Dictator Dan opens prison gates

Full statement today from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews:

26 October 2020


The last time Victoria had zero cases was 9 June, 139 days ago.

Even more incredibly, it’s zero cases off the back of a huge testing drive.

Over the course of this weekend, we asked Victorians living in our northern suburbs to get tested. They did just that.

In 24 hours, we have been able to process an additional 14,024 tests – 3196 of them from these communities. This morning we’ve processed an extra 1157.

And not a single new case has been found.

I want to thank everyone who did the right thing by their community and our state in getting tested. I also want to thank the nurses, lab technicians, collectors, couriers – everyone who has been working around the clock to process these tests.

Because of that effort, we’ve been able to get the results faster than we thought. These results give us confidence – confidence that even if we do identify positive cases in any further tests – we are firmly on top of this virus.

It’s why today I can confirm what we’ve long waited for: Melbourne will move out of lockdown and into the Third Step. Before we get to the bit that almost everyone will be waiting for, an ask:

As we take these steady steps towards reopening, the message remains the same: please, stay safe. And if you have symptoms, you must get tested.

Under the Third Step, and from 11:59pm on Tuesday, Melbourne will move from “stay home” to “stay safe”, with no more restrictions on the reasons to leave home.

The 25-kilometre limit though, will remain in place. I know it’s frustrating, but this is about making sure that even as we ease restrictions, we’re limiting the virus’s ability to travel.

It’s why the border between regional Victoria and Melbourne will also remain in place – for just a bit longer.

Under the Third Step, Melbourne’s cafes, restaurants and pubs can reopen. Outdoors with a limit of up to 50, indoors up to 20. Density limits, record keeping and COVIDSafe Plans also apply.

Remaining retail will also open. Beauty and personal care services can resume. And for those businesses who need to get ready for their reopening – staff will be able to attend onsite straight away.

Outdoor contact sport for those aged 18 and under will also begin again – so too can non-contact sport for adults. PT, fitness and dance classes can also be held outdoors with up to ten people, and the number of people at outdoor pools can increase to 50, subject to density limits.

Libraries and community venues will be able to open for outdoor events. Outdoor entertainment venues can also begin hosting visitors.

And faith communities will be able to meet for outdoor religious ceremonies with up to 20 people, in addition to those required for the service. Indoor services can be held with up to 10.

Weddings will increase to ten people, and funerals up to 20.

Workplaces will no longer need to be on the permitted work list to open and the ability to work will change to “if you can work from home you must work from home”.

While the boundary is in place, work permits will still be required for workers from Melbourne travelling into regional Victoria – and vice versa.

I know the thing many people are missing is having people over to visit – but as we’ve seen, this virus is at its most dangerous when we’re indoors and relaxed and comfortable.

It’s why we’re going to take the next 24 hours to understand how we might be able to make this work – safely – and I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow.

From 8 November, and if we can continue driving case numbers down, the 25km limit will come off and Melbourne will be able to meet regional Victoria at the same level.

That means the same eased restrictions that apply to regional Victoria will also apply to Melbourne.

The capacity of pubs and restaurants will increase, with up to 40 inside and 70 outside.

Religious gatherings will expand with up 20 people and a faith leader indoors, and 50 outside.

Gyms and indoor fitness will be able to reopen – with some strict safety precautions in place.

And because Melburnians will have well and truly earnt a holiday, accommodation will also reopen.

The border between the city and the rest of our state will also fall away.

I know personally – deeply – just how much this will mean for thousands of Victorians who haven’t been able to see loved ones for far too long.

It will mean families are whole again. Our state is whole again.

I understand there’ll be questions, “what about X?” or “when can I do Y?”. And I promise, we’ll also have an update on 8 November on the timelines and thresholds for taking the Last Step.

We want to reach COVID Normal by Christmas and right now, we’re on track to do that.

It’s why we’ve got to keep going – all of us. Understanding that even though restrictions may ease, our personal responsibility in all this doesn’t.

We have come so far and given so much.

Getting here – and staying here – relies on the efforts of every Victorian.

Melburnians still cannot visit regional Victoria until 8 November. And there’s nothing on in-home visits, which will supposedly be announced tomorrow.

Nevertheless, after 16 weeks of hard lockdown, Melburnians can finally breathe a collective sigh of relief. The nightmare is ending.

Now it’s over to the Victorian Government to ensure that its contact tracing and hotel quarantine systems are up to par so that we never have to suffer this debacle again.

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  1. Everyone’s a weaner, baby, that’s no lie (yes, no lie)
    You never fail to satisfy (satisfy)

    • I know the thing many people are missing is having people over to visit – but as we’ve seen, this virus is at its most dangerous when we’re indoors and relaxed and comfortable.

      Only a first grade F wit if the highest ORDER could write this shy te for its bo$$ to read on National TV and expect it to fly..
      The public that gorge on Dans $hit $andwich deserve every morsel ….probably same type of folk that line up to kiss Gladys ring mmm yum

        • Sorry Spunky you’re right…expression of my disdain for all things that pa$$ for government.. I just have this pic in my mind throbbing red & purple Corona mucous gobs getting comfortable on my sofa or granny’s Jason recliner should the grandchildren visit, or stoking up a spliff at student gathering,, demanding a whiskey at the espy, stretched out on sunlounges poolside. An adorable little animation:)

  2. Seems like tempting fate to read so much into a zero day after two days of 7 cases each.

    But whatever. Here’s to exiting lockdown and NEVER returning.

    • Covid unsafe strippers have been working throughout lockdown. The only difference is now when the cops come they hide the entertainment as well as the drugs.

        • The stories I’ve heard involve comical scenes where the entertainment scurry into wardrobes and cupboards and then just text each other to find out when it is safe to leave.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            And not being detected?! Surely, your not implying state police aren’t executing cavity searches thoroughly?

  3. Melbournians allowed to leave November 8. Nice dangling carrot lol Gonna be a lot of unhappy campers if they don’t stick by it.
    Vibrants don’t give a flap. 3rd wave lockdowns coming early 2021

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Yep, him and his MSM cronies did more damage than any stupid virus.

        Now I await the realisation of how empty the economy was before the virus got blamed for everything.

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            I run into Matthew Guy a fair bit and he’s very punchable, but this Tim Smith bloke has taken punchability to a whole new level.

            Surely he’s in trouble when everyone is back on the beers.

          • I run into Matthew Guy a fair bit and he’s very punchable, but this Tim Smith bloke has taken punchability to a whole new level.

            Surely he’s in trouble when everyone is back on the beers.

            As someone who avoids all Liberals, but certainly State Liberals, but actually happened to know some senior state Liberals of the Napthine Baillieu era, and as someone who was in the room one day when Mathew Guy started speaking in Russian (Ukrainian) in support of the (profoundly corrupt) Oligarchs of that tragic nation, I must confess I had always assumed that the only higher level of hatred it would be possible to have for a state Liberal politician would be the level at which one starts canvassing the idea of kidnapping the bastard to take them to a remote location and attaching bulldog clamps to their nether regions and attaching the other ends to car batteries, or getting out the oxyacetylene gear to heat up pointed things to insert into orifices of ones choice.

            Smith must have considerable hatred provoking cred.

  4. Congrats to all in Victoria who did the right thing, you suffered at the hands of idiots and held your nerves, now the reward has finally arrived.

    May thy cup runneth over in the days to come 🍻

  5. johnwilliamsmith

    when he says ” covid normal” this will not be what normal used to be. This will be the new police state and regulations under which he intends us to live forever under the guise of “covid” normal.

    • No not forever. But for a while yes. Masks for another year every time out. The point is to slow the asymptomatic spread when someone else f***s up and the contact tracers have to run it down. But right now we have to work out how to optimise within the COVID constraint that will be with us until there is a safe effective and widely distributed vaccine. It will take a while to spin up a billion doses …

    • And compliant Covidiots will smugly wrap their nose & gobs in a rag and wear it for decades to stay safe…that’s the new normal:)

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Hopefully corporates will now begin to force people back into offices. There’s been enough free-loading on company time. Plus CBD businesses need the boost. Legislate it!

  7. It’s interesting how the delivery changes. On the way in it was all about what we couldn’t do, now, on the way out it’s all about what we can do again. I wonder what freedoms we will never get back, that will just forget to be mentioned. They all about “COVID normal” now, how long before they’re dropping the “covid” from that and telling us that it’s simply back to “normal” in true Orwellian fashion.

  8. AirForceOneMEMBER

    Dictator Dandrews may have bought two premierships in 2020 to suppress the mass but no amount of money will be able to buy himself another tenure.

    • To demonstrate your complicit subservience & ignorant participation in sons of Mary covid /covert ritual:) so say u toon nutters