Links 24 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Suddenly Becoming a Bond Manager in the Credit Crisis – Bloomberg Multi-party kleptocracies rather than illiberal democracies – Global Inequalities 10-Year Returns of U.S. Median Active and Passive Managers – PIMCO The heat goes on: Earth sets 9th straight monthly record – AP Venezuela’s Perfect Storm for Oil May


Weekend Reading 22-23 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: The New “Supply-Side Economics” Fueling Asset Bubbles – Macro Mom What the Decline of the Dollar Means – NY Times IMF Falls Short of Transparency Rules as Key Discussions Remain Secret – WSJ The power of populists – The Economist Americas: Trump’s Threat to Jail Clinton Also Targets Democracy’s


Links 21 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investment: Growth and volatility before and after the Global Crisis – VOX These pictures show how ethereum is taking over the digital currency world – CNBC Ethereum Suddenly Crashes 20% Amid Chatter Of More ICO Fraud; But Goldman Sees Bitcoin Testing $3000 – Zero Hedge $30 million below Parity: Ethereum


Links 20 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: “Neoliberalism” isn’t an empty epithet. It’s a real, powerful set of ideas. – VOX How could we cope if capitalism failed? Ask 26 Greek factory workers – The Guardian ETHEREUM COFOUNDER: Ethereum is ’a ticking time bomb’ – Business Insider Finding the Active in Low-Cost Passive Investing – Bloomberg


Links 19 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Robotic Hogwash! Artificial Intelligence Will Not Take Over Wall Street – WSJ Elon Musk: regulate AI to combat ’existential threat’ before it’s too late – The Guardian Odd Lots: Why the Most Exciting Market in the World Right Now Is in Wheat – Bloomberg Wipeout: Bitcoin and Other Digital


Links 18 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: How ‘Neoliberalism’ Became the Left’s Favorite Insult – NY Mag The blockchain could have better security than the banks – The Conversation Governments have to invest in the fourth industrial revolution – The Guardian Bitcoin, Ethereum Plunge Accelerates As Scaling Deadline Looms – Zero Hedge Come friendly robots and


Links 17 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Cross-asset carry: an introduction | Systemic Risk and Systematic Value – How to Think Like an Economist – Brad DeLong Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Is the ’Greatest Risk We Face as a Civilization’ – Fortune VCs determined to replace your job keep AI’s funding surge – Tech Crunch 4 fears an AI


Weekend Reading 15-16 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Treat trade surpluses and deficits with analytical caution – FT A New Sign of Fear for U.S. Drillers – Bloomberg Ranking the 20 Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies Over Time – Visual Capitalist Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Have Big Returns As Bitcoin Price Surges – Value Walk Robots and AI are going


Links 14 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Bitcoin is embroiled in a civil war – Business Insider Bitcoin Acceptance Among Retailers Is Low and Getting Lower – Bloomberg Inevitability of the need for economic growth—the nth time. – Global Inequality Climate change means more flooding for coastal cities – Bloomberg The case for free-market anticapitalism –


Links 13 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Investors Are Jumping Back Into Hedge Funds – Bloomberg Cryptocurrencies Are Getting Crushed – Bloomberg Dow tanks 100 points, then recovers as traders debate impact of Trump Jr. emails – CNBC Why foreign aid cannot be regressive? – Global Inequality Corporate Bond Markets Asleep at the Wheel – WSJ


Links 12 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: How economics became a religion – The Guardian How Bitcoin Could Tear Itself Apart – Bloomberg Why Bitcoin Is Booming – WSJ Global value chains shed new light on trade – Brookings The Economist Who Predicted Trump and Brexit Explains How Baby Boomers Ruined Everything – GQ Populism and


Links 11 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Trade unions, employer organisations, and collective bargaining in OECD countries – VOX The demise of the deficit hawks – Axios Enhancing Humanity: What’s The Next Phase Of Human Evolution? – Medium What Economics Models Really Say – Economist’s View What’s driving the global expansion? – FT The curious world


Links 10 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: U.S. isolated on climate at summit of world leaders – Reuters World Leaders Move Forward on Climate Change, Without U.S. – NY Times G-20 Forges Trade Compromise as U.S. Tariff Threat Lingers – Bloomberg G20 Leaders’ Declaration: Shaping an interconnected world  – G20 It Takes a Theory to Beat a Theory: The


Weekend Links 8-9 July, 2017

‘Open Cut, Muswellbrook’ Weaver Hawkins, 1955 National Gallery of Victoria China Beijing seen lending Chinese yuan a huge helping hand – Nikkei Asian Review China widens investor access as bond trading link with Hong Kong launches – Guardian China is focusing on the wrong things to fix its economy, says economist – CNBC China’s cooling


Links 7 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: One of the Biggest Ethereum and Bitcoin Exchanges Got Hacked – Fortune Tech Stocks Boom, but Some Stock Pickers Are Wary – NY Times Adviser platforms have ’inherent conflict’ – Professional Adviser Foreign banks and the international transmission of monetary policy – VOX One of the market’s hottest trades


Links 6 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: There is No Perfect Blockchain, Here is Why – Coin Telegraph Nasdaq 100 Volatility, Largest Premium over the VIX Since 2004 – The Bear Traps Report Robots are coming to a burger joint near you – CNBC Decade’s best fund manager loses 89% wealth because of one small mistake –


Links 5 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: On the joint evolution of institutions and culture – VOX OPEC’s Output Rose to the Highest This Year – Bloomberg This chart screams ‘get out of the market!’ – MarketWatch Go Figure: What’s Driving Wide Gap Between Cattle and Beef Prices? – Dallas Fed Seven Key Questions in the


Links 4 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Do passports restrict economic growth? – BBC Central Banks Dance on the Abyss – Barron’s Dollar Gets Squeezed From All Sides – WSJ Why You Won’t Be Buying a Coffee With Bitcoin Anytime Soon – Apple News Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain Is Changing Banking – Barron’s For Whom the


Links 3 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: A Skeptic’s View of Popular Stocks – Barron’s The Rebirth of the TPP – Project Sydndicate The Future of Trade – Project Syndicate The companies that millennials are desperate to work for – WEF Weak Inflation Continues to Hold Down Bond Yields – WSJ Disruptive tech like Blockchain is


Weekend Reading 1-2 July 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: The hype, reality, and causes of the global trade slowdown – VOX These CEOs took home the most money in 2016 – Bloomberg Global bond market sell-off infects equities – FT Dow, S&P 500 book worst fall in a month as tech selloff flares up – MarketWatch Remote Work


Links 30 June 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: A “dark side” to the commodity boom in Africa – The Short Life of the Oil Short Squeeze – Jim Grant Explains The Gold Standard – Zero Hedge Central Bankers Tell the World Borrowing Costs Are Headed Higher – Bloomberg Equity Demand – ETFs, Share Buybacks Are Leading


Links 29 June 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: The Bank’s response to climate change – Bank of England New indicators of the science intensity of industry – VOX The global economy will be $16 trillion bigger by 2030 thanks to AI – Medium AI will boost global GDP by nearly $16 trillion by 2030—with much of the


Links 28 June 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Assessing Global Imbalances: The Nuts and Bolts – IMF Unemployment insurance and reservation wages – VOX Tariffs on Solar Panels Could Slow Industry Growth by 66% – Bloomberg Sharing Economy: Why Blockchain Might Be Next Big Thing for Office Rental – Coin Telegraph Bitcoin, Ether Lead Digital Currency Slide


Links 27 June 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: The falling elasticity of global trade to economic activity – VOX It’s going to end ‘extremely badly,’ with stocks set to plummet 40% or more, warns Marc ’Dr. Doom’ Faber – CNBC Trump to Call for U.S. ‘Dominance’ in Global Energy Production – Bloomberg The Aging of Oil –


Links 26 June 2017

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence – NY Times Is Exchange Income a New Target for Short Sellers? – Barron’s The unique map that reveals the entire planet’s urban footprint – Technology Review Markets set to fall after years of artificial support – The Times Stock Picking Is Dying