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ABC fact checks Mike Carbon-Brookes

Via the ABC: Do Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions account for more than 5 per cent of the global total once exports are included, as Mike Cannon-Brookes says? The claim In a recent speech to the United Nations, Prime Minister Scott Morrison sought to downplay Australia’s contribution to world greenhouse gas emissions, arguing the nation is responsible for


“No climate change” coughs Scummo amid thick Sydney smoke

Via The Australian comes a choking Scummo: Scott Morrison has hit back at claims his climate change policies have contributed to the fire season, declaring it “doesn’t bear up to credible scientific evidence”. With fires burning in Queensland, South Australia and NSW, the Prime Minister said Australia’s emissions had no impact on the dry and


Fire chiefs return to set Scummo ablaze

As they should, at News: NSW hasn’t even entered what’s traditionally the most devastating period of bushfire damage. “We’ve got the worst to come,” former NSW fire commissioner Greg Mullins told …“So we need to brace ourselves. If we don’t get summer storms to wet everything down, we are in dire straits.” Mr Mullins,


Does scum burn?

Via The Australian comes scum of all colour and hue: Senior Coalition and Labor MPs have launched a bitter attack on the Greens for suggesting climate change policies are responsible for the catastrophic bushfire threat confronting NSW and Queensland. As firefighters braced for the arrival of high winds and low ­humidity that threaten some of


11,000 scientists: Over-population behind climate crisis

Last year, a team of scientists published their recommendations for slowing current rates of biodiversity loss in a paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution, which will include limiting human population growth: Although key threats to biodiversity include habitat clearing for cattle, mining, and urban sprawl, these are all consequences of population pressure and high rates


Australia’s gas cartel killer takes shape Outback

Via Bloomie: The answer to the renewable energy industry’s biggest challenge is emerging in the Australian outback. Early next year, one of the first power projects that combine solar and wind generation with battery storage is planning to start up in northern Queensland state. The Kennedy Energy Park, just outside the sleepy town of Hughendon,


Cannon-Brookes attacks Fuhrer Morrison

Every modern nation needs good billionaires to fight evil ones. I have my issues with Mike Cannon-Brookes and the Atlassian cheap labour arbitrage model but on climate change he’s excellent, via David Crowe: “The people protesting over climate change are not quiet Australians. They are being loud because the government is quiet on the climate,”


Watch: Fuhrer Morrison’s brown shirts beating shielas

Some nice examples of belting sheilas around the face so that they can no longer terrosise billion dollar miner conglomerates, via Crikey: Attempts by protesters to blockade the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne have been met by a… let’s call it a heavy-handed police response. Videos of cops shoving, hitting and unleashing


CCP Fourth Plenum delivers little

Via Sinocism today: The Fourth Plenum has concluded, there was no announcement of any personnel changes other than the automatic ascension to full membership of the two alternate Central Committee members discussed yesterday. Sinocism readers were right to be very skeptical of the rumors going around, though the lack of any public sign of pressure


ScoMo pays a billion dollars to drive up power costs

It just keeps getting weirder, via The Australian: An extra $1bn will be pumped into the Clean Energy Finance ­Corporation to turbocharge development of next-generation electricity production and upgrade the transmission network to future-proof the grid and drive down prices. The first new capital provided to the CEFC since it was established in 2012 will


Mining, Nats condemn “disgraceful” kids for saving planet

How the narrative has turned, via the ABC: Climate change protesters have clashed with police in violent scenes outside an international mining conference in Melbourne. Police arrested 47 people outside the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, where the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) is being held this week. About 250 demonstrators were met by


Murdoch has gone climate crazy

Every day it is the same now. Chris Kenny: The extent of daily political deception in the global warming debate is extraordinary. The most obvious and relevant facts go unreported and the most pressing questions are not asked. It is an unspoken conspiracy of misinformation perpetrated by large elements of the media whose starting point


Time to change your tune on climate change, Mr Bolt

MB has been a great admirer of Andrew Bolt’s exposure of Gladys Liu and his longer term fight to bring rationality to population growth. But in another area, Bolt’s stubbornness refuses to adapt to changing circumstances. For many years, Bolt denied that there were rising temperatures globally. Time has proven him comprehensively wrong: These days


Bravo Mike Cannon-Brookes

I’ve given him a mighty serve on a foreign labour arbitrage business model and mass immigration hypocrisy but Mike Cannon-Brookes has some kick-arse ideas, via AFR: Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes will invest part of his personal wealth in an audacious $25 billion project to create the world’s biggest solar farm, its biggest power storage system,


Australia settles into carbon pariah role

Via The Guardian: Scott Morrison is increasingly seen as running a “denialist government” that is not serious about finding a global climate solution and uses “greenwash” to meet its emissions commitments, analysts and former diplomats say. Australian observers in New York said Morrison’s failure to attend a UN climate action summit on Monday despite being


Global children condemn climate failure

Via the ABC: Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has captured the world’s attention in a fierce and passionate speech at the United Nations headquarters, accusing world leaders of failing to act on climate change. The UN event was aimed at mobilising government and business to break international paralysis over carbon emissions, which hit record highs