Farm lobby demands visa slaves as Aussies banned from travel

While Aussies are banned from travelling freely around the country, Australia’s farm and tourism lobbies have hatched a hare-brained scheme to fly backpackers into Australia to pick fruit and mind children: Backpackers prepared to pick fruit or work as au pairs could become the exception to Australia’s inbound travel ban under a pilot proposal by


More proof high immigration stifles productivity

The Centre for Future Work has released a new report showing that Australia’s “pace of automation is lagging behind other industrial nations”: Startling new research from the Centre for Future Work has shown that Australia’s economy is now regressing in its use of new technology, with negative implications for productivity, incomes, and job quality. The


How population ponzi destroyed Melbourne’s quality of life

As we know, Melbourne has been the biggest recipient of the ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration policy, with its population growing by around 50% since the beginning of this century: Yesterday’s article from The Conversation says a lot about the diminution in quality of life experienced in Melbourne where the mantra has been growth at all


Unions justified in opposing exploitative working holiday visas

Australia’s union movement has called on the Morrison Government to axe working holiday maker visas: The Australian Workers’ Union, the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association and the Transport Workers’ Union have formed an alliance, calling for an urgent end to the working holidaymaker visa. In a submission to a federal review of the farm


Lower immigration is no economic disaster

Australia’s net immigration is forecast to have totalled 168,000 in the year to 30 June, compared with 239,600 in the previous calendar year. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has indicated that COVID-19 restrictions may see net immigration fall to only 36,000 in 2020-21. This would result in the nation’s annual population growth falling to 0.7 per


Australia’s population to swell regardless of COVID-19

A group of researchers have modelled the impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s future population. They find that Australia’s population will still swell to nearly 32 million people by 2040 even if immigration “plummets to zero in 2020-21 and takes eight years to return to the long-run average”: Our new modelling shows that under a worst-case scenario, Australia


Farm lobby demands more migrant slaves

One would have thought that the global COVID-19 pandemic, the effective closure of Australia’s international border, and mass unemployment would have dampened calls from business lobbies to import cheap migrant labour. Not so, with National Farmers Federation telling a Senate inquiry that it wants streamlined arrangements to make it easier to import migrant workers: Agricultural


Unemployed temporary skilled visa holders must return home

SBS News continues to shill for unemployed temporary migrants on ‘skilled’ visas, demanding they be given welfare support from Australian taxpayers and easier access to jobs: Some unemployed temporary visa holders are facing a double whammy of being ineligible for government assistance during the coronavirus pandemic and facing hurdles in being able to work for


MB Radio: A podcast of gloomy disposition

  With the sheer enormity of the COVID19 pandemic’s economic impact only starting to dawn, David Llewellyn Smith and Leith Van Onselen spoke with Gunnamatta on the major forms the shock has taken through the Australian economy.  Over the course of about 75 minutes (3 parts) they cover the ugly numbers and the dynamics across


More proof international education is an immigration scam

One year ago, a group of academics released research showing that international student graduates on temporary (485) visas were struggling to find jobs in their field, with many being either underemployed in low-skilled jobs or unemployed. However, because these international students perceive that the graduate (485) visa represents a pathway to permanent residency, they continued


PC is wrong: Mass immigration left ‘lost decade’ of young workers

In argued earlier this week that “what has already been a lost decade is turning into a lost generation” for younger Australians. Now the Productivity Commission (PC) has picked up on the theme, showing that the real average annual disposable income of Australian workers in the 35-64 age group increased by 1.4% the 10 years


Migration Council chief demands lower wages

For years Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group and Migration Council of Australia Chair, Innes Willox, has lobbied against laws to prevent wage theft, lobbied against stricter labour hire rules, has spread copious propaganda about skills shortages, and has lobbied for mass immigration. Now Willox is complaining that Australia’s minimum wage is too high,


Migrant groups demand JobKeeper for temporary visa holders

As expected, migrant groups have slammed the exclusion of temporary visa holders from JobKeeper 2.0: The Migrant Workers Centre’s director Matt Kunkel said their fears many migrants could face destitution had been realised with community groups seeing a surge in temporary visa holders requiring support. “This government seems intent on forcing temporary visa holders into


Farm lobby demands migrant work visa slaves

One would have thought that the global COVID-19 pandemic, the effective closure of Australia’s international border, and mass unemployment would have dampened calls from business lobbies to import cheap migrant labour. Not so, with National Farmers Federation president, Fiona Simson, this week demanding “streamlined” regulations to make it easier to import migrant workers: “The cost


Magnificent Jacinda Adern drops hammer on temporary work visas

New Zealand’s Adern Government has taken the sensible step of restricting temporary visa numbers to ensure that foreign labour does not compete against unemployed New Zealanders: Both big and small companies are scrambling to hang on to their workforces, with thousands of temporary resident visas set to expire all at once…. There were about 350,000


Unions demand JobKeeper for temporary migrants

Luke Hilakari, secretary of the Victorian Trades Hall, has called on the Morrison Government to extend JobKeeper and include temporary migrant workers: “Now more than ever it’s crucial that JobKeeper is extended beyond the arbitrary September cut-off date. It should also be expanded to include all migrant and casual workers who have been locked out,”


Abul Rizvi: Australia won’t meet immigration forecasts for a decade

Abul Rizvi – former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Immigration and one of the architects of Australia’s faux ‘skilled’ migration program – has again warned that Australia won’t meet its lofty net migration targets for a decade: Even before the coronavirus hit, net migration was lower than government forecasts. In the 2019 budget, the


Terry McCrann: “Abandon the Big Australia population Ponzi”

Over the weekend, Terry McCrann called for the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ Ponzi scheme to be abolished once and for all: Abandoning the ‘Big Australia’ population Ponzi that has been — chaotically — the foundation of our economic policy framework for the past 20 or so years and which has not only substituted for the


Australia’s skilled visa system temporarily suspended

COVID-19 continues to put a knife through Australia’s immigration system, with the the skilled visa system to remain temporarily suspended until further notice: Department of Home Affairs has advised the states and territories to put their programs on hold until further notice… “The government is closely monitoring migration and visa settings to ensure they are


Immigration ponzi crush-loads Melbourne’s schools

The lack of planning and foresight to cope with the immigration deluge into Australia’s big cities never ceases to amaze. In the 15 years to 2019, Melbourne’s population ballooned by an insane 1.4 million people, representing a 39% increase: And the predictable result has been the crush-loading of all manner of economic and social infrastructure,


The ‘Population Ponzi’ – Employment, Migrants, Incomes and Manufacturing & Australia’s lost Economic narrative

In the 1950s and 60s Australia had a policy of supporting manufacturing development in Australia, and its capacity to absorb large numbers migrants largely reflected its industry protection. Given the operation of the then Industrial Relations Commission, those industries tended to have remuneration outcomes which enabled both the migrants coming to Australia, and the pre


Grattan: Give $10b of welfare to temporary visa holders

The Grattan Institute has released a new report urging the federal government to inject $70 billion to $90 billion of additional stimulus into the economy in order to boost growth and soak up the unemployed: Over the past three months, the Federal Government has announced an unprecedented fiscal injection of $136 billion (about 7 per


A warning to Britain on Australia’s immigration system

The Economist reports that the UK Boris Johnson Government is desperately seeking to emulate Australia’s ‘skilled’ immigration system: As Britain and Australia begin negotiations on a trade deal, the Tories are in the grip of Ozophilia. Boris Johnson, who picked up a pair of skimpy shorts and a widened vocabulary on his gap year at