China American Cold War

In mid-2018, the US declared the China American Cold War a go. It comprised a series of ratcheting trade tariffs by the Trump Administration directed at China. these were directed largely at shifting global manufacturing supply chains, especially in technology, away from China. The measures were directed specifically at China’s stated aim of dominating global technology, artificial intelligence and robotics by 2025.

Other dimensions of the growing Great Power conflict included freedom of navigation through the South China Sea where China had constructed series of far-flung militarised atolls that armed the distant approaches to its mainland and effectively claimed that ocean as sovereign Chinese.

The Cold War was also concentrated around Chinese ‘sharp power’ which had made significant inroads in influencing policy outcomes within the US alliance network in and around the Asia Pacific via bribes, debt diplomacy and corruption of media.

The China American Cold War showed all of the characteristics of an historic, ideological struggle between liberal democracy and statist growth that had defined the 20th century battle between the US and the Soviet Union.


Beijing blindsided by Hong Kong universal rebellion

Here’s the chart that will get somebody’s organs harvested imminently in Beijing. The Hong Kong local elections: What a smashing. Sinocism wraps it up nicely: All indications are that Beijing is still trying hard to keep trade and Hong Kong tensions separate in the relationship with the US. There are more official denunciations of the


Scummo operating “protection racket” for “double agent” Gladys Liu

So says Penny Wong buried deep in the Murdoch Press: Labor has accused the prime minister of running a protection racket for a Liberal MP facing questions about her ties to the Chinese government. As allegations of Chinese foreign interference swirl around federal parliament, opposition senator Penny Wong is demanding Gladys Liu explain her connection


Is Pauline Hanson or the world’s greatest tyranny the worry?

Kevin Rudd appears to think it’s the former: As we flagged earlier, Kevin Rudd returned to parliament today to launch Peter Hartcher’s Quarterly Essay on China’s attempts to build influence in Australia. Mr Rudd said Australia must “maintain domestic vigilance against any substantive, rather than imagined, internal threats to our democracy, our political institutions and our critical


How to beat China’s war on Australian freedom

Via Peter Hartcher: Beijing’s overreach is producing the beginnings of a resistance in much of the world. Australia was one of the earlier developed democracies to wake to China’s intrusions. The Turnbull government’s ban on Huawei and its foreign interference laws were the clearest signs. But now Australia is being tested again. Test one: The


Beijing emboldened by Hong Kong ballot box drubbing

Via Antony Dapiran in Hong Kong: Landslide in Hong Kong: In which the silent majority speaks Dear friends, This is A Procrastination, an email newsletter from Hong Kong: City on Fire. World-renowned China scholar Geremie Barmé calls Hong Kong the “Best China”. Well, we certainly saw the Best China on display yesterday. Hong Kong Votes It is unusual for


“Double agent” Gladys Liu bunkers as Australia demands answers

The pretend debate about Chinese influence in Australia plods on today. There’s lots of outrage and committees forming but no action. The AFP has launched another investigation, via The Australian: The Australian Federal Police has opened a formal investi­gation into claims by self-­proclaimed Chinese spy Wang Liqiang that Chinese intelligence services sought to interfere in


Crushing Hong Kong will end Chinese globalisation

Via Epoch Times: Elements of the immediate and long-term aftermath of a Hong Kong massacre may include the following catastrophic results for the CCP: The destruction of Hong Kong’s reputation as a safe and free haven for business. The “Hong Kong miracle” will become tarnished with a loss of foreign investment and tourism. Killing the


Hong Kong votes the CCP outta town

Via SCMP: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp has made huge gains in the early stages of the city’s fiercely contested district council elections on Sunday, taking all but 19 of the first 150 seats to declare. The elections, held amid an anti-government movement now into its sixth month, are expected to serve as a barometer for how Hongkongers


ASIO surveils Manchurian Dan

This is what it has come to, via The Australian: ASIO is monitoring and advising the Andrews government on its controversial Belt and Road agreement, amid a dramatic surge in deals that have helped create a $10bn Chinese-Victorian export market. Victorian Premier Daniel ­Andrews has revealed Australia’s peak intelligence agency is monit­oring the initiative as


China is marching on Australia and we are horribly unprepared

Pretending to care is the bete noir of modern politics. As a singular globalisation ideology has moved inexorably foward, politicians and media have become little more than baubles adorning an unstoppable machine. They pretend to care about various interests groups impacted but nobody really challenges the status quo. Now this phony debate has taken a


China to declare trade war on Europe and vice versa

Via CNBC: China is heavily exposed to the U.S. dollar, but now, with the risk of “decoupling,” Beijing is silently diversifying its reserves to reduce its dependence on the world’s largest reserve currency, analysts say. Ongoing trade tensions with the U.S. has “increased the risk of a financial decoupling” between the two largest economies, ANZ


Australian dollar hit as US/China war of words erupts over Hong Kong

First it was the US Congress, via Reuters: The U.S. Senate, in a unanimous vote, passed legislation on Tuesday aimed at protecting human rights in Hong Kong amid China’s crackdown on a pro-democracy protest movement that has gripped the vital financial center for months. Following the voice vote by senators, the “Hong Kong Human Rights


So, what does Paul Keating’s Sinostralia look like?

Given the old bullyboy’s unhealthy hold over the national imagination regarding the future of Chinese ties, let’s explore where his vision would take us. Paul Keating would like to see Australia’s commitment to ANZUS modulated versus Chinese interests. That will mean a much more insecure commitment by the US to Australia so the first implication


Hong Kong’s last stand

Via Sinocism comes lots of Hong Kong texture: Hong Kong protests: Last stand under way as police close in on besieged Polytechnic University – The Washington Post Thousands of Hong Kong protesters flocked to a besieged Hong Kong college campus on Monday evening, accompanied by political leaders and school principals acting as mediators, hoping to


Cowards of Canberra gobble Beijing’s bluff

For a day supposedly dominated by “realism”, the obvious didn’t get a look in at The Australian’s Cowards of Canberra Conference yesterday. While the PBOC was forced to cut interest rates to combat a structural slowdown in the Chinese economy, and Hong Kong degenerated into near open war, all the Canberra cowards could discuss was


Xeating demands Australia bow to Angry China

From Paul Xeating just now: Paul Keating says Australia’s foreign policy lacks “any strategic realism” and is leaving the nation unable to effectively manage the rise of China as Donald Trump vacates the Asia Pacific region. …Mr Keating said Australia should channel its focus on helping “design a new construct” that engages with China but


Hong Kong goes to war

Via Bloomie: Hong Kong police and protesters hardened their battle lines over the weekend as violent clashes showed no signs of abating, leaving the city bracing for a second week of upheaval that risks disrupting pending elections. The weekend saw pitched battles with demonstrators launching bricks, molotov cocktails and steel balls at police, who in


Ever wondered if you would have fought the rise of Nazism?

On Friday, L-plated Treasurer Josh Recessionberg approved the takeover of Bellamy’s by a Chinese Communist Party owned enterprise: Australia: Mengniu 蒙牛 , agent of Chinese party-state in NZ, created CCP United Front Chinese business group, the China NZ Business Council 中国-新西兰商务理事会 under control of Yashili owner Mengniu and CCPIT. Now approved to buy Australia’s Bellamy’s


Can Hong Kong anarchy “happen anywhere”

So says the FT: Demonstrators and police officers are experiencing a kind of epiphany when they realise there are no repercussions for smashing the thin veneer of civility. As a consequence, the range of acceptable behaviour has widened dramatically and the most brazen and outrageous actions are becoming normalised. This is fed by social media


Universities required to declare CCP links

Via the AFR: Under sweeping new rules, universities will have to fully disclose who they’re working with on research projects and all financial dealings with other countries and donors, as the federal government demands action against “corrupting” foreign interference. Amid concern about China’s influence in universities that have become heavily financially dependent on foreign students, research projects


WA and VIC CCP client states

Via the ABC: It is a warm spring night and Government House in Perth is illuminated with a red, China themed glow. Industry leaders, dignitaries and diplomats have been invited by the WA chapter of the Australia China Business Council to toast China’s National Day. The mood is friendly as the state’s political, business and


Australia global poster child for WeChat corruption

When Quartz decided to ask whether WeChat should be banned in democracies there was no better place to look than Straya: Like other social media platforms, WeChat is being used more and more by political parties around the world to appeal to potential voters. Its reach is considerable. It’s the world’s fifth largest social media