MB Radio: The delusional election

With less than 3 weeks before the LNP coalition returns power in what looks increasingly like it may be an election landslide, Gunnamatta spoke with David Llewellyn Smith and Leith Van Onselen about the way economic issues have played out in the campaign, the economic backdrop, and the increasing disconnect between the economic outlook and


MB Radio: Housing affordability and politics

With Australia in the midst of a phoney war before an election campaign Leith van Onselen and Catherine Cashmore discuss with Gunnamatta the silence of Australia’s political process (and both sides of politics) on the subject of affordable housing. The discussion ranges over the factors which have created Australia’s extraordinary real estate prices, and the


MB Radio: Demographic headwinds & property

With the Australian economy past a major workers to dependents demographic tipping point, Leith Van Onselen and Catherine Cashmore spoke with Gunnamatta about the implications this has for Australian Real Estate as well as the risks involved for future Real Estate buyers and those already invested.  The discussion also considers the role immigration and negative


MB Radio: A Prime Minister out of touch

Less than six weeks after declaring a “budget crisis” Prime Minister Gillard used a speech to CEDA to attack what she saw as unduly negative press commentary about Australia’s economy. David Llewellyn Smith spoke with Gunnamatta about the economic backdrop to the Prime Minister’s comments, the economic narrative the government portrays, and the increasing disconnect


MB Radio: Future of Australian property special

David Llewellyn Smith, Leith van Onselen, and respected Australian real estate journalist and buyers advocate, Catherine Cashmore, talk with Gunnamatta about where the real estate market currently is, where it has come from, and the factors which will determine where it is going. The discussion explores the role rising real estate prices play in spurring


MB Radio: Capex and rate cuts

Ahead of this Thursday’s release of the Capex spend data for 1Q 2013, David Llewellyn-Smith spoke with Gunnamatta about the significance of Mining Capex as an Australian economic driver in recent years, why it has started to weaken, and the implications for the Australian economy, moving forward, of a declining Capex spend.


MB Radio: The rise and rise of negative gearing

Find below or from our dedicated podcast feed (click the purple icon in the “Follow Us” sidebar to subscribe) a new podcast with Leith van Onselen and Gunnmatta examining recent released tax statistics covering the use of negative gearing in the Australian property market. The discussion is drawn from a much more comprehensive report available