China’s soft reply to Olympic ban a clear danger

Where have all the wolf warriors gone? Here’s the Chinese embassy’s weak-kneed response to the Australian Olympic boycott:

The Chinese Embassy in Australia noticed that today the Australian side announced that its officials wouldn’t attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, and also noticed that Australian Olympic Committee President shared information on Australian athletes’ participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics not long ago. We wish the Australian athletes excellent performance at the Winter Olympics and believe they will also witness a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympics in China.

According to Olympic rules, dignitaries are invited by their respective National Olympic Committee (NOC) to attend the Olympic Games. It is up to the NOC to decide whether to extend invitations or not. “Mountains can not stop the river from flowing into the sea.” Australia’s success at the Beijing Winter Olympics depends on the performance of Australian athletes, not on the attendance of Australian officials, and the political posturing by some Australian Politicians.

As we all know, the blame for the current predicament of China-Australia relations lies squarely on the Australian side. China once again urges the Australian side to take practical measures to create favorable conditions for improving bilateral relations. The Australian side’s statement that it will not send officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics runs counter to its publicly pronounced expectation to improve China-Australia relations.

If this is all we are going to get from Beijing henceforth then we are entering a dangerous time for Australia.

Beijing’s many paid-up local shills have been cowed into silence in the past year. They will immediately reemerge if given the chance. See China fanboi James Laurenceson repeating Beijing talking points today.

This is the problem embedded within the “diplomatic” approach to China demanded by its useful idiots. A “diplomatic” relationship comes with CCP influence and silent invasion. They are indivisible.

To sustain its independence, Australia must keep China and its useful idiots on the hop with consistent and frequent restatements of its values.

But can it?

Multiple Liberal sources have told the ABC that electorates with strong Chinese communities are at risk of being lost.

These include the Sydney seats of Banks, Bennelong and Reid, and the eastern Melbourne seat of Chisholm, which was unexpectedly won in 2019 by Liberal Gladys Liu, the first ethnically Chinese MP elected to the House of Representatives.

One Liberal, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Coalition needed to adopt the more nuanced language of the Howard government in regards to China.

The source said this did not mean the Australian government should be any less critical of Beijing’s authoritarianism or be less firm on China’s human rights breaches in Xinjiang Province, but be more diplomatic in its communication and more selective in its choice of forum.

Several Liberals cite Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s recent comments about Taiwan being particularly unhelpful among the Chinese diaspora.

Last month, Mr Dutton said Beijing would quickly dominate Asia if it succeeded in invading Taiwan.

He also said it would be “inconceivable” that Australia would not join the United States in a war against China.

One Liberal said Chinese Australians, even those intimidated by the regime in Beijing, disliked this rhetoric and that the Australian government should not be “out in front” on Taiwan.

Asked on Wednesday if his government’s “muscling up” to China had political benefit, Mr Morrison replied: “I’m doing it because it’s in Australia’s national interest, it’s the right thing to do. Full stop.”

It’s the one thing the Liar has gotten 100% right (other than his backing of the dodgy Gladys Liu).

It also throws up an interesting question about recent commentaries by Penny Wong. Was she goaded to kowtowing by Peter Dutton or was it the other way around and he was goaded into war talkin’ overreach by Penny Wong with the purpose of capturing the ethnic Chinese electorates?

Any incoming Labor government is going to have to be watched very closely indeed.

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    • No chance, just to remind, the …more nuanced language of the Howard government in regards to China got Howard kicked out of his seat by ethic Chinese. The first sitting PM ever to do so…

      Labour will win this one (this coming election) in a canter (hence all the recent resignations). And our national Chinese rhetoric will change with it. Have you noticed how quiet Labour are on China, they won’t say boo!

  1. The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

    So their silence or weak comeback is sign of clear and imminent danger, which is?

  2. It seems the CCP never does anything wrong. Australia is always wrong.

    I am immediately on-guard against people that never admit their faults (ScoMo is another example, unfortunately).

  3. “Any incoming Labor government is going to have to be watched very closely indeed.”

    – incoming Albo? kidding arnen’t ya!? LOL


    [The move follows the United States announcing its diplomatic boycott, over what Washington termed China’s “genocide” of the Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang region and other human rights abuses.]

    Deprogramming a terrorist ideology is not genocide.

    Some CCP official out there deserves a medal 🏅 and should be PM of Australia

    • ‘Deprogramming a terrorist ideology’ – complete with organ harvesting and concentration camps.
      If you want policy like this being decided by the PM then you probably should move to China. Unless you are being sarcastic or facetious in some way.

    • They are literally just chucking anyone in! That’s the problem. Do you really think there are more terrorists in Xinjang than Afghanistan?

    • “Deprogramming a terrorist ideology is not genocide.”

      Then when are we permitted to deprogram Communism from mainland China?

      • “Same could be said about LNP ideology”

        No, Communist Ideology is Terrorist Ideology by definition.

        LNP ideology is nepotism, graft and incompetence… but not terrorist.

  5. TailorTrashMEMBER

    John Howard lost his government and his seat when he upset his Chinese electorate …..since then there are many more
    Chinese electorates ……the CCP.s strategy for Straya is well on track ….the tipping point for them guiding the future of governments can not be far off .

  6. pfh007.comMEMBER

    Looks like the Chinese have learnt something and are returning to the approach that turned on the average free market ideological nutter and got them into the WTO and easy access to financial and asset markets in the west.

    The threat is not from our China shills as they will do what is in their personal interests.

    The real threat is from all those free market open economy clowns who insist that trade with China should remain free an unimpaired regardless of the repressive authoritarian factory regime they are running.

    If people support open trade and capital flows with China it is a bit rich complaining about a few academics talking up the wonders of the furry Panda club.

    Cap iron ore exports to 75% of last year’s exports and keep them there for 5 years.

    That will catch their attention.

    • Exactly! Keeping an open market with a government that seeks to destroy our very system of open trade and democracy is suicidal. Democracies need a coordinated plan at the state level, democratic countries companies cannot be allowed to do what is good for individual companies when that will ultimately harm democracies.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Correct. Those plutocratic corporations are the greatest traitors and enemies of Democracy within the Western world. They pollute and poison everything. All for the sake of greater profits.

        That adblue/urea fiasco is another case in point.
        How the fk does China end up supplying 80% of this essential input to our distribution system. Clearly their production is state subsidised to under cut Non-Chinese competition and
        Probably using our Own Australian gas which they get cheaper than Australian manufacturers!
        We are governed by sell outs and criminals.

    • Morisson cacking on his local benefactors? ie the miners and farmers who sell food and farms to the Chinese? Not a chance. LNP couldn’t give a toss about genocide or organ harvesting in China. This is covering up for his loss of face after doing his idolised Trump a favour in taking on China re the pandemic with a maximum lack of skill or diplomacy. If Morrison was real, it would be far more action and less playground big talk.