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L-plate Treasurer Frydenberg has done what the GFC couldn’t

Congratulations. L-plate Treasurer Josh Recessionberg has done it: “The government’s goal has always been to be that to put more money in the pockets of the Australian people and it is their choice as to whether they spend or save it. “If people pay down their debt, then ultimately in the long run, they will


How to invest now for Australian quantitative easing (QE)

According to Bloomberg, here’s how some fund managers are preparing for Aussie QE: …Australian sovereign bond yields are likely to fall across the curve as the RBA steps in as a default purchaser, said Raymond Lee, money manager at Kapstream Capital, a unit of Janus Henderson Investors. That makes government bonds a fairly compelling buy


WMO: Globe heating much faster than we thought

Some more good news for the species, not, from the World Meteorological Organisation: The year 2019 concludes a decade of exceptional global heat, retreating ice and record sea levels driven by greenhouse gases from human activities. Average temperatures for the five-year (2015-2019) and ten-year (2010-2019) periods are almost certain to be the highest on record.


Climate Council: We’re all going to BURN

Via the Climate Council today: A long-term warming trend from the burning of coal, oil and gas is supercharging extreme weather events, putting Australian lives, our economy and our environment at risk. The Climate Council’s new report, ‘Dangerous Summer: Escalating Bushfire, Heat and Drought Risk‘, has found this summer is shaping up as a terrible trifecta


George does Manila

Via Nine: Nationals MP George Christensen is facing claims from a staff member of an adult entertainment bar in the Philippines that he was a regular at the venue. The bar manager of the night spot, which identifies itself as an “adult entertainment service”, said Mr Christensen did not reveal he was a politician and


Preposterous Pete demands more Chinese, less CCP

The pretend to care China debate has reached comedic proportions today with Peter Hartcher making a complete gig of himself: At a minimum, here are six areas for urgent measures. The first line of protection is the community…Australian governments, federal, state and local, as well as schools, universities and community groups, could do much more


Chinese international students cheat their way through university

The latest data from the Department of Education revealed a massive boom in Chinese international student enrolments, whose numbers have roughly doubled over the past six years to 240,000: One nasty side-effect of this boom has been the surge in contract cheating services, as revealed in several reports over many years. For instance, “functionally illiterate“


What’s George Christensen been doing in Manila?

He sure doesn’t want us to know, via Domain: Nationals MP George Christensen has blocked the release of information about a federal police probe into his frequent travels to the Philippines over a four-year period. The federal Queensland MP has objected to the release of key documents relating to the year-long police “assessment” of his


Australia’s dwelling approvals crash deepens

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released dwelling approvals data for the month of October. At the national level, the number of dwelling approvals tanked by a seasonally adjusted 8.1% to 13,049. The overall fall in approvals was broad-based, with both units & apartments (-11.3%) and houses (-7.0%) diving. In the year to October


Cowards of Canberra launch minimal China pushback

This morning we find an Aussie being tortured in China, via The Guardian: The detained Australian writer Dr Yang Hengjun is being subjected to daily interrogations with his arms and legs shackled, as Chinese security officials try to “break” him, his lawyers say, pushing for him to confess to unspecified allegations of espionage that potentially


Foreign influence laws and Peter Dutton a complete joke

This is what Scummo sees as doing something about CCP influence operations in Australia, via Domain: Australia’s flagship foreign interference scheme has issued only one notice to a potential agent of influence, despite sending out more than 1500 letters, as former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull urged the Morrison government to enforce the controversial laws. Fifty


VIC builders panic as flammable cladding list hits 1200

Victoria’s building industry has called for an amnesty from prosecution for building dodgy high-rises with flammable cladding: The Master Builders Association says the Andrews government’s get-tough approach, including “litigious posturing” and rhetoric on dodgy builders, is damaging the effort to tackle the [flammable cladding] crisis. More than 1200 buildings with risky levels of flammable cladding


Australia aggressively targets Indian international students

Over the past five years, Indian international student enrolments across Australia’s educational institutions has skyrocketed by 138% to 126,000 as at August 2019: The number of Indian student visa applications granted has also soared by 125% over the past three years alone, signalling a further lift in enrolments: This explosion in Indian student enrolments is


Turnbull contradicts himself on NBN

In 2013, former Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, abandoned plans to build a fibre to the premise (FTTP) National Broadband Network (NBN) across the majority of the country, instead replacing it with a multi-technology mix that included previously retired copper cabling. This change was marketed as a cost-saving move. However, the huge amount of rectification works


Lordy, how will our Gladys survive this?

Via the Daily Telegraph: A Liberal backbencher is facing fresh questions about her connections to the Chinese government, following allegations Beijing tried to plant a spy in federal parliament. Senate crossbencher Rex Patrick said a “shadow” remained over Victorian Liberal MP Gladys Liu. “She hasn’t made a statement to parliament about her connections with the


Melbourne property gets “rattled”

So says the AFR: Property experts say Melbourne property prices could be stalling after four multimillion-dollar properties failed to attract a bid in the past week. Middle markets in Sydney and Melbourne, where properties range from between $1 million and $3 million, continue to be pushed along by investors, first home buyers and downsizers, particularly


China is marching on Australia and we are horribly unprepared

Pretending to care is the bete noir of modern politics. As a singular globalisation ideology has moved inexorably foward, politicians and media have become little more than baubles adorning an unstoppable machine. They pretend to care about various interests groups impacted but nobody really challenges the status quo. Now this phony debate has taken a


ABC fact checks Mike Carbon-Brookes

Via the ABC: Do Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions account for more than 5 per cent of the global total once exports are included, as Mike Cannon-Brookes says? The claim In a recent speech to the United Nations, Prime Minister Scott Morrison sought to downplay Australia’s contribution to world greenhouse gas emissions, arguing the nation is responsible for