MB over the Xmas break

Merry Christmas MB readers. Here’s our schedule over the break:

  • 24th Dec – 1st January links only with Chris Becker
  • 2nd Jan – 15th Jan full posting by Chris Becker with support from Damien Klassen
  • 16th Jan – 29th full posting with Leith van Onselen and CB with support from DK
  • 30th Jan normal transmission resumes with LVO, DK, CB and David Llewellyn-Smith

We will also publish our end-of-year Members’ Special Report on Christmas Day.

Have a great and safe New Year.


The MB team


  1. Thanks MB team, appreciate your efforts and persistence in holding the bastards to account. Happy to be signed up for another year.

    • @ Thanks MB team, appreciate your efforts and persistence in holding the bastards to account.

      yes kudos to the MB Team +10

  2. Thank you gents for an always interesting and thought provoking content and threads. Best to you and your families over the break.

  3. Thanks MB team. Well played, done good. Fire up for 2017. This will be the most important 2017 ever!

  4. Merry Christmas to the MB team. Make sure the bar is stocked, its looking to be a hot one in Vic (Melbourne). Pickup our Chrissy seafood last night when we left Portland, thanks to our local friends who grabbed us a few Crayfish and a nice Tuna from the local waters! Hope all the posters large and small enjoy the time and a special shout out to poor ‘ole Pop freezing her arse off in smoggy Beijing!

    • Merry Xmas to you and Mrs OJ as well! It has finally got cold, 6 weeks behind schedule, so it is time to pull out the tall uggs (fake UGG Australia ones from Guangzhou of course! bought at the Russian market on Yabaolu years ago, which of course has now been closed due to a getting rid of something campaign, best 400RMB I have EVER spent in my life). Here’s hoping it doesn’t get cold enough to use my genuine uggs made from the best quality Aussie sheepskin manufactured just outside Melbourne somewhere, go FD UGG!

      Enjoy the beach and sunshine everyone, and be grateful you can breathe deeply and not hasten your appointment with death by five years in doing so.

      • Stay well Popcod.
        Keep out of the foul air if possible.
        2017 is another year closer to environmental collapse in China with acid rain pushing soil pH down to critical levels. Heavy metals are now mobile and plant available.. Don’t eat local rice or fish…. want mercury, lead, and cadmium with your vegies? Aluminium toxicity is next for the trees and crops.

        Some wonder why the Chinese are so willing to pay up for the opportunity to breath fresher air….. because RE? nah…… because health!

      • @OJ and IP. Thanks! Though I’d be happy with just a return to normal lung function this Xmas. We’ve had 48 hours of clean air (though it is now back above 200) and I still can’t breathe properly.

        @IP, your comments are always informative, and scary! Hopefully the coming medical revolution will save me from any really serious long term damage. I’m ashamed to say that at least 20% of the water I drink is imported from Italy, and 90% of the food I eat at home is also imported. I eat out a lot less than before. I’m interested to see how my body adjusts to being back in a clean environment, and how long those adjustments take…

      • interested party

        Sorry about the scary.
        I deal in facts though, and I major in solutions. The trouble is getting people to back out of the invested lifestyles of consumerism and see the potential of sustainable living. Hangups abound.
        Oh well.

        Keep well, breathe deep when possible, and don’t concern yourself about imported necessities. Do what you have to to preserve your health.

  5. To Santa:

    Fuck you, fuck you very very muuuuuuch
    Because we hate what you do
    And we hate your whole crew
    So please don’t stay in touuuuch

    • Dear Santa,

      I only have one request, can you pleeeease shove the term false binary into the deepest wankiest self righteous bs dripping hole you can find for all of 2017, let’s say as deep as the filthy hole moving forward was shoved in 2015 if possible, thanks, alby

      • Dear Santa

        Can you persuade Kevin and Rational Unradical to have a love child together, thanks, I’ll pay costs, alby

      • Rational RadicalMEMBER

        The difference between you and I Alby, is that everything I say I stand by and speak to in public and amongst peers. Whereas the drivel that comes out of your mouth, based purely on putting down others and being a smart assed prick, you wouldn’t dare spew in the company of people who’s respect you might hope to retain. Why? Because if you did, they’d think you were a plain and simple disrespectful a*shole and a bully, who’s only redeeming feature is the ability to s*t on others. You too Miguel. A bridge too far for the loon pond that now runs this joint.

      • Thankyou RR for the most wonderful xmas present, sorry to annoy you so much, but it’s a lot of fun, you are right about me not having any substance, but still I get by

  6. Merry Christmas to the MB team.
    A big thank you to the commentariat.
    It wouldn’t be the same without you.

  7. The Traveling Wilbur

    We wish all the MBers a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

    We thank the MB team for an entertaining, valuable and eye-opening commentary.

    We thank Tony, for losing.

    We thank Christopher for fixing everything.

    And we thank Christ, for being born. And for setting up Mr H with his remarkable ballerina. Especially that!

    • Hey! Are you the ex miner who cashed out and bought a sheep farm or something? How’s that going? Can you give us an update? Maybe in the holiday links…

  8. The Traveling Wilbur

    Sitting through a less-excutiating than expected David Jones Christmas parade. The vestal virgins and holy Mother just went past. 457 visas to the rescue there then.


  9. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Great job chaps in keeping the important issues and fair dinkum interpretations to the fore ……keep it up in 2017. It’s perhaps worth remembering that next year will mark 100 years since the Tsars who though they were so secure in their god given right to rule got a nasty and terminal shock from the people they thought they were ruling .

  10. At Little Cove – Tea Tree…. far removed from the multitudes of – individual – screams…. Rosebud~~~~

    With mate Philips new book to read [The Reformation in Economics­­­­: A Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Economic Theory], fish to catch, rays to absorb, looks like a nice swell for some surf action, month+ old aged rib rack marinating right now [ Lea & Perrins, tabasco chipotle, garlic, Himalayan salt, and some aged balsamic vinegar] slow cooked after searing in pan at 150C for yonks….. just to the point of the boarder between rare and medium rare and rested….

    disheveled…. next year is going to be a real eye opener for some methinks…. till then… libations all around…

    • Eye opener?
      Yeah for the idiots who supported Trump. Why postpone the schadenfreude until the next calendar year.

      • None of those scenarios would surprise me at all.
        Best way to describe Trump phenomenon: the electorate is too dumb to know when it has hit rock bottom, so it is always liable to vote itself into falling further. Even when Puerto Rico is just next door.

      • miffie….

        If your lack of knowlage skews your perception wrt central banks because they became folded into the dominate neoliberal orthodoxy…. don’t blame the central banks… blame the actual agency…

        Disheveled… FYI see Mirowski as well as those that view neoliberalism as just another feature of corporatism self awarding its self defacto supremacy in all things by virtue of mountains of wealth…

      • “Even when Puerto Rico is just next door.”


        disheveled…. austerity for thee and no fiduciary duty for me….

      • Gezz Sweeper….

        Miffies never admit failure… ffs as homo economicus commodities that would effect their brand image and might diminish their ability too maximize their utility potential….

        disheveled… you might as well suggest assisted suicide….

      • Miffie…

        Are you sad because you never got an invite to the after party for el’trumpos inauguration… sniff… The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and The Radio City Rockettes will perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, it has been announced.

        The real after party is actually – Bruno Mars – 24K Magic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqyT8IEBkvY

        Disheveled…. dude your just a piece of angry stale white slice… oops your not white… that invasion DNA thingy… burnt on the edges…

  11. Thanks guys for all your work in an interesting year.

    2017 is going to be a doozie.

    Merry Christmas.

  12. Have a safe ‘whatever’ you lot. Do try to keep it civil, and thanks for the entertainment throughout the year.

    It would be nice if some get a bit of maturity in the xmas stocking….. here’s hoping….

  13. To the MB team – thanks and keep up the great work

    To my fellow MB readers – CHILL & enjoy the break as much as you can……I think in times to come 2017 will be seen as the beginning of the really ‘interesting times’

    Pour a [big] drink, break out the popcorn, pull up a chair and try and enjoy the show

  14. The revolution will not be televised.
    But it does need to step away from the computer once in a while.
    Looking forward to the commentary in 2017.

  15. Daylight Robbery

    Let us hope 2017 will be the year the property Slow Melt will finally arrive! Happy Christmas!



    +Max Roser writes:

    Unfortunately the media is overly obsessed with reporting single events and with things that go wrong and does not nearly pay enough attention to the slow developments that reshape our world. With this empirical data on the reduction of poverty we can make it more concrete what a media that would report global development would look like. The headline could be “The number of people in extreme poverty fell by 130,000 since yesterday” and they wouldn’t have this headline once, but since – on average – there were 130,000 people fewer in extreme poverty every single day they should have had this headline every single day since 1990.

    An amazing achievement. See the graph below: … read more via hyperlink above …

    … Essential viewing … superb 2 part documentary …

    … Why is it taking so long to learn these 250 year old pragmatic ‘what works’ lessons from the grounded and observant Scot Adam Smith ? …