CCP sabotages Pavlou Supreme Court hearing

Via freedom fighter Drew Pavlou:

I believe this is the hearing in which Pavlou has sought an AVO against the Chinese consul (but correct me if I’m wrong).

These are the foreign bullies that are in league with the fantastically discredited UQ:

Sack Peter Hoj and Peter Varghese.

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    • Clearly because it would be racist not to promote diverse cultural practices and expression on Australian university campuses – such as suppression of free speech and violent disruption of student protest – like they did in the Tiananmen Square Massacre. I wonder if Prof Hoj got the Confucius Institutes to run a course on this – a “how to do course”? The CCP thugs organised by the local consulate during Drew’s small protest are probably up for a UQ fellowships at the least – and the Tiananmen Square award. I’d like to know who they were – and I’d be pretty sure that the AFP and ASIO have found out long back. If they came from the consulate and enjoy diplomatic protection they should be given 72 hours to pack their thumbscrews and bugger off.

      • Luca BiasonMEMBER

        Now they also have Article 38 to worry about, which is specifically one of the core aims of the national security law: cow into silence the diaspora anywhere, and fully control the narrative.

    • They better do something. The CCP is already acting like they’re entitled to police everyone in every country.

  1. Australia is relying for its economic health on an unaccountable, undemocratic, violent, brutal, totalitarian communist regime. How is that a good plan for the future? What will happen to us when China follows all other similar bloodthirsty dictatorships into the dustbin of history?

  2. Arthur Schopenhauer

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
    ― George Orwell

    • The public always prefer a simple lie to a complex truth.
      Huxley: facts do not cease to exist bec they are ignored.
      Mencken: (the core of his social philosophy was relatively simple…) he believed it is the nature of the human species to reject what is true but unpleasant and to embrace what is obv false but comforting.

  3. Tassie TomMEMBER

    Drew is awesome!

    The tragedy is that it’s all coming down to him to fight this fight.

  4. Hoj and Varghese are in disgrace and should have gone a long time ago.
    I hope they have to front court.

  5. Was THAT supposed to be a scary CCP agent??
    I’d send in an old-school CCCP agent to remind him what scary is.

  6. What is being described / alleged is contempt of court. Its a big deal if it can be substantiated and could give rise to the hearing being conducted ‘in camera’.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It’s not contempt of court : the judge can decide to reject the document submitted is the rules are broken.

      • I’m talking about the consulate CCP dude that attended.
        The Offence Of Interference With Witnesses:
        It is contempt of court to intimidate witnesses in a manner that is likely to deter them from giving evidence or to influence their giving of evidence.

        Contempt of court is an offence under the common law. This simply means that it is simply not written into any legislation but is still recognised by the courts.

        What Actions Might Constitute Interference With Witnesses?
        Assaulting, threatening or abusing a witness or potential witness
        Bribing or attempting to bribe a witness
        Preventing a witness from receiving a summons or subpoena
        Punishing a witness for giving evidence

        • It will be interesting to see if the court understands / perceives what is going on, and how they can manage it, it is very similar to dealing with organised criminal networks, such as the mafia, and it is complicated.

  7. This Chinese interference in Australia needs to stop. Australian and New Zealand politicians need to grow a pair and actually push back on this sort of nonsense.