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Is it Do-nothing or doom for the Coalition?

From Jack the Insider: Alternative leaders who could seamlessly move into the Lodge while keeping the baying within the party down to a dull roar are as scarce as rocking horse excreta. Julie Bishop? Malcolm Turnbull in stilettoes. No solution there. Tony Abbott does not have the support base within his own party and there


Tony Abbott: Cut immigration to save housing, infrastructure

By Leith van Onselen Pressure within the Turnbull to cut Australia’s mass immigration intake continues to build, with former Prime Minister Tony Abbott this morning repeating his call to slash immigration to alleviate pressures on housing affordability and infrastructure.  From The SMH: Former prime minister Tony Abbott says there is nothing “sacrosanct” about Australia’s immigration


Negative gearing reform dead, CGT lives

From The ABC a few days ago: Federal Cabinet formally examined the impact of tax breaks on Australia’s booming housing market in early 2016 but decided not to act, an ABC investigation has revealed. …instead of making changes last year, the Coalition embarked on a blistering campaign against Labor’s plans to curb property tax concessions. That


Coalition moves to install anti-carbon price

From The Australian: The Australian understands that after the Coalition’s decision to rule out an emissions intensity scheme, which puts a price on ­carbon in the electricity market to encourage investment in renew­ables, the government is warming to an alternative market signal that would put in place a 50-year rule for Australia’s fleet of coal-fired


John Clarke dead

Vale John Clarke, via the ABC: Celebrated satirist and comedian John Clarke has died suddenly, aged 68. Clarke was born in New Zealand but made his name as a comedian and political satirist in Australia after arriving in the 1970s. For 27 years, he has appeared on Australian television conducting mock interviews and skewering politicians


Boomers abandon Do-nothing Malcolm

It governs exclusively for them, yet Do-nothing Malcolm has lost the Boomers, via The Australian: Older Australians are deserting Malcolm Turnbull’s government in a powerful swing that is fuelling the rise of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, with the federal Coalition suffering a 10 per cent fall in support among voters older than 50 since the last


Syrian chaos as US and China make nice

This is what chaos in government looks like. From Thursday: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has refused to back regime change in Syria even if it turns out that President Bashar Assad is to blame for a chemical weapons attack that killed scores of children. Instead Ms Bishop said it was up to Russia and Iran to


Will the Coalition swallow the red or the blue property pill?

Recall this from yeserday’s AFR: The push inside the Turnbull government to curb the capital gains tax concession for housing investors is “hanging by a thread”, amid growing external pressure to target tax incentives to help combat the nation’s housing affordability crisis. As the government grapples over the content of the housing affordability package it


How the Coalition killed negative gearing reform

By Leith van Onselen More details have emerged on how the Turnbull Government performed a back-flip on reforms to negative gearing and the capital gains tax (CGT) discount in the lead-up to last year’s Federal Budget. From The ABC: Federal Cabinet formally examined the impact of tax breaks on Australia’s booming housing market in early


The clean coal bad joke

From Credit Suisse today: ■ ‘Clean coal’ and CCS take the stage: Lately a key strain in our national policy conversation has involved the promotion of ‘clean coal’ – the idea that some coal-fired technologies might allow coal-fired power to be part of a low-emissions generation portfolio. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is occasionally thrown


Shell dances as it gouges gas

Shell is out today celebrating its ongoing gas gouge: Shell today said it will supply around 8 petajoules of gas to Engie’s Pelican Point power plant in South Australia for five months over the peak winter period to help secure electricity contracts to major industrial users. It also said it had struck an 18-month agreement


Will the US strike North Korea pre-emptively?

Via The Australian: The US is “rapidly and dangerously” edging closer to taking military action against North Korea’s nuclear missile program, a former general close to President Trump says. Jack Keane, a four-star general who declined a role in the cabinet, said: “A pre-emptive strike against launch facilities, underground nuclear sites, artillery and rocket response


Great gas gouge rolls happily on

Don’t be mistaken, no politician anywhere has done anything yet to end the gas crisis. Today from The Australian: East coast commercial and industrial gas customers are being charged an astounding $12-$15 a gigajoule for long-term contracts as the closure of the Hazelwood brown coal power station in Victoria, combined with Queensland LNG project gas


No pooftas, Abetz tells CEOs

From Domainfax: Companies including Qantas, ANZ, Google and eBay on Monday launched a new campaign on marriage equality, in stark defiance of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s advice to “stick to their knitting”. The initiative invites customers to order one of 250,000 specially-commissioned rings bearing the phrase “until we all belong” – which will also appear on Qantas boarding


How Santos lied to Australia on gas

There is a very important piece today at The Australian on gas: As Santos worked toward approving its company-transforming Gladstone LNG project at the start of this decade, managing ­director David Knox made the sensible statement that he would approve one LNG train, capable of exporting the equivalent of half the east coast’s gas demand, rather


Newspoll sinks again for Do-nothing Malcolm

Newspoll sinks again for Do-nothing Malcolm to 47-53 two party preferred: The latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, reveals a dip in the Coalition’s primary vote from 37 per cent to 36 per cent over the past two weeks to give Labor a clear election-winning lead. Malcolm Turnbull has lost ground to Bill Shorten