Sack Pyne

This is simply corruption, at the New Daily:

Christopher Pyne opened negotiations over a lucrative defence consultancy while he was still serving as defence minister in Scott Morrison’s cabinet.

The revelations are outlined in a submission to a parliamentary inquirylodged by his new employer EY Consulting on Tuesday.

Mr Pyne has previously been cleared of any breach of the Prime Minister’s code of ministerial standards by the outgoing head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Martin Parkinson.

Mr Pyne declined to comment on Tuesday night about whether Dr Parkinson was aware of the contact with EY over a possible job when he was a minister or whether this was disclosed to anyone in the government.

Regardless, it would appear that talking to future employers or clients about work in the future does not breach the ministerial code, providing more ammunition for those who say it needs an overhaul.

A timeline provided confirms EY first contacted Mr Pyne on March 7, five days after he announced he was quitting politics.

He also mingled with EY executives at a forum hosted by the group on March 15.

“On 8 April 2019, I met with Mr Pyne to discuss his retirement from politics. At this meeting, we discussed Mr Pyne’s post-retirement plans, and his interest in utilising his experience as a politician and minister to assist a professional services firm grow their private sector defence industry business,” EY partner Mark Stewart’s submission states.

According to the Parliament House website, Mr Pyne served as defence minister until April 11, when the caretaker period came into effect.

“After the election was called on 11 April 2019, EY made a formal offer to Mr Pyne to commence with EY as a consultant,” the submission continues.

“The consulting agreement commenced on 7 June 2019 and requires Mr Pyne to provide EY with consulting services for two days a month for a period of six months, with an option to extend.”

Mr Pyne and former foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop were cleared of any breach of the standards following a probe but Senator Rex Patrick successfully called for a senate inquiry into jobs for former MPs.

But the timeline of events was not known and is outlined for the first time in a submission by EY Consulting.

EY said Mr Pyne in his role as “executive consultant” has been asked to “meet with EY’s defence industry team to advise them on how best to engage with the defence industry, based on his 26 years’ experience as a politician; attend initial meetings with private sector clients to introduce EY as a reputable provider of professional services; speak at relevant defence industry events as a representative of EY; advise EY’s defence industry team on our growth strategy; and provide advice on the interpretation of Department of Defence policy documents, such as the Defence White Paper”.

Mr Pyne had also provided undertakings under the Statement of Ministerial Standards, and was obliged to comply with them.

“Ultimately, only Mr Pyne can ensure compliance with the Statement of Ministerial Standards,” the submission says.

Pyne must be censured by parliament and cut adrift by EY.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. nothing more to say other than, kent. Pyne should be the first to lose his parliamentary pension as a warning to all the other kents.

  2. Nothing should surprise us anymore. They are all corrupt to the core. The whole system is. Burn it down. HK style.

  3. So that’s where those 17k+ a week jobs that young people keep knocking back are. Fark me!!

    Two days a month consulting for EY, couple of nice corporate directorships for the other weeks. Clear $300k a year easy working part time 2 days a week.

    Have a go, get a go, indeed

  4. What happened to the sack wayne byres movement??
    It really had some traction there for a bit.

  5. Pyne has already been investigated and along with Julie Bishop cleared of any wrong doing.
    The public servant who investigated and cleared them both, resigned just after publishing the report.
    Guess where he’s employed now?

  6. This is a bit of an over reaction.

    EY approached Pyne 5 days after he announced he was quitting politics. [That is, it appears to be an unsolicited approach to Pyne]

    They didn’t make an agreement until after the caretaker period came into effect.

    And anyway, he is only signed up for 12 days work – 2 days a month, for 6 months.

    There are bigger fish to fry.

    • Hill Billy 55MEMBER

      What do you not get? From the submission by EY, he is employed “based on his 26 years’ experience as a politician”.

      • You realise there is nothing stopping Pyne being hired by EY on the basis of his 26 years of experience as a politician???

        The only prohibition is that pyne “will not lobby, advocate or have business meetings with members of the government, parliament, public service or defence force on any matters on which they have had official dealings as Minister in their last eighteen months in office”. That’s it. Advising EY’s internal team, or EY’s clients on how to engage with defence is allowed.

        Now, whether it should be allowed is another matter – but if you read the required standard (which only applies to ministers by the way) then it is permitted.

    • I don’t think it is an over-reaction this is its becoming systemic, for goodness sake a prime minister can get up in the house and tell the mining industry to look after a minister who did them a favour by scrapping the mining tax and no-one questions it. A minister outsources a port and takes 880k pa for “Part Time Consultancy” from the same company. I’m thinking of joining the Liberal party to get a few more government contracts. I’m seeing where I have been going wrong in business all these years.

      To borrow one of Sir Humphrey’s phrases, its the thin edge of the wedge.

      Even so the fact that the whole EY/Pyne and Bishop deals don’t pass the smell test should be enough to disqualify it.

      • The “smell” test is subjective – perhaps to you they don’t. But that is why we need to have simple, objective and enforceable rules. Currently the actions of Pyne aren’t against the guidelines. I think we both know that LNP and ALP aren’t rushing to make those tighter.

        Hopefully the cross bench can bring in a federal ICAC this term.

  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    “Regardless, it would appear that talking to future employers or clients about work in the future does not breach the ministerial code”

    Why sack him? He did his best to maximise his future profits from doing his time in public service. No breech, all aok. Good on him for having a go!

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      It’d be hypocritical if he didn’t have a go because then he’d just be a leaner
      He is living the embodiment of how good is straya values

    • I’m surprised to see you standing up for a public sector leech being a profit-maximizing capitalist and all that 😉

  8. Complex Carbon Unit

    These politicians have their cocks that far up each other’s arse that if one scratched his balls all the rest would sneeze and it wouldn’t be snot coming out their noses !!!