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Tony stumbles into the witch’s ditch

From The Australian: In the past fortnight Labor’s primary vote has risen two points to a 3½-month high of 36 per cent, while support for the Coalition is unchanged at 38 per cent…the ALP holds a crushing lead of 54 to 46 per cent — the reverse of the election result. …In today’s Newspoll, Mr


Clive eats roots, shoots and leaves…

From Crikey’s Bernard Keane: Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party is facing electoral oblivion, mere months from its key election test in Queensland, where the party was established as a vehicle for Palmer’s personal vendetta against the party he helped found and bankroll, the Liberal National Party. State-based polling taken over four weeks in October by Essential


Why isn’t Oz in the mining transparency drive?

Cross-posted from The Conversation. It’s a far-from-perfect instrument of global governance. But as theExtractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) coalition celebrates its 12th birthday, it can point to steadily increasing membership and dialogue between countries, mining companies and NGOs. Regrettably, Australia, with one of the world’s largest mining economies, has still not committed to joining the 48


Australians support sending help to Ebolan Africa

From Roy Morgan: A special telephone Morgan Poll conducted over the last two nights shows a clear majority of Australians (70%) support Australia sending Australian doctors and nurses to West Africa to fight the Ebola epidemic and 23% do not support sending doctors and nurses while 7% could not say. Today’s special telephone Morgan Poll


Vale Gough

From the always superb Guy Rundle at Crikey: Born in 1916, when the Labor Party was not much more than a decade old, the son of a senior public servant, he grew up in Canberra, when it was not much more than a pseudo-English village. He went on to Sydney University in the ’30s, where


Gough Whitlam dies

From the AFR: “Our father, Gough Whitlam, has died this morning at the age of 98,” a statement issued by his children on Tuesday morning said. “A loving and generous father, he was a source of inspiration to us and our families and for millions of Australians.” Mr Whitlam was prime minister from 1972 until


Abbott shirtfronts polls

From The Australian: THREE out of five Australians are in favour of Tony Abbott confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin over the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 when he visits Australia next month. But despite endorsing the Prime Minister’s tough talk, the latest Newspoll, taken exclusively for The Australian, shows overall support for the ­Coalition has


Coalition revolts against Abbott’s stupid PPL

By Leith van Onselen The Australian has revealed today that Coalition members continue to revolt against Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave (PPL) scheme, with five members resolving to cross the floor and vote against the measure: [The members] are Barry O’Sullivan and Ian Macdonald from Queensland, Dean Smith from Western Australia, Cory Bernardi from South


Abbott releases Putin’s shirtfront

Perhaps intimidated by Vladimir Putin’s physique or his judo black belt, Prime Minister Abbott has backed away from yesterday’s threats: Russian President Vladimir Putin may dodge a shirtfront if he visits Australia next month but should expect a “very robust conversation” over the downing of MH17. …Mr Abbott wouldn’t repeat the aggressive term on Tuesday,


Colin Barnett has no idea

From the AFR, it’s difficult to know where to start with this from WA Premier Colin Barnett in parliament yesterday: “If you are selling a product into a market and the price is falling and falling at a very fast rate, the normal commercial reaction would be to cut back on supply into that industry…You


Russian envoy warns Abbott of Putin judo

It’s a laugh a minute this story. From the AFR: Russian embassy second secretary Alex Oedovskiy said he considered Mr Abbott’s words immature, rather than tough. “As I understand, this is quite an old fashioned term which is not widely used in the modern day game,” he said. “Also, it is illegal. “Another observation would


Abbott to punch-out Putin at G20

Hit ‘im, Tone: “I’m going to shirtfront Mr Putin,” the prime minister said on Monday. “I’m going to be saying to Mr Putin, Australians were murdered. They were murdered by Russian-backed rebels using Russian-supplied equipment.” He said he would also be demanding Russia co-operate with the criminal investigation and if evidence is sought it should be


Nothing like a good war to lift the incumbent

From The Australian: TONY Abbott and the Coalition are clawing back support in South Australia, Western Australia and NSW but Bill Shorten and Labor are making strong gains in Queensland and dominate in Victoria. Men and voters aged over 50 are clear backers of the Prime Minister, while the Opposition Leader’s strongest support comes from


Australia goes to war again in Iraq

by Chris Becker Well at least the RAAF will get a chance to use their new Super Hornets. From the SMH: Tony Abbott has given the go-ahead for RAAF fighters to begin air strikes against the feared Islamic State in Iraq, marking the start of Australia’s military involvement in a campaign likely to last months


Crikey fights lone hand on Iraq

Good for Crikey, fighting a lone hand in bringing debate to the rush to war. From Bernard Keane: Yesterday’s massive anti-terror raids were, apart from the success of possibly disrupting an alleged murder plot, quite a media event…Examined a little more closely, the details became more problematic. Despite talk of a “cell”, a total of two


Ausmerican President declares war on ISIL

Barrack Obama, President of Australian foreign policy, has today declared war upon ISIL: “My fellow Americans [Australians] – tonight, I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL. As Commander-in-Chief, my highest priority is the security


In bed with business

Credlingate appears to gathering some momentum. From Fairfax: Labor has accused the federal government of taking “cash for questions” after it was revealed that Tony Abbott’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin, planned to use Parliament to showcase the case of a prominent Liberal Party donor against the carbon tax. …The emails reveal that, in March


A stocktake of Abbott’s first year

Cross-posted from The Conversation: Tony Abbott promised a government of no surprises but has delivered a year chock-full of them. A prime minister expected to lean to caution has thrown it to the winds. A leader without a cushion of popularity has taken big political risks. A man who campaigned on trust has squandered much


Time to pause before war

The evidence is everywhere that we have a dilettante government: in failed policy ideas and process, a political tin-ear, butchered budgets, negotiating ineptitude, shifting values and whacky ideologies. That doesn’t mean that the Government won’t learn and improve. Sure it will. It’s slowly backtracking from it’s more outlandish budget ideas, is crawling back to the political


How damaging is the Coalition identity crisis?

The think tank loon pond that underpins Coalition ideas these days appears to have overreached. A shakeout of sorts has begun and one wonders if it can transpire without further deleterious impacts upon the economy.  Tristan Edis reports that: Alan Moran, who has been one of the most vociferous and long-standing opponents of renewable energy and


Labor’s lead narrows, or not

From Newspoll: Looks like Tony and Rupert may have finally have picked themselves a winner in “terror”. Meanwhile, from Roy Morgan: ALP support fell to 55.5% (down 0.5%) still well ahead of the L-NP 44.5%, (up 0.5%) on a two-party preferred basis. If a Federal Election had been held the ALP would have won easily