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International students “shockingly unfair” to locals

Last week, journalist and mature age Masters student, Meshel Laurie, penned an alarming article in Fairfax explaining how domestic university students are effectively cross-subsidizing the marks of international students by carrying the load in group assignments: It’s a neat trick: group assessment (with groups allocated by instructors) in courses overloaded with full-fee-paying, non-English speaking students


Uh oh. China cuts capital flows to international students, realty

Oh dear. Via Nikkei: As China allows the yuan to depreciate to a level not seen in 11 years, financial authorities have rolled out measures to stem capital outflows from the mainland. The new rules include stricter oversight of banks in times of capital flight and restrictions on real estate developers’ access to foreign currency


Steve Bannon on Huawei, Hong Kong and “Claws of the Red Dragon”

Steve Bannon on Huawei, Hong Kong, trade war, etc: Wrap below. Huawei is the greatest national security threat that America has ever faced—even greater than the threat of nuclear war—according to former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon. The Chinese company Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and


CoreLogic weekly Australian house price update: rocket

In the week ended 29 August 2019, the CoreLogic 5-city daily dwelling price index, which covers the five major capital city markets, surged another 0.27%: The rise in values was driven by Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane: So far in August, dwelling values have risen by 0.81%, driven by Sydney and Melbourne where prices are surging:


Uber overtakes taxis as preferred private transport service

From Roy Morgan Research: The latest data from Roy Morgan has shown that a greater proportion of Australians (aged 14+) are now using Uber (22.9%) compared with taxis (21.8%). This is the first data to reveal that taxis are no longer the preferred private transport service of Australians. Over the past three years, Uber has


Quivering NGV crystallises Australia’s Hong Kong cowardice

Via Domain come a pack of &[email protected]#$^ cowards: Pop star and activist Denise Ho has accused the National Gallery of Victoria of censorship after an event about the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests was cancelled. Organisers say the venue cited security concerns as the reason for not allowing the event to go ahead, and that it was


Fake Greens’ immigration hypocrisy mushrooms

There’s nothing like the smell of Green’s immigration hypocrisy. Recall last year’s Facebook post where The Greens attacked NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s sensible call to halve immigration: As I noted at the time, we truly are living in Bizarro World when the self-proclaimed defenders of the environment and social justice champion the very policy – mass


Scummo promised MOAR bubble and he’s going to deliver

Some better work today from the AFR’s John Kehoe: When Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe presented to the world’s central banking elite in the United States on the weekend, he had a none-too-subtle message for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg back in Australia. …“Monetary policy cannot deliver medium-term growth,” Lowe said. “We risk just pushing


Trump derangement syndrome unites Right and Left

Blood sucking globalists unite! First up, Jennifer Hewitt at the AFR who’s only role is to endorse Davosian values with elegant prose daily: The latest Twitter rockets from Trump lambasting the Federal Reserve and raising tariffs on Chinese imports sent the stockmarket reeling on Friday rather than allowing Wall Street types to relax into the


“Tiny home” propaganda turns Aussies into trailer trash

The propaganda surrounding “tiny homes” has reached new deplorable heights, with the co-founders and owners of Wagonhaus Co Pty Ltd and Compass Hut penning the following drivel in The Mercury: The tiny house movement was born from the 2008 financial crisis in the US. They quickly became a safe and financially viable solution for shelter;


Mass immigration floods Australia with spies, insurgents

Via the ABC: Foreign espionage is taking place in Australia at a greater rate than any other time in history. It comes after revelations Rwanda has an alleged network of spies suppressing political dissent in refugee communities in Queensland The stark warning from the nation’s domestic intelligence agency follows accusations the east African nation of


Dwelling construction bust to wipe out 100k-plus jobs

Fletcher Building recently stated that it expects a 20% decline in new dwelling approvals in 2019-20. Its comments echo those by the Housing Industry Association (HIA), which has forecast that new building approvals will be around 20% below the most recent “boom-time average” as a consequence of tighter credit rules. It adds that sustained infrastructure


NSW drought hits crisis point

The “worst drought on record” is ravaging New South Wales, which has led to more water restrictions being imposed across the state. On Friday, NSW Water Minister, Melinda Pavey, released the following statement: “This drought is more severe than NSW has ever experienced. While autumn and winter are typically the highest rainfall seasons for the Lower


UQ joins UTS and Curtin aiding Uighur annihilation

First it was UTS and Curtin: Two Australian universities are reviewing funding and research approval procedures due to concerns over links to technology that is being used to carry out mass human rights abuses by the Chinese Government in Xinjiang province. Last night, Four Corners revealed that the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is conducting


International students trigger 2000% rise in university cheating

As we all know, Australia’s universities have experienced an incredible boom in international student numbers over the past six years, with enrolments ballooning by 327,000 (89%) over this period: One of the deleterious side effects of this boom has been the degradation of teaching standards alongside increasing reports of plagiarism and cheating across Australia’s universities.


Scummo has a problem

And it is this. Australia is buggered. It is at the tail end of a thirty year boom that has been on life support for the past eight years, kept alive only by running mass immigration into an economy bulging with over supply and under supply in all the wrong places. The labour market is


MSM slams pimping of Chinese international students

Yesterday the MSM finally tore the scab off the international students wound MB has been picking at for years. The driver was a CIS report that made plain what MB readers have long known, that Aussie uni’s have whored themselves horribly to Chinese international students, via The Australian: Universities are “taking massive fin­ancial risks” through over­exposure to


Trump prepares more tax cuts

Because the last batch just two years ago worked so well, at Politico: In public, President Donald Trump and top White House officials keep extolling the strength of the U.S. economy. In private, they’re increasingly worrying about a global economic slowdown triggering a U.S. recession — and weighing options to shore up the economy ahead


“Generational bargain is at breaking point”

More from Kate Griffiths and Danielle Wood at the Grattan Institute. Via the ABC: Each generation of Australians has enjoyed a better standard of living than the one that came before it. But today’s young Australians are in danger of falling behind. A new Grattan Institute report, Generation gap: ensuring a fair go for younger Australians, reveals


Health insurance doom loop accelerates

Via the ABC: The percentage of Australians with basic hospital cover has dropped to its lowest level in more than a decade, as almost 30,000 people dumped their policies in just three months. The latest Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) data shows health premiums are still rising faster than wages, and out-of-pocket costs are continuing


Labor still confused as hell about why it lost

Via The Australian: A confidential submission to the party’s post-election review from the Labor Environment ­Action Network, obtained by The Australian, expresses “anger and disappointment”, and also “grief”, over the party’s failure to win what was expected to be an unlosable election. The submission is brutal about policy, political and leadership failures. “Labor was unable