A night at the charts – 14 October 2019

a little something for the evening banter…..   Australia major projects pipeline   Interbank Market Stress Australia – who likes to drive further   Tax Havens and revenues foregone     Household liabilities and GDP     US Overnight Repo rate     External debt to China   Hong Kong migration destinations     China


Weekend Links: 24-25 August, 2019 – MacroBusiness

Superb and Solid, Howard Arkley, 1998, Art Gallery of NSW   Saturday Morning news….. Trump Says He Will Raise Existing Tariffs on Chinese Goods to 30% – NY Times Trump calls on U.S. firms to exit China as trade war escalates – Reuters Trump raises tariffs on US$250 billion of Chinese imports to 30 per


Weekend Links: 29-30 June 2019

Victor Rubin, Ward 369: An indicative cage, 1987, Art Gallery of NSW   Global Macro Western liberalism is obsolete, warns Putin, ahead of May meeting – Guardian G20: Europe tells US and China their trade war is harming global economy – SCMP G20 Osaka: as China, India and Russia draw close, has Trump overplayed his


Easter Chartfest 20 April, 2019

  Australia   Electricity Spot Prices 16 April, 2019   How much do Australians earn   Average kilometres travelled by State    Capacity utilisation & underemployment   Thermal Coal Exports   Australian Commodity Exports   Australian Pay Outcomes – Federal Enterprise Agreements   Australian Household Consumption – Discretionary & Essential   Australian Iron Ore Exports  


Weekend Links, 30-31 March, 2019

The great rock: dusk, Lloyd Rees, 1977, Art Gallery of NSW     Macro, Markets & Investing U.S., China resume trade talks in Beijing after ‘productive working dinner’ – Reuters US economic adviser hints at partial lifting of China tariffs – Nikkei Asian Review Brazil’s Vale slashes iron ore sales estimate after dam burst –


MacroBusiness Chartfest 9-10 March, 2019

      Australia & New Zealand       Australia – Average Ages, Selected Jobs       Australia – Job Security       ANZ Job Advertisements       Australia – Federal Budget Cash Balance       Australia – Public Demand & GDP       Australia – Capex       Australia


Chartfest 23-24 February 2019

  AUSTRALIA   5 Eyes Part Time Employment   Australia CPI Housing Wealth and Consumption Residential Rents NSW & Vic, wages & unemployment   Australian coal export destinations   Australian Commodity Exports   Australian House Prices   Australian Housing Finance   Australian Renewable Energy   Australian Services & Manufacturing   Australian Short Term Arrivals  


Weekend Links, 16-17 February 2019

Willunga Landscape, Horace Trenerry, 1947, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Hedge Funds Play Tug-of-War With the Volatile Australian Dollar – Bloomberg One Weird Trick for Avoiding Bad Chinese Bonds – Bloomberg Brazilian mine tragedy will not be the last tailings dam disaster – Reuters, Home China’s coal imports surge, but prices tell


Weekend Links 2-3 February, 2019

Jitterbugs, 1945, Weaver Hawkins, Art Gallery of NSW   Markets Macro & Investing The Sorry State of the World Economy – Project-Syndicate, Basu Trump hails China trade talks progress and says he will meet Xi Jinping soon – Guardian China says Washington trade talks were ‘frank’ and made ‘important progress’ – SCMP Donald Trump hails


More Australia Day Weekend Links: 28 January 2019

The Flood of the Darling 1890, W.C. Piguenit, 1895, Art Gallery of NSW   Tomorrows links up a tad early due to 600 plus comments on the weekend links…..   Macro Markets & Investing The World Economy Just Can’t Escape Its Low-Growth, Low-Inflation Rut – NY Times The growing problem that could lead the world


Links 21 January 2019

  Macro & Markets The world favors immigration and working with other countries, WEF report claims – CNBC…a WEF report would… Why the Quants Aren’t Adding Up – Bloomberg China offers 6-year plan to boost US imports and erase imbalance – Nikkei Asian Review ‘Bear Market’ Is an Arbitrary Label, but Using It Can Hurt


Weekend Links 19-20 January, 2019

Short man with two dogs, Linda Marrinon, 1990, Art Gallery of NSW   Americas Trump Pulls U.S. Delegation Out of Davos Forum, Citing Shutdown – Bloomberg Shutdown clouds outlook for consumer-driven U.S. economic growth – Reuters Chinese ambassador Lu Shaye warns ‘back-stabbing’ Canada to stop rallying allies in row over detainees – SCMP Trump Vows


New Years Links, 1 January 2019

Sunset in a Subduction Zone, James Gleeson, 1986, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Trump Hails ‘Big Progress’ Towards China Trade Deal – Bloomberg El-Erian, Like Trump, Says Fed Would Benefit From ‘Better Feel’ – Bloomberg Chinese and US tech giants face growing political risks – Nikkei Asian Review Life Is Getting Harder


Links 28 December 2018

The Wasteland II, Jeffrey Smart, 1945, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Not just China: why the global economy needs Beijing’s stimulus measures to boost growth – SCMP China says has made plans with U.S. for face-to-face trade meeting in January – Reuters This is not a time for investors to think long


Boxing Day Links December 26, 2018

Heat Haze, Dorrit Black, 1919, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Oil plunges 6 percent as economic slowdown fears grip market – Reuters Dollar Exposed to Dysfunction and Paralysis in Washington – Bloomberg ‘The worst is yet to come’: Experts say a global bear market is just getting started – CNBC   Americas


Weekend Links, 3-4 November, 2018

Sheep Country, Burra, 1950, Douglas Dundas, Art Gallery of NSW   Markets and Macro Gold buying by central banks hits its highest level in almost three years – CNBC Trump says he and China’s Xi had good exchange on trade – Nikkei Asian Review Start-Ups Ask, ‘Are We Making Money for Saudi Arabia?’ – NY


MacroBusiness Chartfest 13-14 October, 2018

        Australia Australia Consumer Confidence         Australia – Housing Approvals not yet commenced         Australia Housing – Average Loan Size       ; Australia – Housing Prices by City         Australia – New Dwelling Completions         Australia – Dwelling


MacroBusiness Weekend Links 6-7 October, 2018

Crowd, Grace Cossington-Smith, 1922, National Gallery of Victoria   Global Macro As US turns up heat on China, trade war moves beyond tariffs to new battlefronts – SCMP China ‘spy chips’ rattle global data center supply chain – Nikkei Asia Review Surprising Truths About Trade Deficits – NY Times Soaring US dollar threatens trouble for


MacroBusiness Chartfest September 1-2, 2018

  Australia       Australia – Economic Policy Uncertainty   Sydney & Melbourne – Auction Clearances   Australian GDP   Coal Production & Consumption    Electricity Generation   Major LNG Plants   Implications of Tightening Lending Standards   Disposable Income by Decile   Loan Rejections   Public Satisfaction with the National Direction   Tobacco


Weekend Chartfest: 4 – 5 August, 2018

Australasia     Australia & New Zealand – Unemployment     Australia & New Zealand – Participation     Australia – Housing Credit & House Prices       Australia – House Prices to Median Income       Australia  – Mortgage broker Share of New Home Loans to 3Q 2017       Australia


Weekend Chartfest: 28-29 July 2018

Australia       Australia – Dwelling Prices – Expected v Actuals     Australia – Graduate Visas     Australia – Core Inflation     Australia & New Zealand House Prices and Global Equities     Australia – Employment Growth     Australia -Underlying CPI     Australia – Unemployment & Participation    


Weekend Chartfest 21-22 July, 2018

      Australia       If the Next 25 Years are like the last 25       The Descent from the RE Peak       Sydney & Melbourne, Prices and Time on Market       Sydney Auction Clearance Rates       Mortgage Rates       Regional Australia Proportional


Weekend Chartfest, 14-15 July, 2018

Australia       Major City House Values over last 25 years       House Price growth – Major Cities       Population Increase and Dwelling Investment       Population Growth       Net Overseas Migration by Visa – From July 5 Presentation made in Wollongong by Alexandra Heath    


Weekend Chartfest 7-8 July, 2018

Australia       Australian Gas       Australia Money Growth & Credit       Australia Building Approvals       Australia Dwelling Price to Household Income &  Interest Rates       Australia Temporary Migrants       Australia Underemployment & Wages       Victoria Real Compensation per Employee    


Weekend Chartfest June 30 – July 1, 2018

  Australia       Australian dollar and yield differential RBA and US Federal Reserve     BBSW 2018       Australian Short Term Funding 2017 onwards       Funding Costs (BBSW) and Mortgage Rates       Australian interest rate hikes – potential implications for $500k mortgage       Australian Household


Weekend Links June 30-July 1, 2018

Vertigo, 1986, Magda Matweijew, National Gallery of Victoria   Macro & Markets Trade and investment between China and the US must be based on reciprocity – SCMP EU cuts migration deal after marathon talks, differences remain – Reuters Global market power and its macroeconomic implications – VoxEU Dollar Squeeze Coming? Watch Asia’s Politicians – Bloomberg


Weekend Links 23-24 June 2018

The Shooting of Wild Dogs, Clifton Pugh, 1958, National Gallery of Victoria   Macro &  Markets  Currency strategist expects China’s central bank to intervene as yuan weakens for seventh day – SCMP US-China dispute goes beyond trade: it’s about technology and fair competition – SCMP Indonesia’s growing thirst for coffee drains premium bean supplies –


Weekend Chartfest 23-24 June, 2018

Australia   The in the pocket impact of Pauline’s sellout tax cuts (…..and the payoff is?)   Total Housing Finance & House Prices (and if the banks are lending less then….)     March Quarter Residential Property     Sydney 6x DTI       Australian Mortgage Payments as percentage of household income