Aussie voters reject Labor’s immigration extremists

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At the May Federal Election, Labor and the Greens overbid the already-high Coalition position on immigration and population.

Post-election, Labor muffles the topic, targeting instead Home Affairs and its Minister, Peter Dutton. Is that the right play?

For this year’s Federal Election, Labor offered virtually open-ended migrant-parent visas. This would have upped the net migration trajectory by many thousands. On nearly the same page was Richard di Natale.

Check the irony. Greens are like kryptonite to Labor. The two were aligned here. Still, electors weren’t buying. Not even in suburban (or Labor) seats with higher proportions of migrant voters. A Labor dictum says, always back self-interest, at least you know it’s trying. The Election autopsy ought to analyse this misfire.

New Leader Anthony Albanese quickly dug in, elevating Kristina Keneally to Home Affairs, plus Immigration. They’ve intensely taken it to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. Not Immigration. Here, I don’t mean its Minister, David Coleman.

Closeted in a Budget appendix are Treasurer Frydenberg’s huge 270,000 net migration and 1.7 per cent population growth increase. Is that the Treasury tail-wagging the Treasurer dog, or vice versa? The protocol is that nobody really asks.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s population plan “caps” permanent migration at 160,000. And supposedly busts past Frydenberg’s mass migration, to “bust” congestion.

The third musketeer is Population Minister Alan Tudge, who has been making gestures to decentralise the migration influx into Sydney and Melbourne. He will be “surfing the demographic waves” with Lucy Turnbull, and Albanese himself, at the upcoming SMH population “summit”.

Labor targets Dutton and Home Affairs

As the swish Sydney summit indicates, Labor barely contests in the migration and population fields. Following GetUp, they target instead the marquee villain, Dutton on detainees, refugees, borders, visas.

Don’t get me wrong. We could process more refugees and cut back the misleading “skilled migration” stream. Plus, I’m with David Marr. “We do not have to keep people imprisoned on Manus and Nauru,” he says, “to stop the boats”.

It’s just that boats aren’t the greatest concern or the biggest threat to voters. Some might even believe the story, that Morrison “stopped them”.

Also, I agree with Keneally. Strong borders is partly a stunt. As I put it, we ‘…shutter the sea-lanes, yes, but not the air-lanes’. That tide of temporary entrants, who phoenix as permanent migrants? They fly in.

To recap, the “Chief Marketing Manager’s” hearty population-breakfast boasts three added vitamins. Lower migration. Congestion busting. Strong borders. Each is a placebo. Why would Labor lab-test the third one, much more than the first two?

Here’s the thing. Sovereign Australia has choices. Airports notwithstanding, Dutton’s Home Affairs can and does control net migration, the feedstock for permanent migration. They get surprisingly close to Treasury’s annual migration targets.

By design and not accident, net migration is running at more than twice the rate of the Hawke-Keating years. In 2018, it tallied nearly 250,000. Unchallenged, Treasury now calls for the second-highest net migration of all time.

Big Australia isn’t for middle Australia

Backed by six prime ministers in a row, our cross-party Big Australia lobby is well on top. The Labor wing welcomes expansive migration. But also decries the loss of control at the borders.

Maybe visa processing is “chaotic”. But Australia has made itself known, as a soft touch. A generous six figures worth of individuals is always parked onshore, on student or other visas, playing the system for permanency. To the extent “chaos” persists, why not roll back migration, to relieve pressure? Again, net migration is substantially controllable and controlled. Why is it so high?

To prop up “GDP growth”.

Even Gladys Berejiklian ventured a “breather”, by halving migration into NSW. To steer net migration back near manageable Hawke-Keating levels would take courage. Morrison’s permanent-migration ceiling doesn’t cut it. It’s below the 180,000 average in the decade to 2017-18. But still huge, in postwar terms.

Meantime, the state of the environment declines. Population growth is a key driver of land use change, habitat loss, invasive species. How’s the electorate travelling?

Morrison meekly said “everyone has a view” on population. In like terms, Tony Burke endorsed the 2011 population plan. There was a”divergence of views” on population. Julia Gillard perpetuated the migration drives of John Howard and Kevin Rudd. The high reform party had fully embraced high migration.

Most professionals and political candidates endorse higher migration. The electoral majority would prefer the opposite. Widening the gap, the Senate trounced One Nation’s migration plebiscite 54-2. The proponent’s overt preoccupations weren’t race, but wages and congestion.

Thus continues the extreme immigration economy of the developed world. To stop it, opines Crispin Hull, you’d need to quench the corporate political donations.

Labor’s immigration policy falls short

At the post-election warm-up, Keneally branded Dutton as a thug. Nasty you, retorted he. Is he being marked out of play? One infringement at a time?

He seems to be kicking on. While key ministers for migration and population – Frydenberg, Morrison and Tudge – Labor waves them through. Maybe the Shadow Population Minister is backing up? Except there isn’t one, is there, not in such terms.

Ideologically, the Government craves technical “jobs and GDP growth” and technical “budget surplus” at any cost. To book such results it wants sky-high net migration, in Treasury estimates. Ideologically, the Opposition plays down the drawbacks, seemingly preferring economic “pluses” and social justice of mass migration.

These ought to be weighed against the economic costs and social injustice of crush-loading cities, disadvantaging their residents and smothering their wages.

Despite this, the Infrastructure Audit assumes the population will surge out to 2034. Infrastructure must keep up, as best it can. Responding, the Opposition Leader mildly suggests a “mature debate” on population issues. In 2022, he’ll hold the Government “to account” for holes undug and projects unbuilt. As Shadow Infrastructure Minister, he also decried holes not dug. Will all be dug and filled by 2034? You be the judge.

Some might say: don’t challenge Morrison directly on population policy. Keep shellacking Dutton. Or perhaps, win back the flag, on a Frydenberg recession.

On Adani, not confronting the issue backfired for Labor. Something similar could happen with population. In effect, Labor has gone with mass migration ever since Kim Beazley folded to Howard. At what lasting advantage to themselves or their constituency? The rich are getting richer, while home ownership craters.

Even now, Minister Coleman presents as a party champion of “reduced” migration and “reducing” pressure on cities. Rather than refuting his story, Labor goes as the party of migration virtue. Last May, the Coalition looked like a lower-migration and congestion-busting party. This is also possible in 2022.

Stephen Saunders is a former public servant, consultant and Canberra Times reviewer.


  1. No pollie will do it. Just wait till the GDP prints negative — they’ll sh!t their pants and demand even more Uber drivers, just anyone at all.

    RIP the welfare system.

    • yeah but UBER drivers don’t drive unemployed people

      UBER, food delivery, … that’s all fine when things are going well
      when things turn bad these services are the first to get cut from spending

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        The RBA happy clappies will drop the cash rate yet again – guaranteed proven winner to get people to open their wallets, particularly savers.

        • It doesn’t work that way during a recession. In 90s the “R” word sent a tingle up the spine of workers who then attempted to build themselves a savings buffer just in case of unemployment. That means no more $5 coffees, $20 smashed avo breakfast, $25 pizza/pasta, $1500 gym membership renewal, taxis ,etc. Businesses reliant on selling the more expensive discretionary items and services will get slaughtered.

      • I refuse to get delivery when we get take away a couple of times a week. Anything I can do to remove earnings away from slumdogs makes me feel better. Also, walking a few hundred meters to the shop makes me feel better too.

    • You have to laugh openly at Kristina Keneally doing her bimbo puppet open border blather.
      She does make a good little puppet.
      Spouting out the new labor party script as the ‘defender of racism’.
      As if illegal & visa breaching migrants are some kind of ‘race..’

      and this is the pathetic labor opposition unifying point.

      And even the ugly highly tainted Tanya Pilbeserk* made an appearance to chime in to the script of “open borders let them all in” & then discrimination against illegal migrants is somehow ‘racist’.

      Now Tanya has been person non grata, banned from any public appearance since being a major factor in the labor election loss.
      So you know it’s a labor party wedge when even Plibeserk & Bill Shorten come out of the party shadows.

      *And let’s not forget that it was Tanya Plibeserk who corrupted $4.5 billion of Australian taxpayers money in the NRAS or the National Rental Affordability Scheme) to not house Australian poor or homeless as intended but instead to house ‘foreign students’.
      How much money did Tanya take as ‘gifts & donations’ from her university/ foreign education and developer cronies and the foreign criminal migrant syndicates.

      Tanya’s excuse? Verbatim “the Australian poor & homeless don’t have any money to pay the rent, but by using Australian taxpayers money to house foreign students – it will free up rental capacity in the market’

      Yeah Tanya – so ‘foreign students stole the Australian jobs by working illegally, and then you put tens of thousands of Australians more on the street as the influx went from 330,000 to now over 712,000 foreign students and partners.
      We now have 116,000 Australian permanent homeless and 360,000 without affordable housing.
      That’s Tanya’s dirty little corrupt effort.

      Albo also appeared to mutter some platitudes.
      As a leading supporter of the Marrickville diversity and the Thai brothel community, he no doubt actively supports more Asian vice workers and Australian taxpayer money being used to house them.

      Meanwhile the Huang Xiangmo – the Chinese bribe payer for the CCP was somewhat perplexed in court as to why he can’t just give the Labor Party bags of cash.

      After all that’s what they have all being doing for years.

      The question no one is asking is:

      ‘What were these bribes buying?’
      It is not hard to figure it out.

      We have 1.3 million Chinese mainland born communists now onshore in Australia.
      1.1 million of these are Chinese China First national sole passport holders.

      Chinese mainland born communists Australia 2019.

      ▪️248,000 as Australian Citizens – early wave old sick useless non assimilating racist & isolationist and a net tax burden. Many leading Chinese communists as the South Guangzhou advance guard.

      ▪️428,000 Chinese mainland born communists as PR – Chinese sole passport holders – but sucking up our welfare & Medicare. Also highly racist, isolationist & non assimilating. They and their offspring have no affinity of identification with being Australian. The Hukou under class exported to Australia to be our welfare & social burden as well as second wave colonists.

      ▪️ 325,000 as TR – almost all are Hukou underclass as China’s empties its tier 1 city slums and exports their misfits and undesirables to the equivalent Chinese slums offshore- here in Sydney & Melbourne, trafficked as vice workers, petty criminals, factory workers, labourers, peasantry being cleansed from China and dumped in any country silly enough to let them in. Our cities a swathe of Chinese or other non Australians non assimilated slums – exact replicas of what they were exported from.

      ▪️135,000 Chinese mainland born communists via the SCV NZ loophole / the bottom of the barrel.. can’t get into Australia, or got kicked out. Then trafficked via NZ, live & work illegally. wait 4 years, get the passport stamp then enter Australia as SCV PR.

      ▪️Or Tourist Visitor visa long stay & permanent stay and just live & work illegally – at least 130,000 Chinese – of the estimated 440,000 total tourist visitors working illegally (5% of 8.8 million yearly – DHA parliamentary submission)
      Plus about 20,000 of the 65,000 Overstayers.

      1.3 million Chinese mainland born communists.

      1.1 million as 🇨🇳China First🇨🇳sole passport nationals permanent & long stay onshore.

      The majority on a pretext visa, or in blatant visa breach.

      ➡️The point here.

      1.1 million of these Chinese mainland born communists can’t vote.

      They aren’t used to voting anyway.

      And they don’t need to vote.

      It’s easier to just ‘buy’ Chinese control of the Labour Party & the Liberals as well.

      And it’s not just the State Political Parties.
      It’s Federal (again both sides – liberal & labor)

      The Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation to stop any chance of a repatriation treaty or ‘sharing of criminal proceeds of crime agreement that China wanted to get as some recovery of the $80 – $90 billion looted out of China and laundered into Australia.

      Or more recently – Chris Bowen and Chris Minns Arte in the spotlight over six-figure donation from Beijing-linked association.

      So here the question.

      What exactly where all the Chinese bribes for?

      What exactly were the 1.1 million Chinese Nationals on Chinese passports in Australia ‘buying?’

      You can guess.
      🔹Migrant trafficking.
      🔹Vice operations onshore.
      🔹Money laundering.
      🔹Foreign students.
      🔹More visas for work / sponsorship.
      🔹Development approvals – Chinese money.
      🔹More visas.

  2. As everybody knows, the ALP are stupid and corrupt agents of the Chinese. Nobody pays attention to anything they say any more.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      I just wish somebody in the Q&A studio audience would have asked Plibersek about her husband’s conviction and nine year sentence for drug dealing. And whether she sees anything wrong with an MP associating with serious criminals.

      • She wouldn’t see any problem because MPs constantly associate with serious criminals…each other. Selling smack to kiddies is nothing compared to the massive damage those cnuts cause to the people of this country on a daily basis as they line their pockets from the public purse.

        • blacktwin997MEMBER

          Sadly you’re probably right. It would be interesting though to see her respond to the question under some public scrutiny, with either the stock standard distracting hissy fit about some offence against her bullsh!t PC worldview, or have a proper Prozac-resistant meltdown on free-to-air TV which is what i’d prefer. Absolute cnuts.

    • +1 The writer is clearly semi-literate. But even that seems good enough for the MB, who may be clutching at straws for their “reduce the immigration” tantrum to be heard. Just look at the title Aussie voters reject Labor’s immigration extremists . Like anyone cares about the voters. The very reason for the Laberal duopoly is to prevent the voters from getting what they want.

  3. Yep. Shd also have never got rid of the white aust policy imo which served us well. As un pc as you can get but its obvious.

    • is it obvious though? What evidence backs it up?
      So what you are saying is we should have 0 immigration from non anglo countries, is that right?

      Srs questions

      • Yes. People only immigrate here regardless of their background because it is a predominantly ‘white’nation still. And yes we should discriminate just like most countries on earth do

      • Why dont we put it to a vote? I know that it would get thru but the corrupt powers that be would never allow that

    • I’m for assimilation which is possible with lower overall immigration numbers, and greater diversity of where migrants are coming from.

      Intermarriage is a good form of ensuring integration and assimilation.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Yeah we need to breed out the trouble here just like the Chinamen are trying to breed out the Uggers by encouraging and rewarding mixed marriages.

      • There is still a lot of violence in the Ukraine.

        Our immigration intake has lacked diversity in terms of the hue of skin tone and gender.

        A lot of Ukrainian women with sub-25 BMI’s would be the a selection, in terms of diversity, our immigration intake could be proud of.

  4. david collyerMEMBER

    Labor’s promise to allow elderly parents to migrate, imposing staggering costs on taxpayers and the health system, was the most stupid thing I ever heard.

    • It’s also why I didn’t give them a #1 or #2 preference vote. I put them #3. I was so appalled at the brain fart I just couldn’t stomach giving them my #1 spot – even though I desperately wanted negative gearing to be canned.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Agree with David and Gavin. Labor were cruising towards my #1 preference until quite literally the single most stupid policy proposal I’ve come across in my adult life. they went right to the back (well, just before Greens who I think are stark, raving mad).

    • It’ll be OK. They’re gonna solve everything with planning. And polycentric cities. That will fix thing.

      I was astounded also, to see that Dr Demography wasn’t on the speaker list. Her mammoth jowls will surely be quivering with outrage at this insult, sending flecks of dried chicken flying in all directions.

      • Come now, you’re much better than fat shaming

        Even if it is funny (when not disease or genetics)

        Ah fk it who am I kidding ! Ante up!

  5. You are right my fiend moar migrants will boost they economy 400,000 at least cause chianmen pick fight with us t
    his will fix thing I hope you understand ps Mr