Peta Credlin hits back at left media over hotel quarantine

Sky News’ Peta Credlin has again forensically unpicked inconsistencies, lies and obfuscation from the Victorian Government during the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry.

In the video above, Credlin explicitly calls for Inquiry chair, Jennifer Coate, to call back witnesses for oral testimony instead of relying on signed affidavits written by lawyers and worded in ways to obfuscate:

“It goes to the heart of how serious this inquiry is about finding out the truth, how serious this government is about telling the truth,” Ms Credlin said.

“Now whether yesterday’s extraordinary hearing and it’s demand for more evidence by affidavit not oral testimony … is the start of this inquiry finally doing their job that every Victorian demands they do.

“Or is it just another step to give the appearance of effort when in fact it’s still headed for the same whitewashed result that I feared a couple of weeks ago when I turned up to the premier’s daily press conference for the first time.”

Peta Credlin also took aim at Australia’s left media, which has piled on her for supposedly not being a journalist, but a “political operative”:

“Before I go, just let me say this. I couldn’t give a toss about any debate amongst media insiders about what title I do or I don’t have. All I know is that I am here five night a week, I write a national newspaper column, an I do radio across the country. So, broadcaster or former political staffer, lawyer, journalist, whatever. Whatever you want to call me. Doesn’t matter to me. To be honest Twitter – if that’s your obsession – knock yourself out.

“But let me just say this: for 98 press conferences before me, anyone who does want to call themselves a journalist well they could have asked the question that I did…

“To me, getting the truth is all that matters, anything else is just a sideshow.”

Spot on. The phone records which Peta Credlin pushed Premier Daniel Andrews to concede on camera set in motion the entire chain of events. The Hotel Quarantine Inquiry subsequently asked for these records, which revealed DPC secretary Chris Eccles’ lied as well as contradictions from others within the government/bureaucracy.

It’s only because of Peta Credlin’s forensic investigation that the Inquiry has reconvened.

Premier Andrews keeps saying that he wants to get to the truth of what happened with the Government’s bungled hotel quarantine, which caused the virus second wave. Yet Credlin is the only media person doing the heavy lifting.

Some readers are unhappy that I continue to post Peta Credlin’s work because she is part of the ‘evil Murdoch media empire’. To them I say, cease with the ad hominem attacks and consider the points made by Credlin with an open mind. Like her or not, she talks a lot of sense on this particular issue.

If the same points were made by a Fairfax, Guardian, ABC or SBS journalist, I would be posting and hailing them just the same. Sadly, these outfits have failed to put in the work.

Play the ball, not the person. It’s in everybody’s interest to get to the bottom of Melbourne’s hotel quarantine fiasco. Or is accountability no longer a key tenet of Australia’s political system?

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    • Same old suspects again and again. Which is why people over this side of the country dont have any confidence in contact tracing in Vic and keep our borders closed
      “We have a household with a significant number of family members in the household,” he said.
      student went to his school – East Preston Islamic College – on Monday and Tuesday and tested positive
      Broadmeadows social housing block, where 120 residents.
      boy’s family had misunderstood who needed to remain in isolation after some members of the household were cleared of the virus.

      Misunderstood ? more like didnt care. Victoria will be a covid hell for years because of this demographic.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        If the are on Temporary or PR visas, send them home. FFS.

        Family visits Uncle, who knows he has Covid (tested positive before visit). The day after the three kids that visited the positive covid case Uncle inside a house, go to school, despite the parents knowing of the Uncle was positive.


        Make them answerable to the 4,500,000 of us whose lives have been on hold for 6 months.

        So many of us have sacrificed so much. S o f v c k i n g a n g r y.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            Yep. It seems self evident that a cohesive society with shared values is one of the basic requirements to effectively manage this virus.

            (Regardless of the route taken: Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Germanics, the Baltics, Qld, Tas, SA, WA, NT, NZ & Hungary.)

    • Ties in to the theme of Leith’s article.

      Andrew Bolt wrote an article on this very observable phenomenon in Melbourne, the double standards being shown in the context of multiculturalism and then everyone jumped down his throat. Literally a few weeks removed from Somyurek and the ethnic branch stacking scandal. Nevermind the state being held to ransom repeatedly by the misbehaviour of said cultural groups breaching COVID.

      Political tribalism polluting discussion both ways.

  1. The reason we have all this nonsense about journalists being on the left or the right is because most of society can’t get past stupid, primitive tribalism.

  2. Peta is a good operator. I’m loving Dan squirm at his pressa. Keep digging and I’m sure we’ll get to the real reason why…. corruption. Not incompetence. I’m sick of the double standards that politicans have when writing legislation to clean up other industries. Like bankin, financial planning etc.

  3. I would like wider coverage of:
    – what Dirty Darryl is now up to
    – why he had a key to Gladys’ unit up till a month ago

  4. BreWolfieMEMBER

    A Victorian public servant is under police investigation for the alleged leaking of documents revealing the Andrew government’s road to recovery to the Herald Sun.

    Victoria Police confirmed on Thursday the Department of Health and Human Services employee was under investigation by its E-Crime squad after a referral by DHHS.

    “Victoria Police can confirm it has received a referral from a government department in relation to unauthorised access of information,” a spokeswoman said.

    “This matter is being investigated by the E-Crime Squad and as this investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

    In a statement, the DHHS confirmed the employee’s alleged conduct had been referred to the police.

    “This is a police matter and it is therefore inappropriate for DHHS to comment further,” a spokeswoman said.

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    • migtronixMEMBER

      Maybe the Premier should be investigated for lying when he said it was weeks out of date but exactly what we got.

    • The plans got leaked every time, including the stage 4 restrictions details ( someone here argued that’s not how it was going to roll but it did)
      Seems dan doesn’t like anyone stealing the show lights

  5. “Or is accountability no longer a key tenet of Australia’s political system?” All the available evidence seems to suggest not.

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  6. “To me, getting the truth is all that matters, anything else is just a sideshow.”

    and she kept a straight face?

      • Hahahaha. Getting to the truth, but only when it suits her! Not arguing about her performance, just that the “getting to the truth is all that matters” needs to be taken in context. If this had been a LNP gov you’d not hear a word from her.

        • The ALP has plenty of media lackies at the ABC and SBS to ask the thorny questions and get at the truth in that situation. Peta is the only one doing her job at the moment. Political bias aside.

          • Totally agree, the quality of media has massively declined at its morales and ethics went out the door and other qualities become more necessary for the job. The statement was hilarious that was my point. The death of journalism followed shortly after by any chance of real democracy is my other. Welcome to Amerika.

  7. Rubber manMEMBER

    For someone I thought just used to be Tony Abbott’s coal lobbyist, she now has my upmost respect (Not that it counts for much). Miles ahead of the rest.

  8. Australian journalism is in a shocking state. At the start of the pandemic a particular journalist wrote a hit piece on the federal govt. that was using Christmas Island as a quarantine facility as opposed to bringing people direct to NSW.
    The journalist made completely unsubstantiated claims as to the preparedness level of NSW Health at the time. Worse when contacted by this member of the public with insider knowledge and a few targeted questions, he admitted to me in writing that he only reported what NSW Health told him and made no independent verification of their press release.
    So the question becomes, is this proper journalism or simply people hired to output a set allocation of screen real estate and clickbait.

  9. Does anyone know why the inquiry wasn’t able to or why it didn’t ask for phone / email records prior to Andrew’s making the offer after Credlin’s media efforts?

  10. Politiscism vs journalism. If you’re worried about the questions being asked then you’re already wrong. Peta is biased to the right but it doesn’t delegitimise her questions. If Dan has answers then I want to hear them. And I’d still take her home from a disco.

  11. 117% Leith. In my disaffected opinion, Credlin seems to personify most things wrong with Australian politics BUT she has breathed truth into this unpromising Hotel Inquiry with her forensic persistence.

  12. “Or is accountability no longer a key tenet of Australia’s political system?” – unfortunately it seems not. Just political tribalism. The MSM on both the left and the right is guilty of this – full of genetic fallacy arguments.

    I am no fan of Credlin – the company she keeps (aka Alan Jones) is vile and I find her views deplorable.

    But I agree her questioning has done what too many mealy mouthed “journalists” have failed to do. Congrats for MB for seeing the real issue here – good job LVO 🙂

  13. How about unleashing Credlin and Bolt on NSW?

    $30 million for a $3 million dollar piece of land. The Darryl Fiasco. The $270 million for councils and the document shredding thats gone with it.

    Where’s the blow torch on that?

    Where’s Credlin and Bolt on Sports rorts, Angus Taylor etc? This is so partisan its obscene.