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‘View of Geelong’ 1856, Eugene von Guerard, Geelong Gallery

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        • migtronixMEMBER

          Bout a week ago, or not even. Sweeper was b#tching at him about whether he read the replies before posting.

          Something like that

          • I thought it was more a case of Sweeper pointing out Dominics B!tching-ness about others when confronted with information that did not support his belief system …. or depth of knowledge … only to fall back on some 3 ring binder of pre-prepared responses from the vacuum deep thunkit …

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      @Robert the Tweet you link to is a perfect example of why no one bothers.

      Just to explain a bit further. It’s a claim made by a nobody that someone else (not identified) said something. That’s called hearsay. That isn’t considered proof that anyone said it. In fact the well-respected Chief Information Security Adviser (CISA) for the US Govt has just been sacked by Trump because he pointed out that the election was relatively trouble free. EVERY manual recount has come back with no missing votes, flipped votes or any significant issues. Although for example the manual recount in the two counties actually gave Biden 84 extra, no actual fraud was found. The tweet needed an actual link to an actual authority, with a time and date of the incident. (Some things like that happened in the MidTerms).

      And this is the big problem for the TDS Sheeple – all the noise and imaginary claims have led to some actual recounts, manual recounts, with even more observers. Only those in the brain wash bubble believe the arm waving aid actors with their makeup running. Everyone is losing interest in the more ridiculous claims except as entertainment. The MSM will only be interested if it is actually worth turning up. At last count 39 of 40 hearings were just tossed out by judges mostly appointed by Republicans. What do reporters learn if they turn up just to see the Court toss out another claim? They learn not to bother to turn up. It’s a conditioned reflex.

      This brings us to basic legal strategy. Good legal teams have one. This team does have one, but it isn’t to prove anything in Court, but just to create an atmosphere of doubt sufficient to sway some electoral college decisions to ignore the vote count and send Trump candidates. Unfortunately for them, they did manage to get some manual recounts, enough to show the counts have actually been pretty good. Oh, unless you confuse Michigan and Minnesota and ‘find’ discrepancies as the TDS team did.

    • So, Arizona legislature holds a public information session at the Hyatt and some twitter git labels it a “legal hearing”, a retired Colonel gives his opinion and some twitter git calls it military cyber intelligence testimony, the event gets reported in the media and some twitter git says it doesn’t. And Robert and all the other Trumpettes swallow the lot. Is it dizzying bouncing from anger to denial?

  1. working class hamMEMBER

    So wages growth, the one thing that can save the whole mess. Is never happening?
    Fixing public servant wages to a declining private sector was absolutely the biggest bonehead move, when so much stimulus is still needed/available. Super system will be changed again, definitely benefiting the wealthy.
    The only plus side to this Shivstorm is the possibility of gaming the Govt rule changes in the next 12 months.

  2. Canadians have picked up a few pointers from us. Taking on new gov. backed debt to keep the existing debt current. Household sector borrowing is the key driver of GDP in our consumer economies, It is why govs. keep the banks so close.

    Don’t worry about how bad the accounts look, no one is going to enforce any laws they don’t want to.

    • “no one is going to enforce any laws they don’t want to.”
      This is the fundamental fact that too many people miss.
      It isn’t what the law IS that matters, but what is enforced.
      See FIRB / bank lending / whatev’s

  3. A beautiful painting. But sad that by the 1850’s the Geelong area was already so heavily deforested.

  4. truthisfashionable

    “An incredibly rare event is happening as we speak on the sun- magnetic field lines are on crystal clear display as they rise out from the sun’s chromosphere.”

    “The sun fires off its biggest solar flare in more than 3 years”

    Not sure of its affects on Sydney house prices, but the photos look amazing.