China American Cold War

In mid-2018, the US declared the China American Cold War a go. It comprised a series of ratcheting trade tariffs by the Trump Administration directed at China. these were directed largely at shifting global manufacturing supply chains, especially in technology, away from China. The measures were directed specifically at China’s stated aim of dominating global technology, artificial intelligence and robotics by 2025.

Other dimensions of the growing Great Power conflict included freedom of navigation through the South China Sea where China had constructed series of far-flung militarised atolls that armed the distant approaches to its mainland and effectively claimed that ocean as sovereign Chinese.

The Cold War was also concentrated around Chinese ‘sharp power’ which had made significant inroads in influencing policy outcomes within the US alliance network in and around the Asia Pacific via bribes, debt diplomacy and corruption of media.

The China American Cold War showed all of the characteristics of an historic, ideological struggle between liberal democracy and statist growth that had defined the 20th century battle between the US and the Soviet Union.


NT to build out US airforce capacity

Great news at The Australian: Australia will step up its strat­egic push in the Indo-Pacific­ with a $1.1bn upgrade to RAAF Base Tindal­ in the Top End, to fast-track the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter rollout and provide a forward operati­ng base for US aircraft, includin­g strategic bombers. The announcement, signed off by the national security


Will coronavirus kill the trade deal?

Via Bloomie: The U.S. and China on Jan. 15 sealed the first phase of a trade agreement that’s supposed to take effect in mid-February. It has a clause that states the nations will consult “in the event that a natural disaster or other unforeseeable event” delays either from complying with the accord. It’s unclear whether


More trade deal panic for Australia

More trade deal panic today: Australian energy and agricultural exporters face a hit to their multi-billion-dollar Chinese market from the trade deal signed ­between the US and Beijing that sparked a worldwide share rally and pushed the Australian bourse to a record. …Commonwealth Bank commodity analyst Vivek Dhar predicted up to 10 per cent of


Who won the trade war?

Let’s start with the round up at Sinocism: Trump, China Sign Phase One Trade Deal – Bloomberg The Trump administration says what separates its deal most from others is the enforcement mechanism it establishes… But even Lighthizer acknowledges how effective that mechanism will be depends on Beijing. “This deal will work if China wants it


Human Rights Watch: China censoring world

Via ABC: Beijing’s “crushing” oppression at home and its moves to spread its censorship to the rest of the world are threatening decades of progress made on global human rights, according to a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report. HRW executive director Kenneth Roth was due to launch the World Report 2020 at the Foreign Correspondents’


Australian trade the major casualty of US/China trade deal

The scale of China’s trade pledge task is daunting: Clyde Russell has some musings on what it will mean Downunder: Beijing has agreed to increase purchases from the United States by $200 billion over the next two years over and above the level of imports in 2017, according to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. …While


China unleashes first home-made aircraft carrier

Via SCMP: China’s first home-built aircraft carrier was officially commissioned by President Xi Jinping on Tuesday as Beijing flexed its military muscles. The new warship will be called the Shandong and its formal entry into service is a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to build up its naval power. This drive has been viewed


Broomhead’s dangerous intolerance of intolerance

Every year, once per year, Australians are treated to an exposion of pomposity at the Orica annual general meeting, via Domain: Influential businessman and Orica chairman Malcolm Broomhead has lamented the rise of a culture of “self-righteousness” and a mindset where people are “intolerant” of others. In a speech to Orica shareholders, Mr Broomhead said


Arsenal banned in China

From Domain: Chinese television pulled coverage of Arsenal’s Premier League match against Manchester City after Mesut Ozil, a forward for the London club, criticised Beijing’s brutal mass crackdown on ethnic Muslims in the country. Ozil added to condemnation of the detention of more than 1 million Uighurs and other minorities in so-called re-education camps in China’s


Middle income trap! RBA destroys Hugh White’s China grovelling

At last some sanity from an Australian economic institution on China (perhaps it was hacked by the CIA?). A terrific article in the RBA Bulletin from Ivan Roberts and Brendan Russell: Abstract Slowing trend growth in China, and the risks around this trajectory, are relevant to the future economic prospects of its major trading partners,


Kevin Rudd is the Manchurian candidate

Via Michael Sainsbury at Crikey: Kevin Rudd, once a firm China sceptic, has become Australia’s first (former) prime minister to openly consort with the ruling Communist Party’s United Front Work Department (UFWD). The UFWD is responsible for spreading Chinese government interests in offshore nations — including Australia. UFWD groups are disguised with dull and prosaic


US Ambassador declares war on Chinese harrassment

At the New Daily at least the Americans want to defend Australian freedom: The United States has suggested China is harassing members of the minority Uighur community in Australia. American ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse said he was outraged by the levels of intimidation and argued there should be serious consequences. “What is happening, and


Will Trump hike China tariffs this weekend?

Via Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to meet with top advisers on Thursday about planned Dec. 15 tariffs on nearly $160 billion in Chinese consumer goods, three sources familiar with the plans said. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and White House advisers Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro will participate


Hastie outlines his China pushback plan

Andrew Hastie at Domain defines his pushback plan against Chinese Communist Party encroachments:: …First, we need to recognise, understand, and articulate the challenge facing the West. …Second, we must enlist the full weight of democratic institutions in this effort, including the giving of major speeches, initiating parliamentary inquiries and passing legislative measures, and educating the


Cold War 2.0 accelerates as “silicon curtain” drops

Via the FT: Beijing has ordered all government offices and public institutions to remove foreign computer equipment and software within three years, in a potential blow to the likes of HP, Dell and Microsoft. The directive is the first publicly known instruction with specific targets given to Chinese buyers to switch to domestic technology vendors,


Great Firewall of China arrives Downunder

A new probe, via Reuters: Australia on Thursday established an investigation into potential foreign political interference through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WeChat. The review comes amid heightened Australian concerns that China is seeking to interfere in Canberra’s affairs, and after U.S. intelligence analysts found Russia had used social media to try


China Cold War or Luke Warm War?

Via ASPI comes Amy King is a senior lecturer at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University: For more than a century, close economic ties between China and Japan have developed in the absence of cooperative political and security relations, suggesting that the first is not a necessary precondition for the


How long can ScoMo protect CCP cash stooge Gladys Liu?

So says Domain, in news that will shock nobody: Liberal MP Gladys Liu secured access to the federal government for a company and Liberal Party donor endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party and later implicated in a major organised crime probe into $1 million in suspected drug money. Brighsun New Energy is the Australian subsidiary


CCP hacker sneaks editorial into AFR

How else to explain this propaganda: …Rather than a cause for a renewed security panic, the dairy deals suggests how economic engagement, trade, and investment can permit Australia to have a strong but not subservient relationship relationship with China. …The deeper the economic ties Australia has with China, the more secure it becomes from strategic


Cowards of Canberra launch minimal China pushback

This morning we find an Aussie being tortured in China, via The Guardian: The detained Australian writer Dr Yang Hengjun is being subjected to daily interrogations with his arms and legs shackled, as Chinese security officials try to “break” him, his lawyers say, pushing for him to confess to unspecified allegations of espionage that potentially