Morrison has played Xi Jinping for a chump

It has been fun to watch PM Morrison’s ceaseless gaffes in foreign and strategic policy drive an accelerated China decoupling. No divorce of this nature could be anything other than incredibly messy so it’s best not to let the perfect be the enemy of such a great national interest outcome.

Let the insults and CCP trade cuts forever continue!

Where there is legitimate criticism of the Morrison Government is in the failure to plan for what comes after the divorce. The one thing it most assuredly cannot be is endlessly higher house prices, budget splurges and industrial hollowing out. But that’s still what we have.

There has been no effort to reset Australian macroeconomic policy beyond kicking the can for electoral purposes. There’s been no strategic assessment of how best to cope with the post-China era, how to replace lost exports, how to diversify trade, how to reshore Chinese imports, how to support fallen sectors, how to lift education, productivity, incomes etc as we divorce China.

All of these things are abundantly possible. And they will happen. But you have a choice to do them either via considered policy that mitigates the pain or by crisis, as your former excesses catch up in a sudden adjustment. So far, PM Morrison has chosen the latter (though god knows if he understands that).

Yet, today, we finally do have a coming out of sorts. For the first time, the Morrison Government has not blundered into China decoupling, it has embraced it:

  • ScoMo warned the world is bifurcating into liberal and illiberal blocs.
  • Democracies must band together in an economic and strategic embrace.
  • Cormann at the OECD will fix it all.
  • Morrison will take this message to the G7 as a special guest along with India and South Korea.
  • ASEAN is key.

Even the cowardly kiwis are turning now:

  • Foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta says NZ exporters should diversify away from China.
  • A split from China “only a matter of time”.

This all very much fits with my notions of the global Balkanised future. It is absolutely what is required and the best way to contain the malign spread of CCP influence. It is also the best way to prevent war in north Asia. If the G7 were to make plain that any invasion of Taiwan will result in the cessation of all trade and investment with China.

So, bravo ScoMo, I say. What began as a series of gaffes has now morphed into a magnificent edifice of Chinese containment. It’s almost as if it was planned, though I think not.

Rather, Morrison’s personality disorder has goaded China into overreach and now he is in a position to take his glowing, gaslighting, victimhood to the G7 and beyond into the sunny uplands of a post-China liberal bloc!

I just hope that at some point Morrison plans what comes after China for Australia, rather than also gaslighting us over the fallout.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    ScoMo is doing what the US wants Australia to do. It is not ‘liberal’ and ‘illiberal’ trade blocks, it’s the US and everyone else.

    The world trade imbalance have to be fixed as it is unsustainable. In the history of the world, it almost always ends up in a war.

  2. It’s always better to be Lucky rather than Smart.

    Scomo should get that inked as his personal motto. That he is even PM is down to Malcolm the Clever getting out foxed by Dutton and some other loons.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      Poor Dutton. He might have had the numbers, except #shadysukkar can’t count and they all went off to dinner to celebrate the night before the vote. ScumMo “Bradburying” is way to be PM is the funniest thing in Aussie politics in a long time.

      The moral of the story is, don’t count on Sukkar to count.

  3. As a country, our riches have always come from one commodity or another. When you talk about an adjustment, you’re not talking about the selection of one from a range of viable options…instead it requires the country to achieve something it never has before, i.e. real productivity and economic prosperity off the back of its human capital. With our current leaders and our place at the geographical ass-end of the world, I just don’t see even the slightest chance of success.

  4. turncoatMEMBER

    Scomo is at last getting the credit he richly deserves.

    After all, the forces of appeasement are strong. On his side there is a mining complex and a property complex underwritten by the rivers of gold from the ancestral homeland. Most of the monied class has a stake in clipping the China coupon.

    And on the other side, Labor and the Greens are ever ready to denounce racism thereby hindering common sense debate and community awareness.

    But he has stood up to the avaricious forces within his backers and has denied Green/Labor an easy time at the bully pulpit.

    He has more to do. The master strategy is not yet hatched. But he has shown the stomach for the task so far.

  5. I’ve always had the feeling that the Aust Govt knows more of the bad stuff that China is trying to do to them than is publicly known. Thats why they banned Huwawei and brought in the foreign interferance laws. etc
    Lets assume that Morrisson has been briefed by Asio about some really bad stuff that China is doing, and he says to himself this is really bad and it is so bad that I need to do something about it, but I will be clever and make it look like the little underdog of Australia is standing up to the big bully China. Great marketing strategy and absolutely the right thing to do.
    Scotty from Marketing is a genius!

  6. Not all Kiwis are cowards. I know many kiwi business people in NZ, Australia and globally, who are like me and have seen what China is, and the danger.

    Our politicians are cowards, but not the people.

  7. I heard from good sources that when Cindy came up here to Asia a couple of years ago with Winston, old Mahathir took her and Winnie into a conference room one on one – no diplomats present which is highly unusual – and have her a little lecture about China and its regional ambitions. Haven’t been able to corroborate the story, but given the characters involved, I’d say it’s true.

    As for whether the Chinese are up to other naughty stuff, well, Indonesia isn’t buying the latest F-15s and Predator drones off the US because they’re worried about Timor.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      As for whether the Chinese are up to other naughty stuff, well, Indonesia isn’t buying the latest F-15s and Predator drones off the US because they’re worried about Timor.

      LOL 🙂

      • The Indo’s will happily use them on their own population (e.g. West Papua) in the meantime before china ….


  8. Just a Few Clots

    I remember a year ago anyone that dared to suggest that COVID escaped from a Wuhan lab would be gaslighted by the mainstream and called a conspiracy nut.

    Now the mainstream are slowing coming around to acknowledging this as a possibility.

    Let’s hope we don’t have a similar about face with any of the vaccines.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Trolling spam sandwich! Send this rando troll goon to the bottomless inescapable spam toilet, I say!

    • Too soon to jump to conclusions about origins of COVID or vaccine safety. Still need to get more information.

  9. If there is a war with China, it’s Australia iron ore that is building their infrastructure. Should restrict it as a matter of national security