Sunday Supplement: 31 May, 2020

  Albert Tucker, ‘Image of modern evil’, 1945, National Gallery of Victoria     Macro & Markets China debt: bond problems could still resurface in 2020 after defaults amid coronavirus lower than expected – SCMP The Great Depression, coronavirus style – AsiaTimes Donald Trump says the US is ‘terminating’ its relationship with the World Health


Sunday Supplement: 24 May, 2020

Pivot Suspension, Rupert Boynes, 1966, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Leading economist warns of 10 years of depression and debt – BBC (Roubini) China Tests Global Diplomacy and Economy – Bloomberg, El-Erian Central banks are creating ‘fake markets,’ Bank of America strategists say – CNBC Trade conflict in the age of Covid-19


Sunday Supplement: 17 May 2020

‘Ringbarked Trees with Birds’, Henri Bastin, 1969, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Pandemic Bills Are So Big That Only Money-Printing Can Pay Them – Bloomberg US could cut ties with China over coronavirus, ‘save $500 billion’: Trump – DW Thermal coal spot price tumbles 25 per cent, putting pressure on some producers


Sunday Supplement: 10 May 2020

Street in Old Sydney, 1889, Godfrey Rivers, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Keeping Up with the Fed – Project-Syndicate China and US must cooperate to lead world out of coronavirus danger – Nikkei Asian Review Trump Casts Doubt on Future of China Trade Deal After Phone Call – Bloomberg IMF warns of


Sunday Supplement: 3 May 2020

‘The schooner ‘Miena’ refitting at Townsville’, 1954, Donald Friend, Art Gallery of NSW   Global Macro & Markets Coronavirus pandemic exposes fatal flaws of the ‘just-in-time’ economy– ABC, Long…good read… Oil’s Collapse Is a Geopolitical Reset In Disguise – Bloomberg Ten reasons why a ‘Greater Depression’ for the 2020s is inevitable – Guardian, Roubini Trump


Sunday Supplement: 26 April 2020

Embarkation, 1994, Fred Cress, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets WHO row between US, China sees G20 leaders summit called off at last minute, source says – SCMP Coronavirus: China rejects call for probe into origins of disease – BBC Is Persian Gulf heading toward a new confrontation? – DW How coronavirus exposed


Sunday Supplement: 19 April 2020

‘Evening, St Kilda Road’, Circa 1930, Clarice Beckett, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets The Road to Reopening the Economy Is Still Long – Bloomberg The WHO’s coronavirus response shows that the organisation is broken, but fixing it must wait – SCMP Asian LNG prices sink again as coronavirus disrupts demand – Reuters


Easter Sunday Supplement: 12 April 2020

‘Still glides the stream, and shall for ever glide’, 1890, Arthur Streeton, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets The perils of more debt – Bruegel Shockwave: Adam Tooze on the pandemic’s consequences for the world economy – London Review of Books Monetisation: Do not panic – VoxEU, Blanchard, Pisani-Ferry OPEC’s Plan To Take Over


Easter Saturday Supplement: 11 April 2020

The Great Rock: Dusk, 1977 Lloyd Rees, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets How the Pandemic Wiped Out Oil Demand Around the World – Bloomberg Saudi-Russia Oil Deal Under Threat as Mexico Walks Out of OPEC+ Talks – Bloomberg Coronavirus: Worst economic crisis since 1930s depression, IMF says – BBC It’s Getting a


Sunday Supplement: 5 April 2020

Otway Night, 1994, Jan Senbergs, Art Gallery of NSW   Markets & Macro The Coronavirus Is the World’s Only Superpower – New Yorker This recession will finally end the private-sector ‘debt supercycle,’ says firm that invented the term – MarketWatch Beyond the Global Coronavirus Crisis: Austerity of Recovery? – Pearls and Irritations Will inflation make


Sunday Supplement: 29 March, 2020

Tom Roberts, Shearing the Rams, 1890, National Gallery of Victoria   Macro & Markets Petrostates Hammered by Oil Price Plunge and Pandemic’s Spread – Bloomberg Coronavirus and the economy: World ‘clearly’ in recession, IMF says – DW The world’s on the brink of running out of places to put oil – Financial Post Global oil


Sunday Supplement: 22 March, 2020

A surplus of optics, Bridgid McLean, 1976, Art Gallery of NSW    Macro & Markets Fed Going All In to Save Economy. Here’s What Could Come Next – Bloomberg The Most Realistic Economic Forecast Is Awful – Bloomberg, Kocherlakota When the Ice Melts, the Bears Have to Move – Bloomberg Authers Universal Basic Income is


Sunday Supplement: 15 March 2020

Isolation, Tim Storrier, 1978, Art Gallery of NSW   Markets & Macro The Federal Reserve Needs to Cut Rates to Zero Now – Bloomberg, Duy Bond Market Mayhem Lives On in These 10 Charts – Bloomberg The cost of coronavirus in terms of interrupted global value chains – Bruegel Three macroeconomic issues and Covid-19 –


Sunday Supplement: 8 March 2020

Through the gum trees, Toongabbie, Hilda Rix Nicholas, 1920, Art Gallery of NSW   Markets & Macro Will the new coronavirus spell the end of globalization? – DW, Bohme Vital Signs: Australian and US rate cuts underline seriousness of the coronavirus crisis – The Conversation Spiraling Virus Fears Are Causing Financial Carnage – NY Times Oil


Sunday Links: 1 March 2020

A Woolshed, Victoria, 1889, John Mather, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Coronavirus contagion spawns climate of panic on share markets – ABC, Verrender Central banks may mount a coronavirus rescue. It may not be enough – Reuters From the Fed to Bank of England, central banks must up their game – Guardian


Sunday Supplement: February 23 2020

Toy boys, 1990, Geoffrey Ricardo, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets In next downturn, Fed may opt for quick, strong action – Reuters The World’s Biggest Economies Get a Jolt of Government Spending – Bloomberg If slowing growth, unsound financial systems and the coronavirus don’t trigger a market meltdown, central banks will –


Sunday Supplementary Links – 16 February 2020

Australian Head, to do with the blue, Michael Ramsden, 1974-79, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Funds Face Trillion-Dollar Hit on Negative-Yielding Debt Pile – Bloomberg The World Is Conspiring to Make Gas Cheaper – Bloomberg…except in Australia… Coronavirus likely to infect the global economy – Harvard Gazette ‘Black swan’ coronavirus casts its


Australia Day supplementary links January 26 – 27, 2020

Miss Australia, 1975, Martin Sharp, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Why the coronavirus outbreak could trigger a stock-market pullback – MarketWatch Scientist who simulated the global impact of a coronavirus outbreak says ‘the cat’s already out of the bag’ and calls China’s efforts to contain the disease ‘unlikely to be effective’ –


Weekend Links, 4-5 January, 2020

Golden Summer, Clarendon, John Olsen, 1983, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets These 6 charts compare the US and China economies in the second year of their trade war – CNBC Vietnam and Asia neighbors hungry for cheap coal – Nikkei Economic ‘Doom Loops’ Get Harder to Avoid in 2020s – Bloomberg Killing


Links 2 January, 2020

The Flood in the Darling 1890, W.C. Piguenit, 1895, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro, Markets & Investing The Decade in Which Everything Was Great But Felt Terrible – The Atlantic US, China and Germany profit most from global free trade, says WTO – DW From opioid deaths to student debt: A view of the


New Years Day Links, 1 January 2020

Fire haze at Gerringong, Lloyd Rees, 1980, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro, Markets & Investing It’s more than a decade since the financial crisis. Where’s the recovery? – Guardian White House expecting agreement with China ‘within next week or so’ – Guardian The Decade of Debt: big deals, bigger risk – Reuters What’s wrong


Macrobusiness Links, 27 December, 2019

Summer in the You Beaut Country, John Olsen, 1962, National Gallery of Victoria   Macro & Markets China says it is in close touch with U.S. on trade deal signing ceremony – Reuters China treads warily on US trade deal text to keep other partners on side – SCMP Trump Won’t Be Able to Let


MacroBusiness Links – 23 December, 2019

Bushrangers, 1957-1963, Albert Tucker, Art Gallery of NSW   Markets & Macro Pensions and intra-generational equity: A proposed solution – VoxEU Economic causes of populism: Important, marginally important, or important on the margin – VoxEU Lessons from the China-US trade truce – Bruegel The WTO is dead: long live the WTO? – Bruegel Dollar Is


Weekend Links: December 21-22, 2019

Drought Skeleton, 1953, Sidney Nolan, Art Gallery of NSW   Asia & China Mysterious Bags of Cash Trigger Major Hong Kong Protest Arrests – Bloomberg Did Xi surrender to Trump? China struggles to silence chatter – Nikkei Asian Review China’s hidden debt risks economic ‘chain reaction’ – Nikkei Asian Review China’s tech companies have had


Weekend Links: 30 November – 1 December 2019

The arrival of implacable gifts, 1985, James Gleeson, Art Gallery of NSW     China – Asia ‘China spy’ spills secrets that rattle Taiwan and Hong Kong – Nikkei Asian Review China Financial Warning Signs Are Flashing Almost Everywhere – Bloomberg Sri Lanka’s new government wants to undo Hambantota port lease to Chinese venture –


A night at the charts – 14 October 2019

a little something for the evening banter…..   Australia major projects pipeline   Interbank Market Stress Australia – who likes to drive further   Tax Havens and revenues foregone     Household liabilities and GDP     US Overnight Repo rate     External debt to China   Hong Kong migration destinations     China


Weekend Links: 24-25 August, 2019 – MacroBusiness

Superb and Solid, Howard Arkley, 1998, Art Gallery of NSW   Saturday Morning news….. Trump Says He Will Raise Existing Tariffs on Chinese Goods to 30% – NY Times Trump calls on U.S. firms to exit China as trade war escalates – Reuters Trump raises tariffs on US$250 billion of Chinese imports to 30 per