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Newspoll: 50/50

Newspoll has registered another 50/50 polling result: Voter confidence in Malcolm Turnbull’s performance has ­tumbled to a five-month low and ­dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister has reached the highest level since he seized the leadership from Tony Abbott in ­September. The latest Newspoll, taken exclusively for The Australian, also shows that despite stronger than expected


Shadow PM Abbott launches Coalition election campaign

From The Australian: Rallying Liberal Party members in Tasmania, Mr Abbott said the next parliament needed a Coalition government to continue “the vital task of budget repair”. “It’s not easy, it never is, but it has to be done,” the former prime minister said. …“What the Turnbull government offers in Canberra is prudent, frugal government


Turnbull launches new battery of negative gearing lies

By Leith van Onselen Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbott has launched a fresh scare campaign against Labor’s negative gearing policy, arguing that it would crush business investment. From The Canberra Times: The Prime Minister said Labor’s policy is actually a plan to end tax deductability on all business expenses against ordinary income, including margin loans used


51 economists slam Turnbull’s negative gearing lies

From the Labor-aligned McKell Institute 50 economists trash Turnbott’s negative gearing lies: Between 29 February and 2 March 2016, The McKell Institute surveyed 51 of Australia’s leading and most respected economists to gauge their opinions on negative gearing policy. Respondents were asked to nominate whether they strongly agreed, agreed, were uncertain, disagreed, strongly disagreed, or


BIS Shrapnel negative gearing poop lands on Morrison

From the AFR: The government’s assault on Labor’s negative gearing tax has suffered an embarrassing setback with the authors of a damning report saying it was written late last year and had nothing to do with Labor’s policy released just a month ago. Just hours after Treasurer Scott Morrison used the findings to slam Labor’s policy for driving up rents


Turnbull dials 000 as Abbott leaks begin

The Coalition is at war with itself, from the AFR: Tensions between the Abbott and Turnbull camps have again been inflamed with the Prime Minister saying the Defence Department and the Australian Federal Police will investigate the leak of sensitive national security document published in newspapers on Wednesday. The Australian‘s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan reported that


Coalition monkeys throw negative gearing poop all over

By Leith van Onselen Australian Treasurer, Scott Morrison, who has deep ties to the Property Council of Australia, gave another poor performance in Question Time yesterday whereby he once again attacked Labor’s proposed property tax reforms because they would harm ordinary “mums and dads”: Here’s a sample of what Morrison said: “Those teachers, those nurses,


Abbott moves to kill negative gearing reform and Turnbull

Will the real prime minister stand up please, from The Australian: Malcolm Turnbull is leaving room to retreat on a controversial change to negative gearing in the face of backbench fears and a warning shot from Tony Abbott about the government’s economic direction. …The Australian understands the Prime Minister has been considering the move over


Abbottalypse 2.0 stirs party room

Bring it on, from the AFR: Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has raised the temperature inside the Coalition over tax reform by calling on Malcolm Turnbull to make tough decisions to cut spending if he wanted to fund tax cuts. Mr Abbott, who as prime minister opposed tinkering with superannuation, negative gearing and the GST, told Tuesday’s weekly Coalition


Maurice spearheads Abbottalypse 2.0

If you have any doubts about what’s tearing Malcolm Turnbott in twain then put those to rest. We have a backbench revolt of loon ponders actively pursuing private policy objectives, Tony Abbott himself blathering constantly about the wars he wants fought and now this from card-carrying Abbott loyalist Maurice Newman at The Australian: When Malcolm


Will negative gearing reform “smash” house prices, economy?

Will negative gearing reform smash house prices and the economy as Prime Minister Turnbott says it will? Let’s look to the evidence. In the mid-1980s negative gearing was repealed for two years from June ’85 to Sep ’87, I’ve marked this period on the chart: Prices did fall, yes, but you could hardly call it a


Is Turnbott sinking in the loon pond?

Just how much pressure is the Turnbott under from his sudden policy mentor Tony Abbott? Judging by this, a lot: One of former prime minister Tony Abbott’s biggest supporters will be named chair of Parliament’s powerful security and intelligence committee by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Tasmanian MP Andrew Nikolic, an arch conservative MP with hawkish


Gittins destroys Turnbott

Oh yeh, Turnbott has lost control of the agenda alright, from Ross Gittins: …When Turnbull displaced Tony Abbott five months ago I, like many others, dared to hope his ascension represented a new beginning for Australian politics…The eternal emphasis on attaining and retaining power, rather than on using that power to make Australia a better


Turnbott betrays social liberalism as well

Cripes, the compass has gone completely out the window, from the Canberra Times: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ordered a review into a controversial school education program aimed at promoting acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTI) students. The Safe Schools teaching manual, introduced by the previous Labor government, has been attacked in recent


Kouk backs Labor’s negative gearing policy

Not that that will surprise anyone but here it is: Labor’s negative gearing reform proposal is economically responsible and fair Labor’s reform proposal for negative gearing is well founded in fairness and economics. But like most reforms, particularly ones which remove a well-entrenched and significant market distortion, there are likely to be some consequences for


Turnbott still mulling CGT changes

You idiots: A spokesman for the Prime Minister then told The Australian Financial Review that Mr Turnbull was still open to tightening the tax deduction for losses on negatively geared investment, and reducing the capital gains tax discount for investors, but not by as much as Labor. Pressed what the government’s position was on Tuesday morning,


Bring back Abbott!

The Coalition has the yips, from The Australian: Malcolm Turnbull’s authority on delivering promised economic leadership and Scott Morrison’s ability to introduce tax reforms are under extreme pressure from Coalition backbenchers emboldened by the retreat from raising the GST. Fuelled by polling figures MPs say show the opposition’s negative gearing policy is hurting Labor, Coalition


Tony Barnbull spawns

Tony Turnbull has torn free of its monstrous chrysalis in a spray of fetid ooze as it scuttles towards your face for an early election: JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, can I ask you about negative gearing? Is the government open to any potential changes similar to what Labor are suggesting? PRIME MINISTER: Yeah, well thank you. The Labor Party’s negative gearing


Coalition polls hammered

From The Australian: Based on preference flows from the last election, the Coal­ition and Labor are tied in two-party terms at 50 per cent each. …The poll of 1807 voters taken from Thursday to Sunday found 47 per cent in favour of Labor’s negative-gearing plan, with 31 per cent opposed and 22 per cent undecided.


Snap election looms

From Domainfax: Malcolm Turnbull’s ascendant Coalition government is moving closer to calling an early election, even as strategists warn of a backlash from voters that could cost it 10 or more seats. The negative voter reaction is considered “containable” and is being factored in to considerations, with private polling suggesting voters will stick with Mr


Steve Ciobo the new “yes man” on TPP

By Leith van Onselen New Trade Minister, Steve Ciobo, has attacked US Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, for opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, accusing Ms Clinton of running a union-backed misinformation campaign against the pact. From The AFR: “I’m not surprised that the trade union movement and, of course, the political arm of the