University cuts ties with Indian international student scammer

Last year, the Department of Home Affairs deemed student visa applications from India as “high-risk”, thereby requiring applicants to demonstrate higher English-language proficiency as well as prove greater capacity to support themselves financially once arrived in Australia.

These changes came amid an explosion in student visa applications from India, alongside a surge in visa rejections by the Department of home affairs.

Several Australian tertiary institutions quickly responded by capping Indian student admissions, as well as cancelling existing confirmation of enrolments.

Now Murdoch University has joined the fold, cutting ties with an Indian student agency after it was found to have engaged in fraud:

On Friday, Murdoch University confirmed it had terminated its contract with a major recruiter of Indian students, Overseas Education and Career Consultants. The Punjab-based company has offices in Australia.

The termination follows an Indian media report that OECC had been accused of fraud by Indian authorities and had its migration licence cancelled.

The Times of India reported in December that the deputy commissioner of Ludhiana in the north Indian state of Punjab had acted against OECC “after they were found to be committing fraud with people on the pretext of sending them abroad”.

This undoubtedly strengthened Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turk’s defence against Murdoch University, which is suing him for last year criticising Murdoch’s student recruitment standards on ABC’s Four Corners.

Dr Schroeder-Turk claimed that Murdoch University had badly lowered entry and teaching standards in a bid to dramatically expand its international student base (and fees), particularly from India. And this had resulted in many students with inadequate English being “set up for failure” and failing courses in higher than normal numbers.

Dr Schroeder-Turk’s accusations were subsequently been proven by the changes to the Department of Home Affairs’ risk ratings, alongside Murdoch’s cancelling of its contract with Overseas Education and Career Consultants (both mentioned above).

Accordingly, Murdoch University announced yesterday that it would drop the financial claim against Dr Schroeder-Turk:

Be grateful for small mercies.

Leith van Onselen


  1. It would have been much better, both for the professor and this country, if this went to court
    this way, all universities will just continue doing same thing

      • The BystanderMEMBER

        Pro bono support perhaps? And if the unis win, well, surely it would cause such a public outrage that the government would be forced to reform the system so that administrators can’t keep destroying themselves?

      • I’m sure he would get free legal support of some kind … and clearly his case is so easy to defend …
        if it wasn’t they would just not give up so easily

        this is a classic case of intimidation

  2. John Howards Bowling Coach

    You won’t find any Chinese companies discovering fraud in their applications for migrants and student studying abroad, because most of them are either directly or indirectly state owned, therefore tey couldn’t possibly be up to no good…

    • Chinese are smarter than that. They send their second tier students to rip off the IP created through university research programmes. Indian’s only trade one sh1t hole for another.

  3. What a puerile staff announcement. If this is the sort of Orwellian spin that Murdoch’s academic staff have inflicted on them it speaks volumes about the cultural decline at this university. In truly gutless corporate lexicon it proposes that ‘The University’ is a person: upholding principles; defending itself and acting in a ‘spirit’ of reconciliation.

    In reality, a small cohort of managers took a course that they are too spineless to put their name to.

    This is the core of the corporate pathology – take highly inflated salary and performance payments to run a corrupt and immoral business model then hide behind the imprimatur of the institution and add a pinch of victimhood when it implodes.

    Nay. Let’s see who was behind this disgusting action of bullying. The very fact that some corporate goon is trying to define the universities financial interests as the greater good is very concerning. What it does not mention is that the same people tried to push Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turk from his position so that he had no recourse other than legal action to remain in a position to defend his views.

    This is worse than a tobacco company suing a board member for going public about cigarettes causing cancer; tobacco companies are not funded by the taxpayer.