has become addicted to population growth and now must be weened.

Good stuff.

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    • “There is no problem on Earth that could not be solved quite easily if you could reduce world population.” David Attenborough 2012

      • Actually, this:

        “All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people and harder – and ultimately impossible to solve – with ever more people”

        “Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, perhaps we should control the population to ensure the survival of our environment.”
        “I have no doubt that the fundamental problem the planet faces is the enormous increase in the human population”

          • bolstroodMEMBER

            We knew about the overpopulation problem back in 1970, same as we did the Climate catastophe but failed t act.
            There were some moves to address it , but heavy handed policy(India forcably sterilising men) and Religious dogma ( The Catholic Church) undermined the effort.

          • Jenny Leong is a true abomination. If it’s that bad Jen, buy a ticket outta here – nobody’s forcing you to stay.

            I used to travel to HK fairly frequently and the Caucasian denizens would occasionally mention the casual raycism there. But their attitude was: Well we’re in someone else’s country so, fair’s fair …

            Meanwhile, back in the Anglosphere … we’re obliged to take a different approach? Fck you Jenny Leong, you deserve nothing.

        • macaroni jeweler

          Yep, totally agree.
          The Boom and Bust cycle is a basic principle population dynamics.
          It’s just the intergenerational time scale and the wide held, self indulgent belief that we’re beyond the influences of nature, that are promoting bullshit growth..and catastrophe.

      • Why don’t sons of Mary hell bent on reduced population via abortion, sterile nations, right to die, euthanasia etc self exterminate. They could pass message down the pike to lodge minions & globally population would be instantly less. Rush on funeral parlours & plenty $ freed up for masses…utopia … dreaming

  1. It really plots your high rank on the Shit-O-Graph when you need a global pandemic to address obvious problems with your social and economic policy.

  2. How did this get past the Big Australia Broadcasting Corporation editorial team?

    I’m sure shortly after there was a phone call (read: veiled threat) from Frydenberg directly to Ita Buttrose and we’ll see nothing but pro mass immigration for the next week.

    • Some people are easier to dismiss than others. Let’s see what happens.

      Kohler knows the jig is up — all his dinner party guests have told him bluntly what the issue is.

  3. Rather than “confronting” Big Australia, Budget Paper 3 confirms, Morrison is heading back that way. Voters and the opposition are of no consequence to him, and he thinks he can work round COVID. Would an asteroid strike stay his hand?

    • No, Willy, it really doesn’t. I spend a lot of time railing against quack economics but even the quacks I know don’t submit that.

      • – I know a few shrewd economists (Steve Keen is one of them) who DO know that Increased productivity reduces Demand. But they won’t say that aloud because this not “Political Correct” in many many (economic) circles. Then they never will be invited to appear on TV anymore. So, they censor themselves.
        – The notion that Increased productivity reduces is heresy for ALL the “followers of the Austrian School of economics”. Don’t worry, there are also A LOT OF keynesians who believe in this “Productivity” myth (incl. one Leith van Onselen). In that regard you’re in good company.but they are all outright wrong.
        – The Austrian school nutcases all pay lipservice to Free markets (= Supply & Demand) but then (predominantly) forus on production and forget the Demand side of the “economic equation”. #Sad.

      • – Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642) Nikolai Copernicus (1473 – 1543) were also considered quacks when they said the earth wasn’t the centre of the universe. Yet, they were proven right in later centuries.
        – The german physicist Max Planck (1858 – 1947) also had a nice saying: “Science advances one funeral at a time”.

      • – About “Infinite Demand”. Let’s assume that everthing is free (TVs, dish washers, washing machines, laptops,smartphones, …….. ). Would then one (“quack, quack”) Dominic stuff his house with 5, 10, 20 , 50, 100 or a 1.000 TVs, dishwashers, washing machines, laptops, smartphones, …………. ? The answer is an obvious “No”. Where would Dominic store all those appliences, all that stuff ?

      • – About Inflation & Deflation:
        – Inflation is defined as an increase of money & credit/debt. NOT as rising prices !!!! Rising prices are required to get (credit/debt) Inflation. See e.g. the FOMO we saw in the last say 10 years in our property markets in Melbourne & Sydney.
        – Deflation is defined as a decrease of money & credit/debt. NOT as a falling prices !!! Falling prices are precisely that: “Falling prices”. And falling prices are REQUIRED to get (money/debt) DEFLATION.
        – Now let’s turn to Argentina & Turkey. The currencies of those 2 countries are falling and pushing import prices higher. The nutty followers of the nutty Austrian school of Economics are screaming on the top of their lungs: Inflation (and they actually mean rising prices).
        – But the hardcore Deflationistas see something different. The currencies of those countries are falling as a result of money fleeing from those 2 countries !!! So, the amount of money in those 2 countries doesn’t increase (=inflation) but the amount of money is shrinking (= Deflation !!!). See the definitions above.
        – Comprende amigo “quack quack” Dominic ?

        • Willy, most people wait for the weekend to get on the sauce, smoke a bong etc but you, sir, you’re made of different stuff.

          Hats off!

          • – No, I don’t “get out the sauce” or “smoke a bong”. Sometimes I drink some “sauce” in the weekend. But I certainly don’t smoke any “bong”. It’s the Austrians who should stop smoking that absurd “Praxeology” bong & stop drinking the “Praxeology” sauce.
            – Are this kind of thoughts a bit “too Original” for the braincells of one “Dominic” ? Don’t worry, for A LOT OF Keynesians these kind of thoughts are also (some kind of) heresy.
            – I assume one “Dominic” buys his Austrian school “bong” and his Austrian school “sauce” in bulk. Does the dealer who provides you with that stuff, give you a discount for buying the stuff in such a large quantities every day ?

        • Willy, real economics – not the fake BS taught at our Unis – is thoroughly logical and most of the theory can be subjected to a ‘logic’ test to see if it stands to reason.

          • – Fully agree. A LOT OF economics taught is simply “Political correct” to suit the one or other group. And Austrian school economic is merely a justification for the “productive class” and overlook the consumer in their (socalled) “logic”. In that regard Austrian school economics is also “Political Correct”.

  4. That lovely that Alan thinks these things but the people who own Scummo have different ideas. Scummo works for his masters and will do their bidding to the extent he can.

    • Yes, and how will Hillsong fill its new hall in Melbourne if Scumo puts an end to massive immigration.

      • That’s right, on the very few occasions I have attended a Hillsong service (shudder) It was packed with ‘new Australians’.

  5. – For those who still have braincells to think with and saw the video should be shocked. In spite of mass immigration the birth rate didn’t rise above 2 ? In that regard mass immigration has been a GIANT failure !!!!
    – Kohler is both right and wrong: There is a housing shortage but the shortage is of a different kind. The shortage is NOT in the amount of available houses. The problem is that there is a shortage of AFFORDABLE housing.

    • Why would you expect mass immigration would increase the birth rate to above 2? It’s a rate after all, ie 2 per woman. What matters is that it increases absolute numbers, ie the number who arrive here of course plus the number of births.

      • It’s rule 101. The East India company so realized if you brought in fast breeding immig$ants it angered the locals so you could distract and loot in peace. If you look at France you’ll see who’s having the babies. Anywhere between 1 in 2 and 1 in 4 are from foreign born ladies. Make sense?

    • I would actually say that he’s got it completely backwards on this one. We have a supply SURPLUS. The supply of debt.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Having no garden maintenance people working in Melbourne over the past few months has revealed just how many empty houses there are in the middle suburbs.

      Gardens an overgrown shambles, no furniture inside, and no car in the driveway.

    • The shortage of homes is a shortage of where one wants to live at a price and on land. I want a sane price befor big population money laundering blowout, north fitzroy, clean paddock backyard, basic 2 bedroom timber cottage no new creepy deviant architecture crap, walking distance toffspring.who lives there for creek and remnant bush, and they can get to work, can’t do either of their jobs commuting or out of big city. So sadistic to state number of dwellings is the issue, it’s not, it’s specific suitable dwellings, land location etc.Then schools, with offshore Chinese encouraged to put kids into schools for the duration and they are full up. Good schools not spread around.

  6. Sacrilege. Let’s do all we can to keep those death staring Indian grannies coming in!!

    Our public hospital system needs more patients.

    The more elderly they are and the less tax they have paid, the better.

  7. Good one Mr Kohlar. But you didnt mention the cost of new infrastructure and who pays for it.
    And you didn’t mention all those home builders that could become manufacturers.
    And you didn’t mention the super smart Mt Meriton who could become a biomedical entrepreneur

  8. I mostly like Kohler. Thought he was always a bit on the edge for the ABC. it will be interesting to see how far off script he goes if he one day is no longer getting the ABC to write his pay cheque.

    • He was better when he ran Business Spectator, swore it would always remain independent, then sold out to the Australian. Lost faith in him after that.

  9. Leith do you start worrying when after years of disagreeing with a commentator, they come over to your side of things?
    Just feels unnatural.