Morrison opens temporary visa flood gates

Late last year, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said she expected at least 200,000 migrant workers to arrive in Australia by July 2022:

“We are working on a figure of 200,000, it may well be more than that but we will be actively looking to bring as many people into Australia as soon as we possibly canKaren Andrews, 22 November 2021.

Today, Scott Morrison has announced plans to flood the nation with temporary migrants to alleviate ‘skills shortages’ (read wage growth) by waving visa fees for ~175,000 arrivals:

The federal government will scrap visa application fees for backpackers and international students in a bid to alleviate workforce shortages and reduce disruption to the supply chain.

Over the next eight weeks, international students who apply to study in Australia will no longer have to pay a $630 visa application fee.
In addition, backpackers who apply to come to Australia will have their visa application fees waived.

Scott Morrison said the new measures will apply to 23,500 backpackers, and 150,000 students who have already applied to come.

“My message to them is: come on down,” he told reporters in Canberra today.

“Come on down now because you wanted to come to Australia, you got your visa, we want you to come to Australia and enjoy a holiday here in Australia, move all the way around the country, and the same time join our workforce and help us in our agricultural sector, in our hospitality sector, and so many of the other parts of the economy that rely on that labour.”

Last month, the Migrant Workers Centre released a report claiming that 65% of temporary visa holders have experienced wage theft.

Migrant wage theft is endemic across the entire Australian economy and often involves migrant employers exploiting their own diaspora. This announcement, alongside other measures recently announced to boost temporary migration, will likely increase exploitation and wage theft, in turn eroding overall wage growth.

Recent opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of Australians do not want to return to pre-COVID levels of immigration.

Australians recognise that the mass immigration program of 2005 to 2020 was managed appallingly and crush loaded everything in sight, resulting in widespread infrastructure bottlenecks across Australia’s major cities and reduced liveability, especially in the migrant epicentres of Melbourne and Sydney.

Sadly, in the unrepresentative democracy of Australia, our politicians, policy makers and media bend the knee to vested interests in the property, business and edu-migration lobbies rather than representing the wishes of the Australian people.

And with it, they have locked in another decade of anaemic wage growth, worsening housing affordability, and declining living standards.

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    • In news just to hand, the Morrison-Albanese Government has been returned comfortably. “We’re big immigration men,” they said. “We must do the same thing as the Howard-Beazley Government agreed in 2005. We will have record levels of immigration to address skill shortages, plus we will make a virtuous commitment to increase local skills training.”

    • no
      because the mass immigration program is what fuels the ‘brown man’ social engineering ideology that is so crucial to the progressive labor party.
      while the coalition continues the long running mass immigration intakes and finds ways to bring in more and moar immigrants to supply their neoliberal ideology, then progressive labor will be silent about reducing immigration.

    • Why? has his replacement confirmed he would not continue with the same policy? Per the last ALP election policy, the only difference is it would be 200,000 + free visas for wives, husbands, parents & grandparents as well….?

      • Gillard put a break of the international student scan as PM. It was literally one of the first things abbot undid as PM.

        Acknowledging the ALP’s shortcomings I would take them in a heartbeat over the scum infesting the government now. I don’t expect perfection but I’ll give them a go.

  1. Ghost of Stewie Griffin

    “Sadly, in the unrepresentative democracy of Australia, our politicians, policy makers and media bend the knee to vested interests in the property, business and edu-migration lobbies rather than representing the wishes of the Australian people.”

    It is almost like we live in an economic zone now rather than a coherent society and nation.

    • Too many moneyed parties working the constant BS blizzard machine for many to see EZFKA.
      I just wish they could.

      • Ghost of Stewie Griffin

        The role of our msm is to ensure that the public never see it.
        Permanent inability to see the answers to the problems they spend every moment promoting.

        • yes
          I’ve been sending emails about immigration with a link to macrobusiness articles, to talk back radio here for a year or more …silence.

      • “almost like”? Aren’t we there yet?

        The role of our msm is to ensure that the public never see it.

        That’s why it’s ‘almost’.

  2. There are also foreseeable spinoff impacts.
    In Perth, covid contact locations include Edith Cowan University library, the Apple Store in town and several “Rub & Tug” “massage” shops around the city, as well as several Asian grill restaurants and the like.
    Surely this can be no coincidence?
    It looks like “students” could be spreading the virus through extracurricular activities.
    Thanks for coming!

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      And don’t forget the French backpackers, they should all be hunted down, tarred and feathered and run out of the state on a railway sleeper !!!!

      • Ha Ha! Yes, it was the original, unvaxed Frenchman who started the ball rolling in WA!
        I see groups of these folks down at the beach. They show little regard for the regulations or for those surrounding them and so many of them smoke tobacco, which presents a real (and smelly) anomaly amongst Australians of that age.

        • There been a bit of biffo involving entitled French surfers around the Margies region of late. Locals have had a gutsfull.

    • I think this shows they aren’t coming back like the government expected. Shows desperation but could be effective.

  3. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    So wages are going up and our healthcare is stuffed during a pandemic…….. Bring more in because our economy is built on legal slavery? Jesus fix the system rather than the patch job please.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      It’s blatant slavery and then there’s self righteous treasonous Twiggy Forest self appointed anti slavery crusader looking the other way for his mates

  4. They sound pretty desperate if they are waiving visa fees. It is unlikely they will get the 200,000 that they want
    1) Covid running rampant here so that is a turnoff if you can’t afford health insurance
    2) Airlines are running a fraction of their pre pandemic schedule so getting an affordable seat is more difficult
    3) We told people to go home in March 2020, so some will be worried about being stuck here if we lockdown again

  5. The anxiety over pace of return tells me there’s foreknowledge of some impending halt to border movement in the coming months.

    I’d suggest the hurry up was an expression of the business interests not having faith in the accomodating LNP government prevailing in the election, but an ALP government presents no threat to the human importation scheme do there’s no urgency required from that quarter.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    As soon as they lay wages growth to rest through the magic of wage theft, the wheels will quickly fall off the debt economy and the debt pile will collapse on itself. 2019 proved that wage theft is inadequate to sustain the debt growth to prevent economic collapse.

    The only way to grow the debt fast enough without changing the rules around debt eligibility is to make debt cheaper, or raise wages. The only way to raise wages is to raise prices, and the only way that can work in an environment of wage theft and stagnant incomes is through effective and targeted government stimulus large enough to boost demand at the higher prices required to raise wages to the point where the debt pile can grow fast enough to become self sustaining – debt growth leads to debt spending, leads to demand, leads to prices growth, leads to wages growth, leads to debt growth, and around and around it goes forever.

    If they stop the debt circus, the whole thing collapses because there’s just too much debt now for the interest to be paid on it without using debt to pay at least some of it, if not all, without affecting demand. If not enough debt can be created to pay at least some of the interest then too much demand will be redirected to debt service and that’s the beginning of the end.

    And if interest rates were to rise while all that was going on, then that would be completely catastrophic.

      • +1, companies have been taking an ever increasing slice of the pie, so they do not need to raise prices, there again in undustries that have got fat on cheap labour they should raise prices to pay a fair wage, if that means less sales or a smaller industry as it makes no economic sense then bring the creative destruction.

  7. How do “students” afford to work so many hours a week while still undertaking a world class degree?

    • The fake students going to low tier universities and vet colleges will be attracted by this. Higher quality students at Go8 won’t.

      It just further exposes what the international student industry really is about.

    • Yeah, something doesn’t fit here. Universities advise all students not to take a full study load if they are working more than 20 hours per week. On the other hand, international students require special permission if they decide to take less than a full-time load (normally, for reasons other than paid outside work). So, what gives? I guess it would be fine for these students to work full time during the summer, when classes are not in session. Maybe that’s what he meant? Anyway, Morrison is just desperate to get the economic numbers up in time for the election.

  8. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Those who already applied and got their visas are getting an application fee refund?? – hoping they will spend on flights?
    Morrison is disasterman

  9. The international students are now allowed to work unlimited hours! This initially was said to be a temporary change (back in October), but it seems from the latest announcements, that it could be permanent. Of course there is no oppsition to this from Labor, media, or unions, in fact Sally McManus was all for it.

  10. I thing the govt is clearly disappointed that the flood they expected hasn’t occurred. Smells of desperation.

    I don’t think the Chinese will be coming back in big numbers. COVID risk is too much with let it rip. They will need to do heavy duty quarantine to get back into China to see family and friends. This will be bad for go8 who are heavily dependent on Chinese students who are also less likely to be lured by the work rights.

    Indians…. No such issues…

  11. Yeah, such a shortage of workers. Local RSL advertises for a PT/Casual Receptionist and picks up over 100 applications in the first day. We so need all those Coolies.

  12. I’m a very disillusioned citizen. I see no alternative than to vote for a non mainstream party or independent at the next election.