Leith van Onselen retrospective

Leith is away for a few days so here’s a retrospective of some of his best posts to enjoy. And for those who don’t know, Leith van Onselen writes as the Unconventional Economist. He is an economist that has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs. Leith can also be found on twitter: twitter.com/leithvo.

Australian Housing Valuation Report

How the RBA undervalued housing

How Germany achieved stable & affordable housing

Look to Texas to solve Australian housing supply

The Housing-Retail Link

China’s morbid dependency

China’s summer of discontent

The century of old age

The Demographic timb bomb

Demography is destiny

Retail pain is here to stay

A full list of his posts is available here.

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  1. I think CJs rudeness was best left to whither away in obscurity, not rebroadcast, whatever the motivation.

          • one of the rare occasions I disagree with 3d1k (sorry mate).

            the put down of UE is relevant because it was not based on UE’s analysis it was based on an assertion that he held a job that did not indicate he was worth listening to: basically the reverse of an appeal to authority.

            UE provides shiploads of data to support his well framed arguments. If people disagree with his they should argue the data or the analysis of the data not ad hominem. So I think it provided a good insight in Joye.

          • El Presidente, ¡nada de nada! I agree UEs analysis well framed. I agree that the comment in question revealed more about CJ than anything else – this point was made when the comment first aired here at MB. It was discourteous then and remains so – hence my opinion it best left wither in obscurity.

          • And this is one of the rare occasions I agree with Hugo. Joye plays the man not the argument, and he does so consistently. He never fails to name drop (Goldman, RBA, Howard), or mention his 4 PhDs (see his response to Grantham).

            If his arguments were so strong why does he have to resort to these gutter tactics? And why does MB always delete my posts that point this out?

          • Its because the original comment was deleted (lack of civility apparently) after which WordPress goes a bit haywire

          • mention his 4 PhDs (see his response to Grantham).

            ahem.. I would like to correct you on a factual mistake – It is four and a half PhDs.

            PS: Just stating the facts here. No personal attack intended.

  2. You can see the resemblence with his cousin there. Peter gets a lot of TV gigs, but has a full mop.

    Leith might want to invest in repairing the damage… and enjoy the confidence.

      • Hi guys. I am writing this comment from Phuket – yes I have joined the bogan exodus!

        It’s an unfortunate picture Mr Holes has chosen – I cringe every time that I see it.

        I know that I have been dudded on the hair front – back in my early 20s I had a full thick euro mullet. But only 10 years later it’s gone godammit! Good thing I locked my wife in 7 years ago cause this asset is depreciating fast.

        Anyway, I’ll be back on deck mid next week.

  3. Good grief. At this point I would delete everything here (including this)! It’s a LvO Retrospective, not a CJ Retrospective.

    Clean slate.