MB over Christmas

Thanks everyone for the support this year. It was another great year of tracking the economy within its global context, as well as pouring scorn on the Rum Corp.

Leith and I hope that you all enjoy a merry and safe holiday period. So does the team at the MB Fund, Damien and Tim.

Chris Becker will take over with daily posting through the new year.

Leith will return January 8 and I’ll be back Jan 15.

The MB Fund will obviously still be in operation throughout. The contact details are below.


[email protected]


1300 623 863 or 03 8658 4038 (Weekdays 9:00am – 5:00pm AEST)

Looking forward to a booming and more policy constructive 2020!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The Traveling Wilbur

    XMas Firstivus! Not.

    fckn tunnels.

    Merry Christmas all, and all the best wishes for the season.

  2. Its been great following this blog as i have learned a lot and hope to learn more, one of my favourite parts is the diverse opinions even if they sometimes come with a bit of vitriol so i wish a Merry Christmas to all and a safe new year!

  3. The Windy CityMEMBER

    thanks guys! fingers crossed something improves in 2020, surely the only way is up, no matter what i’ll still be laughing at the comments. mild colonial.

  4. Marry Christmas and Happy New year to all. Wish you all have success in the new one. Almost time to open my first beer.

  5. Happy festive season MB, David and Leith. Look forward to your insights and opinions in 2020, so get a decent rest. Cheers

  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone, thanks for making it an interesting year with all your news, links and comments.
    Looking forward to 2020 and what unknowns lay ahead for us all.

  7. It’s been some years here now & I’m still learning! Thank you MB & Commentariat for the entertainment, education, enlightenment & embiggenment provided by all throughout the year, it’s been Most appreciated! Merry Christmas. Nudge.

  8. Merry Christmas!

    Here’s to another year of having to pay for electricity.

    Make nuclear power free, Barnaby Joyce says

    • IK. Finally something Barnaby and I agree on. He was spruiking all sorts of nonsense on 2GB this morning — sounded as pissed as a coot but promised the listeners he was having his first coffee of the day πŸ˜‰

    • If only they could drop the attitude, bring their Manners & leave their road rage behind…. Imagine…..

    • I’m particularly looking forward to a slice or two of the leg that Auntie Wang managed to get through Customs, disguised as a poorly made prosthetic. Diversity (not to mention vibrancy) is key tomorrow in the New Australia. Melly Chatswoo to all.
      And, yes, I’ve been at the rice wine.

    • And don’t casually stroll through any sunny pedestrian areas that aren’t protected by bollards.

  9. Prediction for 2020.

    Xmas 2020. Djia 18000 after massive dump of US treasuries by China in the hope trump wears the economic slump caused by a spike in rates.

    The biggest bubble in history…the bond bubble breaks and central banks are powerless. Trust is gone. That’s the cause of the repo market issue – the fed needs to support the market as banks dont trust each other for even overnight funding

    Iron ore 55 a tonne

    Unemployment in oz 6.5percent and rising

    Trump gets reelected but wears the resultant recession that has been delayed in these distorted markets.

    Current pe of sp500 26
    Long term average 16

    28k on the Dow 2019. 2021 xmas djia 12k. All odds 3500 again

  10. Here in my area of operations in far western Canberra I’m about to call in the standing patrols, close the gaps in the wire and set the gun picquets up to start the night time sentry roster in preparation for Santa’s arrival. I’ve ordered up one of those “everybody shoot pointlessly into the air for a long time” Arab celebration things, and all automatic weapons are loaded with 100% tracer, to ensure his visit will be appropriately spectacular.

    In the meantime, merry Christmas to all who contribute to make MB one of the best places on the internet. Be safe, have fun and see y’all again real soon now.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      lol, are fireworks still legal down your way, I used to drive down many years ago, good fun

  11. A thought goes out to all the other suckers like me who will be working every single day of the festive jebus carnival, to the rest of you chunts – hope the hangovers are brutal fckin.

  12. Here’s hoping scomo gets that long wished for lump of coal in his stocking. My wish for Xmas is to see abbot chew down in that lump of coal like it’s an onion.

  13. Merry Christmas lads as keep up the good work in 2020 as your insights are so great to read on exposing the government BS spin doctors and their corporate masters (incld the MSM).

    I live in hope that the masses out there will sooner than later, wake up to the real world of what is really going on here in Australia with the Ponzi Property debt bubble & mass immigration rort. Enjoy your holiday break and have a restful and peaceful Chrissy with lashings of alcohol and food to recharge and re-energise for 2020.

  14. Happy Christmas guys. Thanks for all your work over the year and thanks to all the posters for their contributions. Have s safe and happy one all.

  15. Thank you @teammb @teamnw have a great Boxing Day and leftovers.

    As scary as it is, looking forward to 2020 and a new decade of MB keeping the bastards honest.

    Thank you.