Migrants take 95% of jobs created since 2011

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By Leith van Onselen

Following Fairfax Media’s explosive revelations about widespread fraud and rorting of Australia’s skilled migration program, Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, has demanded that his department provide him with an urgent report. From The SMH:

Mr Morrison said on Thursday he was as serious about stopping visa fraud as he was about stopping the boats and conceded that fraud in Australia’s visa program could be costing Australians jobs.

…the integrity of Australia’s visa and migration programs was “incredibly important”…

“The skilled migration program is two thirds of our permanent migration program…it’s an important program for Australia too, to have a proper skilled migration to Australia which has a process with integrity and that people don’t rort it.”

Well, he better hurry, because the SMH has another story that will not please the punters:

Immigration experts Dr Bob Birrell and Dr Ernest Healy have obtained fresh Australian Bureau of Statistics information showing that 380,000 arrivals to Australia since 2011 had found jobs. But over the same period, net job growth in Australia was only 400,000.

…Confidential Immigration Department documents obtained by Fairfax Media reveal that many of those foreign workers who have gained permanent residency in Australia through skilled migration programs are likely to have first arrived as students in suspected fraudulent international education schemes operating between 2006 and 2010.

Given these revelations, along with the Department of Employment reporting that skills shortages are at an “historic low”, and today’s poor employment report showing Australian unemployment at 12 year highs, surely the whole rationale for 457 visas needs to be re-examined? Moreover, shouldn’t the Government abandon its plan to loosen 457 visa requirements?

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Leith van Onselen


  1. Between the fraud and the unemployment rate, eventually he’s not going to have a choice. When everyone knows someone who’s been made redundant, only to be told of someone of a 457 doing the same job a week later, the pressure is going to be irresistible.

    • Strange Economics

      The BCA, chaired by a Telstra (big outsourcer and 457 employer) representative has been lobbying the wrong ministers. Clearly Morrison doesn’t understand that they are meant to replace local applicants.
      The BCA have lobbied for lower minimum wages (via 457 staffing and work-for-the-dole) to the finance ministers.
      Scott Morrison might just ban 457s , as there is no reason for them in most skills, except to accept lower wages and replace graduate positions- e.g. IT, accounting, nursing, building, …!
      After all, there are no shortages of applicants waiting in the unemployed lines.

      • Yep, too true.

        With just about every one of my colleagues knowing someone who has been made redundant, only to be replaced by a 457, and this becoming an increasingly talked about issue among my colleagues, it’s only a matter of time before they release what the Abbott and co are doing to their livelihoods.

        I’d like to see how Abbott would feel having to work 3 years without a pay rise thanks to the threat of 457 replacements at anytime. Or dealing with a 457 enabled redundancy for that matter.

        Loosening the 457 cap on companies and removing immigration regulation at this precarious time. Wonderful policy. F$#king prick

      • Or dealing with a 457 enabled redundancy for that matter.

        My whole argument boils down to if the LNP don’t fix their immigration policy fast, they will all be dealing with 457 enabled redundancies.

        Stop the boats isn’t going to cut it next time.

      • St JacquesMEMBER

        Australians have had it good for a long, long time. You have to go back to the depression and world war years to know real suffering. The result of so many decades of good times is that we have become blasé and apathetic, taking it for granted that things will become better over time while the ground is being undermined under our own feet We need people to become angry if there is to be any real push for change.

      • Kharn,

        Getting Angela Merkel in as PM on a 457 visa has a great deal to recommend it.

        You cannot dispute the fact that there is a critical shortage of competent people for that position at the moment.

        Statsailor, given that more people seem to be rorting 457 visas than ever arrived by boat, that seems to be a safe bet.

  2. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Good points, but lets think about things the government should do re….

    457 Visas
    Budget Outlays
    Taxation concessions
    Lower AUD
    Economic Policy

    And what is it doing about any of them – either nothing or ramming ideology down the policy chute?

    They cant act to implement good policy on any of these at the moment largely because they have to go through the process of defending their thought bubbles of the past as well thought out policy positions, and then stashing these – and PPL is a good example – somewhere where the public can forget about them. Beyond that their favoured tactic seems to be to deprive the public of awareness of them through banning media coverage – refugees.

    That said, is it just me or is the ALParatchik side of the house devoid of anything of substance to say about anything at the moment?

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      That said, is it just me or is the ALParatchik side of the house devoid of anything of substance to say about anything at the moment?

      Politically, why would they do anything except let rage against the Liberals continue to build ?

    • That said, is it just me or is the ALParatchik side of the house devoid of anything of substance to say about anything at the moment?

      The ALP brass are taking the Abbott small-target strategy to all new extremes. The formula worked so well for Abbott pre-election, they can’t help but follow it.

      Now the question is, will three-word-slogans still be as effective by the time the next election gets here? Or will the ALP have to pick some other lowbrow device to push their ‘message’?

  3. The LNP’s paymasters want cheap labour, so no, the program to import this cheap labour will not be affected.

    • Even people who read the Daily Telegraph get a tad tetchy when they lose their jobs, and discover that the government they voted in has made it near impossible to receive assistance during unemployment.

      “Stopping the boats” becomes meaningless even to those who were fooled the first time when the jobs it was supposed to protect go anyway.

      EDIT: To put it another way, the LNP’s paymasters prefer the LNP stay in power. Just ask 3d1k. Some parts of the program are likely to need to be jettisoned or adjusted for the greater good.

  4. JunkyardMEMBER

    It’s classic misdirection.

    Boats boats boats, looks at all them boats. Must stop the boats.

    Never mind all those planes full of 1000’s. Nothing to see there. Move along.

  5. johnathonbbbrown

    The 457 fraud has been known to me for years. Anybody with a bloody brain should have been able to see it. So is the foreign student coming here to “study”. Absolute crap, they are all getting in the door and staying. “Students” get in and them immediately start driving trucks for Woolies etc. Most don’t study anything. They have NO other intention but to stay here.

    • +1 Almost every role I’ve been in during my (short) IT career to date has been passed on to a 457/offshore outsourcer. I don’t mind the change every 6-24 months but really it is ridiculous that the Aussie population don’t have first preference for a job in their own country.

      All I can hope for is that jail time and criminal records taint those who abused this, and the loopholes closed off immediately.

  6. This sounds more like a beat up because the left’s voters and their jobs are finally getting a taste of their own medicine? We need more detail.

    They tuk er jerbs!

    Fairfax’s market is the I hate Abbott crowd at the moment so theyll come up with whatever they can to make them look bad. Conveniently overlooking that Labor invented big Australia and are just the same in this area.

    Wake me up when y’all want to stick together and vote SPP instead of just wanting protectionism for yourselves and globalisation and annihilation for the people you don’t like.

    • At least for Fairfax’s sake the ‘I hate Abbott’ market is actually growing.

      Credit where credit’s due:

      Howard invented big Australia. But yeah, KRudd was an enthusiastic supporter. Both sides are crap.

      • Yeah they’re both big Australia. But there’s no doubt a lot of people from the left very much deserve a taste of their own medicine and a few hundred k brown people in their workforce.

        Big Australia would be a lot better if we could destroy the nimbys. Bring Turnbull on and get things moving.

    • They tuk er jerbs!

      It’s really not that simple. As the articles show, there are professions on the skilled migration list that simply shouldn’t still be there given the dearth of local qualified unemployed. It’s a matter of our Government (in particular dept of immigration) not enforcing its own rules and procedures.

      • I know it isn’t. I’m just parroting what lefties used to say when someone they don’t like has their jerb tuk. Adding deep insult to injury.

        Sometimes the dearth of local people is due self entitlement. For instance 40k unemployed teachers in NSW, yet a shortage of STEM teachers. So no doubt the lefts solution to that is to import so many people so that new schools are needed so these arts teacher morons can have a job.

        Immigration has mostly become a weapon.

        Even one of mass destruction if you like.

      • I would have expected that only a few people able to teach humanities subjects would have had the maths/ science ability to teach STEM, so struggling to see where self-entitlement comes into it.

        By qualifying as teachers, they’ve already conceded the limited practical value of their 18th Century Russian Literature major, after all.

    • In a sense Bb, but what is most irritating is the bullish&t from all the parties and the department. It is absolute common knowledge in the industry (and the department) that the 457 visa is a migration scam closely associated with the population ponzi. It was when i joined a firm 10 or so years ago and has got worse since then.

  7. Where’s Pauline when you need her? Can’t wait for her wavering little voice to stoke the fires again – nnnnooott!

    • 🙂 the only visa worth keeping.

      Just put an advert in the local rag for a “lying cheating propertied up patsy willing to do anything to keep themselves on the teat” throw away the local responses and bingo, you’ve met the requirements for a 457 (political) visa.

  8. Ha Ha Ha!

    Boy this hit the fan pretty quickly! They table 457 visa changes and the job data comes in bad!

    All you can really do is laugh, after over decade of 457 loosening for economic stimulus, the odds were it was bound to happen one day.

  9. What about that wonderful TV show where they took jerbs or something?

    Doesn’t that prove that there is no shortage of jobs and everyone is racialist?

  10. First I think better data is required; and second, given our low unemployment rate (by global standards) during this period immigration was likely key to fulfilling skill shortages – and let’s not forget our cousins across the pond flooded the nation over this time, so all in the family 😉

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      …..more importantly lets not forget that private debt to disposable income levels in Australia are circa 150%.

      Lets keep it all on the right side of the bank NPL ledgers….

    • F*ck Off 3 dingos 1 kangaroo…..

      “….during this period immigration was likely key to fulfilling skill shortages………”

      We never had a real shortage of skills to start with you moron…..go ask anybody under the age of 25 how easy it has been to get a job over the last 5 years or so.

      Skill shortage my arse………..

  11. bolstroodMEMBER

    The Cuzzes are streeming back across the Dutch in their tens of thousands. Things are looking up in NZ.

  12. Yeah i think this statistic is inflamitory at best. Just think of all the work created for the existing population when all these people came to buy up those crappy things we call houses.

    • St JacquesMEMBER

      I spent a fair bit of time in a country like that once, back in 2006. Sunny place, fine food, everyone seemed really happy, hundreds of thousands immigrants were pouring in each year, heaps of foreign investors, apartments and houses and freeways were going up everywhere. The economy was absolutely roaring, even the government was rolling in surpluses.

      Everyone, local and foreign, assured poor, skeptical me that this was the new paradigm and to jump in before I missed out. Poor sod was I.

      Now what was the name of that magical kingdom? Ahh yes, I remember now, like a far away dream, Spain.

  13. Quite a coincidence isn’t it, the Department of Immigration not policing immigration applications properly and the FIRB not policing foreign purchases of residential property, and both the labor and liberal governments of the day doing anything about it. Big Australia is just one big fraud on the Australian people.

  14. The premise of the 457 visa was to lower wage costs.
    Widespread fraud simply means its working better than planned.

    • St JacquesMEMBER

      It’s working exactly as they, the Big End of Town minions, intended.

      Combine that with other special visas and the crush of immigration and foreign students and the plan to crush the average Australian into servitude to the Big End of Town is working out just as they secretly hoped.

      And this is only the beginning boys and girls.

      The only way to stop this is to organize, protest and shove back hard, really hard. And that will only happen if we all become angry.


  15. All these houses will be bought by foreigners who will eventually buy a PR here, so they will be Aussies!

    • flyingfoxMEMBER

      Good luck with that theory. At current prices, very few will be able to ever pay off their home unless we have major wage growth going forward.

      People can’t say a decent deposit until they are in the mid 30s.

    • I think the experience of the Canadians, is being ‘Canadian’ is the last thing on their foreigners minds who purchase PRs there.

  16. I arrived to Australia on a genuine 457 visa few years ago. My skillpool and experience is rather rare and I do not mind if Australia will get more people with a similar features across the industries.

    Now I am unemployed and applying for jobs overseas:
    A) Europe – recruiters say that it is extremely difficult to get a job without EU work permit: they take almost unskilled, but Europeans.
    B) USA – similar to Europe
    C) Singapore -they say you should speak Mandarin. This is another type of passport restrictions in favour of Chinese market.

    So everyone is protecting labour market. 3 years ago I was getting at least 1 call from recruiters inviting me somewhere in Europe, Singapore or Middle East. These days it is NONE. They say companies do not want to deal with immigration as processes became too hard to get a visa, so they prefer locals, even though they can not add event 30% of value I can add.

    Why Australia is behind everyone in this job competition? The education base is great in Australia. People are smart. Living standards, climate etc are much better than anywhere else. So I suggest RESIDE policy for residents:
    – Retrain
    – Educate
    – Support those who retrain
    – Incentify
    – Develop
    – End long Centerlink allowances

    After school hours shall be free for working mums. Australian women are very disadvantaged comparing to those in USA (illegal Mexican babysitters), Europe (Western European babysitters on below min salary), Singapore (absolutely legal poor Philippino maids), Middle Eastern (babysitters, maids and drivers on $300 per month on 6 days a week 12 hours working days). Ozzy women has NONE of this. Australia shall choose how to compete with other economies on labour.