China proposes huge PNG port to stand over Australia

Australia’s war with the CCP deepens today, at The Australian:

A Chinese company says it wants to build a new $39bn city with a major seaport, industrial area and free-trade zone on Papua New Guinea’s south coast, just kilometres from Australian territory.

The “New Daru City” proposal will escalate concerns within Australian security agencies over China’s interest in PNG’s impoverished Western Province, where another Chinese company plans to build a $200m fisheries industrial park.

Hong Kong-registered WYW Holding, a developer of Myanmar’s New Yangon City, has asked PNG Prime Minister James Marape to approve the development under a “Build Operate Transfer” arrangement, where PNG would receive the assets after an unspecified period of Chinese ownership and management.

…Mr Mo said the proposed city would span 100sq km and include fisheries and agricultural processing facilities, and ­provision for “intensive manufacturing”.

…Daru, which has a population of just 20,000 people and is the centre of a multidrug-resistant tuberculosis epidemic, is about 200km from the Australian mainland but within kilometres of Australian ­islands in the Torres Strait.

The CCP is a truly generous benefactor. Especially when its only real goal is to bully and subdue anybody that gets in its way, such as Australia.

This is what the CCP will do in the Pacific. Build out proto-military infrastructure for itself, using patsy corporations, that can be later occupied by a blue water navy. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if New Daru City is armed with intermediate-range ballistic missiles in due course.

It must be stopped. The best way is via concerted multilateral engagement and militarisation of the Pacific led by the US, Australia. and New Zealand.

Sorry, scratch the latter.

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    • This needs to end.

      China is not here to make peace. Australian’s have more things in common with the American’s and those where are interests sit.

      • Biden announced today that he will end the US support for the Saudi bombing of Yemen.

        Yes China are the bad guys. China was bombing Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and everywhere else on planet earth – including China, which the US also bombed with the UK, Dutch and Portuguese , that was also China’s fault.

    • WOW! So obvious which country is the trusted by the rest of the world that they accept bases on their land, despite US illegal conduct!

      • The US has invaded with weapons either covertly or overtly over 100 countries in the past century – via the former “School of the Americas” they have installed dictatorships and vassal states in dozens more.

        Occupying forces are generally not considered “friendly”.

        The USA has invaded almost every single country in Asia – most more than once – those that it did not directly invade like Indonesia it initiated and directed pogroms of mass incarceration and extermination.


        You should one day try and history – even just a little tiny bit of history.


        • Why do you act ,like people don’t know what you’re talking about?

          The facts are not in dispute; your conclusion about the facts is in dispute.

          The US is guilty of those things are they are still the lesser of evils, if for no other reason than they are not authoritarian: they are an immoral, liberal empire, and that makes them overall less bad.

          • They are less bad to their own people – to the rest of the world they are the most evil criminal empire to ever exist – so yes 10% of the world loves them – 90% hate them.

            So based on your own rules – they are indeed the worst, by a massive margin, according to you.

          • Yes their well documented role in the CIA pogrom in Indonesia which saw 250,000 people killed as suspected communists is not really even bothered with.

            Absolutely sickening behaviour all brushed under the rug – fine, because its us.

          • I would prefer you to address the well documented facts that china physically invaded 8 countries from 1945 to 2000 rather than bring up pie in the sky gossip

        • Maybe read a bit about the Mongols before you hyper-bole. Some of the stuff happening in China now is like the CCP read 1984 and decided it sounded good as a first step but needed more rape and organ harvesting.

          I have no love for the US, but they are not the worst, and they are the less bad option.

    • Difference between US dictators and Chinese is that Chinese ones can’t be removed via an election process.

          • Xi has been at or near the top for around a decade. Biden for five decades and counting, and never seen a US war he didn’t like. There have been many of those, both proxy and direct, to benefit his owners.

        • And talking about those rusted on to the moneyed deep state – “can’t be removed via an election process” – they haven’t removed Biden in fifty years, nor Pelosi in forty.

          • So groups allowed to assemble in Tiananmen and protest against Xi and/or the CCP and go home the same day?

      • Ironically every single position in the Chinese communist party is based on an elected position. There are multiple candidates for each position and the people vote. Xi just allowed the senior position to be held for more than one term which is standard in almost every single democracy on earth including Australia.

        Just because this website writes something does not make it so – in fact most things on this website are not “so” – you should look outside the walled garden sometimes Gavin – for a guy in IT you should be much smarter – particularly in search, analysis, metrics etc.

        • Democratic Centralism: The Core Mechanism in China’s Political System

          “Deng Xiaoping said, “The measures taken for the development of inner-Party democracy are not meant to weaken necessary centralization in the Party, but to supply it with a powerful and vigorous base.” Democracy under centralized guidance is democracy that is subject to leadership. In fact, the major function of modern political parties and governments is to lead democracy. The only difference is that different political parties and governments in different countries do this by different means. Democracy in the United States, for instance, is controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties. Rather than calling elections the choice of the people, it would be more apt to call them the choice of political parties. This is because from the nomination of candidates and the raising of election funds right down to the organization of electoral campaigns, elections in the US, both congressional and presidential, are controlled by the political parties. Although independent candidates do occasionally pop up, they are at most an exception, being there mainly for show…”

        • Anders Andersen

          Magic Pudding,

          I understand your getting narky with MBs position on China as at times it gets extreme, however for you to claim the the CCP is some sort of democracy is bs, it’s a one part state. Your tone sounds like a few people from P&I??

    • Who would you prefer to build a military base, a democracy, or an authoritarian dictatorship that still runs concentration camps in the 21st century?

      • Neither, of course. But just try and stop either a sham democracy, or an authoritarian dictatorship from having their concentration camps and military bases. You won’t.

      • There is ZERO evidence outside of absurd stories from western propaganda agencies like the EPOCH times that China has “concentration camps” – yes they tried to lift the Uyghers out of poverty with training and apprenticeship schemes – the British even went there and documented it – but only later decided to change their tune during the trade war.

        But the US does indeed still run Guantanamo and has a global network of black sites for extraordinary rendition for torturing people and illegal drone assassinations including their own people.

        Here is the BBC prior to Trump

        • I'll have anotherMEMBER

          Look mate we are not the ones building war bases in PNG.

          We are not the ones militarising the spratley islands in direct contradiction of UN convention that we are signed up to

          We are not the ones about to take advantage of a coup in Myanmar

          We are not the ones killing indian troops after we invade a no go zone

          We are not the ones threatening an island of millions of people in the form of Taiwan with invasion

          We are not the ones unleashing deadly viruses all over the world every other year

          We are not the ones with government highup officials posting doctored images of foreign armies soldiers with knives to the throats of children

          We are not the ones with a mouthpiece media threatening to step on them like a piece of gum

          We are not the ones stealing billions of dollars in IP

          We are not the ones disbanding diplomatic agreements in HK and arresting hundreds never to be seen again

          We are not the ones with a court system that finds 99.9% of its defenders guilty

          We are not the ones that block foreign ownership of property and are the most blocked foreign market in the world, with rules stating you have to tell us all your secrets if you want to come here

          We are not the ones who are by far, the most racist nation on the earth

          We are not the ones who setup deals with 3rd world countries knowing they can never repay then taking their assets from them

          We are not the ones ruled by a dictator for life

          We are not the ones harvesting the organs of the incarcerated

          We are not the ones locking up millions to “rededicate and provide apprenticeships”

          We are not the ones harrassing Indonesian, Phillipines, Vietnamese fishing boats in their waters

          We are not the ones amassing a massive nuclear arsenal

          We are not the ones who were saved by them in WW2 who then, by choice, got our country back.

          The list goes on.

          Get a grip mate. Australia has nothing on your CCP overlords.

          • Yep and whilst Australia is not perfect and the US does a lot of wrong. The CCP worry me more.. but it’s not like the US doesn’t worry me either.

          • I'll have anotherMEMBER

            Agree Gavin. US and Australia are not guilt free by any means. We are however transparent to some degree. The Chinese never allow any negative publicity then use our own negative publicity against us, SAS troops case in point.

            It’s like sitting behind one way glass insulting everyone on the other side.

            Hence the arguments like from magic pudding above “The only people saying something bad is happening are people in Western MSM!” “our (definitely not corrupt) ccp mouthpiece media says EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY OK! THEY JUST GETTING RE-EDUCATION! LOOK AT A PICTURE OF THEM SMILING! NOTHING TO SEE HERE OK!

          • I'll have anotherMEMBER

            Not sure if that’s an insult Banana, I guess all I’m saying is this idea that China can be somehow compared to Australia in a good light; or even a comparable light, is so far off the mark it’s not funny. For all of Australia’s faults, I don’t see us causing some serious, high level world wide misery and suffering any time soon like I do the CCP.

          • “Look mate we are not the ones building war bases in PNG”
            There is no military bases being built in PNG. It is alleged that it could be used as one. Unless there’s hard evidence of it being used for this purpose it is an allegation only.

            There will be many investments like this in the region and it is one of the reasons the sensible voices have said the world is going to be a very different place now China is a major power. If there is a real threat, then we need to be able to say we have been looking out for the interests of neighbours and not giving them a good reason to look elsewhere. Unfortunately……..

          • “Alex, just like the Spratley Islands were “marine research” outposts.”
            Err no. Try to stick to the subject …..

          • I'll have anotherMEMBER

            Errr….. yes.

            Subject: China building ports and bases on non Chinese territory. In this case, PNG.

            Relevance: You state these are to be civilian ports, I highlighted that the Chinese have been in this exact position before and lied. And I quote: “Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s statement during a White House visit in 2015 that “China does not intend to pursue militarisation” of the Spratly Islands, and that China’s outposts would not “target or impact any country.”

            Happy to spell that one out for you but it does make for a slow conversation.

          • Were China to build overseas military bases in PNG supposedly for targeting sites located in Australia just as the US actually has for a long time already built overseas military bases in Australia targeting sites in China begs the question of what would the prime targets on Australian soil be for China?

          • “Happy to spell that one out for you but it does make for a slow conversation
            The Spratleys have been contested by several nations for decades. Comparing them to a port in a sovereign country that is in no way contested is a stretch to say the least. You have also completely ignored the core point I was trying to make. Here it is again:
            “There will be many investments like this in the region and it is one of the reasons the sensible voices have said the world is going to be a very different place now China is a major power. If there is a real threat, then we need to be able to say we have been looking out for the interests of neighbours and not giving them a good reason to look elsewhere. Unfortunately……..”.

          • “Were China to build overseas military bases in PNG supposedly for targeting sites located in Australia just as the US actually has for a long time already built overseas military bases in Australia targeting sites in China begs the question of what would the prime targets on Australian soil be for China?”

          • To elaborate further on another small part of the picture here – I imagine there will be a fair few islanders that will be very angry at Australia’s position on climate change given it’s direct impact on their lives. They probably wont give a sh!t about our liberties and might be very open to a helping hand from China. They might even be more open to a military base given their predicament. What are you going to do about sovereign nations simply saying “No thanks Australia”?

        • “But the US does indeed still run Guantanamo and has a global network of black sites for extraordinary rendition for torturing people and illegal drone assassinations including their own people.”
          Sure but, it is still no excuse for others to do the same. It pisses me off to see this sort of justification.

        • Even StevenMEMBER

          Magic Pudding : I’m sure the CCP can afford a subscription to MB. So why don’t you have one?

    • We have a black pot and a black kettle.
      The pot is calling the kettle black. Hyprocritical yes, but not the main problem.

      We need to prevent both the pot and the kettle from getting any blacker
      Cleanup both the pot and kettle so that neither is black anymore.

      • You are saying this on an article where DLS has openly called for militarization of the region and an escalation of war with a global super power – global leaders are right now desperately warning of inevitable war which will be nuclear.

        No – there is only one person here acting very badly – and that is not those exposing the ridiculous propaganda campaign.

        • Even StevenMEMBER

          Magic Pudding: the CCP said the South China Seas islands would not be militarised. Please provide your comment?

    • I'll have anotherMEMBER

      “We allow an ally to have a base on our shores”, is not the same as “we allow a strategic enemy to have a base 200km off our shores”.

      This is not a competition in hypocrisy, rather, it is about making sure we are not bombed out of existence then invaded, murdered and enslaved.

      Who’s side are you on exactly?

      That said, good luck to the Chinese in holding such a base.

  1. Now that we have royally screwed over PNG with our criminal oil and gas deals – lets screw them over with development – they only thing they really need is a privately run off shore asylum seeker prison anyway. Sheesh.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    The nips invaded New Guinea and we kicked their ar$es outta there with courage and loss. The Chinamen are way smarter, they’ll just buy their way in “legit-like” and we’ll have to comply.

  3. It will never happen. Chinese do not play rugby league, do not have decent private schools for the children of the rich, nor nice real estate like in Cairns or BrisVegas where you can hide away your money.

  4. Jonathan Rubenstein

    Who cares? We already sold the Port of Darwin the the CCP. They have a base inside the country.

    Gladys Liu MP is a CCP member who controls the LNP majority.

    Australia is already CCP property.

      • The US military base in Darwin is there SPECIFICALLY because it is out of range of the Dong-Feng 21 mobile ICBM – China is about to release the Huan-20 their stealth bomber variant which will remove the US bases security.

    • Anders Andersen


      Unless you want everyone here to think you’re a dh, justify the comment that China has a base here (Darwin). Owning the port does not give China any right to use it as they see fit. Having a commercial right to the port doesn’t mean they can do as they like. It doesn’t trump the country’s sovereignty.

    • Its China – they now export major infrastructure like Japan exports cars – its their largest growing export – of course it will be built.

      • Anders Andersen

        Yeah, China’s spending billions on tourism on Daru (I’ve been there)!
        Magic’s view is as ridiculous as Mathias below.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        Magic Pudding: this is likely the only thing I agree with you on this thread. Yes, it will be built. China have shown expertise at this and where there is a strategic / military reason to do so, you can guarantee it. Just look at those South China Seas islands.

        They will import China labour to do it.

  5. China is practically building a War Base right next door to Australian Soil… and we still have Australians saying, ” Im sure it wont do us any harm “.

    It sounds like the only time Australia will prepare for War is when we are already in it. By then, many Australians are going to be killed and its the only thing it’ll take for Australians to say, ” Oh… maybe they want to declare war on us “.

    I love Australia to death… but god, Australians are stupid.

    Wake up Australia. Chinas coming for you.

    So much for owning Property in this Country. China will own it soon enough.

    Property Law will be enforced at the end of a Gun… except it’ll be China’s gun. You’ll be forced to leave.

  6. ‘Cause I’m P.N.G., I’m dynamite
    (P.N.G.) and I’ll win the fight
    (P.N.G.) I’m a power load
    (P.N.G.) watch me explode

  7. Time to abolish gun laws in Australia.

    Time to establish cadets, scouts and part-time military training camps so Australians can be part of these groups and learn how to better defend themselves.

    If the Governments not doing it, then Im sure terrorist organisations and organised crime syndicates will. Why cant Australians go out bush and learn a little survival training or two?

    Does this Government seriously want us all dead? Its the path we’re heading.

    ScoMo runs Australia like a weak pensioner who cant make decisions.

    • okradovicMEMBER

      Yeah, because shooting skills will be really usefully in a next gen war which is more likely to be about autonomous AI robotic soldiers (for close combat), drones, long range missiles and all manner of cyber warfare. Unless you meant establishing training camps to teach those cyber warfare skills.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        Shooting skills will always be useful (and dangerous). Missiles are expensive. A good rifle can take out a drone at quite some difference. Yes war will be different in future, but I wouldn’t be so dismissive.

        I don’t think we’re there yet, but Mathias proposal is not absurd. It may end up being prescient.