Pyne beats drums of Taiwan war (business)

The drums of war are surrounding Taiwan. Much of it is still the kind of Cold War jousting one would expect yet its tenor is pretty intense:

  • China launched 25 military jets into Tawainese airspace yesterday after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned it for being “increasingly aggressive”.
  • It is the largest incursion in a year.

Meanwhile, on the other side:

  • The Biden administration has eased rules governing US officials visiting Taiwanese counterparts.
  • The rules have inhibited institutional integration for decades.
  • The rules were changed to support Taiwan’s “vibrant democracy”.

The way to defeat the CCP’s encroachments upon Tawian is to make it plain that any invasion will result in China being shoved unceremoniously out of the global economy. The key is Europe.

Of course, others see it differently, in terms of profits. At home, Chris Pyne, Australia’s $175bn failure of an ex-defence minister, the single most expensive recipient of defence pork in history, said war may be coming in the next 5-10 years.

Then again, he may just be warmongering for his defence contractor lobbying business which he negotiated while still acting as defence minister. And more since.

“Dr” Pyne was speaking at his reception of an honorary doctorate at Adelaide University:

A better embodiment of why liberal democracy is in a crisis of faith versus its Chinese competitor is hard to find.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • building on Taiwans island?? thought this one was theirs with military personnel on the island?

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        Oops, that should be Taiwan building an air base on the island (as referred to in the article)

  1. Do you think China would have done any of this if Trump were still US President? The Chinese only respect strength and force. The Chicoms see sleepy Joe as a pushover and a weakling (he was VP when Obama had his ‘red lines’ after all) who would not dare risk open military conflict over the island of Taiwan. If I were in China’s shoes now is the exact time to be getting aggressive and testing what the US will tolerate. But make no mistake, in the long run Taiwan will be subsumed by China one way or another. The geography makes this an inevitable.

    • Well i guess the CCP is dumb like that and yet again misjudged the political environment as they have so many times in the last 5 years. Trump was actually more against American troops wasting lives on someone else’s war than any other president.
      Sleepy Joe is more likely to order american armed forces to their deaths on a foreign land to protect some other country due to wokester leftist bs about protecting democracy than Trump.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Are you an actual expert on this topic or just someone with an opinion?

  2. The US military industrial complex would LOVE a new cold war with China. The CCP would also LOVE a cold war with the US to shore up its grip on power. So a cold war we shall get. All this fear mongering about China is to justify the increase in military spending. Taiwan will be our Cuban Missile crisis.

    • This is the reality we live in. Your cynicism is justified but boring as f*** just like every other 20 something person who just discovers what the world is realy like.

  3. I thought Pyne an absolute dud. The defence contracts aside (impossible to tell from the outside good or bad given stupid brief), his petty politics, killing the car industry in SA, was friend to About, then the great destabiliser; did anything good come from this man?

  4. We can’t go to war with China they are literally our factory and main export customer.

    We’ve seen what kind of inflation and shortages we get from a little virus that kills only slobs and those with underlying health problems if they are under 70. A war with our main export customer, and by far our biggest supplier would see the country simply collapse, almost all wealth destroyed overnight, hyperinflation, we’d be like Venezuela.

    Australia just needs to take it like a man when it comes to China. They have us by the cojones.

        • China’s Message to America: We’re an Equal Now – President Xi is confronting the Biden administration with a new world view, that Beijing’s decades of not challenging the U.S. as global leader are over (

          …Countries like India [agree, India has nothing to gain by taking the US side] are trying to avoid getting caught between the two sides. Mr. Biden’s plan to hold a Summit for Democracy will sharpen the divide.

          China retaliated against the EU sanctions by blacklisting European lawmakers and think tanks, although that might make the EU parliament’s ratification of a pending investment treaty with China more difficult.

          “It’s a high-stakes gamble for the Chinese,” says Daniel Russel, a former Obama China official, now a vice president at the Asia Society Policy Institute, a think tank. “But it’s not a gamble they are certain to lose.”

    • Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

      How did Australia get along absolutely fine for so, so long before the current export boom to China? A lot of countries increased their trade with China significantly.
      Are you saying “China has the entire world by the cojones, we are all completely powerless”?

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Your comments are extremely misguided but common of the common man. China is a simple economy, much more simple than they present themselves to be. China does not develop anything, they are just essentially a contract manufacturer and have 1000s of factories staffed with relatively clever copy cats. It is not in the cultural nature of the Chinese people to be creative due to the very foundation of their system and education, and no one ever copied their way to becoming the global leader so at best they can be number 2. The gulf between the USA and China is massive, and will remain so. In fact in over a decade dealing extensively with China I estimate that their economy is a small fraction of that which they claim, probably in fact still smaller than Japan. It is a fact they have oversold the size of their economy really well, but it is also a fact that almost all companies trying to sell to them, are losing money due to the reality that the market size is a tiny portion of what they miscalculated in the beginning. The other hard reality we need to accept, is that the Chinese are the most dishonest people you are likely to ever find, from their government down, almost every word you hear is a lie. So taking at face value any trade stats, military stats, or even a contract for business or as Australia now knows well, the details of a Free Trade Agreement, is a fools folly.

      China can’t get our quality of Iron Ore elsewhere and they have now blockaded almost all other imports from Australia, get used to them playing this game as they have greatly diminished foreign reserves to pay for imports now and almost no one is stupid enough to supply them trade credit. China’s massive supply source of cheap crap is already and easily replicated around the world elsewhere, so while they are our largest import source, that is very quickly replaced because they don’t have the IP on almost anything. There are now plenty of nations cheering on their demise and it could happen easily because without their massive export machine, China is cooked. They need to think about how they manage that while being the global bully boy. Yes people will say the USA has been a bully boy, but plenty of businesses have been OK with that because in truth the USA is a massive market that made many others rich, through selling to them, not many are getting rich from China, it’s almost always 1 way wealth transfers and that could quickly come to a halt.

  5. Send the Boomers first. They are going to die anyway. Might as well get some use out of them.

  6. mikef179MEMBER

    I think part of the issue with China is all these people over the past few years who have been saying things like “this is China’s time” and “China is going to take over from America”. And the leaders in China have believed all this without thinking about it.

    My opinion is that the only reason America has been leader for so long was because it built alliances and a world order that it had to follow as much as anyone else. The problem with China is that they think they can return the world to the 19th century where empires ruled and they will be the biggest and most powerful. I don’t think the world wants to go back to that though. I think trying to force it isn’t working out well for the CCP.

    Taiwan may or may not be lost at some point. But that’s as far as they’ll get. I don’t think the world will just let it slide if it does happen. I think that’s why they are trying to bully and pressure Taiwan more than anything else. Even the CCP realise there will be serious consequences if they invade..