Labor readies to unload immigration dump truck

According to The AFR, the Department of Home Affairs informed the incoming Labor government in a brief that there were over 962,000 active non-humanitarian visa applications on hand.

It also informed ministers Clare O’Neil and Andrew Giles that 130,000 of the applications could be processed more quickly if category-specific visa caps were lifted:

“The cap is set annually in a legislative instrument based on migration program planning levels,” Home Affairs wrote in its incoming government brief, obtained by The Australian Financial Review under freedom of information laws. “In order to reduce the pipeline, the government would need to allocate more places to these programs.”

Of the outstanding visa applications, 571,000 were for temporary visas, almost 150,000 were skilled applicants and 232,000 were family visas.

Speaking after Thursday’s meeting of national cabinet, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed that accelerating immigration is a priority of next month’s Jobs & Skills Summit:

JOURNALIST: On the Jobs and Skills Summit, some of your frontbench colleagues have flagged changes to visa processing. Is that what Premiers are telling you that is necessary, the backlog is quite significant?

PRIME MINISTER: It’s no secret that they’re telling me what they’re telling Australia and what businesses are saying, which is that there are massive skills shortages in this country. Part of that is being exacerbated by the backlog in the processing of visas that was there when we came to office. Part of that is about the gutting of the public service and the failure to simply process people, whether it be for skilled work visas, for permanent visas, visitor visas. Quite frankly, the almost go-slow which was occurring – not as a direction by the government, but as a result of a failure to just do the basic business of government – was what was going on. One of the things I hope characterises my government, since May 21, is that we’re actually getting on with the business of governing.

Thus, all indicators from the Albanese Government suggest it will ramp-up immigration aggressively. After remaining deafly silent on immigration over the election campaign, it will now use the Jobs & Skills Summit, which will be dominated by migration lobbyists, as a Trojan Horse to gain ‘consensus’ for the nation’s biggest ever immigration intake.

Where will all of the new migrants live when Australian rental vacancies are already their lowest on record and rents are rising at double digit rates? And how will Australia meet its 43% emissions reduction targets when it continues to grow its population like a science experiment via mass immigration?

Nobody in government ever stops to think about these pesky little details. It is magically assumed that migrants don’t compete for housing or consume energy and resources.

Also, who cares that the overwhelmingly majority of Australians oppose returning to extreme levels of immigration. Their preferences don’t count.

Governing in the unrepresentative democracy of Australia is all about bending the knee to Big Business, Big Property and the edu-migration lobby. They pull the strings. Actual voters are an after thought.

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    • The fed broke it. Now, they own it.

      My thoughts as well. Population growth is constrained by the limited number of available dwellings, again by design to keep prices high, which now has the perverse effect of limiting the population. What’s more important to the establishment increasing immigration or increasing property prices? We will soon have our answer.

      • SkepticviewerMEMBER

        As I have stated house prices will never fall, the incoming third-worlders work through groups to buy several houses, exploiting their fellows at 250 a space 20 to a house is no problem. The pay off of course is 4 grannies per couple 90% lifetime health care costs paid by —- well you.
        One can only hope that climate change accelerates leading to Australia’s end as a destination of exploitation. The one million per year turn immigration policy will be unbearable for resident Australians. The LIB/LABs are hoping to get enough voters in that Australians are irrelevant in the coming elections. The problem for them, because they are delusional, will be the coming elections will be for an Indian Prime Minister and his ethnic MP.s.

    • Strange economicsMEMBER

      Luckily for the LNP Lite , it will help increase rents though, with 6 people per apartment, and help the housing “market”
      while locals already living in their cars.
      Complete Market failure on housing.
      Housing is a government service, then privatised and Voila – profits gone to the little landlords, costs to the govt.

      • Australians will be on the park benches I am afraid. The migrants will take Uber jobs and sleep 15 to a house. Good for the landlord I guess, rents to the moon, and probably ok if your priority is having cheap food delivery, instead of a nation, but pretty sh*t for the Aussies that will not be getting any food delivery, nor a home to sleep in.

  1. Could they bring in a system whereby the workers who lose their jobs to immigrants are forced to billet the immigrants in their homes or tents for ten bucks a week? This would also help out the employers…..

    • Yep. Despite the heat and light I’m not worried that these will eventuate. We will be talking emigration in 12 months time.
      ‘Lower the rates and open the gates’ only works when you are actually lowering the rates…

  2. Time for Australians to wake up and speak out before it’s too late. Shame on the rest of the media keeping quiet Labor’s plans during the election.

  3. So… About that inflation driven by the flood of warm bodies.
    Ever flicked yourself in the nuts by accident? Surely this is going to be a self sack-tap.

  4. For three Budgets In a row, 2020 to 2022, Frydenberg inserted massive immigration targets, and Albanese said not a word in Reply. He is a liar and a coward, Not My Prime Minister.

    The victory of Abul Rizvi and his “visa backlog” BS is complete.

    • Also, why would Immigration have nearly 1m “outstanding visa applications” and why would Ministers take that nonsense at face value?

      If Immigration had not been captured by the immigration lobby, it would have urged a halt way before things got to that stage. It is a corrupted agency that works directly against Australian interests and needs wholesale reform.

  5. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    This will cause mass social unrest as jobs are drying up rapidly over the next 6 months and people are losing their homes. Would not recommend Labor go full retard here.

  6. It is not actually a commitment to big business. it is an indoctrinated in pathological passion for taking majority White nations, and making them majority non-White as rapidly as possible. You can tell this because if the migrants were majority White, suddenly the need wouldn’t be there anymore. and the rhetoric would reverse. Honestly you console yourselves with attempts at rational explanations, but it is an irrational programmed drive, not a rational one. That is what 6 decades of unremitting media & leftist anti- White programming will do. They, and most of Australia, are in a cult, & if you know the truth of what I say, congrats, you managed to think your way out of it.

    • Like the good old days of MB, have you considered joining Sustainable Population Australia, which is in and influenced by the nativist US #TantonNetwork used for dog whistling by Fox News, Bannon, Farage etc. and deflect from fossil fuels, especially robust constraints that the #KochNetwork IPA disagrees with; talk about ‘sovereignty’ of Australians who prefer US/UK 1%’ers over new loyal citizens?

    • I cant state the obvious here or would be shunned for Raici$m but has anyone else noticed casting in TV advertising for insurance, k mart, [email protected], banks, wh1te (pardon the pun) goods (another pun – bads) supermarkets, housing everything… would love to see Gruen tackle the ratio of casting to actual population rep

  7. The reason they are there is that immigration processing was slowed dramatically under the previous LNP governments which defunded related budgets, cut personnel and extended processing times to frustrate applicants onshore.

  8. SkepticviewerMEMBER

    So the #notevenhalftermAlbo has moved from the magazine into the chamber, the bolt is locked and the spring moved into the firing position. Sometime before the end of this year, the mass third-world immigration community distress will trigger the trigger.
    Albo will be splattered into the remains of the revolving ex PM’S all of who were quickly shown the level of despise the public held them in. Slime mo missed out because of the pandemic doing what he could not do – stopping the immigration flood.
    The interesting question is what sort of psychopathology causes a PM and others to hate their population and nation so much. Religious wack job-ism a good clue – leading to magical thinking and some form of doing goodies will get me a better place in heaven, imagination disorder. It could be that they are simple latent psychopaths or wannabe Putins with different agendas, such agendas still have the same result – smash and grab degrading of the environment and living standards together with generational resentment and community destruction.

    They, these political/life misfits have the following characteristics

    1 They do not believe in science (common in wack jobs)
    2 They have little regard for the suffering of the people.(common to psychopaths)
    3 They are financially wealthy but still bang on about their poor past like no one else has had a hard time (Albo). (common in the self made man syndrome)
    4 They suffer magical thinking (God will fix climate change ) The poor should be punished because god says so and women should serve men (Abbott). We need to save the world etc (common in delusional disorders)
    5 Logic, loyalty and service never enter their mind unless it is service to a god, to their mates or themselves.(sociopaths)
    6 They think everyone loves them and respects them for their moral stand – the opposite is true everyone hates their guts for not taking any notice of their subjects.(magical thinking)
    7 They are able to rationalise anything to fit their own world views (common in narcs).

    The real question is how have the rest of us allowed these – things – to rule us and how can we stop them or is it too late.
    Albo wont last the end of the year but his replacement will likely be worse as Turnball’s replacement was.

    • SkepticviewerMEMBER

      Exactly add up all the students, grannies, temp so-called workers and skilled immigration plus backpacker labour and it’s about a mill. Of course, as they say, nothing as permanent as a temporary worker. Rentals – I see nothing, nothing, Albo will fix it because – well you know “we are not scared of immigration in this country” – that is if you own six houses your not.

  9. Jumping jack flash

    Increasing [3rd world] immigration to stupid amounts is probably the only effective way to combat the type of inflation we have

    Back in 2007 the inflation was caused by too much debt, so it made sense to raise interest rates to combat it.

    But now the inflation isn’t caused by debt, debt growth has actually been steadily falling. The inflation we now have is due to too much stimulus and interest rates can’t have much of an effect on that except trying to vacuum it up by increasing the interest payments on the 50 trillion or so debt dollars all the people of the world own and pay interest on, not counting government debt. Its a decent strategy i suppose, but spreading the stimulus among more people would be just as effective and not so damaging to everything, at least at face value.

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