It’s official: Coalition’s migrant visa cuts are a lie

Earlier this week, immigration minister David Coleman gave a speech to the Sydney Institute where spruiked the Coalition’s 30,000 cut to Australia’s non-humanitarian permanent migrant visa intake in order to reduce congestion in the major cities: …in recent years, we have reduced our annual permanent migration intake. Population pressure in Sydney and Melbourne in particular


ScoMo’s visa system privatisation will Swiss cheese borders

Michael West has done a terrific job today exposing the vested interests behind the Morrison Government’s privatisation of Australia’s visa system: Despite the myriad failures of privatisation, not least the disastrous sale of the nation’s energy networks which has delivered dazzling profits to foreign multinationals at the expense of every citizen in this country, the


Morrison Government spruiks new “high skill” fast track visas

Federal Immigration Minister David Coleman is to release details of its Global Talent Scheme (GTS) visa program today, with visas for 5,000 “high-skilled” people from around the world to be fast-tracked each year. Coleman says the Global Talent Independent Program will focus on no more than five or six sectors, with fintech, quantum computing and


Migrant visa tsunami pushes older Australians onto dole queue

Recall Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) governor, Phil Lowe’s, testimony on Friday to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, whereby Lowe wrongly claimed that increased labour force participation from older Australians is one of the key reasons for excess capacity in Australia’s labour market and why wage growth has stuck to historically low


RBA fail: Migrant visa boom crushing Australian wages

In testimony on Friday to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) governor, Phil Lowe, blamed increasing labour supply from females and older Australians for holding down Australian wages: What’s happened is that increased demand for labour has been met with more labour supply, especially by women and older


Morrison Government conceals migrant stampede behind bridging visas

Last year, the Morrison Government announced that it would cut Australia’s non-humanitarian permanent migrant intake by 20,000 to 160,000, in order to “relieve congestion in the cities”. From the outset, MB labelled this a ‘fake cut’, based on the fact that both temporary migration and net overseas migration (NOM) continues to increase, as illustrated in the


IT Start-ups handed migrant visa slaves

The Morrison Government has announced that it will make the Global Talent Scheme permanent after a 12-month trial, thus permitting start ups to employ cheap migrant workers: Under the program, two visa streams are available to fill specialised positions. Established businesses with a turnover of $4 million can apply for up to 20 visas for


RBA admits migrant visa system is lowering wages

Over many years, MB has consistently argued that mass immigration is helping to hold down Australian wages. The economics is straightforward: when the working aged population continually increases via immigration, competition for jobs intensifies, worker bargaining power gets eroded, unemployment and underemployment remains elevated, and wages are held down. The situation in Australia is particularly


Analysts: Mass immigration to drive up Australian rents

Several analysts have warned that the slowdown in residential construction amid ongoing strong immigration will force up rental costs from 2020: Scott Keck, chairman of property consultants Charter Keck Cramer, said Australia’s steady influx of migrants would shore up demand for apartments… The bigger problem for Australia, he said, was that supply would fail to


Farm visa clamour grows despite worsening migrant exploitation

Last week I posted a detailed report on the systemic exploitation of migrant farm workers, which has been exposed repeatedly by a variety of studies. Despite this rampant exploitation, the Morrison Government has announced plans to grant farmers even more migrant workers through the expansion of the backpacker visa scheme to 13 additional countries, which comes


Welcome to your mass immigration kleptocracy

For years, MB has pointed out to an obtuse media that wage theft, crushloading, dodgy construction, falling living standards and corruption are integral parts of the mass immigration economic model. It is pointless whining about it, regulating it, fixing it piecemeal and expecting our institutions will cope. All such efforts will fail. Why? Because these are


Mass immigration gobbles up Melbourne’s greenery

The hidden costs of the ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration policy have surfaced again, with a new report from RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research showing an alarming loss of greenery across Metropolitan Melbourne caused by encroaching urban development: Comparison of the 2014 and 2018 combined tree and shrub cover across the study area reveals an overall


Why employ locals when you can import migrant visa slaves?

Earlier this week I posted a detailed expose on the systemic exploitation of migrant farm workers, which has been exposed repeatedly by a raft of major studies. Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that the Morrison Government plans to grant farmers even more slave migrant workers: Backpackers from 13 countries are being targeted by Immigration Minister


Australia’s mass immigration model is falling apart

It is everywhere now, except in the national discussion. Australia’s mass immigration economic model is falling apart. Consider the following. Across all spheres of society there are immense scandals underway. The first and highest order is the nation’s national interest. This is under intense pressure as the US/China Cold War blossoms. We are isolated from


ScoMo expands list of eligible slave visas for farming

The Government has responded to the growing scandal around foreign farm slave labour today, via the ABC: Backpackers from 13 countries are being targeted by Immigration Minister David Coleman as he seeks to find workers wanted by regional businesses. The move has won in-principle support from the National Farmers’ Federation, even if it is still


Australia’s visa system exploited by slave-driving farmers

Late last year, a group of academics – Joanna Howe, Alex Reilly, Stephen Clibborn, Diane van den Broek & Chris F Wright – jointly penned an article in Fairfax claiming that the exploitation of temporary migrant horticultural workers is rampant: Australia already has more backpackers, and relies more strongly on them for horticultural work, than


Australia’s migrant visa system cheated by sham marriages

The rorting of Australia’s immigration system is never-ending. Alongside widespread rorting of the ‘skilled’, student and working holiday maker programs, Australia’s partner visa scheme is also being gamed, according to a new report from Dr Bob Birrell at the Australia Population Research Institute (APRI): In 2016-17 there were 47,825 partner visas issued and in 2017-18,


Grattan rolls: “Australia now running a low-skilled migrant visa system”

After spending years defending Australia’s mass immigration system, and claiming that migrants “push average wages up a little bit”, John Daley from the Grattan Institute has finally capitulated. In a discussion paper delivered to the RBA’s 2019 conference last week, Daley presented evidence showing that “Australia is now running a predominantly low-skill migration system”: What


Organised crime fuels bridging visa scandal

We noted yesterday how a 196-page review of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has sought to end systemic rorting by Asian migrants, who are using loopholes to arrive in Australia on tourism visas and then paying $100 to apply for a humanitarian or protection visa to extend their stays. The review came about after the


Australian Government shuts door on migrant visa scammers

One of the reasons why net overseas migration (NOM) into Australia continues to trend higher despite the Morrison Government’s 20,000 cut to the permanent migrant intake is because the number of bridging visas – granted to migrants awaiting decisions on visa applications – have ballooned by 123,000 since 2014: These bridging visas have been dominated


ScoMo’s bridging visa scam uncovered

Via the ABC: The number of people in Australia waiting for a visa decision has swelled to a size equivalent to the population of Hobart. According to the Department of Home Affairs, 229,000 people on bridging visas were in Australia in March. Hobart’s population at the latest census was 222,000. And a new report has


The users guide to scamming Australian visas

Bravo Crikey and its new investigative unit, INQ: The man sitting opposite us says he has found happiness. He lives in a small rented room in an outer Sydney suburb. He works a 60-hour week in a low-paid maintenance job from which he could be fired at any minute. He travels three hours a day


Skilled visa rort worsens as wage theft chefs given more migrant slaves

The latest high profile case of wage theft at celebrity chef George Calombaris’ restaurants – alongside similar cases at Neil Perry’s Rockpool and Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner by Heston – has once again highlighted that Australia’s hospitality industry is ground zero for migrant exploitation. The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) in 2017 revealed that migrant workers are involved


Temporary skilled migrant visas scam Australian workers

On Monday, employer lobby the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) released spurious ‘research’ claiming that the surge in temporary migration into Australia has had no adverse impacts on wages, is unambiguously good for the Australian economy, and calls for the expansion of temporary migration: CEDA’s analysis shows that contrary to some concerns, recent


Australia’s fake skilled migrant visa system lauded internationally

Over the weekend, the mainstream media was abuzz with news that the UK’s Conservative Party leadership frontrunner, Boris Johnson, wants to emulate Australia’s ‘best in show’ skilled migration system: Mr Johnson said last night that the public would renew its faith in Britain’s immigration policies if it was modelled on the successful Australian system that


Restaurants demand more migrant visa slaves

In 2017, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) revealed that migrant workers were involved in more than 75% of legal actions launched against unscrupulous employers. And last year, a FWO audit across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane revealed that around three-quarters of businesses in the hospitality industry had breached workplace laws: Fair Work inspectors visited 243 businesses on Victoria Street


Australia’s skilled migrant visa system rorted

For well over a decade, Australia’s business lobby has argued that a strong intake of skilled migrants is required to overcome perceived chronic shortages in the labour market. However, the data has never supported this assertion. First, the Productivity Commission’s (PC) 2016 Migrant Intake into Australia report showed that while the majority (two-thirds) of Australia’s


Macquarie founder demands visas for wealthy Chinese migrants

By Leith van Onselen Macquarie Private Bank founder and executive chairman of fund manager Atlas Advisors, Guy Hedley, has demanded that the Morrison Government open the immigration floodgates to wealthy Chinese. From The Australian: The Morrison government needs to resuscitate the visa scheme designed to lure wealthy Chinese investors… The SIV program grants people who


Australia’s skilled migrant visa sham

Australian employer groups frequently claim that a strong ‘skilled’ migration program is required to overcome perceived labour shortages – a view that is shared by Australia’s state and federal governments. However, the available data does not support their assertions. First, while Australia’s is said to run a ‘skilled’ migration program, the Productivity Commission’s (PC) 2016