UQ panics as 60 Minutes closes in on Chinese corruption

Drew Pavlou having a ball today as 60Minutes approaches:

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  1. I dont see how UQ ever regains credibility out of this.

    Maybe they should close and offer up their site for medium density housing……

  2. I love how their examples of commitment to free speech are 50-60 years ago.

    It reeks of the typical yank online’s final argument when they’ve lost “Yeah?! Well we saved your ass in WW2!”

    • Seriously, stfu. How often does that actually happen versus your multiple snipes today?

  3. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    This dude has got giant bollocks. Good luck to him and fantastic that it has helped expose the CCP creeping around Australia like little rock spiders thinking they can get away with anything.
    Maybe we’ll get our country back at some stage if ppl are aware of what is going on.

  4. Poor form in point-scoring on Varghese by disclosing the family leak. Drew would be wise to moderate the petty nonsense and concentrate on the important, on which he is doing well, with wiser counsel.

      • Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

        Hey David, 60 minutes seem to be the only route to winding up the great unwashed bogan herd.
        Perhaps you could try and get 60 minutes on the great Aus gas rip-off, as described in the previous post – and many times before.

        • PalimpsestMEMBER

          No enterprise reliant on advertising for income wants to offend the petrochemicals. They’re too connected.

      • “Let them burn” seems entirely appropriate.
        I really want to see this send a warning to anyone thinking they will get away with such vile mistreatment of Australian citizens.

      • Brett JamesMEMBER


        They lost their right to civil discourse when they hired a PR firm to mock his sexual status. Shameful.

    • I said something similar a couple of a weeks ago. He does run the risk of going over the top with his editorial. He should let some things speak for themselves.

    • Agreed. Poor form. Sure, stick it to UQ, but do it in a way that makes it crystal clear to all and sundry that he holds the moral high ground.

    • The whole “This is not who we are…we are better than that so let’s keep it civil” philosophy is not a wise course of action when you’re a single individual engaged in a vastly asymmetrical struggle with a tyrannical nation state such as the CCP and it’s Australian apparatchiks. Drew is in a knife fight inside a phone box. In that situation, anything goes.

      I’m just hoping he has some compromising photos that he’s saving for the coup de grace.

    • We probably need to cut Drew some slack if he doesn’t handle every communication in an ideal fashion. What is he, 21 years old?

      Looking back, I’d be pretty impressed with my 21yo self if I’d handled a similar situation with the aplomb he has.

      • +1
        Drew is doing a fantastic job, especially considering the circumstances.
        More power to him!

    • You’re suckerd into the corporate management view point.

      It’s not personal for Peter while he’s rogering Pavlou. When Petey gets a terse word at a family bbq for being a prick suddenly he feels its personal.

      Cry me a river. UQ drew 1st blood.

  5. IrrregularMEMBER

    I got that email as both a student and staff member. It made me sick to read. What garbage.

  6. While UQ has been caught out, all CCP programs will still be in full swing in the 11 Confucius centers and 62 classrooms they operate across the university and education sector. It is important that they are now all shut down.

  7. Hopefully Drew can show some restraint in victory when UQ inevitably implodes like most other universities will shortly.

  8. I’m cannot believe these so called places of education pay their lecturers >$500k and the head honchos >$1mil.

      • PalimpsestMEMBER

        Indeed. I entertained the idea of being an academic but couldn’t afford to sacrifice the income. The Managerial class is different though. Well ‘rewarded’.

  9. drb1979MEMBER

    Would love to know what intelligence China has on UQ leadership…….those two way mirrors in hotels where the chancellor and vice chancellor stayed when last visiting the motherland……I suspect its the same sort of intelligence they have on the WHO leadership….