80% of NSW voters oppose more population

By Leith van Onselen

While NSW’s politicians continue to fight a phoney war over Sydney’s ‘overdevelopment’, while ignoring entirely the mass immigration causing the said development, NSW voters have delivered another damning indictment.

Yesterday, a Newspoll survey revealed that 80% of voters in NSW do not want the state’s population to increase, with majority support across all three major political parties:

Of course, you can add this result to the conga-line of recent opinion polls calling for lower immigration, including:

  • Australian Population Research Institute: 54% want lower immigration;
  • Newspoll: 56% want lower immigration;
  • Essential: 54% believe Australia’s population is growing too fast and 64% believe immigration is too high;
  • Lowy: 54% of people think the total number of migrants coming to Australia each year is too high;
  • Newspoll: 74% of voters support the Coalition Government’s cut of more than 10% to the annual permanent migrant intake to 163,000 last financial year;
  • CIS: 65% in the highest income decile and 77% in the lowest believe that immigration should be cut or paused until critical infrastructure has caught up;
  • ANU: Only three out of 10 Australians believe the nation needs more people.

With all three major political parties endorsing the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy, never before have Australia’s politicians been so out of touch with the electorate.

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  1. I don’t know how many of the survey respondents actually understood the question but by my reckoning 55+25=80% oppose more population.

  2. Where is Stephen Morris?

    I lost faith in democracy when Jacinda did a Gillard. What a crazy system. No consequences for lying.

    In 1989, centrist Carlos Andrés Pérez (1922–2010) was elected President, and though he had promised to oppose the United States government’s Washington Consensus and the International Monetary Fund’s policies, he opposed neither once he got into office, following instead neoliberal economic policies supported by the United States and the IMF, angering the public.

    Holy cow! That is exactly what happened when we voted for Gillard and Jacinda!

    By 1376, serious cracks were showing in this system. Parliament was being used by the king and the richer landed gentry as a means of keeping the common people under control.

    642 years later, the rich still control parliament but they now have the added benefit of the plebs being disunited.

  3. HadronCollision

    LNL the night before had a bloke talking about Spain and he said something about us not having an immigration problem. Rrrrrrrigjt

    • Nup, 64 + 16 = 80. Coalition OTOH, 58 + 28 = 86… I’m totally not sure what to make of that, other than “no wonder ON is going gangbusters”

  4. Witnessed a bit of vibrant vs aussie native commotion on the train this morning due to an invasion of personal space. I can see this happening more and more as Sydney Trains tries to cram more people on over loaded trains.

    Buckle up Buckeroos!

      • And lets not forget spending a few billion dollars to knock down some football stadiums so that they can be replaced with football stadiums. Bread and circuses.

      • Metro is the right thing to do. It takes the Bankstown Line out of the city circle which will do wonders for reliability. Taking Bankstown out of the city circle also allows more services on the Inner West and Airport Lines. Yes, I have connections to transport planning so I know what I am talking about.

        Berejiklian is currently doing signalling upgrades to T4 Illawarra, more planned for T8 Airport. That should boost capacity across the network a lot. They already upgraded signalling and power to the lower North Shore Line to allow trains every 3 minutes from Chatswood to Penrith to support the metro line.

      • That isn’t why they’re dong it. Metro is a gigantic property development scam, not a public transport project. Trains every two minutes to the Hills? Where are they going to get the people from to justify that? Import them from overseas and stuff them into high rise above and around every station. Libs let the rest of the network run down deliberately and dismembering stations from it a little at a time to make it less useful.

      • Well I would agree if population was stable. But at our extreme growth, metro and transit-oriented development is the way to go. Obviously that means heavy development around stations, would you rather them build high rise in but-fudge nowhere?

    • It is bad enough that the people are crammed in, but made worse when there is a load of New Australians speaking rather loudly in foreign languages and or have no train etiquette (waiting for others to clear the train before boarding etc).

      • The NRL might have outlawed the shoulder charge but its had a mass resurgence in use when exiting cityrail services

      • I always love a good middle aged Aussie lady huffing and puffing when a smelly new arrival sits next to her, nice and close. It’s extra good when they let out an ‘EXCUSE ME!’ then turn away from the offender with a scowl. Maybe the new arrival got a little too close?

        One of the better parts of my day is standing on the train and getting a few shoulder bumps in. I don’t discriminate though. I’ll push anyone from any background. The ones with the phones are my bread and butter.

      • Exiting the train in peak hour at any major station in Sydney now requires aggression. The punters are primed to board the moment the doors open.
        No quarter is asked and none can be given.
        I put it down to people’s desperation for a seat for their 50 minute train trip home where standing in the vestibule gives an insight into the live cattle trade.

      • I’ve abandoned pretence at politeness, and will simply tell people now “get out of my ***ing way” if they swarm the doors when I’m trying to get off.

  5. With all three major political parties endorsing the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy, never before have Australia’s politicians been so out of touch with the electorate.

    I wouldn’t characterise it like that. It implies that our rulers are unaware of what the people of the country want, and I don’t think that’s how it actually is. They are not unaware or uninformed, they are corrupt and/or deluded. On one side we have the paid shills like Morrisson and his foul crew who are doing the bidding of big business because profit. On they other side we see the loony open borders SJW nutters in the ALP and Greens who are pursuing their insane and self-righteous agenda because they know that flooding the country with low skilled workers and tribes of savages is best for us, no matter how much we protest.

    So for different reasons neither group of representatives is actually representing the will of the Australian people. And it’s not because they are uninformed or out of touch.

    I like to think of ’em as corrupt and deranged traitors. I hope the eventual reckoning that they so richly deserve comes in my lifetime.

    • Unfortunately, the reckoning will come for the third world transplants amongst us, before it comes for the traitors.

      People will lash out at the easiest target first as things progressively get worse. It won’t be until we are completely ruined will we then look to execute the traitors that got us in this mess.

      • Correct. It will start small and get worse with increasing social friction. We’ll see more and more frequent examples such as JKlompus’s comment above about a bit of ethnic train aggro today. There’s gonna be a lot more of that. Expect peak hour commuter brawls at train stations for example as frustrations boil over.

        The people who are responsible for inflicting this on us for profit or ideology don’t understand the consequences of what they are doing. They think it will all turn out well, at least for them. It won’t.

  6. “More than one in two NSW ­voters have backed population in the state to remain at current ­levels, according to an exclusive Newspoll. The survey found 25 per cent of voters support slashing population rates, 16 per cent are in favour of increasing them and 55 per cent want them to remain as they are” The Australian

    I read that as 71% are in favour of today’s rate or more. Who could know with The Australia?

    Data doesn’t match The Australian text.

  7. Less people is good for the environment. So this poll shows that by accident or design, Coalition voters are more environmental than Greens voters. Underlines what a joke the Greens party has become.

  8. I had a stoush on Mardi Gras weekend with two homophobic recent import uber drivers. I was pissed in both senses of the word… so my friends saw a rare glimpse of my true colours on immigration.

    Today’s migrant attitude is entitlement. They’re not thankful for being here like previous generations, there’s little respect, they think they deserve to be here. It makes me sick. You should feel previleged we let you stay – I blame the immigration policy being too open and accepting any Tong, Dip or Harish.

    • Former generations of immigrants came to make a life and settle here. Current crops isn’t like that. They are more akin to tourists. Most are on temp student visas anyway. Dumb spoilt rich kids mummy and daddy have shipped overseas.

  9. Self-proclaimed demography expert ‘Dr’ Liz Allen isn’t happy. Trying to spin this as a failure of comprehension on behalf of respondents, also attempting to imply they may have thought the question was referring to rate of population growth. Desperate stuff.

  10. This is the reason I pulled the pin and voted number 1 for that filthy disgusting slug Latham. And that was after his reprehensible statement about DNA testing for Indigenous people. He is a piece of sh!t.

    But scorched earth people, scorched earth.

    There is no other way forward now.

    • I live in Canberra so there are not too many Aborigines, they mostly work for Federal govt agencies associated with assisting Aborigines.

      What I find amusing is that most people living in the caravans forming the Aborigines Embassy on the lawns in front of old Parliament House are full time white occupants. I very much doubt most of them have any Aboriginal ancestry, but they would be funded under some of the Aborigines assistance programs.

      A scam is a scam and while I agree that if somebody appears to be of Aboriginal ancestry then no DNA testing is warranted but otherwise its clearly a necessity in this age of rorting the system to the max.

      I do not know why young HnH (and others) got so hot under the collar from Latham’s sensible proposal (which may need some modification). More than 10 years ago I read about the way the system was being rorted by non Aborigines who had obtained some sort affiliation with them (whites and Pacific islanders, including Maoris – it is not a new problem. In 1995 there was a young guy with light brown hair and blue eyes who got preferred treatment in my Commonwealth Department (which had nothing to do with Aboriginal assistance) because he claimed part Aboriginal ancestry – I think the story was he admitted he was less than 10% Aboriginal – the legitimate question is at what point are they not being disadvantaged?

      But I agree that curtailing immigration is of a much higher priority matter.

  11. sydboy007MEMBER

    I hope those who participated in the polling took measures to ensure their identity remained secret.

    Big Australia is watching and it will ensure the continued dominance of capital and rent seeking over the consumer worker.

  12. SchillersMEMBER

    Yep. 80% do not want any further increase in the population of NSW. As there is a natural increase in the resident local population every year (more births than deaths) it follows that 4 out of 5 voters want NO MORE immigration.
    Which part of NO MORE do politicians not understand? Why are “the people” being consistently ignored?

  13. “55% of voters in NSW do not want the state’s population to increase, with majority support across all three major political parties”

    The Greens/Libs/Lab will just them to go and “eat cake”‘