Morrison Government conceals migrant stampede behind bridging visas

Last year, the Morrison Government announced that it would cut Australia’s non-humanitarian permanent migrant intake by 20,000 to 160,000, in order to “relieve congestion in the cities”.

From the outset, MB labelled this a ‘fake cut’, based on the fact that both temporary migration and net overseas migration (NOM) continues to increase, as illustrated in the next chart:

The dishonesty of this immigration cut was further revealed in the April Federal Budget, which projected rising NOM over the forward estimates, as illustrated in the next table:

In a similar vein, the Federal Budget projected massive population increases of around 600,000 (NSW) and 650,000 (VIC) over the forward estimates, with the lion’s share of this growth to go to Sydney and Melbourne:

Therefore, the Morrison Government’s own projections are for immigration to increase and for congestion to get much worse in the cities.

One of the reasons why NOM has continued to rise in the face of lower permanent migration is because the Morrison Government has shunted migrants onto bridging visas, which are given to those awaiting decisions on their applications for permanent residency.

As shown in the next chart, the number of bridging visas on issue has ballooned from 107,000 in March 2014 to 230,000 as at March 2019 – an increase of 123,000:

Indeed, researchers from ANU and Western Sydney University this week questioned the Coalition’s fake immigration cut via bridging visas:

As of March 31, there were 229,242 people in Australia who held a bridging visa, the highest-ever figure in Australian history. A significant portion of bridging visa applicants are skilled and family migrants, often partners of Australian permanent residents and citizens…

They meet all the legal criteria for migration and are simply waiting for their applications to be processed by the Department of Home Affairs. For example, while there were 28,000 applicants for onshore asylum visas in 2017-18, there were more than 125,000 people holding a bridging visa and waiting for their permanent visa application to be finalised…

Perhaps the primary reason for the so-called “blowout” in bridging visas – as quoted in an ABC article – is simply because more legitimate applications for skilled and family migration are now made in Australia and waiting times for visa processing have increased.

Compare permanent partner visas in 2009-10 and 2017-18. There were about 53,000 applicants for partner visas in 2009-10. And there were 27,000 people waiting in the queue in June 2010.

Eight years later, there were 54,000 applicants for partner visas, but with fewer places available (39,800) and more than 80,000 people waiting in the queue…

A consequence of under-resourcing in the Department of Home Affairs is that the time migrants spend living on bridging visas is increasing as the time taken to process a visa application grows.

Jonathan Granger, director of Granger Australia and a former national president of the Migration Institute of Australia, has described the migration program as “chaotic”, as evidenced by the blow-out in bridging visas:

“The resources available to the department are limited every year by Government, and yet Government rolls out reform agendas that are not well thought through, that require transitional arrangements and require multiple layers of processing against regulations in the same visa areas,” he said.

“The result of those things is significant delays”..

Mr Granger said the program changes and lack of resources meant there were growing numbers of visa refusals that ended up at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The most “chaotic” thing about Australia’s immigration system is not bridging visas, but its sheer size, which is running at roughly triple the historical average:

This is unambiguously creating all manner of problems from chronic infrastructure bottlenecks, to more expensive (and lower quality) housing, environmental degradation, and crushed wages growth.

Instead of manipulating the migration figures with transitional bridging visas, the Morrison Government needs to follow the wishes of the electorate and halve the intake back to historical levels.

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  1. Don’t worry. The bottleneck will be relieved instantly when potatohead privatises the visa processing system. Those wage destroying vibrants will really start to flow then!

  2. Australians urgently need a Great Orator to tell them that their treacherous government is replacing them via massive Third World immigration.

  3. It’s all about the intake quality, not just the volume.

    Perhaps Australia could sustain a high immigration intake – but not of the quality in what’s coming in.

    Now it’s popular for the immigration apologists to scream ‘racism’ at any criticism of the immigration intake.

    But the point that they all miss is that these migrants being trafficked into Australia are the carefully selected absolute low life & useless the third world countries want to get rid of – and dump into the west to be our problem & burden.

    -> And there is your real racism.

    The racism of these countries deliberately exporting their lowlife & useless to countries like Australia for the remittances and to shed that burden from their own country.

    We aren’t getting the best or brightest, the productive or the skilled as migrants.

    We are getting the old, sick, diseased, their unemployable, the vice workers & pimps.
    The misfits, deviants, the war criminals and the anti social and the useless.
    And the amoral & intentionally criminal.

    Our filters and process selects only the absolute bottom of the barrel, those who lie, cheat, steal, participate in the criminal run cash economy, pay the bribes, live & work illegally – only those will be successful in even getting in, and once here only those can make the loan debt repayments to the agent procurer, send back the remittances – only those will be able to secure that PR.

    ▫️1.9 million PR in the last decade.
    93% were unskilled / 79% dependent,
    91% third world non English non western origin. Bleeding our Medicare & welfare system to death. These PR are foreign nationals on sole passports (India, China etc) but somehow able to be given full Australian Medicare & welfare & work rights.
    Fake ID, fake health checks, bribery & corruption.
    An entire Chinese hukou PR underclass (483,000 of them) as Chinese communist nationals – hukou slum clearance sent here to launder in the dirty money, run the vice & criminal underground & live off Australia welfare. $2k in Zhuhao buys an Australian PR.
    The Chinese government actively collaborating with the Chinese criminal syndicates in a literal conveyer belt of transplantation of Chinese 2nd generation peasantry internal illegals in the Chinese tier 1 city slums into the equivalent Sydney or Melbourne Hukuo Chinese slum.

    Same in India or say Bangladesh, Nepal or Malaya.
    750,000+ Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Malay lowlife, petty criminals, social misfits & undesirables exported out as foreign remittances income earners and trafficked into Australia to be our burden.
    Same in the Middle East 400,000 Arab & middle eastern / war criminals / deviants and socially undesirable – exported out to Australia as non assimilating welfare & Medicare burden to join their middle eastern fellows here. To export their problem.

    Our two main cities Sydney & Melbourne are now a patchwork of directly transplanted third world Guangzhou / Mumbai /Cairo / Dacca slums.
    A massive inter generational liability for decades to come.

    -> Our PR intake filters & controls are completely broken & corrupted.

    ▫️2.561 million TR / SCV across all temporary visa categories.
    Where else in the world can the heavily tattooed 34 year old Thai isan bar girl & abandoned mother of 3 kids to different and unknown fathers – enter a country to do a nonsense English & then business studies course – all the while working legally at the brothel (NSW) all cash, no tax paid and have her cousin as a ‘partner’ no English & work full time – stay here for 9 years in visa & COE churn, send back remittances to feed the entire family and then finally secure a PR & bring them all in eventually to suck on Australia welfare & Medicare?
    Tens of thousands of Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian etc end of life vice Workers are all here for that exact purpose.
    They aren’t here for the ‘education’, thats just the alibi.
    Ever wondered why 70% of the Asian foreign students are female. That’s one reason why.

    The Indians, Nepalese, Bangla, Pakistani – 78% males as their woman aren’t to our taste, as Uber drivers, cleaners, service workers, shelf stackers, working 60-80 hours a week at a quarter of the minimum wage – cash no tax fake ID – an $80 billion migrant guestworker illegal onshore black market.

    None of them ‘exploited’. Not ‘vulnerable’.

    Willing participants, lining up, paying bribes in their country of origin to get in on the ‘Australia visa’ racket.
    Fake ID, fake documents, invariably fake health checks by the corrupted overseas agent doctors.

    A TR intake of mostly mature third world adults, almost all unskilled, and on a pretext visa & only here to steal.

    To steal jobs, to steal housing, to lower wages, live illegally in vast fetid migrant slums, to repay agent procurer loan debt & send back remittances.

    To secure a PR & get cash back / loan debt relief as a PR to then sponsor/marry etc the next in line from the third world in chain migration.

    ▫️Plus 440,000 third world unskilled, mostly Indian, Chinese, Malay, Korean, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Middle Eastern on long stay & repeat stay visas. Only here to work illegally often in vice or criminal activity.
    No health checks, totally unchecked once they are in the country. Then off to the appeals tribunal if caught.

    -> 5 million.
    That’s 5 million non citizen migrant guestworkers onshore in Australia with foreign country passports.

    More migrant guestworkers than Gaddafi at his peak.

    86% or 4.3 million non Australian citizens foreign nationals migrants in just 2 cities.
    40% of both cities.

    And you wonder why we have 1.5 million Australians unemployed, 1.1 million seeking work, 116,000 Australian permanent homeless. 360,000 seeking affordable accommodation, filth strewn cities, congestion, infrastructure overload, education quality collapsing 10 places globally, wages declining in real terms, productivity falling…

    Because our successive governments allowed these broken border controls and corrupted visa system to carefully select 5 million third world unskilled amoral non contributing useless migrants to be allowed in.

    Why? Naivety? foreign political lobbyists?, open borders, boom times / share the largesse.
    Or was it the Australian cultural cringe – afraid of being called racist if we insisted on a high quality skilled intake?
    Or a form of foreign aid?,
    multiculturalism, the ethnic vote? (even tho none of the PR/TR/TV can vote),
    Or migrant demand to prop up the housing price bubble that is collapsing anyway, the corrupted education industry profiteering from providing the visa alibi? lowering wages?
    All of the above.


    We could have had the best & brightest from the world including the third world.

    But we got the absolute bottom of the barrel detruis exported & trafficked in by their country into Australia to take advantage of our broken borders & corrupted visa system – those foreign countries taking advantage to dump their social & economic burden into our country to be our problem.
    A $133 billion cash no tax or contribution black market migrant guestworker sub economy today.
    And hundreds of $$ billions in future taxpayer costs in infrastructure, housing, education, welfare & Medicare due to this migrant intake as a future burden on all Australians.

    What needs fixing?
    The intake quality, as well as the volume.

    The Australian people need to petition the Governor General for a Royal Commission into this whole farcical border control & visa system.

    The policy and authority of border control and the visa intake need to be stripped from the government – and placed in the hands of an Australian people’s representative authority.

    And part of that policy is that every non citizen migrant is assessed as to their ability in skills, contribution, morality, assimilation and their immediate & long term social & economic benefit to Australia.
    Validation health checks on all PR as well as onshore for all TR & long stay or repeat stay TV.
    Full identity checks. The Social credit scores & hukou status or equivalent details from their country of origin.
    Biometric tagging & tracking.
    And if allowed in – then full tracking, temporary migrant identification pass and location controls. where do they live, who exactly do they pay rent to & checking.
    Reporting to the police & authorities on a monthly basis on their funds, income & all other activity / on demand.

    Just like say in China or India or most other countries.

    Then we will see a more sensible & productive migrant intake.

      • Yep 🙂 but maybe they should be getting health checks & paying tax.

        Or just have a sex worker visa for the 60,000 or so ‘foreign students’ & ‘tourist / visitors’ as willing participants trafficked in on a visa pretext and decriminalise the industry from the Chinese & Asian vicelords control.
        Not gift them and the extended family PR for their ‘services’.

        Of course the Labor opposition would never agree.

        As Albo says – (how long before the photos of him entering & leaving his favourite Thai brothel in Marrickville are recirculated by his enemies again..)

        “Eh um, eh / the happy ending – all depends on where the story ends”

        And so that’s the ‘happy ending’ for the old used end of life Asian hookers trafficked in – 4 to 9 year student visa alibi, while full time at the brothel, send back the big bucks via XWing, buy the buffalo, build the humpy in the rice fields for the family, get the Aussie PR, bring them all in to suck up Australia welfare & Medicare.

        Where else but Australia would show such gratitude for their contribution?

      • The Government even offers free condoms and free blood tests and free sexual health checks for Asian workers. The doctors and nurses encourage them to come and take advantage of these anonymous services. The pamphlets come in every language you can imagine. Their reason is always that they are scared of immigration. I know exactly what the very obliging ladyboys are scared of – and same goes for the working girls. They won’t do anything like check their genitals out or swab their throats or get a blood test for fear of deportation.

    • The misfits, deviants, the war criminals …

      High-rise Harry Triguboff is a war criminal, but we couldn’t find him to kick in out in the 1950’s. Now he’s Australia’s richest man.

      Many migrants are good for Australia.

  4. A great issue there, for a really tough Shadow Minister for Immigration. Hint: lowest form of wit.

  5. Jumping jack flash

    If you consider the debt, the lifeblood of the new economy that’s crashing faster than ever (because debt isnt free) then cheaper and cheaper immigrants are required to wring the last bit of income growth and therefore debt growth out of the economy.

    The immigrants aren’t stopping, ever. It doesn’t matter what the supreme rulers say, they are guided by forces more powerful than the constituents’ quality of life.

    Its for the greater good.
    The banks must sell their debt and grow the economy.

    Wages can only rise through wage theft in this environment. It isn’t that hard to understand.

    • Spoke last night to a friend who teaches esl at a regional uni who is continually stunned at the still lowering of standards “just when you think standards can’t get lower they do”. Anyway recently she only had 3 students pass, a colleague had none pass and the uni couldn’t pull their marks up no matter how they tried. One teacher with 35 years experience is depressed af. Anyway she said her colleagues talking about their Indian masters students had the following to say: students joke about how bad their marks are (highest mark in a classis 35%), apparently they’re happy to continually fail pay 20K a year in fees for their student visa, earn 35K somehow and 15K is enough to live on and provide remittances back home from a regional nsw uni town

  6. Plebiscite on immigration is the only answer. Let the people decide. Also quotas on countries and equal male female ratios. Wouldn’t mind some German neighbors, good food and beers at our BBQ.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Even if there is a plebiscite, there is no requirement for the Parliament to act on it. Furthermore, they will just say ‘bridging visa holder are not immigrants’, and let them stay on forever..

  7. Any farmer will tell you that that water is the defining factor in how many animals you can have on your “farm”.

  8. Skilled and family migration people on Bridging visas? In prostitution, there are in my experience two thirds of legal workers on a Bridging visa – the others who are legal married clients. How is a hooker a skilled worker? There is absolutely no shortage of females in the world of prostitution – the market is saturated with them. I do not classify the influx of Asian prostitutes as skilled regardless as they perform fellatio without condoms risking everyones’health and often have sex without condoms. They offer no set of skills that an Australian worker cannot safely provide. So why are they here? Family migration? What?!!!! They try to suck every client they meet into providing a PR by marrying them and getting free sex instead of paying. How on earth is Border Force failing to see this?

  9. The hours Asian girls spend waiting around for clients could be spent learning English. Most have zero interest in that. They are not here to study or as a tourist, they are here to get on a Bridging visa that gives them ample time to find a gullible, lonely sex-starved client as a PR. Many of the Asian “skilled prostitute workers” can’t even write in their own language, let alone study English. Yet they are making thousands tax free while spreading untreated STIs and working on nabbing their PR client. Australia – land of the skilled, family hooker.