Gold hits record high in Australian dollar terms

by Chris Becker Yesterday’s flash crash on currency markets had another silver lining – the price of gold in AUD reached a new record high at over $1879AUD per ounce: It’s been a near rocket ride since the equity slump, proving gold’s usefulness as a Minsky Metal in times of stress: Although the daily chart


Is gold proving its worth as a safe haven?

Goldman says so, via Bloomie: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. says that “fear” has made a comeback and gold is benefiting as stocks slide and investors fret more about the possibility that the U.S. economy may tumble back into recession. Bullion’s recent advance “happened on the back of the market sell-off and spike in volatility,” analysts


Desperate goldbugs cling to sinking safe haven

Via Bloomie: Don’t write off gold in the battle of the havens. Bullion has lost out in a paradigm shift where the metal’s no longer viewed as the traditional refuge when investors are in a risk-off mood, but that won’t last, according to Rick Rule, chief executive officer of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc. Investors are


Gold’s tough road is too congested to last

by Chris Becker It’s been a tough road for those long gold, particularly in USD terms, with the “precious” metal losing over $100 per ounce in the last two months: This is part of a secular decline, with gold being in a bear market for over seven years, having peaked at $1920USD per ounce in September


Why is gold not shining?

It’s supposed to be looking up for gold, with increased consumer demand and a series of central banks, including Russia, dumping US Treasuries to buy the shiny undollar. So why are prices – in USD terms at least – in the doldrums? According to the World Gold Council, overall demand in Q1 2018 was down


Is gold a hedge for trade wars?

Via Bloomberg: Gold will surge to the highest level in five years if a global trade war breaks out, according to Rick Rule, chief executive officer of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., who’s been involved in the market for four decades. Bullion could top $1,400 an ounce in 2018 as escalating trade tensions drive investors to


Is gold the hedge you need?

From Birch Gold Group: It is generally well known in economic circles and in the general public that precious metals, including gold, tend to be the go-to investment during times of fiscal uncertainty. There is a good reason for this. Precious metals have foundation qualities that provide trade stability; these include inherent rarity (rather than


Is gold forecasting inflation?

Gold priced in USD has had a great start to 2018, up nearly $100USD per ounce since the early December 2017 trough and capping a great 2017: Alongside other commodities, the driving force behind the appreciation is the weakening USD, but there’s also other factors involved in gold’s revival, as it approaches its 2017 high


Golden parasite fastens to WA Libs

Sigh, at the ABC: The gold industry is pulling out all stops in its fight to defeat what it claims will be a job-crippling royalty increase. From taking out large newspaper advertisements to inviting key media figures to dinner at fancy restaurants, the mining lobby is leaving no stone unturned in its battle against the


Big Sleazy catches a bid as Big Iron fails break out

Dalian is trying repair overnight damage today: Big Iron is down sharply. BHP and RIO failed at largish double tops, at least for now… Big Gas is soft but the pensioner abuse specialists continue their predictable but appalling re-rating: Big Gold is off sharply. I remain a seller short term: Big Sleazy has caught a


ASX at the brink as Australian dollar rips to 81 cents

Dalian is firm today but going nowhere really: AUD is rampaging towards 81 cents: Which is capping Big Iron: And Big Gas: Big Gold is mixed: Big Sleazy is at new lows: Big Spruik is mixed: The ASX is at the brink again of its descending triangle: The rampaging AUD may push it off…


Big Sleazy breaks to new lows

Dalian is trying to rebound: BHP is still nudging breakout: Big Gas continues its re-rating with exporters down and the domestic gougers flying: All I can say to that is, what a pack of bloody idiots we are. Big Gold is powering, working beautifully as portfolio insurance. I’m still a seller here for the short


Sleaze Bank opens ASX trap door

Dalian has opened OK: So too Big Iron with BHP and RIO nudging break outs: Big Gas is stable, more than can be said for pensioner energy bills: Big Gold is powering. I’m still a trading seller into this strength. DPRK tensions should fade: Sleaze Bank has opened a trap door: And is rapidly approaching


North Korea shoots down ASX

Break! XJO has just seen its symmetrical triangle break down the wrong way. It’s taken out the 200DMA to boot: This clearly opens the way for lower. Thanks DPRK! This should still lead absolutely nowhere in terms of North Asian conflict. Japan and US have requested a UN Security Council meeting. But we’ve yet to


Gold spikes higher on missiles

by Chris Becker Risk markets are on edge with the latest missile launch from North Korea, this time coasting over the northern islands of Japan. The usual safe haven bids of Yen and gold responded swiftly: But is this latest move higher in gold, which I talked about last week, about something else? It’s got


“Sleaze” Bank stock sinks with its reputation

Jonathon Tepper has a new name for the CBA: And investors are voting with their wallets, hitting new lows: The chart still suggests no support right down to $70 and with the politics getting worse who knows? The under-performance is worsening but the whole sector appears increasingly tarnished: Meanwhile today, Dalian has managed to ease


Is gold a buy or sell?

Via Macquarie today: Gold’s rally – too much, too soon  We are gold bulls. But short-term both the physical and financial sides of gold are flashing red, and we believe the price is set for a weak September.  At present things look rather different. The dollar gold price has enjoyed a decent rally


Gold ready to burst higher

by Chris Becker With chaos comes opportunity and with the wheels falling off the Trump administration and central banks hell-bent on getting back to “normalcy”, not just the gold bugs are calling for a return to the shiny metal. Beyond the macro risks are the technical factors that will indicate a breakout in gold. A