Bitcoin versus gold

Via Morgan Stanley: ‘…so you’re a commodity analyst, and you don’t track bitcoin? Should I be worried about that?’ – bitcoin enthusiast Latest fiat money: Bitcoin’s value has lifted about 5x since a period of relative stability pre-Nov-16, to over $4,000/bitcoin (Exhibit 1,2), on mainly rising geopolitical tensions. Curiously, we’re receiving investor queries on this


Dalio: gold’s time as insurance is now

by Chris Becker Gold isn’t money or currency. Its main use is as jewellery. Because its shiny. Shiny things sell. Outside vanity, its real utility is in specialist industrial applications particularly electronics, but also optics and space based applications. But that ignores its historical “value” whereby like a lot of other institutions, its worth is


ASX staggers as Australian dollar goes ballistic

A currency shock is being unleashed upon Australia: How high it goes is anybody’s guess. I still say low 82-83 cents with DXY falling further yet as EUR powers on. But everything is sure getting overheated. Dalian is falling: The ASX is staggering under the load. Big Iron is trying but can’t get far: Big


Big Banks trample APRA pansies

Dalian has just flopped into the positive today: With Big Iron down a little: Big Gas is up a bit as one of Australia’s most evil firms, STO, gouges the entire east coast for better profits: Big Gold is still sickening: Big Banks are trampling the APRA pansies: As Big Liar trades sideways: Another ethicists


Australian dollar coiled spring as ASX warms

Dalian is weak today: But Big Iron firm: Big Gas has finally caught a bid as the oil short covering rolls on: Big Gold trends still look a little sad: Big Bubble is firm just because: And Big Liar: Market of the day is the AUD/USD which remains a coiled spring at long term resistance


ASX forms nasty looking top

All quiet on the Dalian front: Not so Big Iron, getting bashed, except BHP on corporate action, classic pennies on front the steamroller there: Big Gas looks about to break new lows across the board: Big Gold not looking too hot either, forming downtrends: Big Bubble not happy today which is not a good sign


Iron ore rockets as Li Keqiang backs growth

Dalian just went sick: Big Iron is following: The trigger appears to be a speech by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in which described the momentum of world economic recovery as “insufficient“: Anti-globalisation voices emerging World political risks on the rise Momentum of world economic recovery insufficient economic growth needs to ensure fairness, sustainability limiting trade


As Australia goes ex-growth so does the ASX

Dalian continues its recent pattern of firming at night and sagging during the day today: Big Iron is mixed: Big Gas is still stinky: Big Gold is up: Big Bubble is reeling: And Big Liar is as mendacious as usual as REA breaks out: As Australia goes ex-growth so does it’s share market. Avagoodweekend.


There’s gold in that thar Fed

From Macquarie: Fed still gold’s key risk and opportunity  The Fed remains the key risk and opportunity for gold. Raising rates despite low inflation, and promising far more hikes to come, seems bearish gold and in the short-term it is. But ultimately we believe the Fed will realise it can’t deliver –so rates will


As global stocks soar, ASX crumbles

Dalian is wandering aimlessly today: Big Iron is mostly up: Big Gas is burning: Big Gold is correcting: Big Bubble has had its run seemingly: Big Liar is soldiering on: And a bonus chart today, hope your enjoying Australian exceptionalism: If not, try the MB Fund launching July 1st with a 70% international equities allocation. Sign


Enjoy long weekend, buy a bank

That seems to be the depth of reasoning overtaking the share market today as banks soar. After all, nothing says buy banks more than a crashing global yield curve and an even more rapidly deteriorating local economy. Booya! Go figure. Meanwhile, Dalian is OK so far: Though Big Iron is not so good following overnight


Iron ore falls, miners pull a Costanza

Dalian is moderately ill today: But it’s Costanza day on the market, “do the opposite”: Perhaps it’s this tripe from CBA: “Rising seaborne and domestic Chinese supply and muted restocking demand help explain the recent slump in iron ore prices,” he says. “The higher prices that prevailed earlier this year likely reflected temporary factors, such