Pavlou/Hanson slam double-headed UQ/CCP monster

Drew Pavlou, the University of Queensland (UQ) student facing persecution for standing against the University’s deep China links (see here, here and here), has spoken to Sky News’ Chris Kenny about the UQ’s attempts to imprison him over contempt of court. He also receives support from Pauline Hanson.

Pavlou has also spoken to the Courier Mail:

“I think it’s quite significant that there are nearly 35,000 signatures, and multiple MPs and Senators speaking out on my behalf and it’s been in international news.

“And yet UQ is still going through, they’ve got this partner at MinterEllison to write this huge document explaining UQ’s recommendation to the board that I be expelled.”

Mr Pavlou said on social media the written submission to the disciplinary board on behalf of The University of Queensland “strongly advocates for an outcome of expulsion or suspension for 5 years”…

Mr Pavlou revealed that the University had threatened to take legal action over allegations of contempt of court.

“With this email they’ve accused me without any sort of evidence of having breached my court order with regard to my case against Xiu Jie…. The Chinese Consul General in Brisbane,” he said.

“So my court case against Xiu Jie is ongoing.

“(UQ) has accused me of a serious breach of undertaking and misuse of the UQ email and threatening to commence proceedings in court against me to try and prosecute me for contempt of court…

“That’s a charge that can carry three years imprisonment.

“(UQ) has accused me of a serious breach of undertaking and misuse of emails subpoenaed between Xiu Jie and the university and they have threatened to commence proceedings and prosecute me for contempt of court, something that they are seeking to do to imprison me for three years.”

UQ’s behaviour is an outrageous violation of an Australian citizen’s free speech, egged on, and directed by, CCP agents of influence and the dollars they channel via the international student trade.

The federal government should pull UQ funding until it:

  • clears out China-corrupted management;
  • reduces its dependence on Chinese international students;
  • removes the Confucious Institute from campus,
  • and apologises plus makes reparation to Mr Pavlou.

UQ is operating out on some autocratic limb that is in complete violation with community standards, intellectual principle, democractic rights and national interest policy.

It must be reined-in. Otherwise, freedom of speech and democratic values will be lost.

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  1. Heheh, this is going to look great on Minters – should be plastered all over their website

  2. Shades of MessinaMEMBER

    Jacqui Lambie should get all over this, would give her tons of free publicity

    • Torchwood1979

      Saw this at QUT as well. Because QLD changed starting age for school they knew for years that 2020 would have a reduced 1st year cohort. Rather than require faculties and departments to make small budget cuts and bank that for the inevitable 2020/21 lean years the former top brass (bar one, who left anyway) all kept on spending, taking bonuses and fulfilling their career aspirations before sailing off into comfy retirements in 2017-19

      These people are parasites, sucking any and every teat dry until the inevitable is someone else’s problem.

  3. I’m familiar with some of the (now former) senior administrators at UQ who helped instill the current culture at the university, and just in my opinion they have fomented a culture that is petty, autocratic, replete with empire-building, erstwhile middle-management mediocrities who have a huge sense of self-importance, and who for all intent and purposes act as if they are running a sovereign state. (That their independence from proper oversight is enshrined in planning laws doesn’t help).

    UQ has become a rapacious and arrogant institution, and it is high time their activities were reined in.

  4. Feels like an Asian uni when I go around the great court tbh even the Asians say that

    • Not the point. Here is a young undergrad student who is up against he administrative and legal machine of a university. Callow as he might be, this has long been the nature of students who, in the past, have been encouraged to stand up and fight for what they believe is correct. In this case a university has exposed its base corruption by a cynical overreach deigned to crush a student’s free expression. Previously the university has been the epidemic-centre for protest and radicalism. UQ has removed this fig leaf to reveal its capture by the CCP agenda and corporate alignment.

      This kid needs public speaking lessons far less than UQ needs to be schooled in what universities are for. It is utterly disgusting and repellent and Peter Hoj, who oversees this cesspit, has not been thrown out into the street along with all the CCP toad lickers he has accumulated.

  5. AndynycMEMBER

    I am amused by China’s almost childish tantrums. Imagine if they just bided their time and colonized us without complaint.

    I am very happy at these events!

    • Very good point, I think that the ‘losing face’ is so important to them that they can’t just do it on the quiet, they have to be seen to be in control and winning at all costs all the time. To our benefit thank God! Do you think it will finally wake up the masses though?

      • Treasonous Twiggy

        Funny how they don’t care about us losing face. There mouthpieces have declared us as chewing gum and dogs. Maybe there’s an element of racism against Australians too

        • That’s because only the higher party in the social hierarchy has face to lose. The lower party (us) has no face and is expected to concede everything and suck it up while the higher party has a hissy fit at any chance they get.

          That is why such societies appear orderly, right up until the moment of violent revolution.

    • There it is.

      Had they played The Long Game they probably would’ve ended up as the world’s dominant power. Unfortunately for them, Xi is an arrogant and narcissistic fool who sees himself as A Great Man Bestriding History Who’s Time for Greatness Has Arrived. He just couldn’t wait.

      So dear old Comrade Winnie started throwing his not insignificant weight around. Then the Chinese Plague arrived, and instead of playing it cool he came out swinging with his wolf wankers and other stupid nonsense. Now, nobody likes the Chinese, nobody likes their sh1t and there is pushback all over the world.

      Everybody in the world is suffering due to a Chinese induced clusterfcuk, and Winnie is the Head Chinaman, so he carries the weight of worldwide opprobrium.

      The Chinese won’t become completely irrelevant, but they’re gonna be a lot poorer and weaker and less influential than they expected to be through the 21st century. And that is a Very Good Thing.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Winnie is 66. Maybe he’s like the footy player is his last season knowing he can’t quite keep up but a bit of niggling and a few haymakers will keep his name in lights.

      • China was building itself to step into the global superpower void created by complacent Obama and a dysfunctional Trump but Xi fvcked it by showing the world he’s nothing more than an arrogant deadset fvckwit. So close….so..close.

  6. I hope everyone remembers that there is no legal right to free speech in this country other than a narrow band of so called implied free speech in regards to political matters as ruled on case by case basis by the courts. Of course our politicians have had decades to legislate it or hold a referendum on constitutional changes to enshrine the right to free speech in the constitution or create a bill of rights for the citizens of this country. But citizens having a right to free speech in this country is the last thing our political parties want. Imagine people being aloud to publicly say what they think and the truth about the politicians or megacorporations.. They certainly dont want that. Maybe thats why the china likes this place so much and wants to colonise it by stealth.

    • Correct but it’s not that cut and dry.

      From the Human Rights Commission:

      Constitutional law protection

      The Australian Constitution does not explicitly protect freedom of expression. However, the High Court has held that an implied freedom of political communication exists as an indispensible part of the system of representative and responsible government created by the Constitution. It operates as a freedom from government restraint, rather than a right conferred directly on individuals.

      In Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Wills (1992) 177 CLR 1 and Australian Capital Television Pty Ltd v the Commonwealth (1992) 177 CLR 106, the majority of the High Court held that an implied freedom of political communication exists as an incident of the system of representative government established by the Constitution. This was reaffirmed in Unions NSW v New South Wales [2013] HCA 58.

      While there are no constitutional protections covering free speech, implied freedom of political communication (speech) does exist as an incident of the system of representative government established by the Constitution. Guess it comes down to the definition of political communication.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Even an explicit Constitutional protection for free speech wouldn’t apply in a dispute between two private parties. It’s about your right to “speech” without the Government censoring (/arresting) you, not about your right to say whatever you want about/to some other party without consequence.

    • Yeah, but how long did that take and how much media coverage for the tables to turn????


    Where’s Senator Kennealy?
    This is adjacent to her ‘putting Australians first’ position.
    Drew’s fight is not just the local Uni; it”s also with the A Gov’t for policies that *permit” this behavior to flourish.
    “Stop the sell-out!”

  8. But hey, as part of our recovery plan, we should through open the doors to unlimited domestic places and funding for institutions just like this….. what could go wrong?

  9. Fascist China

    China is turning into the psycho ex of the world politics and trade. Thank goodness they dropped the facade now not 10 years from now.

  10. Can another uni offer him a place and give him RPL?

    Would be a publicity boon, I’d have thought

    And where is Karen Keneally and Jacquie Lambie on this?

  11. Mining BoganMEMBER

    These university leaders need some short, sharp meetings with large, quick-tempered men. Once society breaks down….and it is clear that it has broken down at UQ…confrontagis the only way forward.

  12. Maybe they should put together a list of UQ alumni so they can be contacted over whether they will still give money to UQ over this. The higher profile alumi the better.

    • PlasterMEMBER

      Yes, who could support that apostate Hoj.

      In times of war he’d be standing in front of a wall.

      Actually, that seems to be where we’re heading.

  13. This is a sad indictment of the corruption the CCP have infected us with. Why would any Australian actually want to study at UQ? F^ck that. I hope Drew comes out the other side a success story in the game of life. He seems like a top guy about whom all Australian’s should be very proud.

  14. robert2013MEMBER

    If nothing changes at UQ I think we will all have to draw different conclusions about what the community’s standards are in this economic zone.

  15. Stuff pulling money, withdraw all accreditation now. It should be forceably closed unless there is a management and purge of the governing council and anyone involved in this sordid saga.

  16. freedom of speech and democratic values – ha what? 1. we dont have a constitutional BOR in AUs so no right to free speech as to the second ….