Foreign nationals jump queue ahead of stranded Australians

One of the most disgusting situations to arise from the coronavirus pandemic is the utter disdain shown by Australia’s governments towards citizens stranded abroad.

Many of these abandoned Australians have been unable to return to Australia due to hard caps on quarantine places as well as the extortionate cost and lack of availability of flights.

Those citizens that have made it home have been slugged $10,000 each for flights as well as $3,000 for their quarantine stays.

Australia’s former Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, has labelled the treatment of abandoned Australians an “outrage” and backed their claims to the UNHCR that the Morrison Government has violated its convention that “no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country”.

According to the Daily Telegraph, more foreign nationals are now arriving into Australia than Australian citizens:

Only 39,950 Australian citizens have been allowed back to Australia this year, as state governments struggle with quarantining new arrivals to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19.

But 50,470 foreigners flew into Australia – meaning 10,520 more foreigners arrived than Australian citizens in the first three months of this year, despite a queue of more than 35,000 Aussies still waiting to come home.

The Australian published similar data earlier this month:

Citizen vs non-citizen arrivals

Non-citizen arrivals now exceed citizen arrivals.

Over recent months we have witnessed:

  1. State governments fly in temporary migrant fruit pickers, with taxpayers subsidising the cost of their flights and quarantine.
  2. State governments hatch plans to fly in international students, with their costs also to be subsidised by taxpayers.
  3. The federal government’s skilled migration committee recommend that “the Government reserve places on flights and in quarantine for skilled migrants”.

Business groups have also stepped-up lobbying efforts to be allowed to import cheap foreign workers under the guise of fake skills shortages:

Australia’s largest skills assessment provider, VETASSESS, wants more skilled migrants “prioritised for entry in the immediate term’’.

“Concerns that migrants will take jobs that would have otherwise gone to locals is no excuse for holding Australia back in the race for global talent,’’ it states in its submission to the [government migration] inquiry.

What is crystal clear is that our politicians have abandoned Australian citizens in favour of foreign nationals. Accordingly, they have abandoned their most sacred duty to look after the welfare of Australians.

The Morrison Government is most at fault by abrogating its responsibility for quarantine to the states in unsuitable city hotels. It has also failed to bring Australians home via chartered flights, leaving stranded Australians at the whim of commercial airlines.

The states must also share some blame, given they have reserved precious quarantine places for migrant workers when these places should have been used for Australians. They also want to fly in international students while tens-of-thousands of Australians remain stranded abroad.

Ultimately, the whole political system cares more about providing industry with cheap foreign slaves and students, and undercutting Australian workers’ pay and conditions, than looking after actual Australians abandoned to their pandemic fates.

The whole situation is a bloody disgrace.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Hey, I’m sick of the whinge about stranded people abroad. It’s their own fkn fault! And, honestly, no one I know cares about this whinge nor the vaccine whinge. And I’d much rather a higher calibre of successful foreign workers arrived ahead of them if numbers really do need to be curtailed, which I don’t think they do.

    The problem with this blog is that youse think everyone should think like youse all but the truth is no one really does, except youse lot.


    Mr Soni [Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria president] said he wanted the federal government to allow the parents of Indian-Australians to fly to Australia in the next six months to afford them greater protection.

    “We are all concerned about our parents and family. Somebody getting infected is not a strong enough reason for us to travel, [but] we are willing for there to be a longer quarantine for parents to come back,” Mr Soni said.

  3. How many citizens are stuck in India? Would be useful to understand, I know two who have been there for personal issues, leaving peak COVID….

  4. The fed broke it. Now, they own it.

    Several extremely well paid IT colleagues of mine have travelled to the subcontinent and back via Delhi, Maldives, Singapore and then whatever city you end up quarantining in. If you can afford to pay the $15K for the return fare there are no restrictions.

  5. Fair Call ..if they don’t get here fast who is going to keep 711 & it’s $2 coffee machines gold mines on the go??

  6. Cry me a river as MB ignores the Australian VIPs whether retired/active MPs, business, sports people, entertainers etc. ‘jumping the queue’ who can make their own arrangements while ‘foreigners’ are kept in the spotlight; meanwhile any stranded Australians are at the mercy of federal govt. ‘management’.

    The Vic. govt. has suggested a strategy and one assumes protocols, with LinFox, Wagners and state govt. building a facility next to Avalon Airport btw Melbourne and Geelong, but the federal LNP govt. has not been cooperative?

    So, MB is effectively promoting LNP, NewsCorp et al. talking points?

  7. Article says “Only 39,950 Australian citizens have been allowed back to Australia this year..But 50,470 foreigners flew into Australia – meaning 10,520 more foreigners arrived than Australians in the first three months of this year..”

    Australian ‘Citizens’ or Australian ‘PR?’
    The records show that it is mostly Australian PR (who are not citizens) are being flown in.
    The flights in from Asia, India or via Dubai etc as bypass around the quarantine rules are choked full of Chinese, and Indians – who are foreign nationals on sole China or Indian passports but with an Australian PR.
    They are NOT Australian citizens.
    And then a number of dual passport holders who are effectively non Australians in any real sense, but getting are into Australia. Fleeing their fetid third world, bringing in the virus.

    And anecdotally- the flights that are coming in..
    Sydney international airport – first hand observation..

    👉🏾Barely an Australian face at all.
    All third world non Australians.
    And most are old or useless.
    Mostly the old useless third world PR elderly & unemployed who are coming back from being overseas to revalidate their welfare payments by not being out of the country.. Hundreds of thousands have been flensing the Australian taxpayer by being overseas whilst on our Centrelink or pension welfare.
    And obviously coming in for the Medicare fraud as usual.
    Or to work illegally.

    Meanwhile real Australians, Australian born are being left stranded overseas.

    Why don’t ‘Australian born citizens’ have priority?