As living standards crash, fake left lies soar


Last month, ANU “demographer” Liz Allen appeared on ABC, spouting useless propaganda to support the Intergenerational Report’s (IGR) Big Australia population projection of 40.5 million people by 2062-63.

When asked how the fabric of Australia will change following 14.5 million population growth over 40 years via net overseas migration, Allen responded with the following tripe:

“I think it’s not going to unsettle anything in this country”.

“Australia is a proud migrant country. Since our early black history there was migration to this country”.

“And what we’ve learned is that migration is indeed the fabric of our economy. It’s what’s keeping this nation afloat”.

“Australia’s migration program is a very measured, skills-driven scheme”.

“Migration helps keep us economically afloat”.

“Migrants don’t inflate house prices, they don’t steal local jobs and they don’t suppress wages”.

“I’m certain Australians will be very proud of their migration history”.

Independent economist Tarric Brooker is one of the straightest shooters who always uses empirical data and evidence to make an argument.

Over the weekend, Brooker posted a factual article explaining how Australia’s population growth has risen way faster than was projected in the first Intergenerational Report in 2002:


“It was estimated in 2002 that the population would grow by 5.7 million people over the 40 years to 2042 to a total of 25.3 million. The closest snapshot provided to the present day was for 2022, where the population was estimated to stand at 23.2 million”.

“According to the latest data from the ABS, the population currently stands at 26.7 million people, significantly above the trend predicted in the 2002 Intergenerational Report”.

Australian population projections

Source: Tarric Brooker

The key difference, notes Brooker, is that net overseas migration was projected to be 90,000 per annum in the 2002 IGR.

Instead, “the average net migration figure since the initial IGR has been 191,600 and it’s worth noting that this has been skewed lower by the extremely low levels of net migration seen during the pandemic”.


Moreover, Brooker notes that GDP growth per capita has badly undershot the 2002 IGR’s projections:

GDP per capita

Source: Tarric Brooker

“Big Australia” Liz Allen took exception to this factual analysis, attacking Brooker with the below Tweet:

Liz Allen Tweet

In the echo chamber of Liz Allen, only Big Australia influencers like herself and Abul Rizvi have the authority to discuss immigration and population growth.

Any article questioning Australia’s extreme immigration-driven population growth is not allowed as it challenges their narratives.


As usual, public comments asked Allen to explain how Tarric Brooker’s analysis was wrong, which she refused. Because the evidence supports Brooker.

Enter Australia’s other leading immigration influencer, Abul Rizvi, who has gaslit the public for months, claiming the May federal budget’s immigration/population projections were overstated (see here, here, here).

Just as MB predicted, Australia’s population smashed the budget’s projections, growing by an all-time high of 563,200 in the year to March, driven by record net overseas migration of 454,300:

Net overseas migration

After being proven wrong yet again, Rizvi finally ended his silence penning an article in fake left rag Independent Australia, claiming that the massive migration levels aren’t connected to the manic visa processing surge trumpeted by Immigration Minister Andrew Giles:

Andrew Giles Tweet

As you can see, Giles contradicted Treasurer Jim Chalmers earlier this month by boasting on Twitter that Labor has “cut the visa backlog almost in half”, while also saying “Australia needs more houses”.

Hilariously. Giles made exactly the same boast about nearly halving the visa backlog in December 2022:

Andrew Giles media release

“We were left with almost 1 million visas in the department in-tray in June, and we haven’t wasted a day in cleaning up the mess, waste and mismanagement left by a decade of the former Liberal Government”, Giles said in December

“By ramping up processing in the Department of Home Affairs and hiring over 400 extra staff, I’m proud to say that we have now processed over 4 million visas since coming to Government”.

Hence, the Albanese Government is using the fake “visa backlog” as an excuse to continue flooding Australia with record numbers of migrants. It’s deliberate.

Independent Australia’s purported economic guru, Alan Austin, always defends Labor and attacks the Coalition.


Austin penned a flagrant propaganda piece claiming the Albanese Government’s record immigration has prevented an even bigger per capita recession, without explaining how:

“Australia’s economic growth for the June quarter was below population growth, so GDP per person actually declined”.

“Had the Albanese Government not boosted migration and overseas students dramatically, the situation would certainly be worse”.

Austin also claimed “the Albanese Government has ensconced Australia in the exclusive club of growth economies” and that “Treasurer Jim Chalmers is presiding over increasingly impressive outcomes”.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Australians are suffering the worst rental crisis on record:

Rental crisis

And real wages are falling at their fastest pace on record:

Australian real wages

As the economic walls crumble around Labor, the fake left is busy propping them up with lies.

About the author
Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. He is also a co-founder of MacroBusiness. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.