MB over the Christmas break

It is hard to believe that MacroBusiness is heading into its tenth Christmas. What started off as a side project between a hand full of bloggers has turned into a full fledged independent media site. Alas, with the Christmas and New Years period commencing, MacroBusiness will head into hibernation next week with only Links posted


MB over Christmas and New Year

Thanks everyone for the support in what was an incredibly difficult year across the globe. We are incredibly impressed with Australians’ handling of the pandemic, which has been world-beating in many respects. And with vaccine rollouts imminent, brighter days beckon as we enter 2021. Dave, Chris and I hope you all enjoy a happy and


Weekend Links: 22-23 August 2020

‘Kosciusko’ 1930, Will Ashton, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets China, US to hold phase one trade deal talks ‘in the coming days’ – SCMP China’s wish to end US dollar dominance is unlikely to come true with no genuine challenger in the wings – SCMP U.S., China differ over plans for Phase


Sunday Supplement: 16 August 2020

‘Factories on the Yarra’, 1928, Aletta Lewis, Art Gallery of NSW    Macro & Markets Trump orders ByteDance to divest interest in U.S. TikTok operations within 90 days – Reuters A faltering U.S.-China trade deal is now the nations’ strongest link – Reuters Trump admits he’s blocking postal cash to stop mail-in votes – AP


Sunday Supplement: 5 July 2020

‘Valley of Tharwa, Murrumbidgee’, J.R. Jackson, 1925, National Gallery of Victoria   Macro & Markets Big Oil’s Nightmare Is Coming True – OilPrice A $10 Trillion Fed Balance Sheet Is Coming – Bloomberg $10bn of precious metals dumped each year in electronic waste, says UN – Guardian Three strikes against the Fed – VoxEU, Buiter


MB Fund smashes it in 2019

2019 was a banner year for investment returns. Our own funds performed well throughout the year, highlighted by our growth fund up 17.8%*. This puts it in the top 4 growth superannuation funds according to researcher Chant West: Other Nucleus funds also had significant gains, our International direct share portfolio led with 27.2% returns over


MB over Christmas

Thanks everyone for the support this year. It was another great year of tracking the economy within its global context, as well as pouring scorn on the Rum Corp. Leith and I hope that you all enjoy a merry and safe holiday period. So does the team at the MB Fund, Damien and Tim. Chris


MB over the Christmas Break

Merry Christmas MB readers and thank you for another interesting year. Here’s our schedule over the Christmas break and January 2018: Tuesday 25th Dec – 1st January links only. Wed 2nd January to 4th January full posting by Chris Becker. Mon 7th January to 11th January full posting by David Llewellyn-Smith and Chris Becker. Mon


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MB over the Christmas break

Merry Christmas MB readers and thank you for another interesting year. Here’s our schedule over the Christmas break and January 2018: Mon 25th Dec – 2nd January links only. Tues 3rd January to 5th January full posting by Chris Becker with support from Damien Klassen. Mon 8th January to 12th January full posting by Leith


Apologies for outage

Dear readers, Apologies for this morning’s outage. We had a very unusual convergence of an internal error and a crashed server in Canada that prevented us from fixing it. Service is restored but there may be a few glitches while we clean up. Regards, MB team


MB over the Xmas break

Merry Christmas MB readers. Here’s our schedule over the break: 24th Dec – 1st January links only with Chris Becker 2nd Jan – 15th Jan full posting by Chris Becker with support from Damien Klassen 16th Jan – 29th full posting with Leith van Onselen and CB with support from DK 30th Jan normal transmission resumes


Introducing Damien Klassen, new blogger and MB fundie

After spending the past six years focused on defining economies, markets and policy for investors, MB has decided to create a direct investment fund, for readers who would rather we manage their investments for them. This is something we have discussed for some time with readers who have responded enthusiastically (indeed it was your idea!). In conjunction


Vote in MB’s 2016 Most Sackable list

Introducing a new year end segment at MB in which we have listed our most inept individual and collective aylites for you to vote on to “fire”, Donald Trump style, for this year’s under-performance. It’s pretty simple. We’ve listed our chosen many. You choose your top five. Then we’ll publish the list in priority order next


MB Radio: The Trump revolution Downunder

With the Brexit vote in June and the Donald Trump win in the U.S. Presidential election in November 2016 delivering an electoral riposte to a generation of increasing globalisation, Gunnamatta spoke with David Llewellyn- Smith and Leith Van Onselen about how the Australian economy is currently positioned, and of the implications for Australian economic policy


The MB fund cometh

A few months ago we put out a survey asking members if they were interested in an MB backed investment solution to manage the core or nucleus of their portfolio. We have had a significant amount of interest and follow up questions from MB readers and so I thought it worth sharing some of the


Having trouble accessing MB?

Dear readers, We’ve received a number of notifications that some are having difficulty accessing MB since we adjusted our ad set-up a few weeks ago. Can you please describe any problems you are having in the comments below, including advising us on the nature of the problem, as well as what devices and browsers (including


MB price rise

Dear readers, MB is going to raise the price of a subscription from $149 to $199 on August 1, 2016. The price rise will apply to all subscribers and auto-renewals as they fall due. The main reason for this is the ongoing structural shift in the advertising market. Display advertising space which we used to sell


Survey: Would you like MB to manage your super? (iPhone fixed)

Another day, another financial planning or trading scandal it seems. Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie, Westpac, ANZ, National Australia Bank, none of our largest institutions appear immune. There is an inherent problem. While investment is usually done using knowledgeable, regulated and (for the most part) intelligent fund managers, the problem comes when you insert a sales person


Merry Christmas from MB

Dear readers, Chris Becker will begin skeleton posting December 29th before resuming full time from January 4th. Leith returns mid-January. From Leith, Chris and myself have a Merry Christmas and safe festive season. Thank you for being so supportive across 2015. Warm regards, David Llewellyn-Smith (H&H)