Weekend links: 9-10 October 2021

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    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Roaring 21″s atm. Talking to businesses, they can’t get staff or materials. The RE agent to sell my place did a no show, and the agent from M N Coast property didn’t bother to ring back, presumably already has an offer. The wife didn’t like it anyhow as it had a “estate” look about it. Property frenzy M N Coast hotting up, quick to sell. Methinks we missed the boat and just have to ride it down when the roaring turns to groaning.

      • Many people are convinced boom times ahead for everything. I was talking to another car enthusiast who is convinced 90s Japanese market cars won’t fall in value now.
        Video makes a compelling case but I remain unconvinced that things are only up from here.

        • There may be more taper tantrums forcing bond yields up


          Printing money allows things to be hidden.

          In the old days, there’d be soup kitchens everywhere.

          After a collapse in markets, things take off and all the deferred payment from the previous money printing is robbed from bank accounts by currency devaluation via price inflation.

          • MountainGuinMEMBER

            I’m dealing with alot of smart folk at work who are cemented to the idea of economic growth recovering and rba keeping rates low. Thier mind seem blown by even considering a small probability of a different outcome and they glaze over when shown rising yields or news of NZ rates going up.
            The cult of Australian exceptionalism is strong

          • Seems to be their opposite to a depression currently, boom times, thanks to Joshie’s misdirected stimulus. I can’t see rates rising by much unless something major happens CB’s will fight it. Can see more a Japanification with Argentine tendencies future for Australia ie low rates, low commodity income, low growth & falling behind other developed economies due to high housing debt/prices, decades of governments poor policies. Though if Evergrande contagion spreads through Chinese housing then a depression might be likely.

          • C'est de la folieMEMBER

            In 2006, 2007 and 2008 I was chief business editor in a newsroom of a 24 hour tv news channel. What I am seeing now has a similar feel – almost a sort of mania in a financial sense, prices rising for everything.

            Then in early 2007 a US company called New Century Financial fell over in March or so 2007 – it had been a prominent no income no job have a home loan provider. Most observers didnt twig to it being that significant. Over the next year or so – through the demise of a couple of Bear Stearns funds later that year, and a mounting tide of warning signs the financial markets went into overdrive and prices for everything went nuts. At one point the Russian state was raking in a few billion dollars a day off oil as prices went north of 145 bucks a barrel, but everything – potash coal zinc, gold you name it – went bananas for a while.

            Then Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns went post existence. Ford and GM were carried on biers into the US Congress and came out with a TARP Program which bailed everything out and never laid a hand on those who had wagered everything on evil in the hope that they were too big to fail.

            Capitalism, as we once knew it, morphed into Zombie capitalism somewhere about there. It has remained on state controlled monetary life support ever since. All that time the policy discussion has been about how to reinvigorate it, bring back animal spirits, and get ‘real’ investment happening again, in the face of overwhelming evidence all the measures to achieve that have essentially been feeding capitalism to itself.

            As far as I am concerned it is time to switch off the life support for the ‘market’ and the ‘system’ and plough what resources we have – state resources – into people. To help people kick the addiction to the ‘market’ which has been ideologically imposed on them by their politicians.

            From here we will go mania again, and again we wont get enough thrust to lift the system into being self sustaining and it collapse back again into being on life support. And at some point not far away people in control will start to twig ‘we arent going to get this off the ground again’ and start thinking about how they get out or about how the societies they represent get out.

            The game from here is about how plausible they are and about how far they peeve off the punterariat. And that game now has a good dollop of Covid Management in the mix as well.

            Sharpen the pitchforks…..

          • +1

            > As far as I am concerned it is time to switch off the life support for the ‘market’ and the ‘system’ and plough what resources we have – state resources – into people. To help people kick the addiction to the ‘market’ which has been ideologically imposed on them by their politicians.

            > From here we will go mania again, and again we wont get enough thrust to lift the system into being self sustaining and it collapse back again into being on life support. And at some point not far away people in control will start to twig ‘we arent going to get this off the ground again’ and start thinking about how they get out or about how the societies they represent get out.

          • I agree it all feels incredibly late stage bubble markets right about now… But I’ve been saying that for 5+ years.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      LOLOLOL! What is wrong with you people? It’s super boom times, plain as day, and some freak says something like that? Like, seriously retarded. Again, LOLOLOL!!!!

  1. From my point of view, it looks like NSW / VIC has become its own cult and the rest of Australia is just an externalised class.

    It also looks like ‘dirty politics’ is seeing NSW trying to capture and control ACT.

    • The old people I know are suffering health issues. Back problems as far as the eye can see ( apparently labor work kills your back as you get older ).

      The young people I see are so disengaged from society that they just dont give a sh*t anymore.

      So when the oldies die or end up in wheel chairs ( which doesnt look all that far away ), we’ve got an entire young generation that just doesnt give a fck anymore. They’ve been socially bullied and oestricised on purpose that now its like, yeah whatever. I was never part of this society anyway.

      But everythings okay, because a few people and media keep telling us, ” Its all going great. “. We’ve got the boobs on TV telling us how wonderful stuff is as we talk about cute koalas and stupid crap to try and keep our brains amused.

      If I didnt know better, I’d look out my window and say our Labor Force is so buggered that we are close to a recession.

      Its really just a question of who gets to bully who in Australian Society as to what the truthe is… and how long we can kick the can until sooner or later, something implodes.

      The stats say there is a buildup of wealth in households. Im sure thats only ‘certain’ households where that money is going.

      Everything looks great… as long as you only consider NSW and VIC. The moment you include other states of Australia, you begin to realise Australias not so great.

      NSW / VIC are isolating themselves away from the rest of Australia and acting as if they are the only two Australian states that actually matter to Australia.

      Im shocked that all the other Australian States havent just pulled themselves out of the Federation to start a new Country… and to leave NSW / VIC to fend for themselves. Its pretty clear that every state in Australia ( except NSW / VIC ) isnt getting anything out of being part of this Federation. Its just fluffing up NSW / VIC who then turn around and neglect the rest of the country.

      If your in NSW / VIC then you have bragging rights to just how wonderful everything is. If your anywhere else in Australia, there’s literally no reason to be part of this Federation.

      The problems bigger then just WA’s Iron Ore. WA and QLD ( Australias Money States ) are effectively getting sick and tired of NSW / VICs bullsh*t. Im surprised the two states havent just banded together and left the federation entirely to go there own way.

      If a referendum was called tommorrow, I’d vote QLD to leave the Australian Federation and start its own Country. We dont need NSW / VIC any longer.

      My guess is the other Australian States would vote to leave too. NSW/VIC would be on its own then.

      • arescarti42MEMBER


        NSW and Vic subsidise the government services in those other states to the tune of billions of dollars a year, with the exception of WA during mining booms, however it is historically a net recipient from other states.

        Without NSW and Vic, the other states would form a nation of economic basket cases, and WA would become a Chinese client state.

  2. Great painting. I can just imagine the Bruz and Dom P out there with their brothers in their moleskins and RMs 🙁
    Why do [email protected] politicians and financial types think wearing moleskins/RMs puts them at one with the public who cannot afford them?

    From yesterday. Why do we need the ADF in Vic , not use private hospitals?
    Obviously the private hospitals have not paid enough money to the LNP to get on the same gravy train as doctors, pharmacists and vaccine suppliers.

    Also they must be wanting their normal very high charge rates (mostly covered by private health insur now). The Gov cannot afford to pay their full rates – now a stand-off.

    The private hospital system is what you get when the hospital can pick and choose their self-insured patients.

    In Oz, if you are really sick, you go to the public health system for the best care!

    • I agree that’s a good landscape for Bruz et al to be pictured in, given that it’s a shattered landscape deviod of any life and that “creek” is an erosion gully. Symbolic of Bruz and his mining company/agribusiness sponsors’ treatment of any land they consider has value under it and fcuk the koalas.

    • C'est de la folieMEMBER

      The Creek in question – and I agree with LeMon3 it is stressed environmentally – was somewhere near Yae Victoria

  3. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I’ve determined that our society’s number one enemy at the moment, and severely so due to their current destructiveness in trying to break us apart, are those fear mongering pseudo-scientists calling themselves “epidemiologists”. Pr1cks!!!

    Almost always from some sick “University” proving once again that academics have no place in the real world. Honestly, they have been 100% wrong with their sick fears yet they keep getting a platform in the media to spread their total and utter bullsh1t.

    Propertyologists = good
    Epidemiologists = bad

    Rant/almost over

  4. Camden HavenMEMBER

    Emil Kalinowski suggested NZ rate hike and hot money out flows are related. Worth a look at George Gammon

  5. . World food prices are up year on year by 32.8% in September, according to today’s UN Food and Agriculture Organization index (for globally traded foods). In the U.S., prices for cropland and inputs are soaring. Farmland sale prices in Iowa, for example, are setting new records every month, after rising 10% year on year. In August, there was an all-time record price of $22,300 per acre, but this week came a new record of $26,200 per acre. For fertilizers, five of the eight major types rose 5% in price from August to September; potash jumped up 13%.

    So what is the next step in the inflation story?

    • A rocky mound with lots of loose kelp or sea grasses may absorb the soanar instead of reflecting well.
      Ground proximity radar on planes has the same problem with dense undergrowth forests.

      Might have been a whale too

      • Someone ElseMEMBER

        They wouldn’t have been using active sonar, not with the PLAN around.

        It could have been as pedestrian as hitting a shipping container…or something selacious: They could have hit the bottom while tapping cables, bumped into a sizable drone or their own swimmer mini-sub, made up a cover story to justify running slow and noisy after ‘retrieving’ something, it could be anything

        Or they angered Kthulu.

        • Active soanar normally high intensity pings.
          They could be using continuous wave doppler which is a bit less obvious, and it attenuates with distance.
          Only guessing

        • Turn left
          Yes, left.
          where, here?
          no, no next one.
          (starts to turn left)
          NO NO I said left, turn left!!
          This is left!
          No not that left – the other left!

      • Yanks need to release loads of those little automatic mapping drones in SCS like the Chinese ones that keep washing up else Chinese will know every nook & cranny while the Yanks can’t even see a mountain. 😉

    • Subs don’t transmit, because being quiet is their main advantage. Transmitting on active sonar would be like sailing around with a big flashing sign saying “Kill Me Now”, so they listen for other sources of noise like engines, props, marine life etc. A submerged shipping container, or any other silent inanimate object would be invisible.

      • A sub could transmit whale noises or any number of imitations and map the terrain from echos. The ocean is very noisy with lots of clutter.

        • Given that the cost is potentially an underwater collision involving the loss of nuclear submarine and its crew, don’t you think that if they could do those things, they would? And yet it appears that they don’t.

    • Presumably this is what “common prosperity” means – “let as many people bear the cost as possible”

    • WhatcouldgowrongMEMBER

      70% of private wealth is in property. It basically can’t happen, if the CCP wants to retain any control. They’ll find a way out.

        • Yes, of the 5 possible solutions only 2 are in play, 4th is lost decade type thing which Xi won’t go for as that means not achieving most of his targets, so that leaves 5, nationalism & war, the seeds of which they have been sowing for years inside China.

      • Then let the market decide the price!


        Oh deary me I’m having a good laugh this arvo.

        *heavy sigh*

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I have many Chinese Customers.
      Never have I seen one of them owning or driving a Chinese made Car.
      Is this a form of self loathing like all that white privilege shtick we hear uttered by trendy, inner city, Bourgeois Anglos?

      • It’s all about face.

        Most Chinese I have known (from working in China, and see here in Golden Mountain, GW)) like to portray themselves as successful by the cars they and how they lunch out. It has to be German SUVs or, at a pinch, a Lexus. Also diesel even though they probably have trouble with their DPFs with the low kms.

        In most cases, they would fit the Oz definition as being [email protected] I will have to explain this to the 30ish Chinese tradie over the road whose wife drives an X5.

        • desmodromicMEMBER

          Like the Brits, do they attach boot badges from better models of the make in a vain effort to impress?

        • No, the really cool ones take all the badges off (meaning a black respray), and just leave the blue stripes for M series on.

          Of course, the front side windows are tinted illegally so the police always have a reason to book them and cannot see the driver is a 35 yo trendy woman peering through the steering wheel.

    • Can’t be racist if his reasons are the CCP’s persecution of people in Tibet, Xinjiang or falun gongers etc. Good on him for having some standards & not supporting an oppressive government.

    • I avoid Chinese sh1t whenever I can.

      The only evidence that Covid wasn’t made in a Chinese lab is that it’s still working 2 years later.

  6. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I’m watching the Brisbane rugby league A grade grand final on Facebook. Valleys v Wests, two off the oldest clubs. 140kg big boppers who can’t move sideways. 80kg stringbean wingers that run like the wind. Skilful playmakers that can’t catch a ball to save their lives. Commentators openly laughing.

    Yet its a cracking game. I love park footy.

  7. call me ArtieMEMBER

    Regarding the painting.
    The thing about landscape painting is that most people think it’s good if the artist can make an image that looks like a believable representation of the landscape they were looking at. Fair enough.
    But that’s not high art. It’s just journeyman competence. Art is making us see things with open eyes. Understand things differently. Re-examine our beliefs. As far as landscape as a genre goes, it may mean seeing a universal truth expressed in a scene then painting that scene in a way that the universal truth becomes visible to the new viewer and some internal happiness or change may happen. Have a look at this bloke’s work, which has been reviewed in major dailies several times (how I discovered it).

    • Artie that sounds a bit [email protected], or dare I say it Oscaresque (and I love Oscar but he was a little – superior).


      “Wenn ich Kultur höre … entsichere ich meinen Browning!”

      One of the most sublime creators in music in the last 50 years (Cobain) can not be regarded as high art.

      His palette was limited and he was untutored and rough. Yet he created about 5 pieces of immortal art. With the same tools available to everyone else.

      The point I am making is profane art is at least as valid as “high” art, as it tends to be stripped of the cultural artifice which surrounds “high” art, like flies on a sh!t.

      PS my favourite book ever is The Picture of Dorian Gray. But even as he finished it, Oscar envisioned it as a triumph of art. And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t putting it into the profane category.

      PPS I have every version of Dorian, plus the Harvard (https://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674066311)

        • Probably the final novel version, that has all the verses.

          He had to take some out in other versions as they were a little “purple”.

          But there is a lot more story in the removed chapters.

          Seriously, it is a great novel. And you can read it in a few hours.

      • call me ArtieMEMBER

        Agree with what you say. I was being a 4 red wine [email protected]
        Without all the words, I still find Australian representational landscape painting generally lacking in real artistic merit. It’s mostly of the feel nice, wish I was there genre.
        Nirvana features in my record collection (yes, 12″ vinyl records). My favorite is Unplugged. Then Nevermind. In Utero is really quite demanding and unsettling for me.

    • After that preamble I thought you were going to make us look at a live installation featuring a menstruating artist knitting an iconoclastic Shroud of Turin out of his [email protected], not some pictures of a bloody tree!

      • call me ArtieMEMBER

        Well, I was trying to keep my examples in the realm of representational landscapes. Comparing like against like, you see?
        Anyway, see above to Harry, I was guilty of [email protected]

        • He wasn’t that harsh, and any time there’s a discussion about art there is going to be accusations of frotting and masturbation.
          I’d just say it’s a very personal thing – if whatever it is moves you and engages the thoughts/senses, then it’s art.
          One of those things that changes through life too.
          I don’t know what he meant about Cobain.
          ps I reckon this Oscar character is a bit how ya goin’

          • call me ArtieMEMBER

            True enough, again.
            By the way, with the “trees”. What I see when I look at those paintings is a metaphor for loneliness, alienation and the slow injury that the slings and arrows of fate cause to us.

    • C'est de la folieMEMBER

      If I put a female nude here I would get

      A 50 comments about how shagable she was
      B 25 comments about parts of her anatomy
      C maybe a dozen comments about someone broadly similar which the commenter met at Died Pretty gig in Waterloo circa 1990
      D. at least half a dozen comments accusing me of pandering to sexist sentiment
      E. All of the above

      If I put a male nude here I would get

      A. Circa 50 comments about the size of the wanger on offer
      B. Circa 25 comments about the latent sexuality of anyone who would post such a painting
      C. A range of comments comparing mainly aged male bodies with the body on display.
      D. All of the above

      Something like that anyway

      Artists Don’t Give Up – The Tasteful Nudes

  8. The Travelling Phantom

    with sad heart, i think the change to the subscription method for us poor people, at least myself, (who can access some stuff with the 2 weeks free sub) means i will be unable to join you guys till i save the exuberant amount…its becoming for the elites only 🙁

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      I thought the remarks missed the mark a bit – I’m not sure it will discredit him further – that is a difficult task. However, I recall a Terry Pratchett quote about someone brought so low “his friends will need to bend over to spit on him”.

  9. https://dexter.substack.com/p/trade-war-084/

    “Ban on private money in news rooms?

    China has floated the possibility of banning private capital from the news business, report Bloomberg News’ Bei Hu and Coco Liu.

    According to a public consultation paper published by the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top planning organization, private capital would be “barred from news gathering and distribution operations” as would “[reproducing] news content generated by foreign media,” writes the financial news service.”

    There can be no opposing voices

      • I once saw a demonstration of artificial insemination of a mare, including the semen harvesting step. I remain traumatized to this day.

      • *Benny Hill voice*

        So a guy was wooing a girl, and they went for an idyllic walk in the country.

        They came across a bull, mounted in flagrante delicto.

        Guy goes, “I wouldn’t half mind doing that.”

        Girl says “Why not ask, she looks a friendly cow”.

        • I’m just up to the bit where Lord Henry cuts Basil’s lunch and skillfully implants the inkling of fun ball play into Dorian’s mind.

          • Yes. I admit to getting a half mongrel on.
            ps did you know there is a genus Clitoria? Linnaeus was a dirty young man. Hell, maybe I read that from you first.

      • He’s a suave Canadian fella named Perkins Skyclass. They had a long distance love affair, courtesy of our local matchmaker, who calls his company “No Bull AI”